Xining City Outdoors Advertisement Installation Management

Original Language Title: 西宁市户外广告设置管理办法

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(On June 28, 2007 Xining City Government 4th times Executive Conference considered through on July 9, 2007 Xining City Government makes 81st, announced since on September 1, 2007 up purposes) first article to specification outdoor advertising of set and management, landscaping city environment, promote economic and social coordination development, according to People's Republic of China advertising method, and city city and sanitation management Ordinance, about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.
    Second approach applies to sets of outdoor advertisements within the administrative area of the city and its related management activities.
    Outdoor advertising registration, content review and supervision, in accordance with the People's Republic of China advertisement law and regulations of the relevant rules and regulations.
    Third article this approach by said outdoor advertising, is refers to using public, and owned or others all of buildings, and structures, and road, and site, and green, and space, and waters, and transport, and public facilities, and empty floating real, carrier set of advertising and the plaque facilities, including neon, and lightbox, and window, and identifies brand, and electronic displayed brand (screen), and announcement bar, and publicity bar, and read baolan, and Gallery, and indicates brand, and real styling, and shop enrollment shop brand, and slogans, and banners, independent or subsidiary type advertising.
    Fourth city Administrative Department of environment is the competent departments of the city outdoors advertisement installation, responsible outdoor advertising arrangement of integrated planning, management, supervision and coordination.
    District, County and city environmental administrative authorities responsible for the administration of outdoor advertisements in management and supervision.
    Planning, business, traffic, landscape, public security, environmental protection, quality and technical supervision, safety and other relevant administrative departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, shall conduct supervision on outdoor advertisement management.
    Fifth outdoors advertisement installation should be in accordance with the urban master plan calls for overall planning, rational distribution, amenity, standard setting, and coordination with the urban style.
    Administrative departments shall, in accordance with the sixth city appearance environment in this municipality, in conjunction with the urban planning administrative departments, such as the preparation of the master plan of the city outdoors advertisement installation, approved by the municipal people's Government promulgated for implementation.
    Administrative departments shall, in accordance with the municipal city appearance and environment master plan of outdoor advertisements, in conjunction with the concerned organization of outdoor advertising is detailed plans and specifications, and should seek advice from trade associations, advertising agents, experts and the public opinion.
    Article seventh design of outdoor advertisements, should comply with the overall outdoor advertising arrangement plan, detailed planning and technical specification requirements. Eighth article ban in following regional or location set outdoor advertising: (a) using traffic security facilities, and traffic logo of; (ii) effect municipal public facilities, and fire security facilities, and traffic logo normal using or hamper vehicles and pedestrian passage of; (three) hamper others production business or effect residents life, and effect others on buildings using interests of; (four) using illegal building, and dangerous housing and the other may endanger security of buildings and facilities of; (five) perspective wall, and guardrail, and road belt, and
    Temporary canopy (Pavilion), and (vi) State agencies, schools, cultural relics protection units and places of scenic spots of construction control areas; (VII) other damages appearance city appearance or image of the buildings and (VIII) municipal people's Government established landmarks and outdoor advertising prohibited other region or location. Nineth in major cities on both sides of the road in the city may not set up large outdoor advertising.
    Urban outdoor advertising within both sides of the Expressway and national highway, according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan should be strictly controlled.
    Outdoor advertising on both sides of the road and its tenth article, does not impede the Safe Horizon or trafficability, landscape and cityscape not shielding may not keep out street lights, traffic signs, traffic signals, shall be without prejudice to barrier-free facilities.
    11th attached to buildings, structures and other outdoor advertising facilities shall not affect the landscape and environment, not to affect the lighting of the building shall not exceed the height and scale of the plan and specification limit; not in dangerous buildings, structures and other dangerous outdoor advertising facilities.
    12th new buildings, structures and other facilities, no position is reserved for outdoor advertising, are not allowed to set the framework for outdoor advertising. 13th article application set outdoor advertising of, should to city environment administrative competent sector proposed outdoor advertising set application, and submitted following material: (a) by requirements fill in of outdoor advertising set application table; (ii) license or other subject qualification legal effective proved file; (three) outdoor advertising facilities and carrier of are elevation, and security structure figure and the color effect figure; (four) using non-public site set outdoor commercial advertising of, should submitted outdoor advertising set site ownership, and right proved file,
    Or relating to ownership or right to sign a usage agreement, contract, etc; (e) outdoor advertising use of buildings or structures shall be provided by the original design or corresponding qualification of design unit proof of safety of buildings and structures of information, (vi) other material provided by laws and regulations.
    14th municipal or district, County Department of environment administration shall receive outdoor advertisements within 7 working days from the date of the application for approval, meet the requirements, according to the decision does not meet the conditions, and shall state the reasons in writing.
    Installation of outdoor advertising takes City Road, field, green, after examination by the relevant departments, the applicant shall be according to the provisions of the present article 13th outdoor advertisement setting approval procedures.
    15th set shop store brand in the urban area, the local administrative Department of environment for approval procedures; set, other outdoor advertisements shall be to the competent administrative departments for examination and approval procedures of city appearance and environment.
    County administrative authorities responsible for the administration of environment within the city outdoors advertisement installation and approval procedures. Without the approval, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to set outdoor advertising.
    Outdoor advertising grant should be set as allowed, not allowed to change; change shall be made to the competent administrative Department for environment change of the registration.
    16th set road brand, shelters, telephone booths, lamp posts and other public facilities along with installation of outdoor advertising and advertising on transport, first to city and county administrative departments of environment approval for outdoor advertisements set-up procedures before they can go through relevant procedures in other sectors.
    17th attached to buildings, structures and all kinds of outdoor advertising facilities shall obtain the owner's consent and signed a written agreement.
    The 18th set of outdoor advertising venues or facilities use rights can be obtained through public bidding, auction, agreements or any other means. Outdoor advertising in the urban areas of public space, public facilities use bidding and auction from Xining city assets operation agencies should implement.
    Public space, public facilities and the specific measures for bidding, auction, the municipal city appearance and environment in conjunction with relevant departments shall be separately formulated by the Administrative Department, approved by the municipal executive.
    19th auction of public space or outdoor advertising income derived from the location of public facilities, the two lines of income and expenditure management, funds earmarked for urban construction and management.
    Municipal finance, auditing, monitoring, price and other administrative departments should strengthen the commercial outdoor advertising paid use of income funds management and supervision and inspection work.
    20th install outdoor advertising facilities licensing period shall not exceed 3 years, but neon set a deadline of no more than 4 years, display advertising and set a deadline of 50 square meter high pole advertising may not exceed 5 years.
    Outdoor advertising approved and registered by the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce issued a period not exceeding the period specified in the preceding paragraph.
    Settings need to continue setting the expiration, should be submitted to the original examination and approval departments in the 30th before the expiration delay applications or not approving extension of the extension of the application had been filed, setting shall be to remove in a timely manner.
    21st install outdoor advertising shall be completed within 45 days from the date of approval set fails to set, and set approval automatically invalidated, but except for reasons of force majeure.
    22nd installation of outdoor advertisement shall conform to the following provisions: (a) comply with the overall outdoor advertising arrangement plan, detailed planning and technical specification requirements; (b) strict enforcement of safety technology specification and standard, firm construction and facilities, (iii) meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements, adoption of new technologies, new materials, new lights, new technology, aesthetic, decorative novelty.
    23rd fixed line operation of bus body advertising, shall comply with the following provisions: (a) not on the vehicle front, front and rear windscreen and side Windows set on, (ii) may not cover all the body color, and (iii) shall not affect passenger identification and ride. 24th to organize cultural, sports, commodities trading, product sales, publicity and education activities that require a temporary installation of outdoor advertising, location, time frame and granted in accordance with the requirements set expires you will have to remove.
    Holidays, celebrations held by the grant sets the slogans, banners, set the units and individuals shall end within 24 hours to remove.
    25th article outdoor advertising set units or personal should is responsible for outdoor advertising of maintenance, and comply with following provides: (a) regularly check, and maintenance, keep outdoor advertising of clean, and intact, and beautiful; (ii) outdoor advertising damaged, and tilt, and incomplete of, should timely maintenance or update; appeared defaced, and faded of, should timely cleaning, and oil ornaments, and painted; (three) regularly for security detection, on has security hidden may endanger personal, and property security of, should timely repair or demolition;
    (D) outdoor lighting facilities should maintain its functions well, neon, electronic display devices, light box should be keeping the screen displays full, does not light, the damage occurred shall timely maintenance, replacement, and stopped before repair. 26th outdoor advertisement facility after the completion of unit or individual installation of outdoor advertising facilities shall organize relevant units for final acceptance.
    The definition of outdoor advertising, shall be determined separately by the Municipal Department of environment administration.
    27th release install outdoor advertising shall be indicated in the license number, registration certificate number and the Publisher name (signboard shop brand).
    28th set of outdoor advertisement shall guarantee a certain amount of time or layout for public advocacy.
    On operating outdoor advertising facilities shall not publish commercial ads over 7th should be requested by the Administrative Department of environment issued public welfare advertisements.
    29th article this approach purposes Qian has set of outdoor advertising has following case one of of, should according to city environment administrative competent sector provides of term by set who itself demolition; late not demolition of, by city environment administrative competent sector be forced demolition, demolition costs by set who bear: (a) without approved unauthorized set of; (ii) not meet outdoor advertising set planning and technology specification of; (three) not clear set term and set time over 3 years of. 30th due to reasons such as urban planning and construction required removal of outdoor advertising, Administrative Department of environment should be 15th prior written notice setting units or individuals to dismantle, and revocation of the granted set of approval decision losses due to demolition, to set compensation costs according to the assessed value.
    Outdoor advertising removed without a grant set or extended, without compensation.
    31st failing to obtain approval from outdoor advertising without permission, no unit or individual shall have the right to report or complaint, Administrative Department of environment discovery, receiving the report or complaint shall be promptly dealt with according to law. 32nd article violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, by city environment administrative competent sector according to following provides punishment: (a) without approved set outdoor advertising of, ordered deadline demolition; late not demolition of, law forced demolition, and can sentenced 1000 above 5000 Yuan following fine; (ii) set of outdoor advertising not meet outdoor advertising set general planning, and detailed planning and technology specification of, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, law forced demolition, And can sentenced 1000 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following fine; (three) outdoor advertising set expires Hou, not timely demolition of, ordered deadline demolition; late not demolition of, law forced demolition, and can sentenced 500 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine; (four) not timely maintenance replaced outdoor advertising lighting facilities of, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, law forced demolition, and can sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; (five) over provides term not released public advertising of,
    A rectification; it fails to, impose a penalty of 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan.
    Article 33rd in the outdoor advertising arrangement, managerial process, violations of laws, rules and regulations, the relevant administrative departments shall punish.
    Outdoor advertisements in violation of the provisions of article 34th, fail to meet safeguard obligations, collapses, falls and other accidents of outdoor advertising facilities, causing personal injury or property damage, should be based on the relevant provisions of the law, and assume the corresponding responsibility.
    35th refuses or obstructs the environment Administrative Department and other relevant departments of law enforcement personnel in performing their duties, the public security organs shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    36th article city sanitation administrative competent sector and other about sector of staff has following behavior one of of, by its where units or superior competent sector on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) violation this approach provides handle outdoor advertising set approval or deliberately delay not do of; (ii) on law enforcement check in the found of problem or received of reported, not law processing or mutual shuffle of;
    (C) of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in other activities.
    37th article of the way specific applications by the competent administrative Department of city appearance and environment is responsible for the interpretation.
      38th article of the rules take effect on September 1, 2007.