Administrative Provisions On Work Safety Of Construction Projects Of Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省建设工程安全生产管理规定

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(August 6, 2007, Liaoning Provincial people's Government, the 73rd Executive meeting on August 21, 2007, Liaoning Provincial people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2007, order No. 206) first to strengthen production safety supervision and management of construction projects, protecting people's life and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China Law on construction, the People's Republic of China production safety law, regulations on work safety of construction projects and other laws and regulations, combined with the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the province engaged in the construction, renovation, expansion and clearing and other related activities and implementation of construction project supervision and administration of production safety, must comply with this provision.
    Third of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of work safety of construction projects within their respective administrative areas.
    Safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the comprehensive work safety of construction projects within their respective administrative areas supervisory management.
    Transportation, water conservancy administrative departments within the scope of their respective duties, responsible for the administration of construction engineering supervision and administration of production safety.
    Article fourth construction safety oversight body commissioned by the construction administrative departments at the same level, specific projects, construction site safety supervision and inspection.
    Construction safety supervision agencies should be equipped with the appropriate title of civil construction, electrical and mechanical aspects of the professional and technical personnel, and to carry out construction projects of construction site safety supervision and inspection conditions.
    Fifth safety production management of construction project, should adhere to safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment approach.
    Article sixth safety supervision and management of construction engineering, engineering supervision unit supervisor initial acceptance of construction Administrative Department of safety education and training of not less than 48 hours, job retraining every year during the time of not less than 16 hours. Article seventh unit should be national and provincial regulations to determine and pay the fee for work safety of construction projects.
    The construction unit shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    Eighth construction units at the time of application for a construction permit shall provide safety measures to review qualifications.
    Handle security construction measures review qualified proved Shi should provides following information: (a) construction units of license, and qualification certificate and security production license; (ii) safety costs prepaid voucher and safety costs paid plans; (three) construction organization design, and special security construction programme and security technology measures; (four) construction units main head, and project head safety assessment qualified certificate and full-time safety management personnel, and special job personnel qualification certificate;
    (E) construction units mainly engineering managers list, project supervision on safety management personnel qualifications; (f) to pay industrial injury insurance, casualty insurance credentials; (VII) relevant information under the relevant laws, rules and regulations.
    Review of construction drawings of the Nineth lawfully established institutions and review officers shall, in accordance with the laws and regulations, the provisions of regulation, structural safety and construction standards for the implementation of mandatory review, and the review is responsible for the quality of the drawings.
    Tenth construction unit should accidental injury insurance to construction workers, pay for accident insurance, and as non-competitive bidding when bid costs.
    11th construction units should be in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, rules and standards organizations, such as the construction of construction safety are responsible for and comply with the following provisions: (a) the construction, according to the characteristics of the project construction organization design and specialized construction scheme, specific safety measures are in place, and according to the construction schedule for the works Division, section for safety instructions.
    (B) establish a sound security system, regular and special inspections on the construction site.
    (C) in violation of construction safety standards, norms and procedures should be promptly stopped and corrected, to detect safety risks to take timely measures to eliminate it.
    (D) the construction stoppage resumed work after, must be on the construction site safety and mechanical equipment maintenance again, take effective measures to ensure safety in production, without passing inspection are not allowed to resume work; was ordered to shut down the rectification works must be approved by the relevant department or unit acceptance issued a return order, the resumption of work.
    (E) construction site fire and keeping dangerous goods system should be established, set to meet the requirements of the fire safety facilities, equipment, and logo.
    (F) the construction site should conform to the Ministry of construction, the construction safety inspection standards and the technical specification for temporary electrical safety of construction site and the construction site requirements such as environmental and health standards.
    (G) workers shall comply with technical standards and operational procedures and rules of construction safety, proper use of the security products, mechanical equipment and machinery.
    (H) the need to comply with other requirements.
    12th construction construction of crane Assembly and disassembly must be made by the administrative authorities issuing qualified professional construction unit disassembly and Assembly, and presence of a technical and security staff monitoring.
    Units used in construction during the lifting, should designate a person responsible for maintenance, repair, and that its performance is good, and the maintenance and repair of the perfect registration system established, regular checks on their own.
    13th construction projects before the final acceptance of construction construction site safety analysis should be reported and security management archives submissions granted construction permits construction Administrative Department.
    14th demolition construction units and construction units should be clear of safety management of responsibility, signing safety management protocols.
    Demolition job should developed special construction programme, and comply with following provides: (a) demolition job site should implemented full closed management; (ii) demolition job site must set full-time security member is responsible for visits, and supervision job personnel by requirements operation; (three) demolition pipeline and the container Shi, must identified its residues real of type, and chemical nature, take corresponding measures Hou, party can for demolition construction; (four) demolition of garbage, should used closed garbage channel or loaded bags transport, shall not throwing;
    (V) use manual tools and mechanical removal of housing, its construction program from top to bottom layer removed; (vi) blasting operations shall comply with the national management of civil explosives and blasting safety management regulations, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the safety regulations for blasting construction; (VII) laws, rules and regulations to remove other security measures, the provisions of the control.
    15th the construction supervising units shall take a variety of forms the purpose of safety supervision and inspection, and in accordance with the relevant professional regulations, establishing and perfecting safety supervision files.
    Construction supervision unit in construction organization design of the review of safety measures or special construction programme, insufficient content, unable to guide the construction of, and should be corrected in a timely manner.
    16th construction supervision unit for the safety supervision of the project Chief supervisor responsibility system should be implemented.
    The construction supervising units shall be at the construction site on the second (ii) above projects, as well as the second and higher risk projects dedicated functional safety engineer.
    17th article violation this provides, construction figure review institutions and construction units has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered its corrected, and at 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) construction figure review institutions not on construction figure structure security for review of; (ii) construction units not established sound security checks system, on construction site for regularly and special check of.
    18th article violation this provides, construction units has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered its corrected, and at 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) construction units in tender in the will for construction personnel paid of accident hurt insurance costs as competitive costs of; (ii) construction engineering shutdown Hou without check qualified unauthorized return or was shutdown rectification and without acceptance qualified unauthorized return of; (three) construction site not meet national about standard, and specification requirements of.
    19th article violation this provides, demolition engineering construction units has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered its corrected, and at 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) demolition job site not implemented full closed management of; (ii) demolition job site not set full-time security member is responsible for visits, supervision job personnel not by requirements operation of; (three) demolition pipeline and the container Shi, not identified its residues real of type, and chemical nature, does not take corresponding measures will for demolition construction of;
    (D) when using hand tools and mechanical removal of housing, from top to bottom hierarchical program construction is not removed.
    20th article violates these provisions, construction supervising units of any of the following acts, the construction Administrative Department shall order their correction, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    (A) not established sound about security supervision archives of; (ii) not on content not full, and cannot guide construction of security technology measures or special construction programme timely corrected of; (three) not on project of security supervision implemented total supervision engineers responsibility of; (four) not in construction site on II, (containing II,) above project, and II, following and dangerous degree high of project set full-time security supervision engineers of.
    21st in accordance with these provisions, fines, by construction Administrative Department Unit in charge and the other by imposing fines more than 10% 20% fine, but shall not exceed a maximum of 1000 Yuan.
22nd on the laws and regulations on work safety of construction projects of administrative punishment of an offence otherwise provides, from its provisions.
    The same offence, impose administrative punishment shall be repeated.
                                                23rd these provisions come into force on October 1, 2007.