Hangzhou Interim Measures For The Management Of Metro Construction

Original Language Title: 杭州市地铁建设管理暂行办法

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(2nd of April 23, 2007, Hangzhou municipal executive meeting May 23, 2007, Hangzhou municipal people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2007, No. 234) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the management of Metro construction in Hangzhou City, and protect the smooth, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Hangzhou City, combined with practical, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to subway and related management activities within the administrative area of the city.
    Article Metro construction projects in the city, Hangzhou City social welfare major urban infrastructure projects.
    The Hangzhou people's Government subway construction projects into the national economy and social development, long-term planning, phased implementation.
    Any unit or individual should obey and support construction shall not hinder or affect the operation of Metro construction.
    Subway construction in fourth article of the rules, including subway construction engineering, Assistant engineering, connected to the subway and above-ground rail projects, and site support services within the scope of General construction.
    Subway facilities in these measures refers to the subway tracks, tunnels, elevated, ground track, station (including entrances, passage, ventilation Pavilion), mechanical and electrical equipment, vehicles and Depot system, (), as well as set up to protect the operation of related facilities.
    Fifth, subway construction, the implementation of "unified planning, unified leadership, promotion, unified construction, uniform operation, unified management" and "separate capital, separate development" principle. Unified leadership.
    Urban rail transit construction leading group is responsible for major problems of subway construction decision-making and coordination. Under central planning.
    Planning the city's subway network and site layout, and align it with overall urban planning, land-use planning, urban transportation planning, urban design planning along the metro link. Consolidated investment.
    Establish a unified investment team, strengthening the work of subway construction and property development and investment. Unified construction.
    Unified design, technology, standards and construction of Metro organization. Unified operation.
    Implementation of an integrated business model and ensure operating safety and reliability, and intensive use. Unified management.
    Provides design, construction, operation and development of "four in one" management mode, play the synergy of resources. Separate funding.
    City District Government and MTR-related (CMC) is Metro funded the construction of the main body, and share the subway construction funds. Separate development.
    Support investments related to take fully use of underground resources, in subway stations around the market and property development.
    Sixth city track traffic construction leading group responsible for subway construction of major issues of decision-making and coordination.
    City track traffic construction headquarters is responsible for the day-to-day command and coordination at the Metro construction, financing of urban rail transit construction Office was responsible for the financing of subway construction in the city.
    Hangzhou subway group, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Metro Group) for the city's subway construction body, specifically responsible for the implementation of the subway construction.
    Municipal development and reform, planning, construction, land, real estate, financial, and administrative authorities and the relevant district people's Government (CMC) shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, doing the subway construction work.
    Seventh chapter planning management subway construction should be in accordance with state capital construction project management and national approval of Hangzhou urban rail transit network planning and mass transit construction plan. Article eighth city planning Administrative Department is responsible for organizing the preparation of detailed control along the Metro plan and subway stations in and around the property development plans.
    City planning administrative departments in the planning process, should take many forms such as seminar, feasibility study meeting, listen to the views of relevant units and individuals.
    Nineth planned Metro stations in place, should be under the rail transit network planning, transportation planning and traffic, transfer of passengers needs and site conditions, set aside transfer hubs, public transportation and public facilities such as car parks.
    Without the approval of the Administrative Department of city planning, planning may not change the use of reserve land.
    Tenth article to ensure the smooth construction of subway and Metro after the completion of the security operation, the City subway construction plan control areas and specially protected areas.
    Planned control zones are as follows: (a) underground station and within 50 metres of the tunnel on both sides, (ii) ground station and elevated station and 30 metres of the track lateral outer edge, (iii) entrances, ventilation pavilions, substations and other buildings and structures outside the sideline outside 10 meters range. If you need to change plan control area shall be approved by the city planning administrative departments.
    Soft soil, sand, limestone caves special geological conditions, high moisture areas, after the approval of the Administrative Department of city planning, planning control area may be expanded appropriately.
    Special reserves range following: (a) underground Engineering (station, and tunnel,) structure sideline outside side 5 meters within; (ii) high frame station and the high frame line engineering structure level projection outside side 3 meters within; (three) ground station and the ground line embankment or cutting sideline outside side 3 meters within; (four) vehicles paragraph with to range outside side 3 meters within; (five) high pressure cable ditch level projection outside side 3 meters within.
    11th in subway construction following activities within the framework of the planned control zones and subway facilities protection programmes should be developed, with the consent of Metro Group agreed, in accordance with the regulations approved by administrative authorities such as city planning, construction.
    (A) built, and demolition built (frame) built real; (ii) engaged in pit excavation, and blasting, and pile based construction, and top into, and grouting, and anchor Rod job; (three) built pond, and excavation River Canal, and quarrying dug sand, and drilling take water; (four) in ground line and high frame line next for laying pipeline, job; (five) other on Metro produced effect of construction behavior.
    12th Metro special protected areas, public facilities and outside civil air defense projects, in addition to the prohibited construction of other facilities. 13th in subway construction plan control areas and specially protected areas within the building, planning and construction administrative departments should be strictly controlled.
    Construction project construction plan should be demonstrated by the municipal construction administrative departments, should accept Metro Group monitoring the construction process. 14th Metro Chapter construction management construction implemented priority construction, "subject to the underground" principle.
    Subway construction plan control areas and specially protected areas within the building shall be subordinate to and cooperate with the Metro construction.
    Municipal utilities, people's air defense construction conflicts with the Metro construction, city planning and subway construction priority construction administrative departments shall, in accordance with the principles of coordination and processing. 15th Metro construction underground spaces, without the limitation of the land above.
    Subway construction should take measures to avoid above and around buildings and structures have been affected, to guarantee their safety. 16th because of subway construction is imposed by the need to collectively owned land or the resumption of State-owned land use right, want demolishing houses and other buildings (structures), after approval by the law, the local District Government (MC) is responsible for organizing.
    Relocation compensation and settlement in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the corresponding costs included in the subway construction projects.
    17th to find due to subway construction communications, electricity, water, heating, drainage, gas and the archives of civil air defense projects, such as pipelines, facilities, relevant administrative departments and pipeline property unit should provide the Metro Group.
    18th Metro Group should be protected along the Metro communications, electricity, water supply, heating, sewerage, gas and security of civil air defense projects, such as pipelines and facilities. Must be removed due to construction or migration related municipal infrastructures, Metro Group should consult with the property unit, or set the temporary alternative facilities and ensure the normal operation of municipal utilities.
    Can be restored, should be restored upon completion of the construction of the Metro Group; be able to recover should build alternative facilities. Article 19th due to pipeline construction requires permanent removal or temporary move modified shall be agreed by the administrative departments of city planning; pipelines property unit shall cooperate, negotiated migration scenarios and assist in the implementation of the pipeline.
    Metro Group shall, in accordance with the relevant standards for pipeline relocation; pipeline up to the property units to migrate, Metro should compensate according to the relevant standards.
    Article 20th during Metro construction, the public security traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with Metro Group, develop local and regional traffic relief plan, the urban traffic emergency programme, after the approval of the municipal government organizations.
    Along the construction of units and individuals should be subject to public security traffic management departments of traffic organization programme and emergency treatment for traffic jams.
    21st Metro Group shall, in accordance with environmental protection, heritage conservation, management of city appearance and environmental sanitation laws and regulations provides that environmental protection during the construction, the paper over, city appearance and environmental sanitation work.
    22nd Metro construction engineering units and individuals shall be filed with the city planning administrative departments and Metro Group offered its building (structure) of relevant files and data.
    Metro Group sent into the building to test buildings shall be issued to the property owner in advance detection notifications, owner shall provide cooperation. 23rd Metro Group along the subway to take technical measures to protect and monitor, the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate.
    No units or individuals may damage or allowed to move along the subway control points.
    24th Metro construction project investigation, design, construction, supervision, should be by way of bidding, assumed by the unit with appropriate qualifications.
    Subway construction project investigation, design, construction, supervision, shall comply with the technical standards prescribed by the State and the municipality, and in line with protecting surrounding buildings and structures as well as other related technical regulations for facilities. 25th Metro construction of supporting facilities should meet the requirements of Metro business function configuration specifications, configuring the safe and reliable operation of facility and service facilities, improve subway safety monitoring and labor protection system to protect passengers safe and convenient.

    26th Metro Group and the mass transit railway survey and design, construction, supervision and liability the Parties shall bear liability of Metro construction project quality.
    Construction administrative departments should be the subway construction project quality supervision in accordance with law. 27th Metro Group and the mass transit railway survey and design, construction, supervision and other units should establish and improve the safety management system, implementation of safety work responsibility.
    Construction Administrative Department of security monitoring of Metro construction in accordance with law.
    Metro Group should do the general coordination of project work, and provide accurate and reliable data on the basis, in full, the allocation of production costs in a timely manner, may not be proposed for construction, supervision and other units do not meet the work safety of construction projects legal provisions, regulations and mandatory standards requirements.
    Metro investigation and design units should be in accordance with the law, regulation and engineering construction compulsory standard for survey and design, provide the surveying documents shall be true, accurate, and meet the needs of work safety of construction projects to prevent production safety accidents occur due to unreasonable design; for projects involving the construction of key sites and links should be indicated in the design documents, and prevention guidance on production safety accidents.
    Subway construction units should be strictly in accordance with the rules work, considering factors such as safety and duration, the scientific preparation of construction plan, rational selection of construction method and technical safety measures, strengthen the engineering environment of underground cavity safety hazard investigation and treatment, find out around all kinds of pipelines and building (structure) the security situation to eliminate factors that may affect the stability of the structure and construction safety. Metro supervision units should conscientiously fulfil our duty of supervision and management for engineering quality and safety, accident risks exist, it shall guide and supervise the construction reform; in severe cases, construction units should be required to suspend construction, and promptly report to the Metro Group.
    Construction units refused to reform or not to stop the construction, and supervising units shall report to the competent construction department.
    28th government administrative departments and Metro Group, construction units shall establish a safety warning and response coordination mechanisms, establishing accident prevention, reporting and management systems, and organizing drills, establishment and implementation of dynamic security monitoring system to ensure safety in production. 29th Metro construction project should be implementing national and industry technical standards.
    No national, technical standard, Metro Group in accordance with relevant national, trade and local, as well as subway construction of Hangzhou City, State approvals, developed technical standards for subway construction, and construction administrative departments for the record concerning technical standards of products, shall be of quality and technical supervision Department.
    Article 30th to ensure ventilation of subway safety, Metro Group can near a metro station or vents to take protective measures, subway construction along the relevant units and individuals shall comply and cooperate. After completion of the construction of the 31st Metro subway shall be organized in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Group survey, design, construction, supervision and other units for the preliminary inspection. After passing the preliminary inspection, commissioning by Metro Group reported to the approval of the municipal government organizations.
    Conditions mature, organized by the Municipal Government to formally accept the planning, construction, and other relevant departments, operational acceptance until delivery. Article 32nd planning determine Metro site construction land and land for construction of related facilities, in line with the list of allocated land by administrative allocation for.
    Metro investment-related subject to approval in accordance with the relevant provisions in the Metro site construction construction of the ground.
    Subway franchise, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the franchise agreement. The fourth chapter sources of funds and the construction of management 33rd Metro raise funds through multiple channels, multiple ways.
    Encourage investment in enterprises and other organizations in and outside Metro construction, the legitimate rights and interests of investors are protected by law. 34th of municipal funding for rail transit construction Office, raised the level of government investment funds, is responsible for the implementation and coordinated the implementation of District Government with responsibility for investment (CMC) investment funds in place in time, the District Government (MC) is responsible for the Metro construction projects in this area that the Government (CMC) investment fund raising.
    In place of the municipal and district governments each year (CMC) all levels of capital should be included in the budget for the financial year.
    City Finance Department set up subway construction funds accounts, unified collection and manage the municipal and district governments (CMC) funding for subway construction. 35th Metro Group Metro construction requirements for Metro construction project to be implemented, preparation of financial plan and budget, after consultation with the municipal development and reform, the financial sector reported to the municipal government. Municipal Finance Department disbursement of funds according to the approved plan and budget funds.
    Metro subway construction funds according to the project needs to use and adjustment of annual plans, the budget adjustment and approval procedures should be in accordance with the regulations. 36th Metro Group's use of funds should receive financial, Audit Department guidance, oversight and audit.
    Departments to track use of the subway construction funds of Auditors audit and performance audit.
    37th of subway construction have to pay a variety of fees, at the municipal and district governments within the statutory authority, in accordance with the relevant provisions of relief.
    Article 38th fifth chapter legal liability in accordance with this approach the relevant approval procedures, in subway construction program-controlled area without authorization and construction of special protection areas, by planning and construction Administrative Department in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations; loss, the construction unit shall be compensated.
    39th be expropriated does not promptly signed a compensation agreement or is not required to hand over the land and dismantled late move, by the relevant departments in accordance with related laws and regulations dealing with land acquisition and relocation.
    40th against subway construction project implementation units and individuals by the relevant competent administrative department in charge shall command a correction and shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law; Metro construction losses caused, shall bear the liability for damages.
    41st subway construction, design, construction, supervision and violation of provisions of laws and regulations on work safety of construction projects, by the relevant Department in charge shall command a correction and shall be investigated for legal liability of those responsible.
          Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 42nd these measures shall take effect on July 1, 2007.