Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Heating Water Supply Management

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区城市供热供水供气管理办法

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(November 7, 2006, people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at the 33rd Executive meeting November 22, 2006 142th Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen supervision of municipal public utilities, improving the quality of urban heating, water supply, gas supply services, safeguard public interests and public security, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users and operators, these measures are formulated.
    Article autonomous region within the administrative area of urban heating, water supply, gas supply (hereinafter referred to as heating, water, gas), heat, water, gas and related regulatory activities, these measures shall apply.
    Article autonomous region construction administrative departments responsible for district heating, water and gas supervision and administration.
    City, County (City) responsible for urban heating, water and gas departments of municipal utilities Administration (hereinafter referred to as the municipal utilities authority) to exercise supervision within the administrative area of heating, water, gas management, specific work may authorize municipal utilities authority of its commitments.
    Fourth city planning, finance, pricing, industry and commerce, public security fire protection, quality and technical supervision, public health, water resources, environmental protection and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties, responsible for heating, water and gas management.
    Chapter II planning construction and facilities management section I General provisions article fifth city, County (City) municipal utilities authority according to local socio-economic development and urban planning, organization of special planning for heating, water, gas, integrated and coordinated by the urban planning administrative departments, according to the statutory procedures for approval after implementation.
    The sixth compilation of special planning for heating, water, gas, shall comply with urban planning, adhere to the urban and rural planning, rational distribution, protection of the environment, conservation of resources and energy principles.
    The seventh heat, water, gas, public networks and their subsidiary facilities construction projects must meet the special planning for heating, water, gas.
    Heating, water, gas planning determine the public laying of pipe network in city-wide construction approval shall be repeated construction of public network urban public pipe network construction for franchise shall abide by the franchise agreement.
    Eighth development of urban areas, urban renewal projects, new construction, renovation or expansion of urban roads, bridges and other public works, in accordance with the special planning for heating, water, gas installation of urban public network and public network should be the main part of the project design, construction, completion simultaneously.
    The Nineth new construction, renovation or expansion projects connecting urban public network system, or increasing the supply of heat, water, gas, construction projects with a total investment should be included in urban public network connection part of the construction costs of the branch line network and its affiliated facilities. Branch line network and its affiliated facilities design, construction, materials, installation should conform to the heating, water, gas operators (hereinafter referred to as the operator) to the specific requirements.
    Operator requirements shall not violate the laws, regulations and technical standards at the national, autonomous regions.
    Project when it is completed, the construction unit shall invite operators to participate in; do not meet project quality approval standard, the construction unit shall not be used, the operator shall not branch line network and its affiliated facilities and connected to the public network.
    Tenth residential household recycling, household Gates out of the households controlling system, except for the installation of intelligent control system.
    11th city, County (City) urban planning administrative departments shall, jointly with the municipal utilities authority, according to the special planning for heating, water, gas, delimitation of public networks of heating, water, gas and ancillary facilities to range gas supply site security and protection, submitted to the municipal or County (City) Government announced later. 12th article ban in city heating, and water, and gas public tube network and subsidiary facilities, and gas supply site of security protection range within implementation following behavior: (a) violation special planning built buildings, and structures and the other facilities; (ii) stacked flammable easy burst items, or dumping, and emissions corrosion sex liquid, and gas; (three) ditching dug Canal, and dug pit take soil, and drilling or planting deep root plant; (four) violation national about technology standard, and specification for survey, and construction, construction activities; (five) other damaged heating, and water, and
    Public networks and affiliated facilities, affect the safe and normal operation of the Act. 13th due to construction, approved changes in city heating, water, gas and public network facilities or heating, water, gas, public network surrounding the laying of pipelines and auxiliary facilities, the construction unit shall be agreed upon with the operator protection, design and construction programme should ask the Manager for permission.
    Damage caused, compensation shall be made. 14th heat, water, pipeline networks and affiliated facilities repair and maintenance responsibility borne by the operators.
    The operator shall establish a responsibility system for production safety, heating, water, gas pipeline network on a regular basis and ancillary facilities to inspections, testing, dredging, maintenance, repair, eliminate potential accidents in a timely manner to ensure safe operation of municipal public facilities. 15th article heating, and water, and tracheal network and subsidiary facilities of update, and transformation, and maintenance, and conservation costs, according to following way bear: (a) user indoor part or user separate using of part, by housing ownership people bear; (ii) distinguish ownership buildings within total with part, by the building buildings distinguish ownership people share; (three) user outdoor or distinguish ownership buildings yiwai and city public tube network connection part, by the regional within of all owners share; which increased conversion, and regulation facilities, and equipment of,
    Borne by the ownership of the facility, equipment, and (iv) public network and affiliated facilities part borne by the operators (v) heating, water and gas is included in the price of household metering installation fees, maintenance fees, renewal fees, the part of the cost borne by the operators. Section II heating 16th scientific proof the selected heating programme the people's Governments of cities shall, according to save resources and increase efficiency, the principle of the protection of the environment, rational determination of urban central heating, district heating, decentralized heating installation range.
    Encourage cogeneration of heat, the use of renewable energy heating and heat supply of clean energy.
    17th urban heat-supply network routed within the approval shall be built, expanded regional heating boiler and dispersed boiler heating; within existing regional boiler heat supply pipeline network laying heating units have the ability to provide a source of approval shall be built, expanded distributed boiler heat supply.
    Decentralized heat-supply area, municipal utilities authority shall, in conjunction with city planning, environmental protection departments, such as demolition, renovation plans to disperse boiler; dispersing boiler owner should be in accordance with the plan, within the period specified in the removal, boiler.
    Dismantle, reform and decentralized single volume in boiler and heating area standards, by the city and County (City) municipal utilities in accordance with national and State regulations, comprehensive level of local socio-economic development, resources, environmental conditions and other factors, reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval the implementation.
    18th new homes should be installed with heat metering device and control device of the heating system, install or reserved for household heat metering device.
    Existing residential use of single-pipe heating system, Municipal Department of public utilities to the building's heating system, energy consumption and service life investigations on transformation returns greater than the transformation costs, should develop a reconstruction plan, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.
    19th city people's Government shall formulate policies, encouraging heat units or other investment subject to heating systems for energy-saving reconstruction of existing buildings, to investors to share the building with energy saving reformation proceeds to make commitments.
    20th compilation section III water supply water supply planning and water resources development, utilization, protection, coordinated regional planning, arranging the use of surface water and groundwater, improve the utilization ratio of water resources and water supply facilities. 21st water should be strictly protected.
    Wellhead protection zones within the facility against any possible threat to water sources and water quality, or with water supply facilities and protection of the water source not related to construction activities.
    22nd new construction, renovation or expansion of urban water supply projects should be expanded and the use of advanced water-saving technology, water-water, reduce the rate of urban water supply network leakage, use water more efficiently.
    Ban did not meet national, State standards of water supply equipment, pipe, apparatus.
    23rd unit from water supply pipe network system without authorization and connected to the public water supply network system.
    24th banning the production or use of toxic and hazardous materials units managing their production network system directly connected with the public water supply network system. Prohibition of directly pumped public water supply pipes in the city.
    Prohibit direct pressure without a pool in the middle.
    Fourth quarter supply 25th compilation gas planning should be based on resource allocation, user needs, rational distribution pipelines of gas and bottled gas supply area.
    26th existing bottled gas supply area in accordance with the scope of planning into the gas pipeline gas supply, construction, installation requirements for gas network and affiliated facilities, in accordance with the provisions of article 15th way. 27th house owners and users should cooperate on gas pipeline engineering construction and installation activities.
    Building damage caused by construction and installation and construction units should be repaired; we can't fix, managers should be compensated.
    Chapter Services section I General provisions article 28th of heating, water and gas service shall be made in accordance with regulations of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, municipal utilities franchising management. 29th operators should be concluded with a user for heat, water, gas contracts. Contract shall comply with the People's Republic of China contract law.
    Encourage the use of contracts contract demonstration text released by the relevant departments of the State.
    30th an operator shall, in accordance with the national quality standard, fee standards, conditions of the franchise agreement and the contract, to provide users with safe, continuous, stable and consistent quality and price of heat, water, gas, and to fulfil universal service obligations. 31st providers of heat, water, gas supply, should be signed with the operators heating, water, gas supply contracts.
    Modification of a supply contract, consent of the other party and entered into a supplementary agreement. Article 32nd sources of heat, water, gas, should ensure a steady and continuous supply, not free to reduce, stop heating, water and gas supply.
    Reduced due to special reasons, suspended, should reduce the number of operators and pause time of 20 days ' notice, and in consultation with managers to identify effective alternative measures.
    33rd article dealer shall provide the community's commitment to service standards and product quality, publication services, repairs, complaints, problems dealing with users in a timely manner.
    Section II heating 34th of municipal and County (City) people's Government shall, in accordance with local climatic conditions, formulated and published a public pipe networks and district heating installation heating starting and ending times.
    Without a city and County (City) Government approved operators advance shall not be allowed to delay heating or stops heating.
    35th article of household control in heating system the user has the right to choose other means of heating, heat-contract termination for use.
    Users who are not using household control in heating system, termination of single user heating may affect other users by thermal users or affect the safe operation of the heating system Accessories, heat-contract termination shall be made available for use.
    Article 36th cogeneration heat supply projects, electricity regulators should be according to the thermal load of the need, develop power plant electricity production and supply plan, and ensuring that external heating in thermal power plant.
    37th failure does not heat properly heating facilities, stop hot-8 hours or more, the operator shall promptly notify the user, and an immediate repair, recover heat, and municipal utilities authority.
    Due to operator causes heat cannot recover more than 24 hours of stop, should be converted on a daily basis the standard price, and twice returned to the user after the end of the heating period heat; damages are caused to the user, should be compensated. Article 38th in the heating period, the living room interior temperature should reach the national standards.
    Test room temperature in the center of room (diagonal intersections) 1.4 meters high off the ground as the test pilot; non-living room interior temperature requirement and test method for heat in the contract agreed by the parties.
    Disagrees with the users and operators of temperature test results, organized by the municipal utilities Department experts and tested for hot parties.
    39th user indoor temperature is below the State standards or the contract has the right to require the operator to deal with; the operator shall take prompt action to correct or proposed treatment plan.
    Because the cause is not corrected and conversion standards according to the temperature difference between heat heat returned to the user fee is attributable to a heat source, design, construction units, the operator shall be entitled to recourse against the responsible party.
    40th article user should right using heating tube network and subsidiary facilities, ban implementation following behavior: (a) unauthorized connection, and partition, and changes, and increases or decreases heating pipeline, and heating facilities; (ii) in non-hot measurement charges of heating system in the unauthorized increased thermal device, and installation hot cycle device or water device; (three) unauthorized change hot uses; (four) other damage heating tube network and subsidiary facilities, and effect heating quality of behavior.
    41st article user violation this approach 40th article provides, or for following reasons led to indoor temperature below national provides of standard or contract agreed of, operators not bear compensation responsibility: (a) not according to provides paid hot fee, operators reduced, and stop heating of; (ii) user or adjacent user unauthorized change housing enclosure structure, and heating way of; (three) not take normal insulation measures or itself block thermal device effect heating effect of;
    (D) outdoor temperature below the building insulation standards for 24 hours.
    42nd section III water supply city water purification processing shall be in accordance with the quality standards set by the State, to ensure water quality comply with State water quality standards.
    All kinds of water treatment agent and water, water-related materials shall be tested according to applicable quality standards without inspection or failed to pass the examination shall not be used.
    New equipment, new network for urban water supply operation before or after the old equipment, old network reconstruction, strict cleaning, disinfection, and certified by the quality and technology supervision departments upon the acceptance of water quality testing agencies, may be put into use.
    43rd operator shall, in accordance with the national provisions of test items, test standards, test methods, regular inspections of source water and finished water and water distribution system water quality.
    44th city secondary water supply facilities property units or their authorized management units, water quality management system should be established and regular routine, and the cleaning and disinfection of water storage facilities. 45th business operator shall, in accordance with provisions of water, standard water pressure for uninterrupted water supply, it may not stop water supply.
    Due to construction or infrastructure maintenance and other reasons, absolutely necessary to temporarily stop water supply or reduced water pressure should be 24-hour advance notice to users, and to city and County (City) municipal utilities authority report.
    Due to disasters or emergencies, advance notification, shall, at the time of repair, notify users, and normal supply as soon as possible, and to city and County (City) municipal utilities authority report.
    Operator notifies the user should take the form of announcements or other easier for users to know.
    46th because the reasons for more than 24 consecutive hours not normal supply, operators of emergency water supply measures should be taken to ensure the minimum supply of drinking water.
    47th prevents users from the following acts: (I) unauthorized disassembly, modification, removal or damage the public water supply network and its affiliated facilities, (ii) water theft or breaches of contract changes in water use, (iii) unauthorized transfer for public water supply of the city. Fourth, implementing regional management section supply 48th pipeline gas.
    Bottled gas by gas planning sets the site supply management.
    Operators are required to meet the conditions laid down, shall obtain the license before they can engage in gas business activities.
    49th pipeline gas provider shall, in accordance with the national regulations of the gas source gas quality, pressure and gas provided to operators and users of measurement standard.
    50th article bottled gas operators should comply with following provides: (a) shall not using no products certificate, and scrap, and modified of gas bottle, and extended not test or test not qualified of gas bottle filling loaded gas; (ii) shall not with storage tank, and tank directly to gas bottle filling loaded gas or with gas bottle mutual intrusion gas; (three) filling loaded bottled gas, bottle within residual liquid stock and inflatable volume should meet national provides of standard, filling loaded Hou gas bottle angle valve should for plastic seal, and marked filling loaded units;
    (D) the storage of gas cylinders must comply with the national provisions relating to safety, (v) equipped with or authorize the transport of vehicles that meet the requirements for the safe transport of bottled gas; (f) the laws, regulations and other requirements prescribed by the regulations. 51st gas operators shall ensure uninterrupted gas supply.
    Really necessary stops gas supply for the construction, maintenance and other reasons, shall be announced 24 hours in advance because of emergency stop gas supply, shall promptly notify the user.
    Post occlude announcements should clearly resume gas supply, the operator shall, in accordance with the prescribed time to recover gas; user restore gas supply to residents should avoid night-time sleep.
    52nd operators should be printed and distributed free to the user safety manual, gas security for your users to use publicity and education, answer user inquiries.
    Users should establish gas safety management system for non-residents, shall accept the safety education and training of operating and maintenance personnel.
    53rd pipeline gas users to install home gas boiler, altered indoor gas pipelines and their auxiliary facilities or altering the use of gas, should apply to the operator, the operator to check the conditions of safe use; safety conditions are met, before installation, changes.
    Installation, change activities provided for in the preceding paragraph, shall comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
    54th article gas user should comply with following provides: (a) according to contract agreed of uses and gas security using rules, right using gas; (ii) pipeline gas user should using and local gas phase suitable distribution of gas apparatus, shall not installation, and using national expressly eliminated of gas apparatus; (three) shall not theft or turned for gas, damaged gas facilities; (four) shall not with gas pipeline as load bracket or grounding leads; (five) shall not unauthorized demolition, and modified gas facilities, change gas bottle test identifies;
    (F) shall not be heated, bottled gas intrusion or self dumping residual liquid in bottle. 55th operator safety protection in gas installations should be within the obvious security warning labels.
    No unit or individual is allowed to damage, cover, move, alter, and dismantles the safety warning labels.
    56th business operator shall develop of gas accidents emergency response plan, establishment of accident emergency repair team, equipped with professional technicians, testing equipment, protective equipment, fire-fighting equipment, vehicles, communications equipment, and publicize emergency repair calls, daily 24-hour duty system. Gas accidents occur, the operator shall immediately organize salvage and repair work is being urgently, and reported in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and County (City) municipal utilities authorities and other relevant authorities.
    Other facilities to effect emergency repair job, operators may take emergency measures, cause losses to property, compensation shall be made.
    Fourth chapter expenses management 57th city heating, water, gas, subject to Government pricing, Government guided.
    Basis of determining charges for municipal services, charges, fees, shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations make provision.
    Operators shall not exceed the Government guidance prices allow floating scope of determining and adjusting the prices of municipal public products and service charges.
    58th water should be according to the nature of water and uses the quota management unbundling; heat shall, in accordance with the energy-saving of buildings, reduce collection of heating charges.
    59th network a one meter system water supply, gas supply, the operator shall, in accordance with user-o-meter measurement, gas and water charges.
    Operators ' failure to fulfil maintenance obligations, caused by leakage of water shall not be charged to the user. Pipe heating, hot-o-meter for installation, the operator shall, in accordance with national regulations and standard charges apply; household heat meter has not been installed, shall, in accordance with thermal area for housing.
    Housing area calculation rule by the autonomous construction Administrative Department in conjunction with the departments concerned.
    60th heat, water and gas charge meter and gas alarm devices shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State for the installation, testing, inspection and replacement. 61st users shall be paid in accordance with the contract with heat, water, gas.
    Overdue payments, reminders of the operators either on their own or through property management committee, and in accordance with the contract to charge fees to users; can also be settled through arbitration, litigation or any other means. 62nd operators may entrust the collection of heat, water, gas.
    Commissions the collected heat, water, gas, shall enter into a trust agreement, and issue a power of attorney.
    Personnel charges on fees and charges, should wear a uniform sign civilized service.
    63rd user queries to the operators the right to heat, water, gas and use of payment, does not meet the fees and service standards, you can price, the relevant departments for municipal utilities or complaints about the organization.
    Operator or raising fees and charges increased fees without permission, the user is entitled to refuse to pay.
    64th of municipal or County (City) Government shall establish and perfect the social security system, to enjoy the benefits of urban minimum living standard security users, develop specific measures for relief with heat, water, gas costs or pay a certain amount of subsidy.
    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter 65th of municipal, County (City) departments of municipal public utilities, should strengthen the supervision and management of heating, water, gas, building heating, running water, gas safety monitoring network, regularly published monitoring information for heating, water, gas quality targeted, regular testing.
    66th city, County (City) authorities shall, jointly with relevant departments of municipal public utilities, establishment of a stable source of heat, gas supply supervision and coordination mechanism, monitor heat sources, air supply units supply contract, to ensure safe, continuous and stable service.
    67th city and County (City) departments of municipal public utilities, such as price, quality and technology supervision, industry and commerce administration departments shall, in accordance with responsibilities established heating, water, quality of service, prices monitoring, inspection and consultation mechanism, set up telephone and monitored on a regular basis, check the implementation of the service quality and price, handling user complaints in a timely manner. Sixth chapter legal responsibility 68th article operators violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, ordered deadline corrected, give warning, can and at 3000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; late not modified of, ordered closed reorganization, law revoked business license: (a) provides of hot, and water, and gas quality not meet national provides of standard or caused major quality, and security accident of; (ii) unauthorized reduced, and suspended, and stop supply hot, and water, and gas of; (three) not perform maintenance, and maintenance tube network and facilities, and
    Equipment failure of the obligation or does not timely repair, causing widespread long time heat, water, or occlude.
    The preceding paragraph (a) of Act to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; economic loss caused to a user shall bear liability.
    69th bottled gas for breaching the provisions of article 50th, rectification, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.
    70th user disobey the 40th, 47th and 54th article, rectification of civil penalty of between 200 Yuan, penalty of between 1000 to legal persons or other organizations belonging to business activities, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    71st disobey the 12th, 23rd, 24th article, shall be ordered to stop illegal activities, demolishing the illegal buildings, structures, equipment and facilities, may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; economic losses caused to the operators and users shall bear the liability.
    72nd in violation of paragraph II of this article 17th, dispersible boiler of is not removed within the time limit, shall be ordered to correct, and fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; fails to change, torn down.
    73rd air supply provider violates the provisions of article 49th, to order the rectification, and fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    Provided does not meet the standards prescribed by the State gas caused personal injury or major property damage, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; economic losses caused to the operators or users shall bear the liability.
    The 74th construction Administrative Department and other departments concerned in violation of this regulation, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, who, by their work units or departments concerned penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    75th administrative penalties stipulated in these measures, by County (City) over municipal utilities authority or municipal utilities authority entrusted in accordance with the statutory requirements to implement.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 76th public network systems in these measures refers to urban heating, water, gas main pipeline network and ancillary facilities.
                    77th these measures come into force on January 1, 2007.