Suzhou Medical Practice Management

Original Language Title: 苏州市医疗机构执业管理办法

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(February 7, 2007, Suzhou city people's Government, the 69th General session on March 1, 2007, Suzhou municipal people's Government, the 96th announced as of May 1, 2007) the first in order to strengthen the management of medical institutions, promote the development of medical and health services, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on practitioners, and the management of medical institution and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second article this approach by said medical institutions, is refers to made medical institutions practice industry license, engaged in disease diagnosis, and treatment, medical activities of institutions, including hospital, and hospitals, and nursing home, and hospital (by), and clinic, and clinic, and community health service center (station), and nursing Hospital (station), and clinic (station, and room), and clinic, and health by, and medical emergency Center (station), and clinical test institutions, and voluntary drug medical institutions, and medical institutions,.
    Article within the administrative area of the city health agency practice and supervision of his practice, apply these measures.
    Fourth of municipal and county-level cities, district public health Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of medical institutions practising within the administrative area.
    Planning, public security, industry and commerce, price, taxation, environmental protection, quality inspection, food and drug, development and reform, population and family planning administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to practice the supervision and management of medical institution.
    Fifth medical institutions should follow lawful practice, integrity service, clean and practice principle, compliance with the code of ethics for medical, technical specifications, and guarantee the quality of care and safety.
    Sixth article establishment of a medical institution shall meet the conditions laid down in laws, rules and regulations, and the relevant procedures.
    Seventh medical institutions set the approval, health administrative departments in the proposed site or publicity in the media, if necessary hearing; medical institutions against the bed, and approval of the public health Administrative Department should listen to the views of the relevant departments and, if necessary, organize experts to conduct feasibility studies of the project. Eighth after medical institutions to set the instruments of ratification shall be in accordance with the relevant standards for construction. Clinics (Community Health Center) scale of the hygienic pre-evaluation of the medical institutions should be handled and are equipped with barrier-free facilities.
    Preparing end, obtaining acceptance, inspection, health assessment and environmental impact assessment and other relevant certificates and comply with basic standards of medical institutions stipulated by the State before they can apply for registration. The Nineth name used by medical institutions shall be approved by the health Administrative Department. Medical institutions shall use only one name.
    There is a need within the limit approved by the approval authority to three name and a first name should be identified.
    Medical agencies shall not use medical institution management provisions of the implementing rules of the regulations cannot be used in names, unauthorised use of "Center" and "General Hospital" as the generic name of the medical institution. Medical subjects name health care organizations shall comply with the subjects in medical care institutions listed regulations, are not allowed to use nonstandard names of medical subjects.
    In addition to "section", "rooms", a business departments at medical institutions must not use other words as the section name, it is necessary to, and approved by the health Administrative Department.
    The tenth diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions shall be registered in accordance with the approved accounts and approved by the technical service conducting diagnosis and treatment.
    Without the clinical experiments of new technologies, new projects, shall not be introduced and carried out.
    In addition to medical needs, medical institutions shall make use of techniques such as ultrasound of fetal sex determination may not carry out selective pregnancy termination.
    11th the practising certificate for medical institution shall not sell, transfer, lend, or sell, transfer, lend in disguise.
    12th medical institutions shall practice license medical organizations, medical subjects, clinic, Department distribution map, fees, staff photos, publicity in the obvious location.
    Health-care workers should wear a uniform sign containing the relevant information content of practice I.
    13th medical institutions should employ qualified personnel engaged in medical activities, timely processing of their registration or change of registration.
    Medical institutions can employ within the administrative area of other medical practitioners practise corresponding activity, the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the municipal public health Administrative Department. Medical institutions employed personnel engage in short-term trials if it proves necessary, be given a three-month probationary period, but should provide the proposed additional units of the practising certificate for medical institution copies, recruited medical personnel practising certificate (certificate) and employment contracts, the local health administration departments.
    After the trial expires if it proves necessary to employ should register such changes in a month.
    14th medical institutions that meet the People's Republic of China Law on practitioners 16th under the circumstance of the medical staff and medical personnel should be required to cease to use the Administrative Department of public health reported in a timely manner. 15th medical institutions for critically ill patients should be immediately organized rescue, due to limited equipment or technical conditions are not diagnostic in critically ill patients, shall organize a consultation or referral.
    In referral patients died, shall perform the duty condition.
    16th medical institution and its medical staff shall respect the patients about their illness, diagnosis and treatment of patients with right to information and privacy.
    Purposes surgery, and special check, and transfusion or special treatment Shi, should consent of patients agreed, and made patients I or near relatives signed; cannot made patients views or should not be directly to patients description situation of, should made patients near relatives agreed and signed; cannot made patients views and no patients near relatives presence, special situation of, by rule physician should proposed medical disposal programme, in made medical institutions head or was authorized people approved Hou purposes.
    17th medical institutions shall implement the infectious disease reports, and medical waste disinfection and isolation management, prevention and control of nosocomial infection and the spread of disease. 18th medical institutions should follow the rules. Specimens and images saved in accordance with regulations. Should use qualified testing supplies and equipment shall not be used out of the detection method.
    Detection and diagnosis project should register includes patient name, date of detection and diagnosis, project name, date, results, reports and examining physicians, staff, and shall not issue a false detection and diagnosis report. 19th medical institutions should be developed to prevent, plan for handling medical accidents, prevent the occurrence of medical blunders.
    Or find medical negligence, medical institutions and medical personnel should take immediate and effective measures to correct it, to prevent damage to the expansion.
    Medical institutions or major medical malpractice medical negligence occurred, should be required to report to the Administrative Department of public health and save medical records and information, and shall not be altered, forged, hiding or destroying the medical records and information; for injections, medication, transfusion, blood transfusions and the use of equipment causing adverse effects, should be sealed in a timely manner on physical, for inspection.
    Both doctors and patients can solve medical disputes by mediation, litigation or any other means.
    Medical institutions are encouraged to participate in medical liability insurance. 20th medical institutions shall establish and improve the system of doctors going out for consultation.
    Without my unit may not be going out for consultation.
    21st medical institution shall undertake the corresponding functions of public health, disease reporting system of the implementation of the provisions of the public health Administrative Department.
    Major disasters and accidents, epidemics or other public events, medical institutions and their staff should be subject to the administrative departments of public health fields.
    Medical institutions and their staff shall undertake health administrative departments of health and agriculture, academic exchanges, free clinics and major activities of health care.
    22nd medical organizations should be based on institutional implementation of appropriate tax and pricing policies and financial accounting systems.
    Medical institutions are not allowed to set up fees decomposition project or increase fees, charges and fees.
    Medical institutions shall statistics on business information, and data to the Administrative Department of public health reported on a regular basis, and by the Health Administration Department under the project to the Statistical Department and to the community for public notification.
    23rd release medical advertisements shall comply with provisions of the management of medical advertisements, and having a medical advertising review certificate shall not change the approved content and forms of publication may not be disguised forms such as news publishing medical advertisements.
    24th medical institutions and personnel engaged in medical practising activities, unfair competition methods of medical care must not be used to attract patients.
    25th medical institution without approval of the public health Administrative Department shall develop infectious diseases, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
    Apart from the emergency, units equipped with medical institutions shall not be open to the public. 26th health administrative departments shall establish credit service credit rating system of medical institutions, establishment of credit archives.
    Adverse professional actions such as illegal or irregular entry in the credit file, to the public on a regular basis. Medical institutions service credit rating status, Administration can be used as the basis for annual verification of the medical, when you reach a bad credit rating, to 1-6 months ' suspension calibration.
    The specific measures shall be formulated separately by the municipal public health Administrative Department.
    27th acts in violation of these rules and regulations on punishment provided for by law, from its provisions.
    28th disobey the Nineth provides that the rectification by the health administrative departments; fails and fined 2000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    12th, 22nd, 29th in violation to these measures stipulated in the third paragraph of article, rectification by health administration departments, and between 5000 and 1000 Yuan Yuan fine.
    30th article violates these measures set forth in the 18th, 24th and rectification by health administration departments, may be of less than 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; related persons may be of less than 2000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    31st in violation of the provisions of article 25th, rectification by the health Administrative Department, and a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    32nd health Administrative Department staff and others responsible for administrative functions of personnel who abuse their powers and engage in negligence, dereliction of duty dereliction, and by their work units or by the authorities be given administrative punishments, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                  33rd article this way come into force on May 1, 2007.