Guiyang City Green Line Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市城市绿线管理办法

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(On May 21, 2007 Guiyang Government Executive Conference considered through on May 21, 2007 Guiyang Government makes 25th, announced since on July 1, 2007 up purposes) first article to established and strictly implemented City Green line management system, strengthening city ecological environment construction, created good of people home environment, promote city sustainable development, guarantees City Green system planning of implementation, strengthening City Green of planning, and construction and management, according to national about legal regulations of provides, combined this city actual
    And these measures are formulated. Second line of urban green in these measures refers to the city of each green control line.
    Include public green space, Greenbelt, protecting green space, green space, green space in other ranges such as the line of control, into current status and planned green line green line.
    Status green line refers to the various types of urban green space boundaries have been built; planned green line refers to the set of various types of urban green space and planning needed to control the urban ecological and landscape have a positive role in the regional line of control.
    The third article of the municipal urban planning area within the green line demarcation and supervision, these measures shall apply. Fourth of municipal planning, landscape, urban planning, administrative departments in charge of the city within the green line demarcation.
    And in accordance with the Division of duties, supervision and management of urban green line.
    Fifth of municipal planning, Garden administrative departments should organize the preparation of urban green space system planning.
    City Green system planning is city general planning of part, should determine City Green target and layout, provides city various green of control principles, according to provides standard determine green with to area, points level reasonable set public green, and residential green, and protection green, and production green, and other green, layout, play City Green of environment benefits and social benefits, guarantee ecological function, landscape effect, highlight place features.
    Urban green space system planning, master planning, detailed control plans, detailed construction planning is established mainly on the basis of the green line.
    Sixth article following regional should delineation City Green line: (a) now some and planning of public green, and protection green, and production green, and residential green, and units subsidiary green, and landscape woodland, and road Green,; (ii) city planning district within of river, and Lake, and mountain, city ecological control regional; (three) city planning district within of landscape places district, and original health vegetation and the garden heritage, and ancient tree name wood provides of protection range,; (four) other on city ecological and landscape produced active role of regional.
    Approved by the seventh green line, adjusted, in accordance with the People's Republic of China urban planning law and the provisions of the implementing regulations on urban landscaping.
    Eighth approved green line should be announced to the public, subject to public supervision.
    Nineth existing green spaces within the green line and the city planning and green space, by the competent administrative Department for urban planning, landscape books, preparing existing and planned green line charts, database development, strict management.
    Garden green-line controlled administrative departments should be based on the planning plans, preparation of the phased implementation of the scheme, planning green space.
    The tenth urban public green space within the green line, Greenbelt, protecting green space, green space, and other green spaces, such as the construction, must be consistent with the planning and construction of urban land classification and land-use standards, the design of parks and other requirements of the standard. Supporting green building construction project detailed planning approval, synchronize with the main part of the project design, clear green space layout, delineation of the boundaries of green space, city planning, landscape after examination and approval by the Administrative Department, construction, simultaneous acceptance of synchronized with the main part of the project.
    Does not meet the requirements of approved supporting green, not the acceptance formalities.
    11th city land within the green line, no unit or individual may unlawfully diverted. Relevant departments shall not violate the provisions of approved construction in the city within the green line. Due to exceptional circumstances, needed a temporary occupation of the city within the green line, must go through examination and approval procedures.
    After the expiry of temporary occupation, must be returned.
    Within the green line in the city, does not meet the requirements of the green space system planning of buildings, structures and other facilities should be moved out.
    12th no unit or individual may River within the green line in the City section XI, taking Earth or rocks, set garbage dump and waste water as well as other activities that constitute destruction of ecological environment.
    , Planning, landscaping, 13th Division of responsibilities for the executive authorities, and regularly check on the control and implementation of the green line, and to report to the competent administrative departments of people's Governments at the same level and the superior.
    14th article violates these rules, without changing the urban land within the green line use, occupy or damage of urban green space, city planning, landscape Administrative Department in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations will be punished.
    15th article violates these rules, river section within the green line in the city Creek, take Earth or rocks, setting garbage dump and waste water and the activities of other damage to the ecological environment, the garden city planning, administrative authorities shall order rectification and punishment according to law.
    16th administrative staff regulatory negligence in the course of the green line in the city, abuses, favoritism, supervisors or directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.
                                                                                                17th these measures come into force on July 1, 2007.

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