Administrative Measures On Quality And Safety Of Aquatic Products In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省水产品质量安全管理办法

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(August 6, 2007, Liaoning Provincial people's Government, the 73rd Executive meeting on August 31, 2007 order No. 208, promulgated by the people's Government of Liaoning province as of October 10, 2007) first in order to strengthen the management of water quality and safety of products, improve water quality, protect public health, according to the People's Republic of China and other relevant provisions of law on quality safety of agricultural products, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article aquatic products mentioned in these measures refers to fishing activities for aquatic animals, plants and their products, including fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, algae, and after sorting, peeling, washing, cutting, freezing, grading, packaging and other products.
    The third article of the regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of associated with aquatic products quality safety supervision and management of production, sales and jobs.
    Fourth provincial fishery administrative departments and municipalities, counties (cities and districts) designated by the Government authorities (hereinafter referred to as departments of fishery Administration) responsible for the administration of water to product quality and safety management.
    Business, health, administration, supervision, administrative departments of quality supervision in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do aquatic product quality safety management of related work.
    Article fifth the Government should guide and promote standardization of fishery production, encourage the development of green and organic products, in support of the application to use pollution-free agricultural products logo.
    Sixth Government and relevant departments should strengthen the publicity of aquatic products quality safety, raising public awareness of aquatic products quality safety to guide producers and sellers to enhance the quality and safety of aquatic products management, ensure the safety in fish consumption.
    Seventh article province fisheries administrative sector should developed and organization implementation water products quality security monitoring plans, organization about sector and experts on aquatic products origin environment for assessment, regularly announced water products quality security monitoring situation and aquatic products origin environment assessment results, and and water products quality security status about of other information, developed aquatic products major quality security accident and burst sex aquatic products outbreak emergency plans, and reported provincial government approved.
    Eighth production of aquatic products enterprises, fishermen's professional cooperative economic organization or individual (hereinafter referred to as the water producers) should be suitable for fish production in aquatic products breeding, fishing, not fishing for fish in aquatic products breeding, production area is prohibited.
    Fishery administrative departments should prohibit the production of aquatic products region, reported to the Government for approval to be published.
    Nineth water product producers should be protected aquatic environment; water pollution on fishery production, sound processing should be carried out promptly.
    Tenth water producers should be in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, the rational use of aquatic veterinary medicine, fertilizers, feed and feed additives, such as fisheries inputs, strict implementation of the national fisheries inputs using the safety interval period or withdrawal, under the provisions.
    11th fishing water producers use veterinary drugs, veterinary drug product approval number must be legally obtained products.
    Prohibiting the use of fishery inputs prohibited by the State.
    12th aquatic products production enterprise professional cooperative economic organizations and fishermen should be allowed or authorized inspection body, to detect the production of aquatic products quality safety conditions.
    13th aquatic products production enterprises and fishermen specialized cooperative economic organizations shall establish a seafood production records.
    Aquatic production records shall contain the following particulars, their retention times shall be not less than 2 years: (a) the name of fishery inputs, production companies, (ii) fisheries inputs using the date, amount of usage, and (iii) the occurrence and control of aquatic animal diseases, plant pests and diseases (iv) date of harvest or harvesting of aquatic animals, plants. 14th aquatic products wholesale markets, the organizer shall establish or entrust a legally authorized inspection body, for approaching sales of aquatic products quality safety inspection, and inspection records.
    Found in the samples did not meet standards of quality and safety of aquatic products, sellers should be required to immediately stop selling, and to report to the local administrative Department of fisheries.
    Organic aquatic products bearing the Green, marks and signs of pollution-free agricultural products seafood can be exempt.
    Fishery administrative departments to apply for the use of green, organic fish symbols and signs of pollution-free agricultural products seafood, management should be strengthened.
    Article 15th large farmers ' markets and supermarkets, the organizer shall establish a stock check and acceptance system, equipped with aquatic products quality safety inspection personnel, and identification of aquatic products quality safety-related logos, marks or the certificate of origin, production records; seafood on packing, also examine their conformity with the way article 16th. 16th article implementation of the aquatic products processing and packaging sales system.
    Aquatic product packaging shall indicate the name, origin, producer, production date, shelf life, product quality, standards and so on; use of additives shall also indicate the name of the additive in accordance with regulations.
    Article 17th of aquatic product wholesale market, large farmers ' markets and supermarkets should be the establishment of aquatic products circulation records.
    Aquatic product distribution records shall contain the following particulars, their retention times shall be not less than 1 year: (a) origin, (ii) the supplier name (name) and (iii) restocking time, variety and quantity. 18th sale of fishery products must comply with State water quality standards.
    Without national standards, must comply with local safety standards. 19th article ban sales has following case one of of aquatic products: (a) contains pathogenic sex parasites, and microbial and ban using of fisheries input products, or biological toxins not meet water products quality security standard of; (ii) fishing with veterinary drugs, chemical material residues or contains of heavy metal, toxic harmful material not meet water products quality security standard of; (three) in packaging, and preservation, and storage, and transport in the using of preservative, and preservatives, and additives not meet national about mandatory technology specification of; (four) by sampling, and
    Identification does not meet the quality and safety standards, and (v) do not meet the standards of quality and safety of aquatic products.
    20th Government shall establish and improve water quality security service system and monitoring system, specified by the metrological attestation of aquatic product quality safety testing organization, responsible for water quality inspection and testing work.
    Safety test of aquatic product quality should make full use of existing eligible testing organizations, and qualified by the provincial fishery administrative departments.
    Article 21st departments of fishery administration shall organize safety test of aquatic product quality agency, in accordance with State regulations on production and sales of aquatic products of percentage sampling inspection, or in a State of rapid detection test on the spot. 22nd spot check one disagrees with the results of water quality testing, and 5th days after receipt of the test results to the Organization and implementation of test fisheries within administrative departments or the competent authority for the review; of rapid detection of any objection, since when test results are received within 4 hours to apply for review.
    Department for accepting applications shall be designated testing body for review and shall not have right to have the fast detection method.
    To spot check the test result error caused caused damage, he shall bear the liability for damages.
    23rd article fisheries administrative competent sector implementation water products quality security supervision check, can take following measures: (a) requirements was check people, and interest relationship people or other units and personal provides related situation or information; (ii) check out, and copy, and excerpt and water products quality security about of records, and contract, and invoice, related information; (three) seized, and seized by detection not meet quality security standard of aquatic products. 24th article occurred on public health caused or may caused damage or serious damage of water products quality security accident Shi, units and personal should take control measures, and since accident occurred Shi up 1 hours within location Township County fisheries administrative competent sector report; County fisheries administrative competent sector received report Hou should timely processing and since received report Shi up 2 hours within reported County Government and city fisheries administrative competent sector, on involved number more or has death cases of quality security accident,
    Shall report immediately to the provincial fishery administrative departments; provincial fishery administrative departments upon receipt of the report shall immediately report to the provincial government and to inform the food and drug supervision and management departments at the same level.
    25th provincial fishery administrative departments of major aquatic product quality safety accidents and sudden outbreak of aquatic products, should activate emergency response plans.
    Confirmation of outbreaks of major aquatic product quality safety and aquatic products and publication, by the provincial fishery administrative departments.
    Article 26th disobey article 17th, circulation records of aquatic products has not been established, the Department of fishery Administration ordered corrective action and penalty of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.
    27th article violation this approach following provides of, according to People's Republic of China agricultural quality security method and other about legal, and regulations provides punishment: (a) violation Nineth article provides, not timely for harmless of processing of; (ii) violation tenth article provides, not reasonable using fishing with veterinary drugs, and fertilizer, and feed and feed additives, fisheries input products of; (three) violation 11th article provides, using national expressly ban of fisheries input products of; (four) violation 13th article provides, not established aquatic products production records of;
    (E) breach of article 19th, sales prohibited sales of aquatic products. 28th article fisheries administrative competent sector and other about sector of staff has following behavior one of of, law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) using positions Shang of convenience, received others property or seek other interests of; (ii) not perform supervision duties, or found violations not investigation of; (three) abuse, water products production business units and personal caused loss of; (four) negligence,
    Withholding and delays water quality safety and reporting of aquatic products, (v) other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty or engages in.
                                                                          29th these measures shall come into force on October 10, 2007.