Nanning Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 南宁市城市建设档案管理办法

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(July 9, 2007, Nanning city, Government 21st times Executive Conference considered through July 27, 2007, Nanning city, Government makes 6th, announced since September 1, 2007 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening city construction archives management, full play city construction archives in city planning, and construction and management in the of role, according to People's Republic of China archives method, and People's Republic of China city planning method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, about legal, and regulations,
    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city of urban construction Archives collection, transfer, protection, use and other activities.
    Article Archives of urban construction in these measures refers to the urban planning, construction and management activities in the form of the State and society are of conservation value of text, drawings, diagrams, audio, electronic documents, models and other forms of history.
    Article fourth of urban construction archives is an important part of the national archives shall be under centralized and unified management principles, scientific, standardized management, and urban construction archives of full, accurate, system, security, and use it effectively.
    Fifth of municipal and county governments should strengthen the leadership of the urban construction archives work, urban construction archives career into urban development planning, urban construction archives management funding administered by the financial sector into the budget at the same level.
    Sixth city planning administrative departments in charge of the city's urban construction archives management, municipal urban construction archives is responsible for day-to-day management of the urban construction archives in the city, businesses under the supervision of the Department of archives administration and guidance.
    County administrative departments in charge of planning and construction, urban construction archives management in their respective jurisdictions, the county urban construction archives (RM) is responsible for the areas of urban construction archives management, businesses receive County archives administrative departments, city guide of urban construction archives.
    Chapter II scope of urban construction archives seventh including urban construction of urban construction archives project files, business management and business technology archives, city archives and national building, determined by the competent administrative Department of the archives of urban construction archives. Eighth article city construction engineering archives of range for: (a) industrial and civil engineering archives; (ii) municipal based facilities engineering archives; (three) city public based facilities engineering archives; (four) city traffic based facilities engineering archives; (five) City Garden, and landscape places construction engineering archives; (six) city sanitation facilities construction engineering archives; (seven) city environmental, and flood control, and disaster, and seismic and civil defense engineering archives; (eight) except military area and military Guan Li Qu yiwai of through city of underground pipeline to
    And the concealed the positions and other military projects engineering archives Nineth archives include business management and business technology planning, design, construction, supervision, landscape, scenery, sanitation, municipal, public, civil air defense, real estate (excluding real estate title records) building systems, such as the professional management and operations management and business technology in the form of files.
    Article tenth of urban construction archives in the range of: (a) the history of urban construction, economy, natural resources and information and (ii) on urban planning, construction and management, guidelines, policies, regulations, plans, documents, (iii) information related to urban planning, construction, such as the results of scientific research. Chapter of urban construction Archives collection and transfer of 11th by the units responsible for urban construction Archives collection and transfer.
    Construction from the construction project, proposed for investigation, design, construction and supervision units prepare and submit the requirements of construction engineering archives.
    12th urban construction archives original archive material must be used. Units should according to construction engineering file archive finishing specification (GB-T50328-2001) collection, and finishing city construction engineering archives, and meet following requirements: (a) engineering file of content and depth meet national about engineering survey, and design, and construction, and supervision, aspects of technology specification, and standard and procedures; (ii) engineering file of content real, and accurate, and engineering actual phase meet; (three) engineering file used durability strong of writing material; (four) engineering file handwriting clear,
    Drawing clear, charts, neat, signed and sealed by formalities (v) written material in the project file sizes for size A4 format drawings using national standards (vi) completed construction drawings stamped with a stamp.
    Electronic files should be in accordance with the relevant specification for electronic filing requirement.
    13th construction units shall, within six months after the completion of construction projects, and handed over to the urban construction archives project files. Formed in the urban construction archives, handed over to the urban construction archives.
    Formation of construction engineering archives in the City County, to the County's urban construction archives (RM) transfer included in the city-level key construction projects, should at the same time transfer to the urban construction archives.
    14th article production, postponed projects, temporarily by the construction unit focused on keeping its archives.
    Unit deactivated, archives of construction project should be handed over to the competent authorities or urban construction archives.
    15th construction projects put into use after the alteration, expansion or maintenance of important parts, construction design, construction units should be organized according to the actual situation to modify, Supplement and perfect the construction of the original project files involving changes in the structure and layout should be reworked project archives.
    16th construction audio-visual archives and electronic archives produced in the process, the construction unit shall be handed over to the urban construction archives.
    Important and large key projects, engineering construction, submitted a text file at the same time, including infrastructure and capital construction, should be provided after completion of audio-visual archives. 17th in the reception range of the urban construction archives project, the construction unit in the organization before acceptance, it shall notify the pre-acceptance urban construction archives project files. Urban construction archives should be the date of receipt of the notification within 7th pre-acceptance views.
    Does not meet the requirements, the construction unit shall amend, Supplement in accordance with the requirements of construction engineering archives.
    Units at the time of final acceptance of filing formalities, the pre-acceptance of construction Administrative Department shall examine project archives.
    18th professional management sector of the construction system of business management and business technology archives, who are worthy of preservation, in custody after five years of use of the unit, shall be handed over to the urban construction archives.
    19th city building based on urban construction archives archives responsible for the collection.
    20th on urban construction archives have an important value but not yet collected, urban construction archives can be collected to the relevant Department.
    Urban construction archives encourages institutions and individuals to donate, hosting various units or their own form of information relevant to the construction, urban construction archives can be collected rich collection of archives to the public, by experts of historical value to the collection of donor profile, donor awards. The fourth chapter of urban construction archives protection and access to article 21st city archives shall establish and perfect the construction of urban construction archives receiving, collecting, sorting, storage, statistic, identification, destruction and provide access to management system.
    Need permanent preservation of urban construction archives should be using CDs and other modern technical means to save the backup.
    22nd to receive urban construction archives of urban construction archives, shall be registered in time, sorting, according to regulations classified secrets and retention, development of retrieval tools, and the identification and preservation of the archives.
    23rd urban construction archives should take measures to ensure the integrity and security of urban construction archives.
    Archives of urban construction archives of fire prevention, security, pest control, moisture, mold, mice, and light, dust-proof, protection against harmful gases, rescue damage and deterioration of the urban construction archives in a timely manner. Article 24th of open archives in urban construction archives repositories shall regularly publish a directory, a planned development of urban construction archives information resources and utilization of urban construction Archives provides services to the community.
    Authorities query using archives information of urban construction archives in addition to charging Photocopying fees, handling fees, shall not be charged other fees.
    Collection of important files, copies should be used instead of the original offer.
    25th for urban construction archives of important urban construction archives information system should be established to achieve resource sharing of urban construction archives. Article 26th citizens, legal persons and other organizations may hold valid documents using open archives of urban construction.
    Use of urban construction archives are not yet open, archives must be obtained form a unit or an individual's written consent and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national archives confidential.
    Foreign organizations or individuals using public archives of urban construction, according to the People's Republic of China archive law's regulations.
    Utilization of urban construction archives should comply with the requirements, shall not be damaged, lost, altered, forged archives shall not be provided without authorization, the destruction of urban construction archives shall not resell, given to foreigners.
    27th to urban construction archives transfer, donation, storage units and individuals of the urban construction archives, the archives should not be open to the public in limiting the use of opinion on the part of urban construction archives should uphold their legitimate rights and interests.
    28th urban construction archives management staff should be devoted to their duties, comply with confidentiality laws and regulations of the State and file management system and shall not divulge the contents should be kept confidential.
    29th for urban construction archives management staff should participate in the training of qualified in accordance with the relevant provisions, and obtained the qualification certificates before they can post. Fifth chapter legal responsibility of 30th in violation of these rules, the construction unit within the specified time is not transferred to the urban construction archives of urban construction archives and by the Administrative Department of planning a rectification, it fails, fined a maximum of between 100,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    31st for urban construction archives due to improper file is missing, lost value, or total pipeline of information errors causing damage and legally undertake the compensation responsibility of relevant persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
    32nd urban construction archives management staff in urban construction archives management work, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, sanctions by their work units or by the competent authorities constitutes a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                            Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 33rd these measures shall take effect on September 1, 2007.