Fushun City, Renewable Resources Management Approach

Original Language Title: 抚顺市再生资源回收管理办法

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(July 30, 2007, Fushun city people's Government, the 45th Executive meeting on September 3, 2007, 130th Fushun city people's Government promulgated as of October 5, 2007) the first section for the promotion of renewable resources recovery, regulate the management of renewable resources, save resources, protect the environment, economic and social development, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to the management of renewable resources in the administrative area of the city activities and supervision.
    Laws, rules and regulations for imported solid wastes as raw materials, hazardous waste, scrap car, scrap of power facilities provided in recovery from its provisions.
    Article renewable resources mentioned in these measures refers to the social production and consumption in the process has lost all or part of the original value, after recovering, processing, enabling them to regain the value of all kinds of waste.
    Renewable resources, including scrap metal, scrap electronics waste paper and scrap mechanical and electrical equipment and components, raw materials (such as waste paper, waste cotton, and so on), light chemical waste materials (such as rubber, plastics, pesticide packaging, animals, miscellaneous, hair, etc), glass, etc.
    Producing waste metals are used for construction, railways, communications, electric power, water conservancy, oil, public utilities and other areas of production, has lost all or part of the original value of metals and metal products.
    Article fourth encourage the environmentally sound recycling of renewable resources, encourage renewable resources supports scientific research, technology development and promotion of recycling.
    Article fifth network implementation of renewable resources and manpower planning, rational distribution and total control of the principle.
    Further additional renewable resource recycling network in urban centres, existing outlets will gradually move out of renewable resources.
    Encouraging the building trade market of renewable resources and standard recycling station in the Community Pavilion, promoting renewable resource recycling network system.
    Sixth city commercial Bureau for the Department of renewable resources recovery industry in the city, municipal renewable resources management office located in the city's commercial Bureau, responsible for the development and implementation of renewable resources recovery nets, of recovery industry development planning and supervision and management of renewable resources recovery industry.
    County, district administration, departments are responsible for the supervision and management of renewable resources recovery industry in the administrative area; it should be set up and sound management of renewable resources recovery industry bodies, and are equipped with the appropriate personnel.
    Development and reform, public security, industry and commerce, law enforcement, environmental protection, taxation, planning and other relevant departments according to their respective duties and supervision and management of renewable resources, recycling operations.
    Article seventh sets recycling outlets, shall conform to the of the Fushun city commercial network planning business scrap metal, operating permit shall be obtained.
    Article eighth of renewable resources recovery operations of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households (hereinafter operator of renewable resources), shall apply to the Administration for industry and commerce registration, after obtaining the business license, and may engage in business activities.
    Operators of renewable resources recovery shall, after obtaining the business license is located in the 30th district (district) Government Administration Department.
    Recycling scrap metal recycling operators, in addition to the commercial administrative departments for the record out, should also be in the 15th after obtaining the business license to the local County (district) people's Government public security organ for the record.
    Business operators of renewable resources change, suspension and cancellation of such matters, should be to the original 15th related formalities for approval and record Department.
    Nineth enterprises of renewable resources recovery of producing waste metals, subject to verification registration system.
    Sold human units of, should identification sold units issued of proved, truthfully registration sold units of name, and handling people of name, and address, and ID number and the sold items of name, and number, and specifications, and new old degree,; sold human personal of, should truthfully registration sold people of name, and address, and ID number and the sold items of name, and number, and specifications, and new old degree,.
    Save the registration data shall be not less than two years.
    Tenth producing waste metals should be sold to productive operational qualifications for scrap metal recycling business. 11th producing waste metals unit through recycling contracts with the enterprises of renewable resources sold production of scrap metal.
    Recycling contracts shall provide for the recovery of productive scrap metal name, quantity, specification, new registration.
    12th article ban recycling following items: (a) guns, and ammunition and explosion items; (ii) personal sold of railway, and oil, and power, and communications, and mine, and water, and measurement, and municipal public facilities and military facilities, dedicated equipment; (three) radioactive items and costumes real, and packaging real; (four) toxic items; (five) national expressly ban recycling of heritage, and gold and silver and products.
    13th recycling operators found in business activities without lawful sources of municipal public utilities and public security authorities searched for stolen goods or suspected stolen goods items, it shall report to public security organs.
    Article 14th operators in its flow of renewable resources recovery activities should be worn, certificate of renewable resources produced by the Office of management; recycling, renewable resources management office vehicles should be hung produced a unified identity.
    15th recycling operators engaged in mobile recycling activities, not in residential areas, schools, hospitals, military units and residents yelled, noise, effects units and residents of normal work and life; not free debris piled up, the burning of waste.
    16th renewable resources collection, storage, transportation, handling the entire process shall comply with the national environmental protection laws, regulations, technical policies and specifications and management of city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations.
    Article 17th recycling of recycling operators in its garage, sale, storage, transportation and other business activities should comply with the relevant provisions of junk circulation. Article 18th door can be taken of renewable resources recovery, itinerant recovery and recovery at certain places or in other ways.
    Operators of renewable resources by phone, the Internet and other forms of interaction with residents, units of information, provide convenient and fast service.
    Article 19th recycling business operator shall operate, fair competition, establishing normal market economic order.
    20th of municipal systems shall establish a joint Business Council, in conjunction with the departments concerned to implement the inspection and deal with complaints from operators of renewable resources.
    21st of Municipal Association of renewable resources recovery industry shall be subject to operational guidance of the municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry self-regulation, renewable resources, recycling operators career training and publicity and education laws, regulations, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests.
    22nd article in violation of these regulations, management of scrap metal without business permits, without producing waste metals business qualification units or individuals engaged in producing waste metals, producer selling scrap metal to metal without producing waste management qualifications units or individuals, by the city's commercial Bureau, administration for industry and commerce in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    23rd article in violation of these regulations, is not required to seat of County (district) people's Government departments of commercial administration, be warned by the commercial Administrative Department, and the seriousness of penalty of between 500 Yuan over 2000.
    Article 24th in violation of these regulations, in accordance with stipulations in the public security authorities for the record, recycled production waste metal not complying with the provisions of the identification of registration certificates and found stolen goods or suspected stolen goods goods not reported by the public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    25th article in violation of these regulations, recycling ban on recycling, by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Article 26th in violation of these regulations, no wear, recycling certificate, recycling used vehicles not hanging logo, be warned by the comprehensive administrative law-enforcement departments of urban management, and Visual to the circumstances, fines of between 50 Yuan.
    Violation of these measures, shouting, noise, effects units and residents of normal work and life, random debris piled up, the burning of waste, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Department in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Administration staff article 27th severely dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, illegal approval, favoritism, bribery, violations of legal rights of operators of renewable resources, competent authorities should be subject to appropriate administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                          28th article of the rules come into effect on October 5, 2007.