Hunan Provincial Association Of Rural Special Economic Incentives

Original Language Title: 湖南省农村专业经济协会促进办法

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(March 28, 2007 Hunan Province Government 102th times Executive Conference considered through April 20, 2007 Hunan Province Government makes No. 212, announced since June 1, 2007 up purposes) first chapter General first article to promote rural professional economic association health development, specification rural professional Economic Association of organization and behavior, promote agricultural and rural economic development, according to social groups registration Management Ordinance and the national about provides, combined this province actual, developed this approach.
    Second rural professional economic associations in these measures refers to farmers, farmers, agricultural enterprises, agricultural or related economic organization composed of voluntary service organizations, for planting, breeding, processing, sales, transportation, storage of agricultural production and operation to provide services such as counties, towns, village non-profit social organization.
    Rural special economic association is a public body corporate and membership.
    Third rural professional economic associations follow private, civilian oversight, people benefit principle, adhere to join voluntary, to be free and democratic.
    Rural professional economic associations of normal activities are protected by law.
    Article fourth rural professional economic associations shall abide by the laws, rules and regulations, carrying out activities in accordance with the regulations, and accept the professional authority, registration authority and operational guidance, supervision and administration of the departments concerned.
    Article people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels should take measures to give guidance and support to rural professional economic associations.
    Encourage community support for the development of rural professional economic associations. Sixth of the County Civil Affairs Department is the rural professional economic associations of the registration authority.
    Registration authority responsible for the registration, supervision and administration of the Association. County rural jobs, sectors such as agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, Association for science and technology, marketing and other organizations, as well as by the County Commission of the Township people's Government business unit in charge of the rural professional economic associations.
    The competent business unit provides operational guidance and supervision and management of the Association.
    Second chapter registration seventh article established rural professional economic association should has following conditions: (a) has 30 a above of personal members or 20 a above of units members, personal members, and units Members mixed composition of, members total not less than 30 a; (ii) has specification of name and corresponding of organization institutions; (three) has fixed of Office places; (four) has with business activities phase adapted of full-time or part-time personnel; (five) has 2000 Yuan above activities funds; (six) has independent bear civil responsibility of capacity.
    Eighth rural professional economic associations with product features, technical characteristics, or mode of production, distribution names, name domain name, indicated after the name of "Association".
    Regulation of the Nineth rural professional economic associations, reference to the provincial Department of civil affairs in conjunction with the relevant departments of the provincial government to promote model text.
    Tenth Article application established rural professional economic association, should to business competent units and registration management organ submitted following material, by business competent units review Hou, reported registration management organ approved: (a) by members signed sealed of members list, members of identity proved; (ii) intends any President, and Deputy President, and governing, and prison thing, and Secretary-General of basic situation and identity proved; (three) Office places right proved; (four) articles draft; (five) activities funds proved.
    Business Department upon receipt of the application, shall review comments made in the 20th. After the registration authority reviewed the comments received should be decided at the 20th.
    To meet the conditions for registration, should agree to the establishment of a decision and issue the certificate of registration; do not meet the conditions for registration should be made do not agree with the decision to set up, and explain the reasons.
    11th rural professional economic associations to set up branches, representative offices, should be reviewed by the competent business unit approval, apply to the registration authority registered.
    Article 12th after the establishment of rural professional economic associations, it shall be registered with the appropriate authority for the Organization code, in accordance with the relevant provisions of engraved stamps, purchase tickets.
    13th rural professional economic associations registration, cancellation of registration, in accordance with related laws and regulations, regulations on group registration process.
    14th chapter members and organizations engaged in the same or related agricultural farmers, farmers, agricultural enterprises, agricultural services or other relevant organization, recognized Association, voluntary and agreed by the Council can become members of the Association.
    15th rural professional economic associations by a General Assembly composed of all members, Member more or in accordance with the Constitution the selection of representatives Congress, exercise the General powers.
    General meeting convened in accordance with the articles, exercise of the regulation under the terms of reference.
    16th rural professional economic associations according to actual needs and regulations, set up and produce a President, Vice President, Director, supervisor, Board of supervisors and the Secretary-General of the Council. The President is the legal representative of the Association.
    Shall not be members of other social groups, President of the legal representative.
    The Council is the executive body of the General Assembly, and accountable to the General Assembly, in accordance with the Statute and the resolutions of the General Assembly membership duties. Supervisors and Board of supervisors Association's business activities and financial management and reporting to the General Assembly. Supervisors Board meeting.
    President, Vice President, Secretary-General, directors and accountants may not serve concurrently as a supervisor.
    Secretary-General, under the leadership of the Council dealing with the daily work of the Association.
    Article 17th of rural professional economic associations and Secretary General, supervisors and accounting staff may not be from the same Member.
    Fourth chapter work duties 18th article rural professional Economic Association of main duties: (a) provides technology, and information, and policy, and legal advisory and business management planning; (ii) held economic technology training; (three) in comply with national provides of premise Xia, developed this Association of agricultural production business specification; (four) Organization agricultural and agricultural purchase and sale; (five) law participation mediation, and arbitration, and administrative reconsideration, and litigation activities, maintenance members lawful rights and interests of; (six) articles provides of other duties.
    19th rural professional economic associations can apply for registration marks and collective marks.
    20th may, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the agricultural specialized economical Association was founded as a member of service economic entity.
    21st rural professional economic associations acceptable to Governments and relevant departments of commissioned services and related activities.
    The fifth chapter 22nd County people's Governments shall support measures to promote the development of rural professional economic associations into local economic and social development planning, development of rural professional economic associations of local development planning and policy.
    Article 23rd County, Township people's Government and the head of unit in the urban area and villagers ' committees, guidance, support farmers ' professional major launched rural professional economic associations, agricultural enterprises, and facilitated in terms of site policies, procedures and services.
    24th above county level people's Governments and relevant departments should arrange for a certain amount of money to support rural economic association was founded, development, supports rural professional economic associations of science and technology, information, marketing services and technical training, and so on.
    25th people's Governments above the county level and the departments concerned to develop agricultural policies, technical standards, planning and evaluation of development outstanding agricultural products, should listen to the views of rural professional economic associations or inviting their direct participation.
    26th the competent business unit and the registration authorities shall guide rural special economic activities of the Association to help training managers, urged the development of management systems, providing industrial policy, trade information, technology, knowledge management and other advisory services.
    27th rural professional economic associations and economic entities of industrialized operation of agriculture, green food development, science and technology, information services and training activities, enjoy preferential policies related to agricultural units.
    28th article on Association of rural special economic relief to charge administrative fees, in accordance with national provisions cannot be waived, in accordance with the minimum standards for charging.
    Any unit and individual is prohibited illegal or in violation of regulations to the rural professional economic associations charge, assessed.
    29th levels of people's Governments and relevant departments have made outstanding contributions to the rural professional economic associations, should be given recognition and rewards.
    Sixth chapter supervision management 30th article rural professional economic association shall not has following behavior: (a) forced requirements others membership; (ii) monopoly market, hamper fair competition; (three) in members Zhijian implementation discrimination sex treatment; (four) limit members carried out due of production business activities or participation other social activities; (five) carried out beyond Association purposes or business range of activities; (six) legal, and regulations and regulations ban of other behavior. 31st rural professional economic equality of the rights and obligations of members of the Association.
    Members shall not use their scale of operation, market share, funding advantage, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of other members.
    32nd rural professional economic associations can collect dues, donations, government funding, services, including financing. Property according to the provisions of the Constitution of the rural professional economic associations aims and business scope of use, shall not be assigned in the Member and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    Sources of assets belonging to the donation, funded, under agreement with the donor and patron use.
    Article 33rd professional association shall set up a financial system in rural areas, the implementation of financial disclosure, and accept their supervision.
    34th rural professional economic associations shall before March 31 in each year, to the competent business unit and the registration administration organ on the year's activities and organization of activities for the current year.
    Rural professional economic associations to organize large activities, foreign-related activities shall be submitted to the competent business unit and the registration administration organ for the record. 35th professional authority, registration authority, and other relevant departments shall conduct supervision and inspection of rural professional economic associations, but not to interfere with their normal activities may not benefit in rural professional economic associations.

    Article 36th rural professional economic associations of violations of registration management of social organizations, by the registration authorities or other competent authorities in accordance with the Community regulations on group registration or other related laws, rules and regulations will be punished.
                                                    Seventh chapter by-laws 37th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2007.