Zhengzhou Enterprise Credit Information Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市企业信用信息管理办法

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(October 15, 2007 Zhengzhou municipal people's Government Executive meeting of the 90th consideration on October 20, 2007, 168th Zhengzhou people's Government promulgated as of December 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article to regulate the credit information management, enhance credit awareness, promote the construction of social credit system, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article business credit information in these measures refers to administrative bodies and organizations to administer public affairs according to law in the performance of duties and business records relating to credit, as well as the institutions, social credit services collection to reflect the enterprise's credit State records.
    Article III of these measures apply to the city and County (city, district) Administration for industry and commerce enterprises and individual industrial and commercial household credit registered information (hereinafter referred to as enterprise credit information) the collection, collation, open and use.
    The municipal executive authorities and law to administer public affairs functions of the Organization's provincial and provincial industry and commerce administration departments at or above the registration of enterprise credit information collection, collation, open and use, in accordance with this approach.
    Fourth business credit information management should follow objective, impartial and fair principles to ensure that credits the timeliness, accuracy, validity and completeness of the information, shall not infringe the commercial secrets of enterprises.
    Fifth of municipal people's Government the establishment of social credit service organization responsible for enterprise credit information collection, collation, open and use.
    Sixth encourages enterprises to establish internal management systems, guarding against risks, and facilitate credit transactions between enterprises.
    Chapter II business credit information collection and arrangement of the seventh article of the city to establish a unified credit information databases and credit Web site.
    Eighth article following units should according to provides to city social credit service institutions provides enterprise credit information: (a) city level business, and tax, and quality technology supervision, and health, and food drug supervision, and State-owned assets, and development reform, and labor and social security, and financial, and audit, and prices, and statistics, and traffic, and police, and construction, and home, and safety supervision, and coal, and land resources, and municipal, and real estate, and environmental protection, and business, and tourism, and agricultural, and forestry, and technology, and culture, and news published, and city management administrative law enforcement, administrative organ;
    (B) the municipal law of business credit information to administer public affairs Organization; (c) the public utilities such as water, electricity, gas, heating units. Before Nineth part (a), (b) provision of municipal administrative organs and to administer public affairs functions of the Organization in accordance with law (hereinafter administrative authorities) shall be the appropriate County (municipal and district) administration master of business credit information, after unified social credit services, available to the city.
    Provides credit information of specific content and approaches, social credit services, according to Agency regulations.
    Article tenth of financial regulatory agencies, businesses, trade associations, social agencies and other organizations in accordance with the contractual form, social credit, and service agencies to provide credit information.
    11th business credit information provided shall ensure the timely information provided by legality, accuracy, and completeness, and shall not provide false information knew or should have known that.
    Enterprise credit information unit shall comply with the requirements to provide regular business credit information have significant impact on corporate credit information providers should be provided in a timely manner.
    12th of municipal social credit services of enterprise credit information collected should be sorted out, in accordance with the form of ownership, industry, information, property management, and information security.
    13th the following information is recorded in the enterprise's basic information: (a) industrial and commercial registration of basic information, (ii) Organization code; (c) the special administrative permission; (d) the level of qualification and (v) other basic information about the enterprise.
    14th article following information remember into enterprise credit information: (a) was named "keep contract, and heavy credit" enterprise of; (ii) enterprise by recognition or award, or statutory representative people by and enterprise about of recognition, and award of; (three) Enterprise trademark was finds for "China famous trademark" or provincial famous trademark of; (four) Enterprise get city level above quality management award of; (five) products was included national, and provincial exemption range of; (six) was tax sector evaluation for a, level tax credit grade of;
    (Seven) debt perform and tax paid situation; (eight) Enterprise Labor Labor and wage paid, and social premium paid situation; (nine) enterprise business and financial status; (10) not through administrative organ law for of special or regularly test of; (11) by and enterprise production, and business about of larger amounts fine, and confiscated illegal proceeds, and confiscated illegal property, and ordered discontinued closed or was revoked license as, administrative punishment of; (12) Enterprise occurred major quality, and safety accident of;
    (13) for violating financial laws and regulations, financial regulations, audit authority and (14) the legal representative or principal responsible person of the enterprise by criminal liability associated with the enterprise; (15) implementation of judgment or arbitration award in force; (16) other information on corporate credit.
    15th enterprise credit information collection, transmission, and should abide by State regulations on protection of computer information security.
    Chapter III business credit information public and 16th, social credit services, basic information from disclosure.
    Business credit information public by country, province, and municipal government information disclosure regulations.
    17th administrative organs in the enterprises ' daily administration and Government bid, government procurement process, you need to use business credit information, social credit, services should be provided in a timely manner.
    18th the citizens, legal persons or other organizations to cooperate in investment, business development, business procurement, management and other business activities, social credit services collection, you can use business credit information. 19th, social credit services provides business credit information and free services.
    But parties to claim the cost of printing, copying, and borne by the parties. 20th Enterprise disagrees with the public release of credit information, credit verification service agencies must provide information in a timely manner.
    Verified truth of the objection, and shall promptly correct.
    Municipal social credit services publicly available to adversely affect the credit of the error message, and should be corrected in a timely manner and shall be published.
    21st Enterprise basic information of the record until the termination of business credit information recorded a period of not less than 3 years.
    Fourth chapter legal liability article 22nd Agency has violated these rules, refused or without undue delay to the municipal social credit services organization provides business credit information by the municipal people's Governments shall give written notice of criticism.
    Administrative organs, social credit, to the service provider knows or should have known of the false information, directly in charge of personnel and other persons by the supervisory authority to administrative sanctions.
    23rd information unit provides knew or should have known that the false information that does damage to the enterprise concerned, shall bear corresponding liability for compensation.
    24th article city social credit service institutions and staff violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by its where units or monitored organ ordered deadline corrected, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, transferred judicial organ held criminal: (a) unauthorized disclosure or leaked involved commercial secret and personal privacy of enterprise credit information of; (ii) on Enterprise proposed of objections not timely to information provides units verification of;
    (C) the dire consequences of a breach of security of computer information systems provisions of the State; (d) other acts in violation of laws, rules and regulations.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 25th of social intermediary organizations on enterprise credit information collection, collation, evaluation, publishing and other activities of management, developed separately by the municipal people's Government.
                            26th article of the rules take effect on December 1, 2007.