Kunming Airport Economic Zone Management Approach

Original Language Title: 昆明空港经济区管理办法

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(December 18, 2006 Kunming city people's Government at the 32nd Executive meeting on January 25, 2007, 70th Kunming city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article for further implementing the development strategy of modern new Kunming, Kunming airport economic zone specification (hereinafter referred to as the airport area) effective operation of innovation development, accelerate the pace of development and construction, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the State and the Communist Kunming municipal Committee,
    Kunming municipal people's Government of the decision on accelerating the construction of Kunming airport economic zone development, these measures are formulated.
    Second free port area development and construction, should be subject to provincial and municipal economic development strategies, service of international air passenger transport and logistics development, in line with the overall strategic objectives of modern new Kunming.
    Airport area should rely on national portal hub airport, development of a free economy, gradually to become the province's major airport industrial area, Southeast Asia, South Asia, connecting Europe-Asia international air passenger flow, logistics centers and build international, ecological and modern new areas.
    Article in accordance with the approved master plan of the area of construction, planning controls an area of 160 square kilometers, recently developed area of 51 square kilometers, including construction of the new airport with an area of 21 square kilometers.
    Fourth air port area development and construction adheres to the following principles: unified planning, rational distribution and orderly development combining development and eco-environmental protection; Government-led market-oriented operation model; integration of urban and rural overall development.
    Chapter II administrative institutions, responsibilities and privileges fifth Kunming airport economic zone management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC) is Kunming city people's Government (hereinafter referred to as the city) agencies that exercise in the empty port range city-level economic management authority and appropriate administrative permissions, and businesses accept the guidance and supervision of the relevant functional departments of the municipal government.
    Sixth article CMC implementation national and province, and City developed of legal, and regulations, and policy, according to development construction different stage of task and features, timely developed and development construction and economic social development phase adapted of supporting policy and measures, speed up advance empty port of development construction, gradually established adapted socialist market system, and and international practice standards, and by international advanced management experience and management mode operation of modern management system.
    Seventh Administrative Committee in accordance with simplification, unification and efficiency and "small institutions, large service" principle, according to the development and construction management needs, city agencies and staffing within the limits approved by the Editorial Board, independently determine the features section-level institutions and personnel.
    Eighth Management Committee is responsible for organizing the preparation of Hong Kong's economic and social development plans, master plans and the controlled detailed planning, land use planning, environmental planning, after the approval of the municipal government organizations.
    Nineth should make full use of the CMC public funding guidance and amplification to attract domestic and foreign development and construction of social capital to participate in the free port area, form a multi-channel financing, investment patterns, construct an empty port area development and construction of modern investment and financing platform. Tenth CMC organization, review and approve all kinds of investment projects into the empty port.
    Government investment projects, according to the State regulations for approval, social capital investment projects, the implementation of approval, the filing system.
    Airport investment projects, total investment within the municipal government approval, by the approval of the CMC over approval competence of the municipality, after approved by the CMC report higher authorities for approval.
    11th empty port management Committee is responsible for planning, environmental protection, construction, finance, taxation, State-owned assets, personnel, labor and social security, work safety and other aspects of the administration.
    12th Management Committee was established to implement comprehensive administrative law-enforcement agencies of the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment, according to the statutory procedures after approval, within the Airport District is responsible for planning, construction, environmental protection, urban management, administrative law enforcement.
    Airports in the region 13th CMC supervision according to law, all kinds of entities, safeguard business independently according to law, safeguarding the legitimate interests of companies and investors.
    14th MC unified planning, construction and management of port infrastructure, public services, supporting the development of social, professional and intermediary services, local businesses, and providing public services and social services.
    15th MC step by step integration of urban and rural in the airport area, the establishment of "nursing agriculture by industry, urban villages," a long-term mechanism to promote coordinated development of urban and rural economy, accelerate the construction of infrastructure for the development of social services.
    16th CMC exercise of other people's Government gives management the terms of reference and to undertake other work.
    Chapter three planning and environmental management articles 17th overall, according to the municipal government approved the airport district planning and regulatory detailed planning, CMC other professional building planning, preparation and approval of the detailed construction plans.
    18th article according to the municipal planning Bureau commissioned handling construction projects in the area of the selection report of the Management Committee and the planning permit for construction, the construction project planning permit plan approval procedures, and submitted to the City Planning Bureau.
    Supervision and inspection of the Management Committee is responsible for planning and construction in the area, investigate and deal with illegal construction.
    Article 19th empty port management Committee is responsible for the supervision and administration of environmental protection, and for in-zone enterprises and projects in environmental impact assessment report (book, table, form) the approval, implementation of environmental approval veto; responsible for environmental protection installation of construction project and the principal part of the project "designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously" inspection and acceptance, and submitted to the municipal environmental protection Bureau for the record.
    Article 20th airports within the area of environmental monitoring, oversight by the Management Committee is responsible for, and issue of the emission permits, tax jurisdiction permits excessive sewage charges and the sewage charges.
    The fourth chapter 21st of municipal land and housing development and Management Bureau of land and resources in the Airport District station, assist with land expropriation and requisition in the airport area organization for approval of specific projects; cooperate with the municipal Bureau of land and resources in land within the airport area law enforcement and mineral resources management work in lieu of the city's number of the land use permit and other relevant certificates.
    22nd in the airport area business projects, industrial projects and to the urban land transactions in accordance with the relevant provisions, of transferred through bidding, auction and listing.
    23rd empty port can be innovation in land development and operation, authorized by the Government to advance market-oriented allocation of land resources, including business.
    According to municipal housing Bureau commissioned the CMC article 24th, for real estate development in the area of airport management and housing work, nuclear charge on cost, on behalf of the city's number of the certificate.
    The fifth chapter building and 25th Management Committee in accordance with environment management of the airport master plan requirements, implementation of the region's infrastructure, public facilities, construction and management of urban greening, green standards acceptance system for in-zone enterprises.
    Article 26th Airport District Management Committee is responsible for the appearance and sanitation management, outdoor advertising, and so on.
    27th Management Committee is responsible for in-zone enterprises investment project construction management and construction preliminary design plan of construction project within the development permission areas, check the qualification of construction enterprises, issuing the construction permit and the nuclear charge on cost. 28th in the airport area for water and waste water, issued by the Administrative Committee commissioned by the municipal administrative departments concerned take, drainage permits, go through the drainage of construction project completion acceptance procedures, and report to the relevant administrative departments at the city level for the record.
    Comprehensive utilization of water resources in the region, encouraging enterprises in the implementation of water conservation and water reuse.
    29th International Airport major infrastructure construction projects in the region should establish a strict responsibility system of project Corporation, strengthening the management and use of funds in terms of monitoring, supervision and auditing departments to intervene in advance, the whole process of project construction management and supervision.
    Article 30th CMC is responsible for the investment projects of production safety, quality supervision, construction and other related management.
    The sixth chapter business, financial and tax administration article 31st city administration set up in the Airport District Branch, responsible for industry and commerce registration of businesses in the region and other industrial and commercial administration, introduction of unified regulation of all kinds of enterprises and markets in the region.
    Article 32nd Airport District financial Bureau, is responsible for financial management of the port area, management and direction of the district's accounting, performance of State-owned assets management functions, receive municipal finance, State assets, and the guidance and oversight of the Department.
    33rd empty port revenue, after deducting the prescribed turned over parts of the Central and provincial, all remain in the air for development and construction of the area.
    Article 34th, national tax and land tax departments set up in the Airport District Branch, is responsible for tax reporting, collection and management of the port, as well as the implementation of preferential tax policies, and so on. The seventh chapter investment and project management article 35th in addition to laws and regulations prohibit investment in industries and areas, allow investors to invest in the airport area.
    Encourages domestic and foreign well-known enterprises into an empty port, set up corporate headquarters, regional headquarters and research and development centers.
    Encourages both at home and abroad investors in airport district within investment following field: (a) around air transport of freight warehouse, and logistics transport, and express points voted, modern logistics industry and bonded business; (ii) to aviation for main transport way of biological resources innovation, and information, and light electromechanical integration, high-tech industry and green processing; (three) based facilities, and social public facilities and ecological environment construction; (four) around airport supporting of trade, and exhibition, and culture, and education, and health and Kang body leisure, services;
    (V) suitable for free-type economic development of other sectors.
    36th air will be allowed in to set up the following items: (a) national laws and regulations prohibit investment, (ii) belongs to the State of the industrial structure adjustment in catalogue for the guidance, the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment restrictions of the class and out of class, (iii) damage, pollute the environment, and (iv) effects of air transport security. 37th investors will invest in airport area to enjoy the following preferential policies: (a) national, provincial and municipal investments incentives;

    (B) inspections and extend the industrial chain, cluster production and intensive management of companies and enterprises can be given more preferential policies to support and (iii) has an important role in promoting industrial development projects and more than 50 million yuan of investment projects, "one thing one debate" approach, more preferential policies to support. 38th article Management Committee set up "one-stop reception, parallel approval, limit originally" a "one-stop" co-working system, provide investors with a convenient and efficient service. To complete the procedures of investment projects, the Management Committee shall, within 15 working days to complete the examination, approval or report.
    To encourage investment in the development of projects, can enter the "green channel" conduct. 39th in the airport area of various production and business operation entities, should be required to submit to the CMC of various types of statistical reports.
    Enterprises to submit annual financial statements shall be verified by the Chinese Institute of certified public accountants and certified.
    Eighth chapter management and other social service 40th CMC in accordance with management rights, within the area of responsibility of cadre deployment, exchange of personnel, talents, professional titles, salaries schemes work, and with the municipal authorities in the airport area to gradually establish and improve the social management such as labour and social security, civil affairs and services system.
    41st City Public Security Bureau set up in the Airport District Branch, is responsible for security in the region, household management.
    42nd Management Committee is responsible for the preparation of regional science, education, culture, population and family planning, health, sports and other social undertakings development planning, organization, implementation and management.
    43rd Administration Committee should actively create conditions to fully attract both domestic and foreign financial institutions, non-financial institutions to set up branches, encourages the development of modern service industry such as finance, insurance, accountants, attorneys, and for Investor Services in these areas.
    44th to encourage educational, medical and other institutions set up in the airport area schools, hospitals and other public services, development of public education and public health services, regional employees and providing a good educational environment and health-care services.
    Nineth chapter supplementary articles article 45th MC may be in accordance with the measures put in place and the relevant regulations.
    Relevant departments to set up branches in the airport area, jointly agreed by the Management Committee with the Department, a proposal after the Government agreed to gradually set up.
                                                                                                46th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2007, with these measures contravene the relevant provisions of the original enactment of the municipal government, is subject to this regulation.