Provisions Promoting The Integrated Development Of Tourism Resources In Tianjin City

Original Language Title: 天津市促进旅游资源整合开发规定

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(March 27, 2007 Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 90th consideration on May 15, 2007, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 115th promulgated as of July 1, 2007) first in order to promote the integrated development of tourism resources in the city to promote the healthy development of tourism, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article in the context of the city engaged in tourism planning, integration and utilization of tourism resources, tourism development and construction projects and other related activities shall comply with these requirements.
    Tourism resources in these rules refers to develop tourism development, with economic, social and environmental benefits of natural, historical and cultural resources, and other community resources.
    Article the integration and development of tourism resources, should adhere to the Government-led, integrated planning, policy and market principles.
    Fourth municipal, district and county governments should strengthen the leadership of the integration and development of tourism resources, and manpower development and integrated utilization of tourism resources, improving tourism environment, achieving sustainable tourism.
    Fifth of municipal, district and county governments set up a tourism development fund, should play to tourism promotion, tourism development and guide of key tourism projects support role, and based on the development of tourism needs to be increased.
    Sixth of municipal tourism administrative departments responsible for the implementation of this provision and coordination to promote the integrated development of tourism resources in this city.
    Municipal development and reform, development management, planning, finance, land and housing, transportation, business, environmental protection and other related management, integrated development of tourism resources in accordance with their respective responsibilities to protect jobs.
    District/County Tourism administrative departments responsible for promoting the integrated development of tourism resources in the administrative area.
    Seventh, tourism development, tourism development should be in line with planning, urban planning and land use planning, highlighting the city's historical and cultural city, North China economic center, an international port city and eco-city characteristics, fully integrated, in-depth development in modern history and culture human resources and Hu Hai Springs rich in natural resources such as mountains and rivers, and harmonization of economic and social development.
    Eighth of municipal Tourism Administration Department is responsible for organizing the preparation of city development planning, tourism and tourism regional cooperation plan for features.
    District/County Tourism administrative departments, according to City tourism development planning, preparation of tourism planning in the region, after agreed by the municipal Tourism Administration reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval before implementation. Nineth compilation of tourism planning should be in line with relevant regulations of the State and this municipality, organized demonstration and listen to the views and suggestions of the community.
    Tourism planning and relevant professional bodies may be invited to participate in the preparation.
    Tenth of municipal tourism administrative departments, according to City tourism development planning, in conjunction with relevant departments to develop key tourism projects directory, upon approval by the municipal people's Government, to the public implementation.
    Key tourism projects should be incorporated into the construction plan in the near future.
    Article 11th key tourism projects list, project development and construction should be can enjoy preferential policies and approval, approval terms involved be clear together.
    Longer on the return on investment period of key tourism projects can give support.
    Development of key tourism projects identified, land development and reform, planning, housing, environmental protection and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with the list of key tourism projects requirements, ensure the implementation of various policies and measures.
    12th key tourism projects involving infrastructure construction, addressed by the authorities in relevant planning and manpower.
    13th key tourism projects involving new construction sites in the city's land use planning priorities in the annual plan targets.
    Article 14th key tourism projects involving taxes and administrative fees, according to give appropriate preferential treatment or relief.
    15th investing more than 200 million yuan in theme park type attractions tickets and entertainment projects pursuant to the relevant provisions of income tax policy.
    16th of municipal services guiding funds and traffic, construction, landscape architecture, science and technology, water conservancy, environmental protection, culture, special funds, should have the function of tourism development and construction projects with adequate support.
    Relevant departments of tourism resources development and construction of projects for approval, shall first seek the views of the travel administration. 17th port, railway, civil aviation, customs and immigration departments should take effective measures, in collaboration with the tourism administration departments to promote tourism Charter flights, tourist train and large Cruise Tour.
    Through the Charter, train and cruise tourism enterprises and individuals attract the number of visitors, and reward from the City tourism development funds.
    Encouraged and supported the development of this city, the production characteristics of tourism commodities and souvenirs and corresponding rewards from the City tourism development funds.
    Article 18th culture, industry, agriculture and other related departments should rely on resource advantages, and actively develop cultural tourism, industrial tourism, agro-tourism, red tourism and other tourism products.
    Tourism administrative departments should actively guide the special tourism product's development, strengthening the professional guidance and promote the integrated use of related resources and the construction of special tourism product demonstration site.
    19th article on following has this city place features, and history culture connotation and visit tour value of places and facilities, should active created conditions increased show and visit content, timing to visitors open: (a) style building, and celebrity House; (ii) history school; (three) business site, and old shops; (four) civil process workshop; (five) opened type bridge, and water scene movie, and square music fountain, public facilities.
    Article 20th tourism administrative departments shall, together with the information technology department to accelerate the information construction of City tourism, promoting application of information technology in such areas as tourism resources development and construction.
    21st road construction departments should give priority to tourism (points) to road construction in urban areas, transport hubs, in conjunction with the relevant sector setting tourist stop (field) and traffic guide sign and other tourist facilities, improving the traffic conditions of passenger transport.
    22nd tourism (dot) ticket price and service facilities such as parking lots surrounding the charges, according to their importance to public cultural life, Government pricing or Government guidance prices.
    Price administrative departments in identifying tourist areas (points) when the ticket prices and service charges shall hear the views of travel administration.
          23rd these provisions come into force on July 1, 2007.