Nanjing, Nanjing Government Proposal To Amend The Decision Of The Management Of Scrap Metal And Other Government Regulations

Original Language Title: 南京市政府关于修改《南京市废金属管理办法》等政府规章的决定

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(November 20, 2007 Nanjing City Government Executive Conference considered through November 22, 2007 Nanjing City Government makes No. 262, announced since announced of day up purposes) to better to adapted speed up construction rule of law Government, and full advance law administrative of requirements, maintenance legal unified, by research, municipal government decided on Nanjing waste metal management approach, 18 pieces Government regulations for following modified: a, and Nanjing waste metal management approach delete tenth article second paragraph.
    Second, the measures for the administration of water transport, Nanjing, Nanjing 1, delete the article seventh and eighth.
    2, article is revised as follows: enterprises applying for establishment of water transport services shall be submitted to the transportation departments of the local "sea transport services enterprise business applications", upon approval by the audit, by the Department of transportation issued a license for sea transport services.
    3, the 11th article is revised as follows: license of waterway transport units and individuals should take the license to the original transport permits issued by authorities, in accordance with the approved number of vessels receiving the shipping service transport licence. 4, 12th amended as: units and individuals engaged in commercial sea transportation, the need to increase capacity or change its scope of business, must apply to the approval authority for approval before they can go through the relevant formalities.
    Reduced capacity, submitted to the original examination and approval organ for the record and by the original organ recovery of the shipping business transport permits.
    5, 14th revised as follows: non-approval of commercial ships, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    6, 15th revised as follows: the water licence, the sea transport service license and an annual verification system in the shipping business transport certificate.
    7, 16th is amended as: units engaged in commercial passenger transportation by water, you must use passenger-compliant vessels engaged in the transport, and leave the ship in good technical condition.
    8, 17th is amended as: units engaged in commercial passenger transportation by water, should be on the sides of ships flying the port of departure, arrival Hong Kong airlines signs location marked conspicuously in the ship passenger carrying capacity, post boat fares, mileage, safety and life-saving knowledge and other promotional materials.
    9 Article 19th, is revised as follows: engaged in commercial passenger transportation by water (du) units shall be in accordance with the approved route, flight, bus stops engaging in transport, shall not be cancelled routes or arbitrary reduction in frequency.
    10, 20th is amended as: units engaged in commercial passenger transportation by water, shall, in accordance with the rules of carriage of passengers by waterway transport, traffic, handling luggage, business issues, and defining their rights and responsibilities.
    Paragraph 11, delete the article 21st.
    12, 22nd is amended as: ships engaged in sea transport, other provinces, city, operating in this city of more than six consecutive months, the operator shall take the flag or proof of enterprises above the County Transportation Department, approved by the municipal departments of transportation, renewal of the shipping business transport permits.
    Engaged in trading in the city more than a month, six months, the operator should be to the municipal transportation Department for record. 13, 24th is revised as follows: water transport units and individuals shall be in accordance with the rules of domestic goods by waterway transport provides for responsibility of the carriage of goods transport.
    Except under force majeure and loss, and other proof does not belong to the carrier liability, damage, poor or deteriorated should be responsible for compensation.
    14, 27th revised as follows: provincial, city waterway transport enterprises for the enterprises established in the city service stations (point), should hold above the County Transportation Department approval documents, departments of transportation, to record, and after the administration of industry and commerce business license in order to set up service.
    15, 32nd is revised as follows: shipping management agencies commissioned by the Transportation Department for transport management fees of the status of implementation of audit, the relevant units and individuals shall provide financial and accounting books and related materials. 16, and 33rd article modified for: on violation this approach provides of, by traffic competent sector delegate of shipping management institutions according to following provides give punishment: (a) without approved unauthorized established waterway transport enterprise, and waterway transport services (station, and points) or engaged in waterway transport business activities of, ordered its stop business, confiscated illegal proceeds, and at illegal proceeds 1 time times above 3 times times following fine, no illegal proceeds of, sentenced 30,000 yuan above 250,000 yuan following fine; (ii) beyond provides of charges standard charged freight, and Service costs of, ordered its returned illegal proceeds, sentenced 20,000 yuan above 150,000 yuan following fine; (three) not using provides of transport notes for business sex transport of, depending on plot weight give warning or sentenced 10,000 yuan following fine; (four) not by provides paid traffic rules fee and transport management fee of, ordered deadline paid; late still not paid of, sentenced owes payment paragraph 1 time times above 3 times times following fine; (five) monopoly supply, and forced agent service of, give warning, plot serious of,
    A fine of 10,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan fine; violations of these rules, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions.
    17, 34th is revised as follows: Party not satisfied with the decision, within 60 days from the date of receipt of the decision up the Transportation Department or municipality may apply for administrative reconsideration, or directly initiate litigation to the people's Court within three months.
    If no application for reconsideration does not prosecute the parties, nor perform the penalty decision, the Transportation Department may request the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    18, delete article 38th.
    Three, the articles price appraisal methods, Nanjing 1, "articles" amended to "in connection with the property," "price of identification" is amended as "price assurance".
    2, the first article is revised as follows: in order to regulate property prices in connection with certification, and safeguarding the State, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, guarantee the smooth progress of judicial and administrative enforcement activities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China price law, the Jiangsu Province in connection with the property price certification regulations and other relevant laws, provisions of the regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    3, the second is revised as follows: property involved in these measures refers to the judiciary, administrative law enforcement and arbitration institutions (hereinafter referred to as applicant) involved in handling a case of their respective prices is unknown or uncertain of the tangible property, intangible assets and the price paid price.
    Article 4, fourth-modify: local people's Governments at or above the county level involved in the price Department responsible for the administration of property price supervision and management of forensic activities.
    Local people's Governments at or above the county level established by the Department in charge of price price certification center specializing in property prices involved forensic institutions, is a non-profit public institution shall not engage in social intermediary business.
    Article 5, fifth revised as follows: handling of criminal cases by administrative law-enforcement organs of the judiciary dealing with administrative law enforcement cases, price certification is required, trustor shall entrust the price the price certification attestation.
    6, seventh revised as follows: price assurance agencies according to the subject matter of the case, use market, cost, income, expert consultation and other forensic methods to price the property involved.
    7, delete article eighth.
    8, and tenth article to Nineth article, and modified for: involved property price mirror card attorney should including following content: (a) delegate units name, and address; (ii) price mirror card of purpose and requirements; (three) price mirror card benchmark day; (four) involved property of name, and grades, and model, and specifications, and type, and number, and source and using status; (five) get involved property of time, and locations; (six) other about situation and information. Authorized agencies shall provide the required certification of property-related information, not fraud.
    Submitted by certified power of Attorney for property prices involved, must be stamped with the seal of the authorized agencies. 9, 11th to tenth, and be amended as: property prices in connection with certification bodies shall obtain national and provincial pricing authorities identified price assessment agency qualifications.
    Otherwise stipulated by laws, administrative regulations, and from its provisions.
    Property prices in connection with certification of personnel (hereinafter referred to as price verification personnel) shall obtain a price certification issued by the national qualification and registration by the State competent price administrative departments before they can practice.
    In accordance with the relevant price assessment of the licensing provisions of the administrative measures for the determination, national pricing evaluation related professional qualification certificates issued by officers after determined by the national or provincial Department in charge of price, property prices may engage in connection with verification.
    10, 19th to 18th, and be amended as: property prices involved forensic fees according to the relevant national and provincial regulations.
    Price certification center of the criminal cases involved property prices be guaranteed by financial requirements for the identification. 11, an article shall be added as article 24th price certification center should strengthen self-construction, standardize forensic behavior, improve professional quality.
    Price certification center should strengthen the district, County, price certification center of management and operational guidance. Management of prices, and the Nanjing City 1, IX is amended as: operator method of quotation of the price tag used by city and County departments in charge of prices price supervision and inspection agencies in accordance with provincial Department in charge of price provides a unified executive producer.
    Operator characteristics characteristics needed for marketing or trading price, shall be submitted to the Executive producer of city, County, price departments.
    2, 19th revised as follows: price departments shall, in accordance with economic developments and various sectors of the community are reflected in due course formulate or adjust the price. Price administrative departments or adjust the price, shall perform price (cost) investigations, expert community, the collective deliberations, set or adjust the pricing decisions, announcements and other procedures.
    Cost supervision and examination should be conducted according to law, the experts, the price hearing, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Consumers, operators and other interested parties may appeal to the price set or adjust the price proposal. 3, 20th is revised as follows: formulating or adjusting people's vital interests of the public utility price. Prices for public services and natural monopolies, commodity and service prices, government guidance prices and Government price hearing system should be made. Introduction of hearing specific goods and services according to price hearing directory in Jiangsu Province.

    4, 21st amendment: public hearings in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and province.
    Five, of the measures for the statistical administration of Nanjing 1, 40th is amended as: violation of these rules, statisticians of the undocumented, be ordered by the competent administrative Department of statistics of the flat correction within, with a warning or be criticized, refuses, and fined 1000 Yuan fine.
    2, an article shall be added as article 41st: violation of these rules, not according to the provisions of the original statistical records, account statistics, or unauthorized destruction of or tampering with the original statistical records, account statistics, statistical registration and inspection of not complying with the provisions, be ordered by the competent administrative Department of statistics within corrections, and fined 1000 Yuan fine.
    3, the 44th article is revised as follows: refuses or obstructs the statistical inspection personnel performing official business according to law, the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalties; serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Six, the Nanjing city regulation on metrological supervision in 1, "technical supervision", "technical supervision and Administration Department" amended to "Bureau of quality and technical supervision," "quality and technology supervision administration."
    2, and eighth article modified for: any units and personal shall not has following measurement violations: (a) in trade settlement, medical health, and security protection, and environment monitoring, link using no manufacturing measurement apparatus license logo or number of measurement apparatus; (ii) using others products, and production equipment and technology file bid manufacturing measurement apparatus license; (three) unauthorized modified, and repair for trade settlement of measurement apparatus; (four) forged, and damage measurement verification seals;
    (E) sale of measuring instruments manufacturing license mark or failure of measuring instruments (vi) forging or fraudulently use, transfer, lease, lend or share with others the manufacture of measuring instruments and the repair of measuring instruments.
    3, delete article Nineth. 4, 15th revised as follows: enterprises and institutions need the units measuring system integrity and confirmed the validity of the data provided, you can apply to the quality and technical supervision Administration confirmed.
    Reach the level of the corresponding, metrological confirmation certificate issued by the quality and technical supervision administration.
    Seven, the Nanjing city elevator safety supervision and quality supervision measures 1, seventh paragraph is amended as: elevator manufacturing units, the State Council should be special equipment safety supervision and management departments permission before engaging in appropriate activities. 2, eighth revised as follows: procurement should be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the elevator bids.
    No units may not be sold or purchased a manufacturing license-free lift.
    3, 12th is revised as follows: before the elevator installation, repair, alteration and construction units should be the appropriate licenses, construction contracts, construction, construction personnel information such as license notify the safety watchdog, informed immediately after construction. 4, 13th revised as follows: the lift installation, repair, alteration, construction units began to inform instruments and relevant information to the inspection body for supervision and inspection.
    Inspection, supervision and inspection reports and related information to a security monitoring agency for registration, receive a safety inspection certificate. 5, and 30th article modified for: violation this approach, has following case one of of, by quality technology supervision sector according to provides give punishment: (a) violation this approach 15th article, maintenance maintenance units not by provides for maintenance maintenance of, ordered deadline corrected; late not modified of, can sentenced 3000 Yuan above 10000 Yuan following fine; (ii) violation this approach 18th article, in with elevator within not posted effective security test qualified logo of, ordered deadline corrected; late not modified of, can sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine And (iii) the violation of the article 21st, 22nd, not complying with the provisions of disabled, re-enable procedures, shall order rectification fails to change, can be fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan.
    Unauthorized use, transfer and sale have been deactivated, abandoned elevator, Elevator closure and can be fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan more than 10000.
    Eight, the management measures of agricultural standardization in Nanjing 1, the "origin" is amended as "geographical indications".
    Modify the first paragraph of article 2, 16th-to: marketing's primary agricultural products should be labeled with the Chinese identity, indicating the name, origin, producer, production date, shelf life, quality grade and so on; use of additives shall also indicate the name of the additive in accordance with regulations.
    3, 18th revised as: agricultural, packaging, preservation, storage and transportation of preservatives, preservatives, and additives used in the material, shall conform to the national technical specifications related to mandatory.
    4, 21st paragraph amended as: encourage agricultural production enterprise applications and through the GAP and HACCP certification.
    5, 27th revised as: statutory inspection of safety of agricultural products quality supervision and inspection bodies must be authorized by the law and have the appropriate detection capabilities.
    Modify paragraph 6, 30th to: agricultural marketing companies on the sale of agricultural products, shall establish and improve examination system; check did not meet the quality and safety standards, may not be sold, and carried out by the holder of the relevant administrative departments of harmless treatment.
    7, delete article 24th, 31st and 34th.
    8, and 32nd article modified for: violation this approach provides, in agricultural production in the using national expressly eliminated, and ban using or not meet legal, and regulations and mandatory standard of agricultural input products of, ordered deadline corrected, and can sentenced illegal proceeds 1 time times above 3 times times following, but highest not over 30000 Yuan of fine; no illegal proceeds of, can at 10000 Yuan following of fine. 9, added to article 36th (VII) as follows: (g) "GAP" refers to the good agricultural practices.
    GAP as an applicable method and system, through economic, environmental and social sustainability of measures to guarantee food safety and food quality.
    Nine, and Nanjing city promote private individual economic development approach 11th article modified for: private and individual industrial and commercial households according to national and province, and city about provides, can enjoy following offers policy: (a) meet industry oriented and provides conditions of private industrial enterprise, can declared and arrangements national, and province, and city of focus technical project, and focus technology innovation project, and major equipment localization innovation development project, and technology research project and high-tech industrialization project, and and other nature Enterprise enjoy equal offers policy; (Ii) private investment meet provides conditions of industrial new do project, and included current national focus encourages development of industry, and products and technology directory of domestic investment project, according to provides enjoy about offers policy; (three) private development new products, belongs to national, and provincial new products of, since identification production of day up, according to provides enjoy subsidies policy; was finds for national, and provincial and city level Enterprise Technology Center, and engineering technology research center, and Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Innovation Center of,
    Enjoy corresponding of financial funds support; (four) private for research development new products, and technology, and new process and acquisition of reached fixed assets standard or formed intangible assets of software, by competent tax organ record, its depreciation or assessment pin years can appropriate shortened; private according to when actual occurred technology development costs of 150% arrived buckle when should tax proceeds amount; actual occurred technology development costs when arrived buckle insufficient part, can according to tax provides in 5 years within closing arrived buckle;
    (Five) by technology administrative competent sector finds for high-tech enterprise, and software enterprise of private technology enterprise, by national about provides enjoy corresponding of enterprise income tax relief of about policy; (six) new do independent of engaged in advisory, and information, and technology services of private, by tax organ approved, enjoy enterprise income tax relief of about policy; (seven) personal owned enterprise and partnership enterprise of investors made of production business proceeds mutatis mutandis individual industrial and commercial households production business proceeds of should tax project levy personal income tax;
    (H) placement of the unemployed and the disabled, and enjoy corresponding preferential policies in accordance with State regulations; (IX) according to relevant national and provincial and municipal regulations can enjoy preferential policies.
    Ten, the management of mineral resources, Nanjing 1, the "Department of mines and Geology", "Bureau of mines and Geology" is amended as "land and resources administration", "Bureau of land and resources."
    2, eighth amendment to: City of geology and mineral resources departments shall, jointly with the municipal planning department within the municipal jurisdiction of the area mined building stone, sand and clay to develop unified exploration planning and delineation of the scope of the mining, reported to the municipality for approval delineation of the limits the scope of blasting mountains and quarrying stones, reported to the provincial government for approval.
    3, 17th, 31st in the "mineral reserves of simple measuring instructions" is amended as "inspection report of mineral resources reserves".
    4, 18th revised as follows: obtain a mining permit shall meet the following conditions: (a) funds commensurate with the scale of mining, equipment and technical personnel, (ii) have a sound environmental governance and safety measures, (iii) quarrying enterprises annual mining volume must be at least 200,000 tons.
    5, 19th in the "mining, geological exploration reports (maps)" is amended as "test report, development and utilization of mineral resources reserves".
    6, 21st paragraph amended as: paid transfer of mining rights through bidding, auction and listing, and so on.
    7, 28th article is revised as follows: mining right mining stone stone and other mineral resources, shall make a written commitment to the land and resources department, implementation of mining environmental management obligations according to law and mining environmental restoration margin payments. 1 of the plenary, the Nanjing city soil and water conservation measures, 18th revised as follows: soil and water conservation plan of the municipal water administration departments for approval should be sought within the project area water conservancy administrative departments at the county level.
    Within the city limits of soil and water conservation plan by the Municipal Department of water administration in accordance with the approval authority for approval. 2, 21st is revised as follows: approval of soil and water conservation Department of water administration in accordance with the following conditions: (a) comply with relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents and soil and water conservation planning;

    (Ii) meet development construction project soil and water conservation programme technology specification, national, and industry of soil and water conservation technology specification, and standard; (three) soil erosion control responsibility range clear; (four) soil erosion control measures reasonable, and effective, and around environment phase coordination, and reached subject engineering design depth; (five) soil and water conservation investment estimates prepared according to reliable, and method reasonable, and results right; (six) soil and water conservation monitoring of content and method properly.
    3, 22nd revised as follows: has the right to approve the water conservancy Administrative Department accepting applications, should be based on relevant laws, regulations and technical specifications the organizational review, or authorize the relevant agencies to carry out technical reviews.
    12, section 1, eighth in the Nanjing technology market management measures be amended as: establishment of technology trade body, according to law to administration procedures, and submitted to the municipal technology market Administration Office, for the record, issued by the municipal technology market Administration Office, filing documents.
    2, tenth revised as: technology institutional change of trade name, business premises, person in charge and business scope and operating period, as well as split, merged, closed, according to the relevant procedures, should also be submitted to the municipal technology market management agency records.
    3, delete article 11th.
    4, 22nd revised as: technology finds disagrees with the conclusion of the contract by the parties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative review law applies for reconsideration.
    13, the cable television regulations, Nanjing 1, the text of the "cable television station (station)", changed to "cable TV operators".
    2, article is revised as follows: apply for cable TV operators as well as set the antenna systems of units shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council approval.
    3, 11th is revised as follows: three-star hotels, international hotels, foreign-related commercial and residential building set up antenna systems must work with regional cable television network Executive.
    4, delete article 22nd.
    14, the management of public toilets in the city of Nanjing 1, eighth amendment: public toilets should be set according to the current national urban sanitation facilities standards and industry standards for design and construction.
    Paragraph 2, Nineth-amended as: units engaged in public services should be in accordance with the requirement of public toilets and open to the public.
    3, tenth paragraph amended as: number of public toilets in areas which lack, according to the Department of sanitation in a given place temporary mobile toilets.
    13th the second paragraph of article 4, delete.
    5, 16th revised as follows: after the completion of the new construction, rehabilitation of public toilets, toilets belong to the Department of sanitation, the construction unit shall, within six months after the acceptance of the transfer of property rights of public toilets the city sanitation Department. 6, 22nd paragraph amended as: higher standards, mainly for the use of floating population pay toilets, title to or approved by the management unit to apply to the Department of sanitation categories, approved by the commodity price departments and fees before they can charge. The fees thus collected shall be managed in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, for the maintenance and cleaning of public toilets.
    Specific management measures shall be formulated by the Department of sanitation in conjunction with city prices.
    7, delete article 23rd.
    8, and 24th article modified for: on violation this approach, has following behavior one of of, County above city sanitation competent sector ordered corrected, and can sentenced fine: (a) cleaning not meet standard, and toilets both inside and outside environment not clean, on personal sentenced 5 Yuan above 50 Yuan following, and on units sentenced 50 Yuan above 200 Yuan following fine; (ii) unauthorized stopped with toilets or not by provides set temporary toilets of, sentenced 100 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine;
    (C) removal of the toilets did not meet the deadline must be restored after rehabilitation each day overdue in accordance with project cost 5 per thousand of fines.
    Violating these rules, laws and regulations have been penalties from its provisions.
    XV, the Nanjing city construction waste and construction waste disposal regulations section 1, fourth-modify: Muck's various projects, the construction unit shall, in front of the project in accordance with the relevant provisions, solid service, to apply for construction waste disposal permits.
    Construction, repairs of up to 200 square metres in size engineering and decoration, renovation of the residential needs of the residents of disposal of construction waste should be in front of the project to the urban districts, where the project management application. City appearance management, solid service, district departments upon receipt of the application, shall, within 10 working days of verification and put forward opinions of city appearance management reviews. City appearance Management Department shall, within 5 working days to make a decision.
    Granted permission, granted a construction waste disposal permit issued; no permission, it shall explain the reasons and inform the applicant in writing.
    2, article sixth amended as: waste disposal system of collecting fees, fees in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal.
    Municipal engineering projects can halve the required charge.
    3, seventh revised as follows: transport waste management units shall establish a safety management system for vehicles, transport the muck should be onboard in building garbage disposal permits.
    4, the eighth amendment: forgery, alteration, transfer, lending construction waste disposal permits.
    5, 12th revised as: any of the following acts, managed by the city administrative law enforcement penalties: (I) the employer not required to deal with construction waste disposal permit, backfill soils without registration or disposal of untrue declaration, fined a maximum of 2000 more than 30000; resident personal decoration, repair their own home without authorization, the disposal of construction waste, impose a penalty of 200 Yuan.
    (B) No lorry carrying construction waste disposal permits, penalty of a fine of 50 Yuan and 200 yuan per car.
    (C) pay the town construction waste disposal fee in accordance with the provisions of, correction, engaged in sexual acts, can be fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan more than 30000; on non-operational behavior can be fined 1000 Yuan fine.
    Violation of these provisions, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions. 16, the food and entertainment service company, Nanjing city environmental protection regulations 1, fourth-modify the article to: establishment of emission noise processing, catering and entertainment businesses and repair enterprise, must take effective acoustic damping and other measures to combat noise pollution, noise outside its own territories regional environmental noise should be in accordance with local standards. Not in the vicinity of residential, in particular noise pollution in residential areas inside the building to set up Entertainment enterprises, workshops and other excessive noise emission of motor vehicle plant. In urban residential areas, new residential quarters in accordance with design requirements supporting the possible noise pollution, consumption, entertainment and other public service facilities, and recent housing distance shall be not less than 30 metres of the boundary line.
    Residential change for dining, entertainment, and commercial buildings, should be agreed by the owners all have a stake.
    2, 12th amended as: violation of this article fourth part (b), (e) and article eighth, rectification by the Environmental Protection Department, and according to the seriousness of a fine of 300 yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.
    Violation of these rules and relevant laws and regulations have set administrative penalties from its provisions.
    3, delete article 14th.
    17, the Nanjing city public health emergency measures 1, eighth revised as follows: implementation of emergent public health incidents reporting system in this city.
    Designated by the health administrative departments at all levels and public health emergency monitoring bodies, all kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels, the County and local people's Governments at or above, the occurrence of emergent public health event, interview and other public health and is closely related to health care institutions or units is the responsibility of public health emergency reporting units.
    Duties of various medical and health institutions at all levels of medical and health personnel, and individual practitioners and related staff responsibility report an unexpected public health event responsibility speakers.
    2, the "emergency" is amended as "emergent public health incidents."
    18, the provisions on the matter on entrusting the administration of Nanjing municipal 1, article III, paragraph (b) of the client "of Nanjing machinery and electric equipment tendering and bidding Management Office" is amended as "Nanjing Office of tendering and bidding management of construction project goods."
    2, add a third clause as subclause (iv): Nanjing municipal development and reform of enterprise investment in infrastructure projects approved by the Commission shall be licensed separately appoint Nanjing chemical industrial park, Nanjing economic and technological development zone, Nanjing high-tech development zone of the CMC the CMC exercise.
    3, add a third clause as subclause (v): the Nanjing Bureau of law within its management of the administration of tax collection rights and administrative punishment power commissioned the exercise by the Nanjing municipal Bureau of administration of tax collection.
                                  These regulations in accordance with modifications and adjustments to the articles of this decision, section after the corresponding changes in the wording of the articles republished.