Tianjin Fire Safety Responsibility System Requirements

Original Language Title: 天津市消防安全责任制规定

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(March 19, 2007 Tianjin Municipal 89th meeting consideration on March 30, 2007, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 112th announced as of June 1, 2007) first to implement fire safety duties, fire prevention, under the People's Republic of China fire prevention law of Tianjin City, and the Fire Services Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other groups (hereinafter referred to as units), shall, in accordance with fire safety laws, regulations and requirements, carry out fire safety duties, fire work of the unit.
    Article fire safety responsibility system in these rules is through implementation of joint through supervision, inspection, informed, objective responsibility of fire prevention evaluation appraisal, reward and punishment system, urging units to carry out fire safety duties system.
    Fourth of municipal and district and County public security organs under the people's Governments at the corresponding level leadership, supervision and management is responsible for the implementation of the fire safety system, level specific work by public security fire control institutions responsible for.
    Other relevant government departments shall, in accordance with statutory duties associated with fire safety work.
    Fifth of municipal, district and county people's Governments shall hold regular joint meeting of the fire service, analyzing the current situation of fire safety, coordinating and solving major issues in fire-fighting work, deploying firefighting.
    Implementation of the decisions of the joint meeting, the Member concerned shall report to the joint meeting. Article sixth unit of the legal representative or the fire safety of the main heads of unit responsible, the fire safety work of the units responsible.
    Unit shall clearly post fire safety responsibilities, determining fire safety responsibility of each post. Article seventh inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are produced, filling, storage, supply, marketing and public gathering places and other key units for fire safety fire safety shall fulfil the following obligations: (a) develop and improve fire fighting and emergency evacuation, and a drill at least every six months; (b) the fire safety training for staff members of the unit at least once a year.
    Public gathering places at least once every six months training, (iii) strict implementation of the management system for the use of open flames, public gathering places in the construction business during the prohibition against the use of open flame (iv) fire safety key position sets the obvious signs of fire, strict management.
    Article property management units and other residential unit shall carry out fire safety duties of management, good management within the scope of the fire safety works. Nineth administrative departments in carrying out their statutory duties, found that regulatory units of fire hazard, shall be informed in writing of public security fire control institutions at the same level.
    Public security fire control institutions shall be investigated according to law.
    Tenth relevant units shall in accordance with the following Division of labour, and step by step to urge the implementation of fire safety duties: (a) in accordance with the reporting relationship, parent unit to supervise subordinate unit, (ii) in subdistrict offices, Township people's Government to supervise (village) Commission and the parent unit.
    Tianjin economic and technological development zone, the Tianjin Port bonded area huayuan industrial district, Tianjin new technology industrial park-free parent account, by the district management committees to supervise. Article 11th urge the responsible units, and can take many forms, and comprehensive examination are being urged to implement fire safety duties.
    Comprehensive evaluation of specific content by persons who are urging in units according to the actual situation.
    12th article has urged responsibility of units, should perform following duties: (a) Guide was urged units established sound fire security responsibility system and guarantees fire security duties implementation of system measures; (ii) urged was urged units elimination fire hidden, assist was urged units rectification no capacity solution of fire hidden; (three) according to was urged units of features, research solution involved fire security of major and common problem; (four) master was urged units fire security duties implementation situation;
    (E) is urging units a year for comprehensive assessment and implementation of reward and punishment, (vi) establish urged the specialized files.
    Has urged responsibility unit of the legal representative or principal responsible responsible for the duties of the Organization, the implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
    13th being urged units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the fire safety duties, urged to inspect and guide the work of the unit shall cooperate and report fire safety responsibilities to implement this unit and other important fire safety matters.
    14th found relating to fire safety by public security fire control institutions significant or widespread problem, apart from the outside to investigate and punish, may, in writing, inform the persons who are urged in the unit. 15th of municipal and district and county people's Governments shall subordinate units according to their affiliation to perform fire-fighting duties as a fire work goal responsibility assessment content, into the scope of comprehensive management of public security appraisal and establishment of appraisal files.
    Specific evaluation criteria, developed by the municipal public security authorities, and report to the municipal people's Government. 16th municipal people's Government to carry out fire safety responsibility system and fire safety responsibilities of outstanding units and individuals should be commended.
    As the fire advanced units, the municipal people's Government awarded the Medal, as "advanced individual of fire" and "fire-model", issued by the municipal people's Government honors and awards.
    17th has been urging the unit and its personnel are not in accordance with the law and regulations carry out fire safety duties, by the relevant authorities according to law.
    18th article has following case one of of, by police fire institutions on has urged responsibility of units at 1000 Yuan following fine, and on about responsibility personnel at warning or 500 Yuan following fine: (a) by police fire institutions told, not urged units elimination fire hidden of; (ii) not established urged work situation specifically archives of; (three) not by provides Organization annual integrated assessment of; (four) was urged of units violation fire management provides occurred fire of; (five) annual fire work target responsibility assessment not standard of.
    19th public security fire control institutions shall guide the unit responsibility system of improving fire safety.
    Public security fire control institutions supervised units of weight, a serious fire occurred, public security fire control institutions shall be written to the local government and police instructions, and put forward rectification opinions; public security fire control institutions responsible, and criticized by the public security organs of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, or.
    Public security fire control institutions neglects his duty, favoritism, indiscriminate punishment, does not constitute a crime, be disposed of in accordance with law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 20th the Government departments concerned to fulfil statutory duties associated with fire safety, public security fire control institutions to draw attention to this level shall give notice of criticism.
    Responsible agents of the State, by its competent organs or organs shall be disposed of.
                                                      21st article of the regulations come into force on June 1, 2007.

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