Luoyang City, Lightning Protection And Disaster Reduction Management

Original Language Title: 洛阳市防雷减灾管理办法

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(March 30, 2007 Luoyang Government 11th times Executive Conference considered through April 19, 2007 Luoyang Government makes 91st, announced since June 1, 2007 up purposes) first article to defense and reduce lightning disaster (following referred to anti-mine mitigation), protection national interests and people life property security, promote economic construction and social development, according to People's Republic of China Meteorological method, and anti-mine mitigation management approach (China Meteorological Bureau 8th, makes) and
    Of the lightning protection and disaster reduction measures in Henan province (provincial governments, 81st), combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the lightning protection and disaster reduction activities in the administrative area of the city of units and individuals shall abide by these measures.
    Third mine disaster reduction principle of putting prevention first and combining prevention work.
    Fourth article city, and County (City) Government should strengthening on anti-mine mitigation work of led and coordination, and perform following duties: (a) will anti-mine mitigation work into this level government safety supervision management work in the, by needed funding into this level Government of financial budget; (ii) Organization prepared lightning disaster defense planning, established lightning disaster monitoring warning system, improve anti-mine mitigation capacity; (three) strengthening focus anti-mine units, and anti-mine facilities, and anti-mine places and mine disaster more sent district of regulatory;
    (D) development of major lightning disaster emergency rescue plan of the people's Governments at the corresponding level.
    Fifth of municipal meteorological authorities are responsible for management and supervision of the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in the city and County (City) of meteorological departments according to the Division of responsibilities is responsible for managing the area field of the lightning protection and disaster reduction work.
    Supervision of production safety, urban planning, construction, quality and technical supervision, fire and other related departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in accordance with law. Sixth article following places or facilities should installation anti-mine device: (a) buildings anti-mine design specification (GB50057-94) provides of a, and two or three class anti-mine built (frame) built real; (ii) oil, and chemical, and flammable easy burst material and dangerous goods of production, and storage places; (three) power production facilities and lost distribution system; (four) important of computer equipment and network system, and communications facilities, and broadcast TV facilities; (five) large material warehouse, and high entertainment amusement facilities and traffic transport, and medical health, and
    Major facilities of the public services such as finance and securities (vi) laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other venues and facilities.
    Article seventh lightning protection devices shall, in accordance with the mandatory technical specifications and standards for the design, construction, testing and use.
    Article eighth building, rebuilding, expansion construction project of lightning protection device design system.
    Anti-mine device design programme reported to the audit Shi, units should submitted following information: (a) anti-mine device design audit application book; (ii) total planning plane figure; (three) anti-mine engineering professional design units of qualification certificate; (four) anti-mine device construction figure design manual, and construction figure design drawings and the related information; (five) design programme in the by used of anti-mine products related information; (six) anti-mine professional technology institutions issued of about technology evaluation views; (seven) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other information. Nineth meteorological departments should receive lightning design review completed within 20 working days from the date of application.
    Examination, issued approval certificates; does not pass the written reasons.
    Tenth new construction, renovation, expansion of construction works were completed in lightning protection device to implement a verification system.
    Anti-mine device completed Hou, should to meteorological competent institutions submitted following information: (a) anti-mine device completed acceptance application book; (ii) anti-mine device design approved book; (three) anti-mine engineering professional construction units of qualification certificate; (four) anti-mine device detection institutions issued of anti-mine device detection report; (five) anti-mine device completed figure, technology information; (six) anti-mine products factory certificate, and installation records and by national recognized anti-mine products test institutions issued of test report. 11th meteorological departments lightning protection device should be accepted within 5 working days from the date of final acceptance of the application completed.
    Pass the acceptance certificate issued; does not pass the written reasons.
    12th new construction, renovation or expansion projects of the lightning protection devices shall be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use. 13th lightning protection device in the implementation of the periodic inspection system.
    Lightning detection devices should be once a year, lightning protection device for explosion hazardous environment places should be testing once every six months.
    On detection of static earthing protection device is needed place for lightning detection and simultaneous static testing. Testing unit test report shall be issued after the test. Not qualified to detect lightning, and put forward rectification opinions; acceptance of rectification before they can continue to use it.
    Be refused correction or corrective action is not qualified, by the city and County (City) competent meteorological rectification. 14th use lightning management unit (including property management agencies) should be doing routine maintenance work.
    Malfunction or damage is found, it shall promptly repair or reconstruction, and mine detection.
    15th engaged in mine engineering design, construction and mine detection unit shall obtain the appropriate certificate.
    Prohibit undocumented or beyond the qualification engaged in mine engineering design, construction and mine detection. 16th lightning products should be in line with national standards.
    Lightning protection of prohibition of the installation, the use of substandard products.
    Article 17th unit or individual in violation of the regulations, by the competent Meteorological Department or Department of laws and regulations will be punished according to law. 18th article this approach following terms of meaning: (a) lightning disaster: is refers to for straight hit mine, and lightning induction, and lightning induction of electrostatic, and mine radio invaded, caused of personnel casualties, and property loss; (ii) anti-mine device: is refers to received Flash device, and introduction line, and grounding device, and electric Chung protection device and he connection conductor, anti-mine products and facilities of General; (three) anti-mine engineering: is refers to anti-mine device construction engineering.
    According to its performance, straight lightning protection engineering and protection against lightning electromagnetic impulse works.
                                        19th article this way come into force on June 1, 2007.