Chengdu Livestock Management Practices

Original Language Title: 成都市畜禽养殖管理办法

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(June 21, 2007, Chengdu municipal people's Government at the 107th Executive session on July 5, 2007, Chengdu municipal people's Government announced the 136th come into force on August 1, 2007) the first (objective basis) in order to regulate animal breeding behavior, prevention and control of animal and poultry diseases, prevention of pollution from livestock and poultry breeding, protection of livestock and poultry product quality and safety, promote the sustainable development of animal husbandry, according to the People's Republic of China livestock provisions of law and other relevant laws and regulations, Chengdu city, combined with the actual,
    These measures are formulated.
    Article II (scope of application) livestock within the administrative area of the city regional planning, livestock farm set, livestock pollution prevention and supervision and management of livestock and poultry breeding, these measures shall apply.
    Livestock and poultry in these measures, refers to the captivity conditions, aimed at economic use of terrestrial animals, including pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, such as animal husbandry and veterinary Administrative Department under the State Council and published by the directory of animal genetic resources of livestock and poultry.
    National and provincial, city of companion animals, pet animals, athletic animals, laboratory animals, and feed management otherwise provides, from its provisions.
    Article III (management), and district (City) County agricultural Administration Department in charge of the area livestock within the regional division and layout of the farm, breeding of livestock and poultry and livestock farming process supervision and management.
    The municipal and district (City) County within the jurisdiction of the Administrative Department of environmental protection exercise unified supervision and management of livestock and environmental protection.
    Planning, land, quality supervision, industry and commerce, health and public security administrative departments according to their respective functions, supervise and administer the law on livestock-related behavior. Fourth (classification) of livestock by farms and small-scale breeding and backyard farmers (hereinafter referred to as farm households) classification and management.
    Livestock and poultry breeding farms and breeding areas defined in the specific standards, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the people's Government of Sichuan province. Encourage poultry farms and small-scale breeding to implement large-scale cultivation, standardization of production, industrial management. Land-use planning should be based on local conditions and arrange the scale livestock and poultry breeding in.
    Rural collective economic organizations, animal husbandry cooperative economic organizations, farmers and others in accordance with the land use overall planning the establishment of livestock and poultry farms, breeding district land as agricultural land management, need to build permanent structures involving diversion of agricultural land in accordance with the People's Republic of China land management provisions of the law.
    Fifth (region) administrative area of the city and the livestock Division as prohibited zones and moderate culture zones.
    Sixth article (ban regional) this city administrative within following regional for ban farming regional: (a) Jinjiang District, and qingyang district,, and Jinniu District,, and wuhou district, and Chenghua district (containing high-tech district) and around city highway link within of other regional; (ii) life drinking water water reserves, and main river control district, and landscape places district, and nature reserve of core district and the buffer, and town residents district, and education scientific research district, and population concentrated regional; (three) District (City) County Government delineation of ban farming regional;
    (D) prohibited by laws or regulations of other culture areas. After the enactment of the present measures, in relation to farming region, which is already some livestock and poultry farms, the farming community should be within a closed or relocated.
    District (municipal), county people's Government in accordance with the regulations within their respective administrative areas closure or relocation of livestock and poultry farms and small-scale breeding should be compensated according to law.
    Seventh (moderate) for modest farming of livestock and poultry farming area outside the area is prohibited.
    Moderation of livestock and poultry farming encourages the development of scale production of livestock and poultry in the region, new construction, expansion or reconstruction shall conform to the requirements of local environmental carrying capacity for livestock farms, reasonably, in accordance with the principle of combination of moderate scale, farming and aquaculture development.
    Eighth (zoning), district (City) County poultry banned zones and appropriate zones within the administrative area of the range, by District (City) County agricultural Administration Department according to the requirements of regional culture of control and management, in conjunction with the planning, environmental protection and other relevant administrative departments designated programs, reported to the district (City) County people's Government promulgated after approval, and report to the municipal agricultural Administration Department for record.
    Nineth article (new conditions) new animal farms, and farming community should has following conditions: (a) has with farming scale phase adapted of production places, and farming with to and supporting facilities; (ii) has for its service of made qualification of livestock veterinary technicians; (three) has provides of animal epidemic prevention conditions; (four) has meet environmental protection provides conditions of pollution facilities; (five) legal, and administrative regulations provides of other conditions.
    Tenth (filing system) and breeding of livestock and poultry farms to set up should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of farms, farming community of name, address, breeds of livestock and farming scale and other materials to the district (municipal) County agricultural Administration Department for record.
    11th (the standardized cultivation) farm should be in accordance with the standards and requirements of the technical specification for livestock rearing, scientific and rational use of veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives.
    Livestock and poultry farms, the farming community should be guided by a full-time veterinary use veterinary drugs, establish a record of drug use. 12th article (ban provides) engaged in animal farming shall not has following behavior: (a) violation legal, and administrative regulations of provides and national technology specification of mandatory requirements using feed, and feed additives and veterinary drugs; (ii) using without high temperature processing of restaurant, and canteen swill feeding animal; (three) using dump in the of material feeding animal; (four) using animal source sex feed waste feeding ruminant; (five) farms, and farming community polyculture different type of animal; (six) legal, and
    Other prohibited acts stipulated by laws and regulations. 13th (business requirements) persons suffering from infectious diseases common to humans and animals shall not be engaged in animal husbandry. Farm, breeding of livestock and poultry raising personnel shall comply with national health standards, in accordance with the vaccination requirements of hygiene and disinfection, protection, and access to professional education.
    Farm, breeding of livestock and poultry raising the life area should be separate from the livestock area.
    14th (disease control) livestock and poultry farms and small-scale breeding improvement of animal epidemic prevention system should be established, sterilization and vaccination.
    Farm household shall, in accordance with national regulations, with the supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention compulsory immunization. 15th (reported) when an animal contagious diseases or suspected infectious disease occurs, farm household shall promptly report outbreaks to the local animal epidemic prevention supervision institutions, may conceal, misrepresent or hinder others from reporting animal epidemic.
    When there is a zoonotic infectious diseases, farm households should be subject to control measures implemented by administrative departments of health, with the medical institution concerned in a timely manner in close contact were under medical observation.
    16th (epidemic disposal) when there is a class of animal disease, farms should be timely quarantine and disinfection work, subject area (City) county governments to take quarantine, culling, destruction, disinfection, emergency vaccinations, and mandatory control and extermination measures such as blockade.
    District (municipal), County of susceptible livestock in the area and its surrounding region, implemented within a certain period to suspend livestock and poultry farming, pigeon flying, waterfowl grazing, animal shows, animal trading and other measures. Of the measures implemented to suspend livestock and area, the time limit and remedy, by District (municipal) Department of County Administration, district (City) county governments determine and promulgate the implementation.
    Involving 2 or more zones (City) County by the municipal agricultural Administration Department, submitted to the municipal people's Government for decision and announce the implementation. 17th (pollution prevention) pollution of livestock farm households are responsible for the implementation of governance, bear the responsibility for environmental protection.
    Farm household breeding pollutants emissions, shall comply with the prescribed discharge standards.
    Prohibit direct discharge to water livestock manure, biogas, biogas residues, sewage, etc.
    Support farms use manure for ecological farms, biogas production, production of organic fertilizer and other harmless treatment and resource utilization. 18th (file system) in livestock and poultry breeding farms and breeding livestock archive should be established in accordance with the relevant provisions. Livestock records, including livestock and poultry breeding, livestock immunization, disease diagnosis and treatment, feed veterinary medicine use, harmless treatment of manure treatment, mortality of livestock and poultry, livestock and poultry sales records.
    Livestock archives shall be true, complete, timely, or forge, and in accordance with the prescribed number saved.
    19th (contravenes the provisions of the regional responsibility) in violation of these regulations article sixth, new livestock and poultry farms in the prohibited zones, by District (City) County people's Government ordered to close by law or within migration; refused to close, and migration, torn down according to law. 20th article (violation pollution control of responsibility) violation this approach about provides, has following behavior one of of, by city or district (City) County environmental protection administration sector ordered stop violations, deadline corrected; refused to corrected of, can sentenced 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) not take effective measures, led store of animal waste leakage, and scattered, and spill flow, and distributed stench smell, on around environment caused pollution and against of; (ii) to water emissions, and dumping animal stool, and wastewater and the other solid waste
    , Cause pollution and damage.
    21st (violation of epidemic prevention prescribed responsibilities) provisions on animal livestock farms and small-scale breeding is not compulsory immunization or compulsory immunization does not wear immunization identification, as well as animal and poultry diseases immunization programs has not been established by the municipal or district (City) County supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on animal epidemic prevention regulations.
    22nd (archival system) for livestock and poultry farms and small-scale breeding livestock archive has not been established, or failing to save culture archives, in accordance with the People's Republic of China animal husbandry Act punished. 23rd (liability for breach of other provisions) acts in violation of the others as provided herein, is provided for by laws and regulations, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment.

    24th (explain) the problems in the application of these measures by the Chengdu municipal government Agriculture Commission is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                                  25th (execution date) these measures shall take effect on August 1, 2007.

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