Interim Measures For The Tibet Autonomous Region, Urban Housing Units Management

Original Language Title: 西藏自治区城镇房屋拆迁管理暂行办法

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(May 11, 2007 at the 8th Tibet Autonomous Region people's Government Executive meeting on May 23, 2007, Tibet Autonomous Region people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2007, 78th) Chapter I General provisions article for strengthening the urban housing units management, regulating urban housing demolition, maintenance of demolition and legitimate rights and interests of the parties to ensure construction projects proceed smoothly, according to the State Department of the urban housing units regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with State practice, these measures are formulated.
    Article on State-owned land in urban planning areas of the autonomous region the implementation of housing units, and need to be demolished the compensation and resettlement, these measures shall apply.
    Towns in these measures, including administrative system established by the city, town, border trade ports and urban settlements is not formed.
    Article urban House dismantlement must comply with town planning and urban renovation, improvement of ecological environment and cultural relics protection.
    Fourth party in these measures refers to legally obtained the housing units or organizations of the demolition permit.
    Dismantled in these measures refers to the owner of the House to be demolished and its appendages.
    Demolition units mentioned in these measures refers to legally obtained the certificate of house demolition and intelligence enterprises engaged in concrete demolition business.
    Article fifth municipality construction administrative departments responsible for supervision and management of urban house demolition; construction administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level responsible for the administration of urban House dismantlement in administrative work.
    Sixth chapter demolition management urban planning administrative departments should organize and make urban renewal of regulatory detailed planning, and to report to the local people's Government. (City) area (the Government) shall organize the relevant departments, in accordance with the General town planning and urban renewal of regulatory detailed planning requirements, according to the level of local economic and social development, develop medium-and long-term and annual plans of the urban House dismantlement.
    House demolition plans should be reported to people's Governments at a higher level for the record of the year. For projects involving demolition, town planning prior to the approval by the Administrative Department shall be publicized in the local media, fully hear the views of stakeholders within the proposed demolition. Construction projects once the plan is approved, the construction unit shall not be changed without authorization; alteration, must be approved by the competent administrative Department of town planning approval again. Before the changes were approved by the Administrative Department of town planning, should be back to the public.
    Does not meet the above requirements, shall not be implemented housing units. Article seventh urban housing demolition through a licensing system.
    To organize the implementation of the housing demolition and relocation of people through a licensing system for concrete implementation of the housing demolition and relocation units implementing quality management system.
    Eighth administrative departments of people's Governments at various levels and construction in cities and towns should be in reasonable control of urban House dismantlement size and progress, in the absence of implementation of resettlement housing and compensation measures are not in place for cases, shall not effect the relocation, shall be without prejudice to the legitimate interests of the masses.
    Nineth party allowed after demolition of the relevant documents to the local people's Governments above the county level construction Administrative Department in charge of housing demolition applications, after receiving the housing demolition license, to be commissioned or removal on their own. Demolition people application housing demolition license should provides following file: (a) application report, content including housing of location, and built time, and demolition reasons,; (ii) construction project approved file; (three) construction with to planning license; (four) State-owned land right approved file; (five) was demolition people register, content including was demolition people of basic situation, by live housing of building index,; (six) has compensation placed of, provides this administrative within financial institutions issued of demolition compensation placed funds of deposits proved ; (Seven) implemented property replacement of, by local county above housing management sector issued of property clear, and no right burden and dispute of placed with room proved; (eight) demolition plans, content including demolition project of basic situation, and demolition range, and demolition way, and demolition term, and starts time, and completed time; (nine) demolition programme, content including compensation placed funds budget, and compensation funds of implementation, and temporary turnover with room and for property replacement placed with room of arrangements, and demolition security,; (10) responsibility commitment book,
    Implementation, including specific demolition are relocated compensation and rehousing, handling procedures, safety and environmental protection measures, such as properly handling disputes and other commitments. Tenth demolisher deposits placed for compensation under article 70% of the total amount must not be less than the compensation fund, provided by the party for settlement discount to existing values can be included in, but shall not be higher than the value 30% of the compensation funds. Placement with values according to the rating agency's assessment report. Compensation funds shortfall, demolished in construction administrative departments within the stipulated period.
    Specific term by the scale of construction administrative departments under demolition, demolition, the term determined should not be longer than 30th.
    Compensation funds by financial institutions Take deposits accounts stored by housing demolition management, relocation and financial institutions signed an agreement, the implementation of earmarked.
    Compensation funds use by construction Administrative Department proof of funds from financial institutions that Take deposits paid. 11th construction Administrative Department shall, upon receiving the demolition applications within 30th of, to review the application. In conformity with the provisions and issue the demolition permit.
    Does not meet the requirements, shall from the date of receipt of the application, written replies to the 30th.
    Construction administrative departments should strengthen the party in receipt of the demolition permit implementation of removal of supervision and inspection.
    12th construction Administrative Department shall from the date of issuing the demolition permit within 10 working days, notice in the major local news media publishing house demolition; demolition notice shall set forth the demolition permit approval number, demolition man, project name, compensation, relocation sites, demolition and relocation deadline matters such as the scope.
    Construction Administrative Department shall be demolished demolition and dismantlement policy advocacy, interpretation.
    Publishing house demolition notices the cost, borne by the demolition.
    House relocation announcement dismantled no objection within the 30th of may undergo demolition; dismantled disagrees, issuing the demolition permit should be comments on the construction administrative departments, coordinated after no objections, can be implemented only the demolition.
    Relocation terms mentioned in these measures refers to demolition man demolition compensation contract entered into with the party removed from demolished and set out in the terms.
    13th demolished after the relocation within the units and individuals shall carry out the following activities: (a) construction, reconstruction, expansion and attached, (ii) establishment of new rental housing and (iii) changes in housing and land use.
    Construction administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall demolition works, demolish, demolition, scope, duration of relocation, as well as the matters listed in the preceding paragraph, notify the authorities suspending the relevant formalities, suspending the relevant formalities shall not exceed 1; demolished necessary to extend the period of suspension shall be subject to approval of the construction Administration Department, extend the period of suspension shall not exceed 1 year.
    Demolition has been achieved within the planning permit of construction engineering unit and individual, shall notify the competent administrative Department of town planning to stop housing and its appendages, renovation and expansion.
    14th Party shall obtain a demolition permit within 10 working days from the date of, publicity in the demolished following public notice not less than 30th: (a) the planning permit for construction, (ii) housing demolition permit; (c) the relocation plans and relocation programmes and (iv) implementation of the compensation funds.
    15th demolishes house demolition compensation and dismantled in accordance with signed written agreement, within 15 working days after the signing of the agreement and construction administration of the housing demolition permit issued by the competent authorities for the record.
    Demolition compensation placed agreement should contains Ming following matters: (a) was demolition housing of ownership, and address, and uses, and area, and structure, and type, and floors and land right made way, basic situation; (ii) compensation way, and compensation standard, and settlement way and term; (three) relocation grants fee, and other demolition compensation costs and paid approach and term; (four) relocation term, and relocation transition way, and transition term; (five) default responsibility and dispute solution way; (six) Party think need contains ming of other matters.
    Compensation settlement agreement model, local (City) construction administrative departments.
    Before the 16th house demolition, removal shall be demolished (including escrow House) information on legalization and the preservation of evidence and the approval for demolition and construction administrative departments for the record.
    Demolition shall be according to the rules, to collect and keep archives of demolition, demolition within 30 working days of the completion of the construction administration of the housing demolition permits issued by the competent authorities.
    Construction administration departments at or above the county level shall improve demolition and file system, strengthening the management of demolition records.
    House in escrow, is leaving, abandonment of ownership or unaccounted for, above county level shall be in charge of construction department or entrust a private citizens took the management of the Housing Authority.
    17th article implemented housing property replacement of, housing demolition compensation placed agreement except contains Ming this approach 15th article second paragraph subsection (a), and (three), and (four), and (five), and (six) items outside, also should contains Ming following matters: (a) placed with room or turnover with room locations, and area, and structure type type, and floors and the water, and electric, and gas, life facilities situation; (ii) housing property replacement post settlement approach and time; (three) temporary placed subventions paid approach and term. Compensation funds and demolishes the placement is not fulfilled, no implementation of demolition,

    Article 18th compensation settlement agreement, relocation of people should be in accordance with the regulations to local property management housing management authority to cancel the registration formalities.
    Article 19th party shall, in accordance with the provisions of the housing demolition permits removal of scope and implementation of demolition the demolition period. The housing demolition permit provisions of the demolition period of up to 1 year. Demolition man can not complete dismantlement within the prescribed period, shall, on the 15th the time of demolition, to the extension of the application to the competent construction Department and construction Administrative Department within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the application for the answer.
    Agree to an extension, go through formalities for extension, extension period shall not exceed 6 months, does not agree to an extension, shall make a written statement.
    Permission to extend the removal period, removal shall be related content after the change shall be published.
    20th during the removal period, removal shall not be implemented without relocation of the dismantled or lessee water effect, intermittent electricity, gas, and sewage, blocking traffic, and so on.
    Article 21st be demolished one of the following circumstances, compensation and rehousing schemes put forward by the party building demolition, after approval by the local construction Administrative Department to implement the demolition of: (a) a property dispute; (b) property missing; (c) the owner could not be determined for the time being.
    Before the demolition, relocation should be demolished for survey records and real estate assessment and to notary evidence preservation.
    22nd without the Court forced relocation, demolition and relocation of people and institutions shall not be demolished or lessee to stop water supply, power supply, or forcibly removed demolishes houses that are not moved.
    Article 23rd is not yet complete demolition and construction projects require the transfer of the compensation must be vetted and approved by the local people's Governments above the county level before they can transfer and rehousing in the original compensation agreement relating to the rights, obligation, transferred to the transferee, and within 30th since the date of the signing of the contract of assignment should be publicly announced.
    Article 24th demolition project involving demolisher registered permanent residence migration from dismantled demolition unit of the demolition proved, new purchase contract, housing property certificate of residence, according to the provisions of the transfer of residence make residence migration.
    Involving children in school, with new residence and the new residence purchase contract, housing property certificate in accordance with the principle of vicinity to the local Education Department to complete the formalities.
    25th article demolition units should strengthening safety management, and has following conditions: (a) established, and sound safety accountability, developed complete of safety regulations and operation; (ii) law for security assessment, set safety management institutions or equipped with safety management personnel; (three) main head and safety management personnel by assessment qualified, special professional job personnel by about business competent sector assessment qualified and made special job operation qualification certificate;
    (Four) job places and security facilities, and equipment, and process meet about safety legal, and regulations, and standard and regulations requirements; (five) security to meet safety requirements, and for practitioners equipped with meet national standards or industry standard of labor protection supplies; (six) has major dangerous source detection, and assessment, and monitoring measures and emergency plans; (seven) has security accident emergency rescue plans, and emergency rescue organization or personnel, equipped with necessary of emergency rescue equipment and equipment; (eight) security production license;
    (IX) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
    Third chapter demolition units qualification management 26th article engaged in housing demolition business of units, should according to Tibet Autonomous Region town housing demolition qualification management provisional approach to location (City) area (Government) construction administrative competent sector proposed application, by to (City) area (Government) construction administrative competent sector trial, trial qualified Hou, reported autonomous regions construction administrative competent sector approval and issued corresponding grade of housing demolition qualification certificate.
    27th Division and merger of a house demolition article, and needs to go through the qualification examination and approval procedures.
    Change of legal representative, Chief technician, shall in the 30th after the change to the original approval of the issuance of the qualification certificate of house demolition for filing.
    28th district housing demolition units in Tibet engaged in house demolition operations shall be issued by the competent administrative Department of the provincial construction qualification certificate of house demolition and the outbound relocation certificate of approval issued by the Department, to the autonomous administrative authority filing procedures, and accept the supervision and management of construction Administrative Department of the autonomous region.
    29th were the demolition of the house demolition permits people, with qualifications of house demolition, demolition itself; no house demolition and intelligence shall entrust with demolition demolition qualified entity. Demolisher delegate removal shall be made to the power of Attorney issued by the client, and enter into an agency contract.
    Demolisher shall from the date of demolition contract entered into in the 15th, demolition and construction administration contract and related materials for filing.
    Construction administrative departments shall not be demolished, or entrusted to implement the relocation.
    The fourth chapter compensation and placed 30th party shall, in accordance with the regulations, to be demolished shall be given reasonable compensation and resettlement; dismantled should be moved to complete the relocation within the time limit. Compensation may be monetary compensation, may also implement a property rights Exchange.
    Except otherwise prescribed by the State, autonomous regions, demolishes may choose compensation according to law.
    Monetary compensation amount for the House to be demolished and replaced by housing prices, according to their location, purpose, structure, size, floor space, decoration and other factors, and dismantled by demolition consultation through consultation, market appraisal of real estate prices.
    31st the House to be demolished one of the following circumstances, without compensation: (a) building, in excess of the approved temporary construction of the term, or did not use the term, but has been used for more than two years of temporary construction, (ii) demolished after a determined and published, new houses, or expansion, renovation of housing and its appendages.
    Dismantle the temporary buildings does not exceed the limit for appropriate compensation.
    32nd breach of provisions of the present article 13th, in the determination of units within the new housing, change houses properties or build new housing and land lease, the demolisher shall only determine demolished before the houses and land property and lease compensation or rehousing.
    Article 33rd floor space of the House to be demolished, according to housing records confirm, or measurement agency measured the actual area of the housing.
    Use of House to be demolished, to house ownership records shall prevail.
    Housing is not specified, by the local housing Administration Department under the urban planning administrative departments to provide legal and valid document to confirm it.
    Article 34th of the demolition to be demolished for housing telephone, water, electricity, gas, cable TV, broadband fees, compensated by the demolition in accordance with demolition charges during the dismantled.
    Article 35th of residential housing for resettlement property rights Exchange, an area of housing property per household shall not be less than the local average living space for urban residents. Urban residents in an area of private residential property is lower than the local average living area, not elsewhere specified housing to be demolished, by not less than the local average living space of urban residents the standard type of place.
    Their resettlement area is borne by the demolition of the post, to be demolished no longer pays; more than average living space, dismantled and demolished at market price. Demolition has lost the ability to work or without a source of residential housing for people with disabilities, should be given proper care and attention.
    Specific method (City) area (the Government). Article 36th ornament of the House to be demolished, used by homeowners or removal of persons, without compensation.
    Can't lose function after the removal or dismantling, demolition compensation is being negotiated through consultation, application assessment according to the evaluation of price compensation. 37th in the house demolition article relating to military installations, sites for religious activities, heritage, historic, foreign embassies and consulates of housing, shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    Involved in the demolition of ancient and famous trees should be protected according to law; other flowers, green space, in accordance with the town planning cannot be preserved, relocation shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions to fill the planting, replanting or compensation. Article 38th urban House dismantlement to migrate civil defense, municipal and other public facilities or pipeline, demolish the departments concerned to submit written comments and approval, migration by the owner in accordance with the town planning itself required relocation costs, compensation for demolished.
    Compensation amount and the payment, negotiated by the parties.
    Article 39th property rights Exchange, demolition man and demolishes property rights exchange agreement must be signed and sent local real estate administrative departments at or above the county level by demolisher cancellation was demolished housing title certificate, re-registration certificate.
    Dismantled the right to rehousing by request demolition people use no less than the demolished original floor space, and in accordance with the provisions of the present article 47th, evaluated by real estate appraisal organizations have to be demolished, in comparison with the assessment of the price of replacement housing, settlement post.
    Price of housing and housing to be demolished, determined according to the real estate market.
    Demolisher shall assist to be demolished with rehousing with the housing ownership and land use change, and provide the necessary supporting documents.
    40th demolition of rental housing from being demolished and housing tenant termination of lease relations, or the lessee is placed, the demolisher pay monetary compensation to be demolished.
    Be demolished and lessee on termination of lease relations cannot reach agreement, the demolition of housing property rights shall, together with the dismantled replacement, replacement of property right of the housing from the original lessee of the lessee. Demolishes the lessee is placed, shall, together with the original lessee to be demolished again entered into a lease agreement.

    41st dismantling state-owned units of public housing and public housing demolition shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and town planning to rebuild, or in accordance with the assessment price compensation.
    Public referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to science and technology, education, culture, health, sports and other unproductive, non-profit social welfare undertakings.
    Adjunct of the demolition of public housing, without property right Exchange, demolished in accordance with the real estate market evaluating price to pay monetary compensation.
    Demolition of allotted land, housing in accordance with the market price of monetary compensation, according to regulations should deduct land transfer, land and other related costs.
    42nd on the demolition of housing with mortgage replacement of a title, by the mortgagee and the mortgagor to sign mortgage agreement; the mortgagee and the relocation of the mortgagee in the specified period there is no mortgage agreement, demolish the reference to the provisions of the first paragraph of this article 41st rehabilitation or compensation.
    Housing monetary compensation for demolition with the mortgage, set up anew by the mortgagee and the mortgagor mortgages, after full payment of the debt or mortgage, according to standard compensation.
    Article 43rd units non-residential housing replacement of a title, waiting for replacement during shutdown, closure, demolition can be combined with the were removed houses location, nature of use, change the terms and conditions and other factors, in accordance with the assessment result of proper compensation.
    Implementation of pricing, compensation, during the relocation period of production, loss of business caused by the demolition, according to real estate 3%~5% a one-time compensation of the total amount of compensation. 44th dismantled when moved, destroying houses and its appendages.
    Demolition and removal unit should strengthen the management of houses demolished, removing residual soil contamination, recycling old material. Article 45th housing units within the transition period, to be demolished or lessee to solve the housing, the demolisher shall demolishes relocation within 3 months from the date of payment of temporary resettlement. According to local rentals and houses to be demolished temporary resettlement area, regional average prices of residential housing requirements identified.
    Be demolished or lessee to use demolition to provide swing space, the demolisher no longer pay for temporary resettlement.
    By demolition man's responsibility to extend the transition period, to solve their own housing units or housing tenant, the demolisher shall be overdue in accordance with standards prescribed by the original 3 times from the months of temporary resettlement; demolisher has provided working premises, other than continuing to provide working capital used outside should also be temporary since months of overdue resettlement.
    Article 46th House to be demolished monetary compensation, relocation of people should be dismantled to pay compensation and resettlement funds, together with payment of relocation allowance.
    Dismantled in the removal notice within the prescribed period moved ahead, relocation of people should be given the number of days in advance of the relocation incentive fees in advance.
    Lessee of housing to be demolished, demolition and relocation allowance shall be paid to the lessee, standards based on the actual amount of compensation determined; demolition man is responsible for the relocation, relocation should no longer be paid moving expenses. House to be demolished a title replacement, relocation shall pay to be demolished or tenant relocation allowance.
    To be demolished or lessees out of swing space to place in the room, demolition and relocation of people should pay allowances.
    Non-residential relocation, relocation costs refers to the relocation of equipment and installation costs.
    Relocation subsidies, removal of incentive fees and temporary resettlement criteria in advance, local (municipal) Administrative Office (Government) construction administrative departments under local conditions to develop and publish once a year. Fifth chapter demolition assessment 47th article demolition people received housing demolition license Hou, should delegate real estate price assessment institutions, according to local county above construction administrative competent sector provides of housing demolition assessment guided on was demolition housing for assessment, determine demolition range within was demolition housing compensation standard reference price, and will was demolition housing of assessment factors, and assessment according to, main situation in was demolition range within publicity, accept social supervision.
    Public notice not less than 15th. House removal evaluation guided by local construction administrative departments under the local commercial market average price, and published regularly every year.
    Compensation amount shall not be less than the General market average price 70%.
    48th the assessment should be demolished by property price evaluation qualification based on housing demolition assessment guided evaluation.
    Real estate appraisal shall comply with the code for real estate appraisal, be open, fair and just.
    Real estate appraisal report should be signed by a registered real estate appraiser, and seal of the rating agencies. Demolition may entrust other provinces (municipalities) second-level qualification of real estate price evaluation Agency.
    Real estate agencies in the field in front of the assessment shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions in the administrative departments of the autonomous region.
    49th demolisher and demolishes homes for compensation for lack of agreement, shall, within 15 working days consultation real estate appraisal institutions through consultation, application, construction administrative departments by demolisher, the dismantled people randomly with a qualified real estate appraisal real estate appraisal institutions for evaluation.
    Assessment of costs provided for in the preceding paragraph, paid for by the party.
    Demolition parties should assist in assessing real estate prices assessment agencies, provide relevant information, with the site.
    50th party and dismantled on real estate appraisal institutions assessments authorized, compensation in accordance with the assessment results; disagrees with the results of the assessment, may be entrusted to another real estate prices assessment agencies to reassess, assess the costs borne by the client. Reassess the results with the original assessment of errors within 3%, the original assessment and over 3%, house demolition can be resolved by the parties through consultation, application, real estate construction administrative departments above the county level, where two assessment results reported construction approved by the Administrative Department of the autonomous region.
    Construction Administrative Department of the autonomous region of the validation of the results, for the end result.
    Assessment report shall be submitted to the 51st demolition construction administration of the housing demolition permit issued by the competent authorities for the record.
    No real estate appraisal institutions housing demolition assessments in remote counties, towns, by the county people's Governments in charge of construction in conjunction with finance, prices, relevant departments of the State-owned assets valuation according to the assessment of the housing demolition regulations and compensation valued at this House. Chapter sixth term of disputes and award the removal of the 52nd, demolition man and dismantled, lessee no compensation agreements, or, having reached an agreement, but were demolished or lessee refused to move, the party applying for, by issuing the demolition permit of construction Administrative Department decision or by the Arbitration Committee for arbitration.
    Was demolished as construction administration of the housing demolition permit issued by the authorities, by the people's Government at the decision.
    Arbiter should be carried out according to the principles of voluntary and legal mediation; mediation fails, received the award from the date of application in the 30th to make a ruling.
    Not satisfied with the decision of the parties, within 60 days of the date of service of the decision to bring a suit before; demolished in accordance with this regulation to be demolished or lessee to pay monetary compensation or to provide housing, without stopping the demolition during the proceedings.
    53rd for a ruling shall comply with the following conditions: (a) the applicant is a demolition party; (b) clearly is the applicant; (c) specific decisions, facts and reasons for the request; (d) the applicant before the expiry of the period of time shall not exceed the latest demolition is 30th.
    54th for a ruling party, shall submit a written application to the Court Office, in accordance with the number of the respondents submitted a copy of the application.
    Applications should contains Ming following matters: (a) party of name, and gender, and age, and career, and work units, and ID Ming and address, corporate or other organization of name, and address and statutory representative people or head of name, and positions; (ii) ruling requests and by according to of facts and reason; (three) evidence and evidence source, witnesses name, and ID Ming and address; (four) other need description of matters.
    55th article applicants is demolition people of, should provides following information: (a) housing demolition license; (ii) was demolition housing and placed with room of structure, and area, and plane schematic and corresponding of assessment report; (three) for was demolition people or housing tenant people of reasons, demolition people cannot provides was demolition housing of structure, and area, and plane schematic and corresponding of assessment report, can in applications in the made description and provides corresponding of proved material.
    56th applicants is to be demolished, or lessee, shall provide the following information: (a) proof of ownership or lease of housing certificates; (b) booklet, identification cards and other legal certificates; (c) the information provided by the other. 57th arbiter should be received the award from the date of application for review in the 10th.
    Admissible, sent acceptance notices do not meet the conditions, sending a rejection notice and justification.
    Award authority shall accept the date of 10th in which the applicant will be sent a copy of the application, the respondent shall, from the date of receipt of the copy of the application submitted written replies to the arbiter in the 10th.
    Relocation period provided for in article 58th Awards, to be demolished or lessee not completing the removal or refused to move from housing demolition management in accordance with the people's Court for mandatory minimum.
    Before implementing the forced relocation, relocation shall be legalization, preservation of evidence, and notify the party concerned in advance.
    Relocation is not required to be demolished to give monetary compensation or rehousing, working rooms provided, or not to the notary which was demolished the housing preservation of evidence relating to a matter shall not be compulsory relocation. The seventh chapter penalty

    59th article violates this article tenth provides that compensation funds for other purposes, housing demolition management departments at or above the county level ordered up; refused to make up overdue, according to the 10%~20% penalty for embezzlement of funds; losses caused shall bear liability.
    60th House appraisal institution with the party colluded, not in accordance with the provisions of the assessment, assessment results, by the autonomous construction Administrative Department to order the suspension of mediation services, revoke the housing rating agencies qualification certificate, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fines; losses caused to a party, by rating agencies assume liability; a crime suspect, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
    61st forged, altered, or not in accordance with the regulations and dismantled signed relocation compensation agreements and decisions without judgment of carrying out demolition and construction administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall give it a warning, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    62nd violates the rules stipulated in the article 20th and 22nd, halting way such as water supply, power supply, force dismantled or tenant relocation, ordered by the administrative authority to stop the illegal practice, compensation for the loss or renter to be demolished, and the demolition or unit fined 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    63rd disobey article 58th, removal is not required to be demolished to give monetary compensation or rehousing, working rooms provided, or to the notary is not evidence relating to a matter of preservation of the demolition of houses, and the forced relocation and construction Administrative Department shall order rectification refuses, fined 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 64th towns outside housing units, for compensation and resettlement needs to be demolished, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                  65th these measures come into force on July 1, 2007.