Administrative Provisions On Rural And Public Gathering Places Of Fire In Jilin Province

Original Language Title: 吉林省农村和公众聚集场所消防管理规定

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(August 22, 2007 192th promulgated by the people's Government of Jilin province as of October 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article in order to prevent and reduce fire hazards in rural and public gathering places, protection of citizens ' personal, property, and public property, under the People's Republic of China Law on fire, the fire regulations of Jilin province, as well as provisions of other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article referred to in these provisions refers to where the people's Governments above the county level in rural area outside of the urban planning areas. Third article this provides by said public gathered places is points to social public open of, and has must scale of following places: (a) theaters, and dance Office, entertainment; (ii) bar, and Internet cafes, and oxygen's, and coffee housing, and teahouse, and fitness Museum, and sauna bathroom, and foot therapy room, and massage room, leisure places; (three) Stadium (Museum), and indoor shooting range, sports places; (four) hotel, and hotel, and hotel, and Guest House, and hotel, catering, and accommodation places; (five) Mall (shop), and supermarket, and country market, commodity wholesale, and Retail places; (six) technology museum, and Museum, and library, and Gallery, and green Palace, and Palace, and Temple, and Church, engaged in science, and culture, and art and religious activities of places; (seven) fair, and exhibition, and Expo, and fairs, and material exchange, and Fireworks party, and lantern, held large public activities of places; (eight) school, and nursery, and kindergarten of classroom, and canteen, and hostel and indoor activities places; (nine) hospital, and nursing home, and orphanage of outpatient floor, and ward floor, and hostel floor; (ten) Bank, and
    Securities, and telecommunications industry Hall (11) railway stations, wharves, civil airports, waiting, waiting, Terminal (building).
    Fourth article of the provisions referred to in article refers to public gathering places of a certain scale, indoor public places covers 200 square meters or accommodating more than 50; outdoor public gathering places covers an area of more than 1000 square meters or capacity of more than 1000 people.
    Fifth, this provision shall apply within the administrative area of the province, fire management activities in rural and public gathering places. The sixth people's Governments above the county level public security organs, responsible for the administration of rural fire supervision and management work and public gathering places.
    Specific fire supervision and management work, carried out by public security fire control institutions; in the people's Governments above the county-level public security organ may decide to police station under the authority of public security fire control institutions, partial specific fire supervision and management work.
    Chapter seventh County rural fire management should increase funding for rural fire control input, strengthening the construction of rural fire protection and fire-fighting equipment, fire works and adapted to the economic and social development in rural areas.
    Article eighth of township (town) people's Governments shall fire plan into township (town) construction master plan.
    The Nineth of township (town) the construction of public fire facilities, roads, water, communications and other public facilities to adapt.
    Article tenth of township (town) people's Government according to the needs of local economic and social development can be established (and) professional fire service organizations.
    11th under any of the conditions of township (town) people's Government should be based on the realities on the ground, building leads to rivers, lakes, ponds and other natural water channel of water fire-fighting vehicles firefighting and rescue, water facilities and set up, to provide fire fighting water supply.
    A villagers ' Committee shall determine when fire-fighting and rescue fire engines, taking water in the village location, record, report to the local police station.
    The 12th Township (town) people's Government shall, in accordance with local economic capacity, in accordance with the relevant fire safety requirements, the gradual transformation of houses and electricity lines do not meet fire safety requirements.
    13th the township (town) people's Governments and village committees, during the harvest season, spring and winter fire, during major holidays, rural temple fairs and other gatherings, and should strengthen the publicity, and fire safety inspections.
    14th building power and water supply facilities in rural areas shall comply with the relevant fire safety requirements.
    15th village (neighborhood) committees shall organize the village (neighborhood) to establish fire safety team, and the village (neighborhood) Director in charge of the Committee.
    16th article village (home) people fire security group, should perform following fire security duties: (a) organization developed and implementation village (home) people Fire Security Convention, urged its management range within of units implementation fire security; (ii) carried out fire publicity education activities; (three) Organization fire security checks, urged rectification fire hidden; (four) established and management obligations fire organization, equipped with necessary of fire equipment, organization saves early up fire;
    (E) fire safety in the elderly and others in need of rescue personnel monitoring.
    17th rural firewood, crops straws and other combustibles stack more than 2 cubic meters, its distance from electrical installations in buildings, shall be not less than 25 m.
    18th article rural villagers should comply with following fire security provides: (a) shall not in liquefied petroleum gas residual liquid recycling locations yiwai, dumping liquefied petroleum gas residual liquid; (ii) shall not in outdoor dumping residues fire of dust; (three) burning or burning crops straw Rod Shi, should implementation fire security care measures, avoid caused fire; (four) 6 level wind above weather, shall not in outdoor with fire.
    Chapter III article 19th public gathering places of public gathering places of fire management activities related to fire safety, by the site is responsible for. 20th public gathering places and public fire facilities and fixed fire-fighting equipment Setup and maintenance and property units.
    Property units and public gathering places in the contract unless otherwise agreed. 21st public gathering places for alteration, expansion and renovation of buildings, and construction units should be expressly agreed upon in the contract of fire safety responsibility.
    Does not specify the responsibility for fire safety, fire safety liability of public gathering places.
    22nd article in public gathering places on top of a building, advertising plaques and other decorative items, should not affect the fire smoke and fire fighting and rescue. 23rd in public gathering places on the Windows of a building, shall be set to affect the blocking of fire escape.
    Must set the whole window, glass thickness must not exceed 0.8 cm; you must set the fences shall be provided with a device that opens from the inside.
    24th in the same building in public gathering places and other places should be made by burning wall of isolation.
    25th a public gathering places in the kitchen and is engaged in food processing, jewelry processing activities, use naked light in operation areas shall be made by burning walls isolated from other sales.
    26th in public gathering places, normally closed fire doors without personnel or goods through, not in an open State; under the fire shutter, allowed to stack items. 27th public gathering places of the automatic fire-fighting equipment, its maintenance responsibilities shall itself or entrust a qualified intermediary organizations with fire-fighting equipment detection, in accordance with the State standards, testing once a year to ensure automatic fire-fighting equipment is in a valid state.
    Archive test results in fire safety management.
    28th public gathering places during business hours, may not be blocked, locking the evacuation channels and safety exits.
    29th public security fire control institutions of fire safety in public gathering places should be responsible, fire safety Manager, (and) professional firefighters, fire control room operators, electricians, welders and other special types of fire safety training for staff of the national provisions.
    30th public gathering places must not leave the fire control room duty officer, watchman no sleeping on duty.
    31st public meeting place when the fire broke out, and its employees shall comply with the following provisions: (a) immediately call the fire alarm, (ii) fire control officer on duty immediately started fire control facilities, (iii) responsible for the fire safety, fire safety management in accordance with the fire-fighting, evacuation contingency plan organize fire fighting and evacuation personnel; (d) a person must not delay and obstruct reporting fire alarm. 32nd fourth chapter legal liability related to violation of the provisions of article 17th of combustibles stacking the fire safety regulations, a rectification; fails to correct it, by the people's Governments above the county-level public security fire control institutions organizations relocation of persons, vehicles or police station.
    Costs associated with relocation costs borne by the violators.
    33rd in violation of the provisions of article 18th one of the relevant fire safety regulations, fined 20 Yuan and 50 Yuan fine.
    34th in violation of the provisions of article 26th, normally closed the fire door in the public gathering places in the absence of personnel, goods pass is open under fire shutter, or stacking items, shall be ordered to correct immediately and 200 Yuan fines against the site. 35th article violation this provides has following behavior one of of, ordered corrected, and on the public gathered places sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following of fine; (a) automatically fire facilities not by provides detection of; (ii) This provides 29th article by column of personnel, not according to provides after fire security training of; (three) public gathered places of fire control room duty operation personnel in duty during leave of; (four) watchman in duty during sleep of; (five) public gathered places occurred fire Shi,
    The duty officer cannot perform the provisions of article 31st.
    Article 36th place of public gathering places, for breaking the rules in two years blocked evacuation passages or exits, locking, was sentenced to more than 3 times after being warned or fined, once again blocked evacuation passages or exits, locking shall be ordered to immediately correct, to law and ordered the place closed. 37th article of the requirements listed in administrative penalties imposed by the people's Governments above the county-level public security fire control institutions.
    People's Governments above the county-level public security agency decisions except as implemented by the police station.
                                          The fifth chapter supplementary articles article 38th of these provisions come into force on October 1, 2007.