Administrative Measures On Non-Gas Scooters Motor Vehicle Traffic, Nanjing

Original Language Title: 南京市非机动车燃油助力车交通管理办法

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(On November 20, 2007 Nanjing City Government Executive Conference considered through on November 22, 2007 Nanjing City Government makes No. 261, announced since on January 1, 2008 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening city non-motor vehicle, and fuel power car traffic management, maintenance road traffic order, guarantees traffic security and smooth, according to People's Republic of China Road traffic security method, and Jiangsu Province road traffic Security Ordinance, and Jiangsu Province motor vehicle exhaust pollution control Ordinance
    Provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second, non-motorized vehicle in these measures refers to bicycles, electric bicycles, tricycles, maneuvering wheelchairs for the disabled, as well as other non-motor vehicle set out in laws and regulations.
    Gas scooters mentioned in these measures refers to engine displacement of fuel two-wheel vehicles comply with the relevant national standards.
    Article where in the city roads, parking of non-motor vehicles, gas scooters, you must comply with these measures. Fourth implementation these measures by the Public Security Bureau in Nanjing.
    Public security organs traffic management departments in charge of non-motor vehicles, fuel bicycle traffic management.
    The city, municipal departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, such as non-motor traffic management collaborative work.
    Fifth State organs and organizations, military units, schools, enterprises and institutions (hereinafter referred to as units) workers should be taught this way, and accept the supervision and inspection of the traffic Administration Department of public security authorities.
    Chapter II administration of non-motor vehicles article sixth bicycle, electric bicycle, motorized wheelchairs for the disabled and other non-motor vehicles shall by public security organs traffic management departments registration of residence of the claimant, after receiving license plates in order to on-road.
    Article seventh motorized wheelchairs for persons with disabilities to apply for persons with disabilities license plates shall conform to the following conditions: (a) lower limb disability, (ii) a disability certificate issued by the disabled persons ' Federation, Nanjing; (c) holders of purchase invoices and certificates of vehicles.
    Eighth apply for bicycle, electric bicycle license plates, must purchase invoices and identity check.
    Nineth non-motor vehicle license plates application, change (s) to receive, transfer, applicant on car license plates and trading invoices or other legal documents, according to the relevant rules of procedure whereby the non-motor vehicle license plates.
    Non-motor vehicle certificate is lost or damaged, can make up to the original license Office in accordance with the relevant provisions of (replacement) or a re-apply for a license. Tenth non-motor load, must comply with the following provisions: (a) unregistered non-motor vehicle shall not on-Road; (b) bicycles, electric bicycles are only allowed to carry one persons 12 years of age, equipped with preschool children, should use safety seats. Minors aged 12 driving bicycles or minors aged 16 to drive an electric bicycle shall not carry persons; (c) motorized wheelchairs of disabled persons not manned.
    Disabled carry carry items of length Qian, and Hou no over car box Board, width no over body, height from ground up no over 1.5 meters; (four) electric bike mount items weight no over 30 kg, height from ground up no over 1.5 meters, length no beyond body, width no beyond handlebar; (five) non-motor vehicle no unauthorized installation scaffolding, and side bucket, and mechanical power, additional device.
    11th the following persons shall not drive non-motor vehicles: (a) loss of ability to drive the necessary (except for driving motorized wheelchairs of disabled persons), and (ii) 12 years of age shall drive a bicycle, (iii) 16 years of age shall drive electric bicycle, motorized wheelchairs for the disabled. 12th article driving non-motor vehicle must comply with following provides: (a) comply with traffic signal, and logo, obey traffic management personnel command; (ii) comply with the line its road of principles, for blocked cannot normal driving Shi, in can passage and ensure security of situation Xia, can temporary borrowed motor vehicle road or sidewalk driving; (three) through junction encountered stop signal Shi, straight line and left turn vehicles shall not crossed stop line, shall not drove into right turn dedicated road.
    Not set stop line of, stopped in junction yiwai; (four) implementation Shi should close to roadway right, no in road Shang stranded; (five) through has dangerous logo of sections Shi, should got off implementation; (six) drunk Hou shall not driving; (seven) no driving turn forced others; (eight) no a people while driving two car; (nine) disabled mobile wheelchair car must in non-motor vehicle road driving; (ten) electric bike, and disabled mobile wheelchair car highest speed shall not over 15 km.
    13th motorized wheelchairs of disabled persons drivers must hold a driving permit, driver's license, certificate of disability.
    Non-disabled persons are not allowed to drive motorized wheelchairs of disabled persons. Chapter III administration of gas scooters 14th within the administrative area of the city to phase out gas scooters.
    Of gas scooters obsolete for the issuance of license plates and use the term separately.
    15th unlicensed gas scooters may not be driven on the road without a license.
    Hanging non-nationality plate gas scooters in the city no roads in this city.
    Suspension, Jiangning district, Pukou district, liuhe district, Lishui, gaochun plate fuel bicycle shall be in the area. 16th article driving fuel power car, should comply with following provides: (a) driving people must years full 16 age, no hamper security driving of disease and the physiological defects; (ii) carry driving card; (three) plate should fixed installation in body before and after obviously location; (four) drink shall not driving; (five) driving highest speed shall not over 15 km; (six) shall not in urban ban Ming regional within Ming Horn; (seven) shall not driving brake failure, security facilities not full of power car; (eight) shall not traction vehicles or was other vehicles
    Traction (I) night driving you should use night lights (x) contains a height from the floor must not exceed 1.5 meters, the width of each side shall not exceed the handlebar 0.15 m, length should not exceed the wheel, back-end should not exceed the body of 0.3 meters. Fourth chapter parking management article 17th non-motor vehicles, gas scooters and place to park.
    There is no location, non-motor vehicle parked does not impede the movement of other vehicles and pedestrians. 18th blind, pavements should be kept safe and open.
    No person or organization shall not occupy or destroy blind tracks and facilities, no damage or unauthorized occupation of pavements.
    19th large public buildings and the Mall (area), area of residence, should be in accordance with the provisions of construction, the construction of private car park with (library, points).
    Unconditional allocation of the units, building more bicycle parking (libraries, sites), with the nearest unit please provide site parked or parked locations specified by public security organs traffic management departments.
    20th public security organs traffic management authorities should strengthen supervision and management of parking, its officers, the prohibition of parking places should be clear signs and lines.
    21st in violation of parking regulations in these measures, the public security organs traffic management can legally move the vehicle to Park does not affect local traffic.
    Chapter fifth penalty 22nd disobey the 15th article, second paragraph, by the public security organs traffic management departments to impose a fine of 200 Yuan.
    23rd violates other provisions of these measures, by the public security organs traffic management departments in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety and the People's Republic of China regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law and the provisions of the road traffic safety regulations of Jiangsu Province. The sixth chapter supplementary articles article 24th of this approach as of January 1, 2008.
                          Non-motor traffic, Nanjing Municipal Government promulgated on October 18, 1996, the management of moped, Nanjing and issued on May 30, 2002 the regulations repealed simultaneously.