Jilin City Canine Management Approach

Original Language Title: 吉林市犬类管理办法

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(May 22, 2007 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Jilin city, the 73rd by people's Government of Jilin city, May 24, 2007 the 183th promulgated as of July 1, 2007) first to standardize the canine management, safeguarding the environment and social public order, protect the safety and health of citizens, in accordance with the relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second City (including high and new technology development zone of Jilin province, Jilin economic and technological development zone) within the dog acts such as raising and marketing and management procedures apply. Article is the municipal police department canine Management Department, responsible for organization and implementation of the measures.
    Its main duties is: (a) is responsible for feeding dog class record and the dog class registration card of issued, and supervision check work; (ii) investigation illegal carrying dog behavior; (three) is responsible for no main dog, and abandoned dog, and ban raised dog of processing and the on crazy dog of killed, work; (four) is responsible for ban, and limit feeding dog class regional and major holiday, and major activities during temporary ban carrying dog into regional of delineation; (five) legal, and regulations provides of other duties.
    Dogs under the municipal public security department authority, those responsible for day-to-day operations.
    City law enforcement, sports, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, public health and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of dogs.
    Fourth Street offices, Township people's Governments shall organize community residents ' committees or villagers ' committees, develop civilized dog Convention, law mediation disputes caused by dogs; dogs, raising the dog's education according to law.
    Fifth prohibits the keeping of dogs in the following areas: (a) organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, teaching, scientific research, medical and Office service area, (ii) school, kindergarten teaching areas, living quarters, (iii) stations, terminals, shopping malls, parks, theaters, exhibition halls, stadiums, restaurants and other public places. Sixth research and production and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods unit, large goods warehouse, theatre groups, engaged in breeding dogs and other units is absolutely necessary to raise guard dogs, big show dog, operation and keeping of persons with disabilities to help dogs, should be to the city's public security department filing procedures.
    And must be kept and tied. Article seventh dog owners only feeding 1 small dog is allowed per household.
    Breeding puppies, dog owners should be dealt with within 60 days on its own.
    Prohibited uses and large dogs.
    Strong and large dog type published by the Municipal Government to determine.
    Eighth individual feeds dogs shall meet the following conditions: (a) legal status, (ii) have full capacity for civil conduct, (iii) has a single family living in a permanent place.
    Nineth dog holder shall carry dogs feeding dog record to the city's Public Security Department and obtain a dog registration card.
    Dog owners should be required to pay management fees.
    Dog owners may not forge, sell, duplicate, applications for dog registration card.
    Article tenth of dog registration card is missing, dog shall, from the date of loss in the 15th, to bring dogs to the City Public Security Department and apply for a replacement, municipal police departments shall be completed within 3 working days.
    11th dogs were killed or missing, dog owners should be since the date of the dogs were killed or missing in the 15th, with dog registration card to the City Public Security Department for cancellation procedures.
    12th dog owners shall be in accordance with relevant provisions of animal epidemic prevention, each year to bring dogs to the animal husbandry and Veterinary Department specified animal disease prevention and control center on dogs after injection of rabies vaccine, receive proof of immunization and immunization identification. 13th article raised dog people carrying dog out households, should avoid elderly, and disabled, and pregnant women and children, and comply with following provides: (a) for dog wearing dog class registration card and immune identifies, on dog beam dog chain, by adults led led; (ii) shall not carrying dog into organ, and hospital (Pet Hospital except), and school, and theaters, and Gallery, and sports venues, and catering service, and farmers market, public; (three) shall not carrying dog into city police sector in major holiday or held major activities during, Temporary delineation of ban carrying dog into of regional; (four) shall not carrying dog ride except passenger taxi yiwai of public transport; ride passenger taxi should prior consent of driver of agreed, and for dog wearing mouth sets, or will dog loaded into dog bags, and dog cage, or arms; (five) carrying dog ride elevator Shi, should avoid ride elevator of peak time, and for dog wearing mouth sets, or will dog loaded into dog bags, and dog cage, or arms; (six) walking dog time for summer 7 o'clock Qian, 18 o'clock Hou, winter 8 o'clock Qian, 17 o'clock Hou
    And (VII) immediately clear the dog outdoors in feces or vomit.
    14th dog owners may not be abused, abandoned dogs.
    Dog owners should take effective measures to prevent dogs from disrupting the lives of others.
    15th dog injury to another person, the dog owners should be immediately sent the injured to medical institutions for treatment, and be responsible for medical expenses. Article 16th wounding or suspected rabid dogs, dog owners should bring dogs to the agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine in a timely manner. Found dogs with rabies unit and individual shall promptly report to the local veterinary department.
    Confirming rabid dogs, public security departments, the supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention shall implement hunted, and treatment.
    Medical institutions found that people suffering from rabies shall promptly report to the local disease control and prevention, the disease prevention and control institutions to take the necessary control measures according to the situation.
    Article 17th canine activity shall be designated by the public security, amenities, and other locations.
    18th detained by the public security departments should set up dog class, responsible for the hosting, orphan, abandoned dogs and in dogs dog ban.
    19th under any of the following circumstances, the following shall be punished by the municipal public security Department, will cause damage to others shall bear liability.
    (A) violation fifth article, and seventh article second paragraph provides, in ban raised regional feeding dog class, and feeding ban raised dog class of, on units sentenced 1000 Yuan to 2000 Yuan of fine, on personal sentenced 100 Yuan to 1000 Yuan of fine; (ii) violation sixth article, and Nineth article first paragraph provides, units or personal feeding dog class not by provides record of, on units sentenced 1000 Yuan to 3000 Yuan of fine, on personal sentenced 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan of fine, and deadline handle dog class record procedures; (Three) violation seventh article first paragraph provides, raised dog people beyond provides number raised dog of, ordered deadline processing, late not processing of, by police sector by about provides for processing; (four) violation Nineth article third paragraph provides, forged, and sold and repeat apply for dog class registration card of, sentenced 1000 Yuan to 2000 Yuan of fine; (five) violation 13th article subsection (a) items, and subsection (ii) items, and subsection (three) items, and subsection (four) items, and subsection (five) items, and subsection (six) items and 14th article first paragraph provides,
    Dog owners bring dogs home carries no dog registration card, immunization identification, not beam dog chain, entering off-limits areas, transportation was not wearing protective equipment, outside walking the dog at the specified time, abused, abandoned dogs, impose a fine of 200 to 500 Yuan.
    (F) the violation of the article 14th paragraph, dogs dog owners not to take effective measures to interfere with the lives of others, according to the relevant provisions of the public security management punishment.
    20th article violates this article 13th paragraph (g) provides, without removing Dog feces or vomit, managed by the city administrative enforcement authorities fined 10 Yuan to 50 Yuan fine.
    21st in the case that evidence may be destroyed or lost or difficult to obtain, and approved by the head of the public security Department on dog registration and preservation, and shall make a decision in a timely manner within the 7th, during this period, the party or person concerned shall destroy or transfer evidence. Article 22nd of dogs raised in violation of these regulations, any unit and individual have the right to report to the authorities.
    Relevant departments should be accepted and processed in a timely manner.
    23rd party not satisfied with the administrative penalty, may apply for administrative reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law.
    Article 24th of the counties (cities), the seat of Government in accordance with the measures imposed on dog management. 25th article this way come into effect July 1, 2007.
                                                          September 12, 1994 65th order issued by the people's Government of Jilin city, Jilin Municipal People's Government on the urban canine management interim provisions repealed.