Implementing The Regulation On Local History In Beijing Approach

Original Language Title: 北京市实施《地方志工作条例》办法

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(June 19, 2007 Beijing Municipal People's Government of the 66th general meeting on July 5, 2007 191th promulgated by the people's Government of Beijing municipality as of September 1, 2007) first in order to implement the regulations of the local history, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    The second local history organizations in the administrative area of the city the codification, management, utilization, application of the regulations on local history and the way.
    Third local history in these measures, including the municipal and district, compilation of County local records, comprehensive Yearbook.
    Fourth municipal, district and county governments led to the regional and local history, and local history into the national economy and social development plan, local history working requirements included in the present budget.
    Fifth article city and district, and County Government local history work institutions competent this administrative of local history work, perform following duties: (a) Organization, and guide, and urged and check local history work; (ii) developed local history work planning and codification programme; (three) Organization codification local history book and place integrated Yearbook; (four) collection, and finishing, and save local history literature and information, organization finishing old records; (five) Organization utilization local history resources; (six) promoted local history theory research and academic exchange, organization carried out business training. Sixth municipal, district and County local history programme of work planning and codification of their respective administrative areas.
    District and County local records work planning and codification programmes submitted to the municipal people's Government and local history record.
    Article seventh city and district and county administrative name name of local records, comprehensive Yearbook, respectively by the people's Governments at the corresponding level and local history organizations compiled, other organizations and individuals shall not be compiled.
    Article eighth in accordance with local records work planning and codification programmes assume control of local records compilation units (hereinafter referred to as bearing part), should be clear and specific commitment of local records compilation work organization and personnel, guarantee financial and business conditions, timely completion of compilation tasks. Nineth of municipal and district and County local history institutions and made local history information collection system should be established, through access, extract, copy, purchase or any other means to collect information on local history, relevant units and individuals shall provide support.
    Related to State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy, and does not meet the conditions for file opening, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the municipality. Local history information owner or holder to provide the relevant information, you can get adequate remuneration.
    Local history information owners or holders shall not knowingly provided false information.
    Article tenth city and district and county administrative names named and included in the planning of local records, according to law by municipal and local history organizations experts to undertake a comprehensive review, review of the inspection reports issued by review acceptance, can be published.
    11th, comprehensive Yearbook approved by the municipal people's Government and local history institution, can be published; comprehensive Yearbook by the district or County District and county people's Government for approval, can be published.
    Article 12th through review and acceptance of local records and approved local comprehensive Yearbook, without consent of the original review and acceptance or approval authorities are not allowed to modify.
    13th article city and district, and County Government local history work institutions concentrated unified management local history information and local history presentation; bearing series units should specified hand properly save in local history codification process in the collection to of local history information and formed of local history presentation, shall not damaged; codification work completed Hou, law timely transfer this level national archives or party records Museum save, and management, personal shall not pocketed or rental, and transfer, and lent.
    14th of municipal and district and county governments and local history institutions should actively open up Chi channels, Web sites, databases and other ways that you can, and strengthening the work of local history information, serve for all-round economic and social development.
    15th citizens, legal persons and other organizations can query, view, extract, such as using local Museum, displaying local history literature and data.
    Local library services should be the scope, opening hours and other services for public notification.
    Encourage units and individuals donated to the local Museum of local history information.
    16th article on violation this approach eighth article provides, not by work planning and codification programme completed codification task of, or violation this approach Nineth article provides, units refused to provides information or deliberately provides false information of, by city or district, and County Government local history work institutions ordered deadline corrected; late not modified of, by city or district, and County Government local history work institutions drew attention to the about administrative competent sector law on directly responsibility people give administrative sanctions. Article 17th Department records, industry records, town records, Street Records compilation, you can refer to these measures.
    Codification programme submitted to the municipal or district and County local records work record, city or district or county local history institutions, should provide the necessary guidance and services.
                        18th article this way come into force on September 1, 2007.