Xiamen City, The Implementation Of The People's Republic Of China Meteorological Law Approach

Original Language Title: 厦门市实施《中华人民共和国气象法》办法

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(May 9, 2007 May 14, 2007 Xiamen City people's Government, Xiamen City people's Government, the 124th promulgated as of July 1, 2007) first in order to implement the People's Republic of China Meteorological law, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of meteorological observation, prediction, service and prevention of meteorological disasters, climate resources utilization, meteorological research, science and technology and their related management activities, these measures shall apply. Article is science and technology, the Foundation of the meteorological cause public welfare undertakings.
    Meteorological work should insist public weather, security, weather and the development direction of meteorological resources, public welfare meteorological services in the first place, to economic construction, social development and people's lives to provide meteorological services.
    Fourth article city, and District Government should strengthening on meteorological work of led and coordination, will small scale regional meteorological observation system, and meteorological information shared platform, and meteorological forecast forecast system, and meteorological disaster warning emergency system and the public meteorological service system, place meteorological career, into this level economy and social development plans and the financial budget, to guarantees its full play for social public, and Government decision and economic development service of function. Fifth of municipal meteorological departments, district superiors meteorological departments and under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, responsible for the administration of meteorological work.
    No establishment of meteorological departments of the district, its meteorological work by the municipal meteorological authorities are responsible for.
    The competent meteorological departments non-meteorological station,, meteorological departments to its meteorological work, shall be subject to the direction, supervision and management. Sixth of municipal and district people's Government shall, in accordance with legal standards are designated municipal and district meteorological observatory meteorological observation environmental protection and integrated into city planning or into village planning.
    Meteorological observation environmental protection scope should be announced to the public. Meteorological station of transfer of approved by the law, comparative observation of new and old meteorological station meteorological time of not less than one year.
    Comparative observation of the period, old meteorological station within the scope of protection shall not be implemented comparative observation of effect of demolition, construction and other activities.
    Meteorological station meteorological observation does not meet the standards of protection of the environment, comments by the municipal meteorological authorities, organized by the city and district governments on sector governance.
    Seventh article of the city meteorological information sharing system established by the municipal meteorological authorities are responsible for the maintenance and management, and provide information in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State share a common service.
    Meteorological authorities, and other meteorological services, meteorological exploration activities shall comply with national and provincial development of meteorological technical standards, norms and regulations, and shared system of meteorological information in a timely manner as required by the collection of meteorological data.
    The city meteorological information provision and sharing of specific measures enacted separately by the municipal meteorological authorities, jointly with relevant departments, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. Eighth article of any organization or individual is allowed to without the approval of overseas organizations, institutions and individuals to provide meteorological observation sites and meteorological data, weather information involving State secrets must not be in any way to other organizations and individuals, or published.
    Meteorological departments should strengthen the jurisdiction of foreign-related meteorological exploration and supervision and management of weather information. Nineth meteorological stations in accordance with the responsibility of the competent meteorological departments released to the community public weather forecasts, use, unexpected meteorological disaster warning signals to the public, this sudden, severe weather alerts, supplemented or revised in a timely manner and according to the weather conditions.
    Any other organizations or individuals may issue to the social public weather forecasting and the sudden and severe weather alerts. Meteorological departments can use public information display device, main roads broadcast severe weather warning information.
    Gulangyu Island, meteorological departments, signal Hill signal station to accept subordinate meteorological offices and stations to provide meteorological forecasts and emergency, severe weather alerts, and displays the corresponding style in accordance with coastal Harbor signals signals.
    Airports, railway stations, docks, beaches, tourist attractions such as the management of establishments, prompting severe weather warning information to the public in a timely manner.
    Tenth meteorological departments and their subordinate meteorological offices and stations should improve public weather forecasting and sudden, severe weather warning accuracy, timeliness and level of service, organized a major event timing, location and quantity of fine weather forecast. The meteorological station issued the competent meteorological departments typhoons, rainstorms, when major disasters such as heavy fog weather warning, shall promptly report to the people's Governments at the corresponding level and inform the relevant departments, and to make corresponding recommendations for disaster.
    When major severe weather emergency alert issued, specified municipal and district people's Government radio, television stations and other media shall cooperate with the competent meteorological departments of the meteorological stations used wire broadcasting, broadcasts and other means to inform the typhoons, rainstorms and other major recent trends and future trends in severe weather, providing public weather services. Meteorological departments should take telephone queries, Web, text messages and other ways to enhance public understanding of meteorological information.
    Time held a news conference to report meteorological information of public concern.
    11th article Observatory station should combined local weather climate features, timely provides following professional, and special meteorological service: (a) according to planting, and aquaculture, agricultural production need, on high temperature, and cold, and drought, and storm, and rain, and typhoon, and Gale, for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast, for agricultural sector guide agricultural production provides service; (ii) according to flood disaster need, on typhoon, and Gale, and storm, for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast, for flood disaster command institutions command defense and rescue provides service;
    (Three) according to port, and sea job, and sea transport of need, on typhoon, and Gale, and fog, for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast, for port, and maritime, and fisheries, sector implementation safety work provides service; (four) according to road traffic, and tourism of need, on high temperature, and fog, and typhoon, and storm, and Gale, and lightning, for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast, for police, and traffic, and municipal, and tourism, sector do security protection and grooming guidelines work provides service; (Five) according to HA gold route, Strait shipping of need, carried out strait shipping meteorological guarantees special forecast, for traffic, and port, sector do security guarantees work provides service; (six) according to water, and electric, and gas supply of season features, on continued high temperature, and continued low temperature, for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast, for water, and power, and gas units developed guarantees supply of should measures provides service; (seven) according to forest fire work of need, on forest fire meteorological grade for real-time monitoring, and analysis, and forecast,
    Providing services for departments in the field of forest fire prevention fire supervision; (h) the need to provide professional and special services. 12th radio, television, newspapers, the Internet, telecommunications, mobile communications, and other public media, distribution of this city, weather forecasts and emergency, severe weather alerts, you must use the competent meteorological departments provide timely meteorological information meteorological station, and indicate the provision of meteorological information meteorological station name and release date.
    Media are not allowed to change the meteorological information shall not publish or broadcast meteorological information meteorological station is not open to the public use shall not be reproduced in any forms of broadcast, weather forecasts from other sources.
    13th of municipal and district people's Government according to weather modification work needs, establish a unified and coordinated command and operations system, building operating base of weather, water resources in the development of cloud in the sky.
    14th implementation precipitation and other weather modification operation shall have suitable weather conditions, comprehensive consideration of the actual need and effect.
    City about administrative sector or District Government, according to following need timely proposed implementation artificial effect weather job of recommends reported City Government decided: (a) occurred forest fire or Observatory station released forest fire alert; (ii) appeared drought signs, and is expected to drought will will aggravated; (three) water engineering water serious insufficient; (four) appeared atmosphere, and water, burst sex public pollution event; (five) city air quality serious declined effect public normal life;
    (F) other needs artificial weather modification. 15th, weather, this work by the municipal meteorological authorities in municipal leadership and coordination of organization and implementation.
    Flight control, public security, water resources, agriculture, forestry and other related departments and the district people's Government shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, with meteorological departments and make the weather work.
    Implementation of artificial weather modification using shells, rockets, by the army, the people's armed forces departments to assist in the local store; need to transporting, by the relevant authorities in accordance with national weapons and explosives management laws and regulations formalities. The implementation of artificial weather modification, should implement practices and procedures stipulated by the State, and guarantee safe operation.
    Accidents occur during artificial weather modification, by the municipal and district people's Government and the relevant departments according to law. 16th lightning in accordance with relevant regulations of the State shall design the building (structure) buildings or facilities, the construction unit shall entrust the construction construction design of lightning protection device reviews by review bodies. Construction drawing review body should be made upon conclusion of the review in the 3rd lightning devices construction drawings and the conclusions of the review report on meteorological departments.
    Meteorological departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of lightning protection device design review. Of the provisions of the preceding paragraph building (structure) buildings or facilities completed, the construction unit shall organize the meteorological departments to participate in acceptance. Meteorological departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State acceptance decision on lightning protection devices. Lightning accepted, lightning acceptance certificate issued. Owner lightning acceptance certificates should be reported to the competent construction Department for filing.
    Lightning protection device for completion without the acceptance of, and shall not be put into use. 17th in the lightning protection devices shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State tested regularly by qualified institutions, issued by the inspection report; failed to pass the test, should be carried out according to the test report views of rectification.

    Lightning owner or lightning protection device for the management unit should be entrusted to do routine inspections, maintenance work, find device when there is a risk of lightning, should take timely measures to deal with.
    Property management company or other management units found in lightning damage should be repaired in a timely manner.
    Meteorological departments should be provided free of charge and lightning protection technology consulting services.
    18th at Xiamen gaoqi international airport runway extensions at both ends of 15 km, side width of 6 km form of obstacle clearance protection zone, prohibited liters balloon; but for weather detection, research test except as otherwise provided.
    Clearance at the Airport reserve outside the balloon, shall be submitted to the municipal meteorological authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions and the relevant departments for approval.
    19th of municipal meteorological authorities are responsible for climatic resources comprehensive survey and climate monitoring, analysis, evaluation and research on climate change, in accordance with the regulations issued weather bulletins.
    Urban planning, key construction projects, major regional economic development, agricultural development, water resources, wind energy, solar energy utilization of climatic feasibility of the project, organized by the municipal meteorological authorities.
    Organization of atmospheric environmental impact assessment of qualifications for construction projects in the city when the atmospheric environmental impact assessment, meteorological departments should use the provided or reviewed by meteorological data.
    20th in violation of the rules by the competent Meteorological Department be ordered to desist from the illegal act, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations of administrative penalty shall be imposed.
    Article 21st meteorological departments and staff of his meteorological station neglect, abuse, deception, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                  22nd article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2007.