Tianjin Quality Management Approach

Original Language Title: 天津市耕地质量管理办法

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(August 13, 2007 Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 100th review on August 30, 2007, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 122th announced as of October 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article I to protect cultivated land resources, improve the quality of cultivated land and guarantee sustainable development of agriculture, in accordance with the People's Republic of China agricultural Act, the basic farmland protection Ordinance (promulgated by Decree No. 257) and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article of cultivated land in these measures refers to certain basic standards, and often the land (including new wasteland, fallow, rotation, crop rotation grass; to grow crops, fruit trees and other trees of the land).
    The quality of cultivated land in these measures refers to the soil fertility and the environment, the level of facilities and quality of their suitability factors on crop levels.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of land owners, users, managers, you must comply with these measures.
    Article fourth of cultivated land quality management should follow the overall planning, rational use, combined with strict protection guidelines to protect and improve the quality of cultivated land. Article fifth should implement the principle of equal emphasis on quantity and quality of cultivated land protection.
    Implemented compensation balance of cultivated land occupied, of supplementary cultivated land quality should be better than, or equivalent to the land mass.
    Land administrative departments and departments of agriculture administration in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, the cultivated land protection and management.
    Sixth the land Administrative Department and agriculture competent administrative departments shall be requisitioned land and cultivated land quality, land management information to the public. Chapter II supervision and management article seventh agricultural Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of the quality of the land.
    Specific work by their respective regulatory agencies of soil and fertilizer.
    Development and reform, finance, land and housing management, planning, environmental protection and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do the management work.
    Eighth people's Governments at various levels shall be cultivated land quality construction and management into national economic and social development plan, and their implementation.
    County and township people's Governments in charge of cultivated land protection responsibilities should effectively implement, implement quality, quantity of arable land protection objectives and tasks.
    Nineth census of people's Governments at various levels shall organize regular quality of arable land, cultivated land quality bulletin published.
    Land quality survey by administrative departments in charge of agriculture, supervision and management of soil and fertilizer institutions by their respective organizations.
    Tenth people's Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with quality management and construction need to arrange special funds for cultivated land quality survey and management work.
    11th Township people's Government shall, in accordance with municipal and district and county administrative departments of agriculture called for the establishment of land management records, land contract (lease) contract set out in the farmland quality status, identification of cultivated land quality protection under the contents and requirements.
    Chapter III, implement quality level, quality monitoring the 12th article of the accreditation system. Farmland quality grade standard of this municipality in accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations.
    Specific management measures shall be formulated separately by the municipal departments of agriculture administration, municipal supervision and management of soil and fertilizer institutions responsible for implementation.
    Recognized quality level as a cultivated land quality evaluation of cultivated land to increase or decrease the basis.
    Deactivate, or when there is a transfer of arable land, its quality should be found again.
    13th soil and fertilizer regulatory authority should be imposed on cultivated land quality dynamic monitoring and monitoring results of agricultural administrative departments at the same level.
    Administrative Department of agriculture should be based on the cultivated land quality dynamic monitoring results released farmland quality status report proposes appropriate force protection measures, and provide application services to agricultural producers.
    14th new reclamation of arable land and after completion of the middle of investment reform, agriculture administration departments at or above the county level, the land administrative departments, the financial sector and project authorities on cultivated land quality acceptance.
    15th not suitable for planting food crops cultivated land, the Department of agriculture Administration reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval in accordance with law, classified as land used for non-food crops.
    Land used for non-food crops within the prohibition of the cultivation of food crops.
    Article 16th quality disputes arising out of, the party can apply to the supervision and management of soil and fertilizer, and identification.
    17th of municipal and district and county administrative departments of agriculture should be developed in the planning field, reported to the people's Governments at the same level for approval.
    City and district and county administrative departments of agriculture should be in accordance with the type of the field to guide land users to adopt corresponding reform measures, the construction of high and stable yield farmland.
    The fourth chapter the use and protection of article 18th soil and fertilizer regulatory authority is responsible for organizing construction of cultivated land quality, developing formula fertilization by soil testing, field modification, water-saving irrigation technologies, such as promotional activities, technical guidance and services for land use.
    Article 19th owner should strengthen the quality of cultivated land protection of cultivated land, take effective measures, increasing investment in construction of cultivated land quality, improved quality of arable land.
    20th land users should be the rational use of land, according to local conditions using rational farming methods, promotion of cultivated land quality.
    Cultivated land use in 21st scientific fertilizing methods should be taken, in accordance with the principle of balanced fertilization, fertilization, the implementation of straw, applying more organic fertilizers. 22nd to encourage land use and efficient use of land.
    Supervision and management of soil and fertilizer institutions at all levels should improve the efficiency of land use in proper technical guidance and services.
    23rd production and sales of fertilizer products should meet national or industrial standards, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, registered by the administrative departments of agriculture.
    Without agricultural fertilizer product registered with the competent administrative authorities shall not be used in agricultural production.
    24th used as fertilizer using municipal solid waste, sludge shall conform to the national or local standard.
    Prohibition provided to agricultural producers are likely to land polluted by fertilizers, pesticides, urban waste and sludge.
    25th no unit or individual is prohibited to land or agricultural irrigation canal system of water reaches sewage.
    Land users are not allowed to use substandard sewage irrigated arable land.
    Article 26th land user shall keep clear the environment of waste such as plastic film to prevent contamination of arable land. 27th land user shall protect the topsoil. Turf topsoil is seriously affected, such as plant varieties shall comply with the planting specifications.
    Planting specification, developed and published by the Administrative Department of agriculture.
    28th prohibits the following acts of land use: (a) predatory use of cultivated land, (ii) destroy topsoil and (iii) dumping, pile up, disposal of wastes, and (iv) other damage the quality of the land.
    The fifth chapter rewards and punishments article 29th the following contribution to protecting cultivated land quality, municipal and county-level people's Governments shall give commendations and awards: (a) in quality management, has made remarkable achievements in the protection of cultivated land, (ii) improving cultivated quality with remarkable; (c) to report and expose, deter significant acts of destruction of cultivated land quality.
    Article 30th in violation of these regulations the following circumstances, caused a decline in the quality of cultivated land, punished by departments of agriculture administration in accordance with the following provisions: (a) the illegal use of arable land or predatory use of cultivated land, caused a decline in quality of cultivated land, and give a warning to rectify; refuses, fines of between 10,000 yuan per MU.
    (B) destruction of farmland topsoil soil and planting, ordered corrective action and restitution; refuses, and penalty of between 100 and 2000 Yuan per MU.
    (C) to land dump, stowage, disposal of waste, hazards can be eliminated, given a warning and correction within who refuses to correct the harm and be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan.
    (D) fails to clear the environment film on cultivated land users given a warning, rectify; without the required correction, fines of between 50 Yuan per MU.
    31st in violation of paragraph II of this article 15th, in non-food crops used to grow food crops, and by the Administrative Department of agriculture shall order rectification period uncorrected, departments of agriculture administration can destroy their crops and crop products. 32nd breach of these measures relate to mandates of other departments, departments of agriculture administration should be handed over to the relevant authorities.
    Relevant departments in charge should be handled in a timely manner, process the results and feedback the agricultural administrative departments.
    Article 33rd acts in violation of these measures, is an explicit penalty provisions of laws and regulations from its provisions.
    Article 34th cultivated land quality protection of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism and had an impact on quality of arable land protection, management, and by their work units or departments, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                              Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 35th since 2007 afternoon in these measures come into effect on October 1.

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