Luoyang City People's Government On The Revision Of The Secondary Water Supply In Luoyang City Drinking Water Regulations 4 Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 洛阳市人民政府关于修改《洛阳市城市饮用水二次供水管理办法》等4件规章的决定

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(October 12, 2007, Luoyang City people's Government at the 38th Executive meeting on October 15, 2007, Luoyang City people's Government, the 95th release come into force on the date of promulgation) according to the unified arrangements of the State Council, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the municipal government issued regulations in force in the past for a comprehensive cleanup.
    After cleaning, the Municipal Government has decided on the following 4 rules be amended, as of the date of promulgation.
    And the secondary water supply in Luoyang City drinking water regulations (released 31st order of the municipal government, the municipal government order 74th Amendment) do the following modifications: 1. the 12th article "regular water quality testing", add "and for all types of cleaning and disinfection of water storage facilities (not less than once every six months)." 2. the 14th article three, (d) and (e), (f), the text "(d) is not in accordance with the regulations for water quality testing or testing; (e) is not in accordance with the regulations for all types of cleaning and disinfection of water storage facilities; (f) concealing or delaying report of false emergency water quality or water quality information".
    The 14th article is changed to "the preceding paragraph (b), (d) and (e), (f), by the competent administrative Department for secondary water supply and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines."
    Second, on the urban management of water supply in Luoyang City (56th, publication of the order of the municipal government, the municipal government order 81st Amendment) the following changes: 1. delete the 11th article in the "affordable housing and other housing advocates of water meters in an outdoor setting" content.
    2. delete the 14th article in the "fire hydrant" content.
    3. delete the 16th article.
    4. delete the 23rd article.
    5. delete the 34th "user more than 3 months is still not corrected, press twice times the rated flow of the matrix meter charge for water".
    6. by deleting the article 35th of the first paragraph of "user table should also cycle as required to the legal metrology bodies or institutes authorized by the quality and technology supervision departments for verification, paying for" content.
    7. delete the 42nd paragraph (e), the serial number is adjusted accordingly. Third, of the Luoyang City property management approach (municipal 58th release) the following changes: 1. a paragraph added to article sixth, as the second paragraph, reads "owners ' Committee for a term of 3 years, shall be eligible for re-election. The age of the members of the owners ' Committee, men and not more than 70 years of age, women are not over the age of 65. Members of the owners ' Committee, of up to 300 for 3 people (including directors, Deputy Directors, the same below); more than 300 households of less than 500 to 5; more than 500 households of less than 800 for 7 people; more than 80O household does not exceed 11 people. "
    Second paragraph of the original will be rescheduled for the third paragraph.
    2. the seventh paragraph in the "registration formalities to the property management Department of the following materials" is amended as "the following material to the home counties (cities, districts) real estate management sector and subdistrict offices, Township people's Government for the record."
    3. delete the 19th, and number of other articles adjusted accordingly.
    4. in the 20th article, "can be settled through mediation or apply for the real estate management Department" amended to read "can be solved through consultations or to apply for the real estate management Department, area neighborhood offices, Township people's Government carried out mediation."
    5. in accordance with the decision of the State Council on revising the Management Ordinance (the State Council order No. 504), the words "property management company" is amended as "property services business." Four, and on Luoyang by proportion arrangements disabled employment approach (municipal government 70th, makes announced) do following modified: 1. tenth article first paragraph modified for "employing units should in annual provides of term within, truthfully fill in by proportion arrangements disabled employment audit manual, by units sealed and statutory representative people (main head), and filled people signature Hou, carry related material, reported disabled labor employment service institutions audit.
    "2. by deleting article 12th in the" counties (cities), district handicapped labor employment service agencies charged on an annual basis the employment of disabled persons, persons with disabilities, 10% of the total benefits paid employment service agency, established by the city and County (City), use the disabled employment security fund ". Regulations for more than 4 republished as modified under this decision.