Wuxi Implementing Rules For The Selection And Management Of Model Workers

Original Language Title: 无锡市劳动模范评选和管理工作实施细则

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(November 8, 2007 Wuxi municipal people's Government at the 68th Executive meeting on November 27, 2007, Wuxi municipal people's Government, the 96th promulgated as of January 1, 2008) first to strengthen the city's selection of model workers and management, combined with the municipality, these rules are formulated.
    Second, within the same administrative area, the model worker award in accordance with the rules for the implementation of the purposes and management. Third model workers emerged in the construction of the socialist modernization of excellent representatives of the advanced character.
    Wuxi model worker honors, granted by the municipal people's Government. Article fourth honorary title of model worker award, mainly take the form of regularly naming.
    Model workers named in recognition of the Assembly generally held once every three years.
    Named during the recognition, in the event of special circumstances, can be advanced or postponed.
    Fifth, model workers, held name recognition will cost and reward funds appropriated by the municipal finance.
    Issued, model workers, article sixth diameter of four centimeters, with design of Tian an men as sign of model worker medals and model worker certificate.
    Selection object, model workers, article seventh and highest rated object: People's Republic of China nationality in the reform and opening up, economic construction and various social undertakings have made outstanding contributions to the development of workers, farmers, teachers and scientific researchers, managers, Office staff and other personnel at all levels of society. Selection conditions: banner China features Socialist great flag, to Deng Xiao-ping's theory and "three a representative" important thought for guide, in-depth implement implementation science development views, model implementation party of route approach policy, model comply with national legal regulations, based post, hard enterprising, develop innovation, courage to dedication, in achieved "two a first" of practice in the made significantly results, in masses in the enjoys good reputation, and has following conditions one of: (a) in deepening enterprise reform, advance system and management innovation, promoted independent innovation, Promote safety, construction harmony enterprise, aspects made highlight contribution of; (ii) in national, and province, and city focus engineering construction or completed major research project in the made highlight contribution of; (three) in development agricultural production and rural economic, construction Socialist new rural in the made highlight contribution of; (four) in development technology, and education, and culture, and health, and sports, social career in the made highlight contribution of; (five) in promote Socialist democratic legal construction, maintenance social stable, defend national security and protection people interests, and
    Enhancing national unity, building Socialist harmonious society has made outstanding contributions, and (vi) population control, improving the environment, the conservation of resources, promoting comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development have made outstanding contribution to the Community; (VII) making outstanding contributions in other aspects.
    Eighth under any of the following circumstances the legal representative of the enterprise and main managers cannot attend an assessment: (a) the unit of resource conservation and environmental protection are not up to standard or test objectives.
    (B) the unit safety management assessment does not meet the assessment criteria; a major work safety accidents and serious occupational hazards; tone of the Government Regulation, serious safety accident fails renovation closure; conceal, misrepresent or fail to report accidents.
    (C) industrial technology research and development funds do not meet the requirements of the standard.
    (D) the social insurance rate of less than 100%; there are appropriate or fraudulent use, form of social security funds.
    (E) units in the population and family planning work, there are serious falsifications of personal violations of policy, over family planning.
    (F) units, credits and other dishonest behavior; individual tax, state tax evasion and investigated according to law.
    (VII) failing to form a Trade Union.
    Nineth model selection principles and approaches (a) adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, standards, strict procedures to select good.
    (B) full scope to democracy, follow the mass line and recommend the adjudication process must fulfill, including workers ' Congress (head of the Bureau of the Congress, on behalf of the joint) or residents (villagers) representatives to discuss through the democratic process, approval by the competent authorities at a higher level, model worker Awards Management Committee, and worked in the unit, the region and city-wide publicity, listen to the opinions of the masses.
    (C) follows the principle of leaning to grass-roots first and work, pay attention to selecting knowledgeable, skilled workers.
    (D) reasonable proportion of all categories of personnel and industry.
    Tenth model management: (a) the model worker Awards Management Committee in the city, Wuxi city leadership, selection of model workers in charge of the city's management, its main functions are: model workers named in recognition of Wuxi city, the preparation and convening of the General Assembly; consideration of national and provincial model worker nominations; approval of model workers in Wuxi; consideration of the selection of model workers in the management of major issues.
    Wuxi model worker Awards Management Committee Office was set up Office in the municipal Trade Union, responsible for model worker Awards, recognition, service, management and other specific work, as well as model workers judging other matters assigned by the Management Committee. (B) take evaluation, combining the principles of model workers.
    Wuxi model worker Awards Management Committee is responsible for the national model worker, provincial (Ministry) level model workers, model workers in Wuxi city and the provincial government, municipal government regulations provincial and municipal personnel management for the treatment of model workers.
    (C) the day-to-day management and the selection of model workers nationwide, provincial model worker requirements by the municipal and city (County), respectively, included in the budget of the District Government.
    11th regions, departments, units, model workers, should be selected under the guidance of the Management Committee of the following: (a) strengthen the training and education of model workers, promoting their advancement, fully play its due role regularly held seminars, listening to Paragon to this unit, the Department, working in the region's comments and recommendations, support reform and innovation.
    (B) creating favourable conditions of work and study for the model workers, there are plans to raise the level of young model workers of culture, technology and management, and based on the need to prioritize education and various skills training, pay special attention to model workers in the selection of cadres, and to recommend to all levels of the organization.
    (C) care for model workers, help solve difficulties and problems in their lives, the party and the Government care for model workers to implement.
    (Iv) regular assessment of model workers and report, model worker Award Committee Office promptly of any changes.
    (E) support the working model worker Association.
    12th news, publications, literature and other mass organizations, should strengthen the advanced ideas of model workers, advanced deeds and noble sentiments of the advocacy work, inspire and encourage society as a citizen and exert more contributions to society.
    13th model worker entitled to the following benefits: (a) Wuxi city, was named a model worker by the municipal people's Government has given a one-time award, award criteria established by the municipal people's Government.
    (B) the retired model workers remain honorary titles, retired model workers of State enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions of which a honor allowance; retired model workers of State organs, public institutions, according to the relevant provisions of the provincial and municipal agricultural model males and 60 years of age and women 55 years of age, according to retired model workers standard a honor allowance, honors grant funds needed by the model cities (counties), included in the budget of the District Government.
    (C) failure by the model worker Award Committee Office (or area) of organization model of therapy (holiday) activity 1, 10 days or so, reimbursed by the credentials requirements.
    (D) failure to each year by the city and the city (County), the Federation of free press 1 set.
    (E) the hardship caused by model workers ill, managed by the model worker Award Committee, in conjunction with the city (County), and organization of the implementation difficulties of the Government bailout.
    (F) treatment adjusted change of model workers, model worker award by City Management Committee, reported to the municipality for approval before implementation.
    14th the Governments at various levels and departments and units should resolutely to combat negative phenomena of model workers, and if the case is to be dealt with.
    15th article has following case one of of, its model workers of honors title should be revoked: (a) to fraud of means get model workers title of; (ii) was law reeducation-through-labor or held criminal of; (three) made has serious errors by discipline disciplines disposition of; (four) has get model workers title of enterprise statutory representative people and main business managers occurred eighth article by column case one of, and and caused bad effect of; (five) illegal departure of.
    Withdrawal of honorary title of model worker, required by the unit model Management Agency on or level revoked the honorary title of a written report, in accordance with the approval procedures for obtaining model worker title escalation, approved by the naming authority for review. 16th article of the implementing rules shall enter into force on January 1, 2008.
                                                                                    July 1, 1994 in Wuxi, Wuxi municipal people's Government publication model selection and management regulations repealed simultaneously.