Suppression Of Profiteering, Hefei Hefei People's Government On The Revision Of The Implementation Measures For Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 合肥市人民政府关于修改《合肥市制止牟取暴利实施办法》等规章的决定

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(September 27, 2007 Hefei Government 99th times Executive Conference considered through October 31, 2007 Hefei Government makes 129th, announced since announced of day up purposes) for maintenance socialist legal unified, now decided on Hefei stop profiteering implementation approach, 4 pieces regulations for following modified: a, and Hefei stop profiteering implementation approach (Hefei Government makes 30th, released) (a) first article modified for: "for specification market price behavior, stop not due competition To protect the legitimate interests of consumers, in accordance with the People's Republic of China price provisions, the law on administrative punishment on price violations original released by the State Development Planning Commission, the State Council approved the interim provisions on prohibition of exorbitant profits and the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated. "(B) 17th is amended as:" the price supervision and inspection agencies on price fraud, price fixing and profiteering trials, in accordance with the price of the former State Planning Commission of the implementation of the provisions of the administrative punishment procedure. "(Iii) to merge the article 18th, 19th as the 18th and amended as:" the violation of these measures stipulated in article sixth, 11th and 12th, by the price departments price administrative penalties against illegal acts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations will be punished. "(D) 20th is amended as:" operators to price of a competent authority in accordance with this approach refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    "(E) deleted article 23rd. II, and Hefei field standing fertilizer institutions management provides (Hefei Government makes 62nd, released) (a) second article modified for: "This provides by said field standing fertilizer institutions is refers to following units in this city administrative within (not containing three county) established of administrative sex do institutions: (a) County above Government; (ii) has independent corporate qualification of domestic enterprises and social groups. "(B) the third paragraph is amended as:" the city of quality and technical supervision, taxation, public security and Labor departments should, according to their functions, with the agencies in manure management, co-organised by the field work. "(C) the fourth is amended as:" the organs of the newly established field in fertilizer make residence registration, organization code registration, bank accounts, seal engraving, recruitment and advertising, and other related procedures, relevant departments need to certify, sustainable city co-organised by proof of filing the relevant formalities.
    "(Four) fifth article modified for:" field standing fertilizer institutions to city by organised handle record proved Shi, must provides following material: (a) hosted units on established standing fertilizer institutions of letter original (letter of content including: intends established standing fertilizer institutions of name, and duties task, and business range, and membership relationship, and personnel prepared,); (ii) hosted units on standing fertilizer institutions head appointed book original; (three) standing fertilizer institutions head ID original and copies; (four) hosted units effective card as copies;
    (E) fixed office space to prove (housing title certificate copy of the original or a copy of the House leasing contract). Audited filing offices, municipal Coordinator should issue in the 3rd field in fat record to prove it.
    "(E) deleted article sixth.
    (F) the seventh as the sixth of the rules, amended as: "foreign agencies in fertilizer registration certificate shall indicate the following: (a) name of organization, address, and nature of, (ii) name of the person responsible; (c) the scope of business; (d) name and address of sponsor. Foreign agencies in fertilizer these changes in registered items, should be handled at the association with the city change. Foreign agencies in fat removed, original organizer should do cleanup work, and assisted to the city by the relevant departments, such as cancellation, surrender the seal and the record proves that stop all business activities. "(G) an article shall be added as the seventh article:" the Coordinator shall regularly documented field agencies in fertilizer to society announcements. "(VIII) eighth is amended as:" foreign agencies in fertilizer should protect their workers ' legitimate rights and interests according to law cannot establish labor contracts with the workers employed in this city, by the municipal labor organizations and hiring of workers signed labor contracts, and pay social insurance fees.
    "(IX) article Nineth is revised as follows:" foreign agencies in fertilizers should do their jobs at the same time, support the city's economic construction and social undertakings, promote regional economic cooperation and collaboration to facilitate investment promotion work. Fat bodies in the city foreign economic construction and made outstanding contributions to the community, or by the city authorities in accordance with the provisions of awards.
    "(J) the deleted article tenth.
    (11) the deleted article 14th. Three, and Hefei has purchased public housing listed trading management provisional approach (Hefei Government makes 73rd, released) (a) second article modified for: "this city urban (containing zone) workers by housing reform policy purchase of public housing and workers enjoy national offers purchase of housing, and housing room, and relief room, and fund-raising built of housing (following collectively has purchased public housing) first into market trading of, applies this approach.
    "(B) the fourth is revised as follows:" real estate of Hefei competent authority within the administrative area of the city have been trading public housing management. Land and natural resources, finance, tax, pricing, business, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to meet real estate administrative departments have been trading public housing management.
    "(C) the deletion of article sixth. (D) the seventh as the sixth of the rules, amended as: "have been trading public housing, trading parties should sign a written contract for the sale, and apply to the local real estate trade Management Department of housing transaction transfer procedures, with certificate of title to land and resources administrative departments to apply for housing land alteration registration procedures. "(E) article Nineth article eighth, is revised as follows:" employees as a standard price for public housing, as stipulated in the housing reform policies pay the cost difference between the standard price of transitional cost price, to sell, lease, as provided in this way after paying the relevant taxes, proceeds from the sale or rent which is employee-owned. "(F) the tenth as the Nineth, the first paragraph is amended as:" sell, lease purchase public housing at a standard price, in this way after paying the relevant taxes, House for sale or rent income received by the workers and the original property in the property unit according to the respective proportion for distribution. Original property houses for sale and rent income, real estate administrative departments by collecting back housing on 30th and property units. Set aside in the original property, municipal housing Department, Treasury, in the Centre of the housing account. "(VII) 13th as the 12th and amended as:" after purchasing public housing is publicly traded, originally extracted from the housing maintenance funds transferred to a new property name, relates to the housing maintenance of the common parts, common facilities and equipment. "(Eight) 14th article as 13th article, modified for:" workers sold, and rental has purchased public housing, except national another has provides outside, implemented following offers policy: (a) by Anhui Province Department of finance, and place IRD, and construction Office on personal by purchased public housing listed trading tax problem of notification (tax method word [1998]419,) and province place IRD forward national tax General on personal housing transfer proceeds levy personal income tax about problem of notification (WAN tax [2006] 129th) of tax policy to cater for, (ii) in accordance with standard pay transaction fees for 6 Yuan per square meter, each half, and (iii) sell temporary lots were sold to the municipal people's Government 1% land gains; (d) the lessor standard approved by the commodity price departments pay leasing fees. "(IX) article 19th as the 18th, the second paragraph is amended as:" after purchasing public housing is publicly traded, in addition to buying an area of substandard parts can continue to enjoy the preferential policy of housing reform, their spouses no longer housing reform policies or enjoy the preferential policies of the State purchase of public housing. "(J) the 20th as the 19th and amended as:" the real estate departments will have to buy public housing listed monthly CC municipal land and resource management Department.
    "(11) delete the article 25th. Four, and Hefei city town workers social security fee levy paid provisional provides (Hefei Government makes 94th, released) (a) fourth article modified for: "town workers social security fee by following range levy paid: (a) basic pension premium: town various enterprise and workers, and implemented enterprise management institutions and workers, and private non-enterprises and practitioners, and social groups, and Foundation and full-time personnel, and individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employment personnel, and State, and
    And formed labour relations of the staff in public institutions.
    (B) basic medical insurance premiums: towns all kinds of enterprises and their employees, government agencies, institutions and their staff, private non-enterprise units and its practitioners, community groups and professionals, a town within the administrative area of the city accounts of owners of individual economic organizations and their employees.
    (C) unemployment insurance premiums: towns of all kinds of enterprises and their employees, institutions and their staff, private non-enterprise units and its practitioners, community groups and professionals, State organs, institutions, social organizations and established the labor contract system personnel, employees of individual businesses and their employees.
    (D) industrial injury insurance: towns all kinds of enterprises and their employees, not part of the funding support or no recurrent funding of institutions and their staff, private non-enterprise units and their employees, community groups, foundations and its full-time staff, employees of individual businesses and their employees. (E) maternity insurance: towns all kinds of enterprises and their employees, government agencies, institutions and their staff, private non-enterprise units and its practitioners, community groups and professionals, employees of individual businesses and their employees. ”

    (B) the article is revised as follows: "contributory pension, unemployment, medical treatment, work injury and maternity insurance contribution base units to all employee payroll for the last year of the entity to determine. Individuals contribution base in my last year's average monthly wage-setting, individuals contribution base below last year's average monthly wage of fully employed staff in the province of 60%, according to 60% calculations; more than 300% of the part not included in base pay. Unit base period shall not be less than all of the insurants individuals contribution base. "(C) the seventh article is revised as follows:" social security agencies are responsible for social insurance units and individuals approved for the contribution base and amount of the fee, and was responsible for collecting data relating to monthly pass to the local tax department. Data of the payer in accordance with approved by the social security agency paid to the tax authorities.
    Local tax Department, collection and payment of social insurance premiums, the unit reporting data is inconsistent with the social security agency approved data, is subject to data approved by the social security agencies. Contribution units shall, before the end of May in each year apply to the social insurance agency authorized payer base and individuals pay social insurance fees. Payer reporting employees ' signature confirmation in base pay to come to this, and the unit operating, prominently publicized in the workplace. Public notice period of 7th.
    After the signature of individual payment declaration register kept by the unit for future reference. When there is a change in the number of payment, payment shall promptly report to the social insurance agency.
    "These regulations in accordance with this decision be revised accordingly, republished.
                                                              This decision shall come into force as of the date of.