Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Disaster Prevention Measures

Original Language Title: 西藏自治区气象灾害防御办法

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(January 25, 2007 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, the 2nd through February 2, 2007 the people's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region promulgated as of April 1, 2007, 77th) Chapter I General provisions article against meteorological disasters, protect people's lives and property safety, promoting economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China law, the Tibet meteorological regulations and other laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Article autonomous region within the administrative area of meteorological disaster monitoring, prediction, early warning and disaster prevention activities should abide by these measures.
    Article-meteorological disasters in these measures, including heavy snow, torrential rain, high winds, lightning, hail, dust, cold, Frost, open (product) directly caused by ice, weather, climate, disasters, caused by geological disasters, fires, plant diseases and insect pests, epidemics, environmental pollution, such as weather derivatives disasters.
    Article fourth meteorological disaster prevention work should adhere to prevention, control and reduction, and overall planning, grading the principle of responsibility. Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the work of meteorological disaster prevention, organization of meteorological disaster prevention laws and regulations and to disseminate knowledge of science and technology, universal, support of meteorological disaster prevention science.
    Meteorological disaster prevention activities in local meteorological service requirements into government budgets at the same level.
    Meteorological authorities above the county level responsible for the administration of meteorological disaster prevention work for meteorological disaster monitoring, prediction, early warning and other guidance and supervision of the work.
    Relevant departments of the State shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, prevention of meteorological disaster related work.
    Chapter Sixth defense planning and facilities construction (City) level above meteorological departments shall, jointly with other relevant departments to produce meteorological disaster prevention planning.
    Meteorological disaster prevention plan shall include the following information: (a) the guiding ideology, principles and objectives for prevention of meteorological disasters, (ii) prevention of meteorological disaster-prone periods and focus areas; (c) the main tasks of prevention of meteorological disasters and safeguard measures; (d) the construction of meteorological disaster prevention facilities and management. Seventh people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen meteorological disaster monitoring, early warning, investigation, assessment and emergency services infrastructure, in the meteorological station and the establishment of meteorological disaster warning signals broadcast facilities in densely populated areas.
    Airports, railway stations, tourist sites, transportation hubs and other key projects where you can set broadcast facilities of meteorological disaster warning signals.
    No organization or individual may seize, damage or moved without permission prescribed in the preceding paragraph of meteorological disaster prevention facilities.
    Article eighth of agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, tourism, and sports administration under the guidance of meteorological departments in the establishment of meteorological disaster warning system, improve crops, transport, tourism, mountaineering and other meteorological early-warning system, reduction of meteorological disaster losses.
    Meteorological departments should cooperate with the Ministry of land and resources, health, environmental protection and other administrative departments establish and perfect weather environmental change on geological, meteorological early-warning system of disease, environmental impact, geological disasters, public health emergencies, environmental emergency to provide meteorological support services.
    Nineth articles on urban planning, state key construction projects, major regional economic development, agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, Tibetan medicine industry development, ecological environmental protection as well as large-scale solar, wind, water resources development projects, such as when the feasibility study, autonomous region, Prefecture (City) meteorological departments should cooperate with the relevant departments to carry out the climatic feasibility, an assessment of meteorological disaster risk.
    Chapter III monitoring and meteorological departments forecast article tenth autonomous region shall organize the relevant departments to joint monitoring of significant severe weather, according to the defense needs of meteorological disasters across areas, the formation of a joint monitoring network.
    Members of the joint monitoring includes the following units: (a) the competent meteorological departments at different levels of meteorological stations, (ii) non-meteorological stations of the competent meteorological departments; (iii) hydrology, hydrology, forest fire prevention concept (MIS) measuring site; (iv) agriculture (pasture) pest and disease monitoring stations (v) and other relevant organizations.
    All over the State and 11th (City) Government shall establish a meteorological disaster information sharing platform.
    Members of the joint monitoring of meteorological disasters shall promptly to the meteorological disaster information share platform provides weather, climate, disaster and weather derivative disaster information, meteorological disaster information sharing involved State secrets, in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the State.
    12th weather, climate, disaster forecasting, warning, warning signals, the meteorological station of the competent meteorological departments should be in accordance with the duties and specifications uniform issue to the community; the weather derivative disaster prediction, warning and should be determined by the competent Meteorological Department, in conjunction with relevant departments jointly issue to the community.
    Weather and climate fact sheet should be determined by the competent meteorological departments of the meteorological station according to the Defense meteorological disasters and the needs of the public service, in accordance with the duties and specifications uniform issue to the community.
    Any other organizations or individuals may issue to the community of meteorological disaster forecasts, alerts, warning signs, and weather and climate conditions.
    Meteorological disaster prediction, warning and warning signals and weather and climate fact sheet issued shall use both the Tibetan and Han languages.
    13th meteorological departments and their subordinate meteorological offices and stations shall do a disaster, key, transitional weather forecasts, alerts and drought and snow trends in climate prediction, and timely reports to the local people's Governments, and communicated to the disaster prevention and relief agencies and other relevant departments.
    Meteorological station meteorological departments and should strengthen disastrous weather, climate research, science and technology, improve the disastrous weather, climate prediction, the accuracy and timeliness of early warning and service level.
    14th levels of radio and television stations, newspapers, websites and telephone voice response unit, mobile communications and other information services should advertise the competent meteorological departments in a timely manner pursuant to the provisions provided by the meteorological station of weather, climate, disaster forecasts, alerts, warning signs, as well as meteorological departments jointly with other relevant departments issued a weather derivative disaster prediction, warning.
    With instant ability to spread news and information services unit after receiving the significant severe weather warning should be timely seeding or spots, and clearly identify the release time and publish the name.
    The competent meteorological departments of the meteorological stations should broadcast facilities of meteorological disaster warning signals, broadcast meteorological disaster warning signals to the community in a timely manner.
    The Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices receive significant severe weather alerts issued by the meteorological station, should notify in an appropriate manner within the jurisdiction of the public. 15th the fourth chapter disaster (City) and county people's Governments shall prepare a meteorological disaster emergency plans, according to meteorological departments and its subordinate meteorological offices and stations to provide meteorological disaster forecasts, alerts and recommendations, decide whether to activate contingency plans.
    Emergency plan started, the relevant departments shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, emergency handling.
    Meteorological disaster contingency plans mainly include meteorological disasters in categories and grades, emergency command and emergency response systems, related departments, monitoring and early warning mechanisms, emergency and start, responder, emergency support and later disposed of supervision and accountability, and so on.
    Meteorological disaster emergency plan is initiated and terminated, shall be published by the news media, information networks, to the public in a timely manner, and to promptly report to the people's Governments at a higher level.
    16th meteorological disasters (City), county-level people's Governments shall arrange the competent Meteorological Department and other relevant departments to carry out the investigation and the disaster relief work.
    Disaster investigation results should be up-level people's Governments and relevant departments to report in a timely manner, not making false statements on or concealing, or late-reported meteorological disasters.
    17th article County above Government should strengthening artificial effect weather work of led and coordination, construction artificial effect weather job system, strengthening artificial effect weather monitoring, and command, and job, and assessment, based facilities construction, in features agricultural economic regional, and drought disaster high sent regional, and hail disaster high sent regional established special artificial effect weather job points, and according to meteorological competent institutions belongs Observatory station released of meteorological disaster warning information, organization carried out artificial effect weather work.
    Weather agencies above the county level could be implemented according to the needs of the special weather assignments.
    18th weather operations units and personnel qualifications shall meet the provisions of the municipal meteorological authorities, conditions, in line with national technology standard operating equipment, compliance with the corresponding job specifications and procedures. Autonomous regional meteorological departments should strengthen the weather modification operations personnel training, assessment and management.
    Use of anti-aircraft artillery and rocket launchers for artificial weather modification list copied to the local public security organ for the record by local meteorological departments.
    Transport, storage, artificial weather modification using anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, artillery shells, rockets, and shall observe the provisions on the management of weapons, explosives.
    19th meteorological departments above the county level shall, in accordance with national and regional planning, a lightning monitor net and lightning early warning system.
    Competent meteorological departments above the county level weather stations should carry out lightning, and lightning forecast, warning was issued to the public.
    20th meteorological departments above the county level shall strengthen the publicity and education of farmers lightning, guidance of agricultural and pastoral areas do well work of lightning disaster prevention, to guide farmers and herdsmen built with lightning protection requirements of building facilities. 21st national code for design of building lightning protection provision of article first class, second class and third class mine buildings (structures) buildings and ancillary facilities, flammable and explosive places, computer information systems, broadcasting systems, communication systems and other electronic equipment, lightning protection device should be fitted.
    Installing lightning protection devices shall conform to national requirements. New, renovation or expansion projects of lightning protection devices shall simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use.

    22nd professional lightning protection device design, construction and safety testing of units and personnel, shall, in accordance with national provisions, eligibility and qualification.
    Fifth chapter legal responsibility 23rd article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by meteorological competent institutions according to permission ordered corrected, give warning, can and at 5000 Yuan above 50,000 yuan following of fine: (a) illegal to social released meteorological disaster forecast, and alert or warning signal of; (ii) has rates spread capacity of news media and information service units not timely increased broadcast, and spots major disaster sex weather alert of. 24th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; has crime suspected of, transferred judicial organ processing: (a) in meteorological competent institutions belongs Observatory station released major disaster sex weather alert Hou, not timely started emergency plans or not by emergency plans take measures, and perform related obligations, led to major or King accident occurred of; (ii) not by requirements timely transfer snow love, and water, and fire, and geological danger, and
    Epidemic monitoring information, resulting in serious consequences, (iii) project climatic feasibility should be done without argument, resulting in heavy losses.
    25th meteorological departments and dereliction of his meteorological station, leading to significant omissions, misstatements of severe weather forecasting, warning, given administrative sanctions according to law; criminal suspects, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
                                                                                                                      Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 26th these measures shall take effect on April 1, 2007.