Luoyang City Housing Security Management Measures

Original Language Title: 洛阳市城市房屋安全管理办法

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(May 19, 2007, Luoyang City people's Government, the 17th Executive meeting on June 4, 2007, Luoyang City people's Government, the 94th release as of July 15, 2007) – Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen safety management of urban housing, secure housing and security, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applied to urban planning district, and County (City) town municipalities and counties the following towns in safety management of city planning and housing in the area.
    Military, religious and cultural relic protection units of safety management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Safety management for housing in these measures in article, refers to building construction safety management, safety appraisal of housing management and risk control management.
    Fourth municipal real estate administration is the safety management of municipal housing authorities.
    County (city, and district) Government led this administrative within of city housing security management work; County (city, and jili district) property management sector specific is responsible for this administrative within of city housing security work; Jian, and Xigong, and old town, and (Editor Note: this word pinyin for Chan) River, and long, city district property management sector according to city property management sector of duties Division, is responsible for this administrative within of city housing security work.
    Construction, planning, work safety, public security, fire, industrial and commercial administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to common housing security.
    Housing departments or units and housing property management for all businesses, should assist the relevant administrative departments to do security work.
    Chapter two building construction safety management article fifth owner, users should be in accordance with the structure and use of housing design and reasonable use, protection of housing security.
    Sixth article housing using process in the, ban following against housing structure security of behavior: (a) demolition, and damage bearing wall body, and beam, and Board, and Pier, and column, structure of; (ii) in floor or balcony Board surface, subject bearing component Shang over design standard increases load contains of; (three) mining underground based of; (four) installation facilities and equipment effect housing structure security of; (five) legal, and regulations and regulations provides of other against housing structure security of behavior. Seventh article housing using and the decorative decoration process in the, need additional doors and Windows, and split window modified door or expanded original doors and Windows size, demolition (changes) non-bearing structure, and additional structures obviously increases load contains may effect housing structure security of, housing all, and using people in construction Qian should by following provides handle: (a) implemented property management of, should prior consent of housing security identification institutions or housing original design units agreed Hou to property management enterprise handle related procedures; (ii) using public housing and units since tube room of,
    Should apply in writing prior to the housing property; property upon receipt of the application should be based on the safety appraisal of housing sector or housing of the original design unit, within 5 working days to decide whether to agree to the homeowners, the use of human construction. Eighth House in use, owners, and user shall not violate the laws and regulations as well as property management Statute, will house change for business use.
    Owners, users of residential change for business premises shall obtain the consent of interested owners and Luoyang City, in accordance with the provisions of the Town Planning Ordinance 46th apply for approval.
    Nineth has any of the following acts against the structural safety of housing, County (city, district) people's Governments shall immediately organize the relevant departments or units, take safety control measures: (a) suffers from storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides, land subsidence, cracks and other natural disasters, (ii) subjected to explosions, fires and other damage, and (c) there are other significant security risks.
    Tenth the County (city, district) people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to schools, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, hospitals, hotels (Hotel, restaurant), shopping centres (shops), cultural and entertainment centers, Stadium (library), Auditorium (Conference Center), Terminal (car, boat) Office (room) used in public places, such as housing, security survey or inspection.
    Property management companies, property rights unit shall conduct regular security checks for housing and its appendages, about the need to repair houses should be repaired in a timely manner, but do security checks for housing records, establish safety management for housing archives.
    Chapter House safety appraisal management 11th House safety appraisal refers to House safety appraisal agencies established by law for housing in good condition and the extent of the damage and the use of security identification and evaluation. 12th article has following case one of of, housing all, and using people or units should delegate housing security identification institutions for housing security identification: (a) reached or over housing reasonable using years is needed continues to using of; (ii) school, and kindergarten, and hospital, and hotel (containing hotel, and restaurant), and Mall (shop), and culture entertainment, and Stadium (Museum), and Auditorium (containing Conference Center), and Terminal (car, and ship) Office (room), public using of housing over reasonable using years half of; (three) demolition , And changes non-bearing structure, additional structures increases load contains of; (four) occurred natural disasters accident or human accident Hou appeared exception, may effect normal using of; (five) has appeared dangerous symptoms, may endanger public security of; (six) for underground pipeline construction, and pile base construction, and attached three meters above basement deep pit, and blasting and the more strong vibration and reduced groundwater bit of construction project, its works around may was damaged of; (seven) change housing using nature may endanger housing security of; (eight) legal, and
    Laws and regulations of other circumstances that may endanger public safety.
    The preceding paragraph (a), (b), referred to House a reasonable life span refers to steel structure building using for 55 years, brick house for 50 years, brick and wood House for 40 years, simple structure used for 10 years; the preceding paragraph (f) by the unit in front of the pile foundation construction or excavation of delegate identification.
    13th House safety appraisal by the homeowners, responsible for commissioning House safety appraisal for identification, identification of costs borne by the client. Housing use, other interested people find housing there are no security considerations may require owners, commissioned by the responsible security identification. Owner or responsible person refused to authorize the housing safety, housing people and other interested persons may entrust security accreditation bodies for identification.
    Was identified as a risk House, identification of costs borne by the owner or responsible person; identified as non-dangerous housing, identification of costs borne by the client.
    House safety appraisal fee charge standards approved by the commodity price departments.
    Article 14th when applying for a housing safety evaluation should fill out the housing safety assessment of applications, and submit the following documents and information: (a) housing, lease contract, escrow or trust agreement, (ii) building design data, (iii) geological investigation information; (d) construction of archives.
    Party was unable to provide the preceding paragraph (b), (c), (d), documents, field survey and identified by the safety appraisal of housing agencies personnel testing.
    15th House safety appraisal institution shall, on receiving the application within 10 working days from the date of completion of identification; complex structure, identification shall, within 20 working days of difficult evaluation complete; there are obvious dangers, and should be promptly identified. Article 16th housing, housing safety evaluation agencies should send 2 or more Appraisers.
    For complex projects, you can employ experts in the identification. 17th House safety appraisal of construction should be performed the dangerous housing standards and the standard for reliability evaluation of civil buildings.
    Industrial buildings, public buildings and identification of heritage buildings, should also refer to the related technical standards, specifications and procedures. 18th House safety appraisal shall fill in the identification document, issued by the security identification book.
    Qualified non-hazardous housing, housing shall be in safety under normal conditions of use, stated in his identification of a time limit; pertaining to housing, should put forward opinions and give timely notice of the dangerous houses.
    Article 19th House safety appraisal agencies identified housing, owners, users, interested parties should provide convenience for work, shall not unreasonably refuse or hinder identification.
    Administrative 20th of the fourth chapter of dangerous buildings housing emergency, owners, users shall take security control measures. Housing there is a serious danger, homeowners, location of the users shall promptly report to County (municipal and district) people's Government.
    Home counties (cities, districts) people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to eliminate dangerous case. 21st article property management sector should urged housing all, and using people on identification for dangerous housing of, by following provides processing: (a) take appropriate technology measures Hou, can lifted dangerous of, can continues to using; (ii) take appropriate technology measures Hou, is can short-term using of, can observation using; (three) has no repair value, temporarily inconvenience demolition, and not endanger adjacent building and effect others security of, ordered stop using; (four) whole building dangerous housing has no repair value,
    And prejudice of adjacent buildings and the safety of others need to be removed immediately, ordered to be removed as a whole.
    Ordered to stop the use of dangerous houses, you may not rent, not to engage in business activities.
    22nd city reconstruction of shabby housing, units may have the House safety appraisal certificate to the relevant authority for enjoying related preferential policy. 23rd fifth chapter legal liability under any of the following acts, depending on their seriousness by the property management sector be punished in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) violation this approach sixth article provides, implementation ban behavior against housing structure security of, ordered its stop construction, recovery undisturbed, on non-business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine; on business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 10000 Yuan following fine; (ii) violation this approach seventh article provides, unauthorized construction effect housing structure security of, ordered its stop construction, recovery undisturbed, on non-business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine
    ; On business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following of fine; (three) violation this approach 12th article subsection (ii), and (five), and (six) items provides of, ordered deadline rectification, on non-business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine; on business activities in the of violations, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine.
    Violations of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, to cause personal injury, property damage, shall bear civil liability if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 24th acts in violation of the provisions of article eighth, laws, regulations, penalties, from its provisions.
    Laws and regulations do not provide, Luoyang City, the Department of City Planning Administration in accordance with the provisions of the Town Planning Ordinance 57th will be punished.
    25th property management staff and House staff safety identification of favoritism and neglect, resulting in property damage, personal injury, shall be investigated for their respective administrative responsibilities; serious enough to constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 26th city planning areas beyond the scope of safety management for housing in accordance with the measures implemented. 27th article this way since July 15, 2007.
      Luoyang City, December 6, 2002 city people's Government promulgated the regulations on the safety management of urban housing (municipal order 60th) be repealed simultaneously.