Dapeng Peninsula Conservation And Development Management

Original Language Title: 大鹏半岛保护与发展管理规定

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(81st meeting of the people's Government of Shenzhen City people's Government of Shenzhen City, passed on January 4, 2008, the 178th promulgated as of March 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen management in Dapeng Peninsula, protecting the environment, promoting sustainable development in Dapeng Peninsula, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.
    Dapeng Peninsula in article protection, development and management within the applicable provisions.
    Dapeng Peninsula in these rules, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, including Kwai Chung sub-district offices, and Dapeng subdistrict offices, and sub-district offices of South Australia area.
    Article graded in Dapeng Peninsula to protect to protect the principle of gradual and orderly development, strict protection of the ecological environment and cultural relics and historic sites, and construction of urban infrastructure facilities and public services.
    The fourth Shenzhen Municipal People's Government (hereinafter referred to as the city) establishment of the eastern coastal area planning and development leading group (hereinafter referred to as leading group), responsible for the Dapeng Peninsula in the protection and development of an integrated and coordinated.
    Set up under the Office of the leading group, is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the leading group.
    Fifth Longgang District people's Government and municipal planning, land, water, finance, environmental protection, development and reform, tourism, forestry, fisheries, cultural relics, urban management and other administrative authorities in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws, rules and regulations, in the context of their respective responsibilities, common good management of Dapeng Peninsula in the protection and development.
    The sixth Municipal Government encourages citizens, legal persons or other organizations engaged in conservation activities in Dapeng Peninsula, made an outstanding contribution award.
    Units and individuals have the right to report and charged with violation of the provisions of the Act.
    Chapter II classification protection space control of the Dapeng Peninsula in the seventh municipal government designated core area of ecological protection and construction control, grade partition protection.
    Eighth core conservation area includes: (a) nature reserve, Dapeng Peninsula national geo-Park of geological relics protection area, (ii) other areas designated as basic ecological line.
    Included in the area of nature reserves, managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; core ecological protected areas outside the nature reserve, in addition to meeting planning, urban infrastructure and parks, not development and construction.
    Nineth building control areas including: level construction control zones: West-East punching area, punching, Goose Bay-Ocean to raise Bay area and orange fish and sediment area of regional development and construction.
    Secondary building control districts: Sha-Fu area, iterations under new Tai-Long Qi Wan District and South Australia-head Sha area of regional development and construction.
    Three-level building control areas: Dapeng Center district, City District, Centre of Kwai Chung District, Brook area, Ocean area, dam area, guanhu district, next hole and Ling Ao in development areas.
    Building control areas at all levels the scope stipulated by the relevant statutory plan.
    Building control areas at the tenth level in addition to development of the marine and high-end leisure features tourism, Convention and exhibition industry as well as high-end met the original villagers outside the non-residential and other development and construction.
    11th grade construction control in addition to the development of tourism and cultural industries, higher education, scientific research and development and a moderate amount of real estate industry, the prohibition of the development and construction of other existing industrial projects and polluting coastal aquaculture projects should be according to the needs of the development of the deadline closed or relocated.
    12th article three level construction control district except can development tourism, and culture industry, and real estate industry, and biological technology industry, and electronic information industry, and and marine resources development about of high-tech industry and Municipal Government determine of other industry outside, ban other development construction; existing not meet planning or pollution type industrial project should deadline close or relocation, encourages existing meet planning and industry policy of industrial project for upgrade transformation.
    Establishment of approval shall conform to the provisions of the statutory plan.
    13th among urban infrastructure construction and approval, but may not be in the core ecological protected areas and areas controlled by the level-building adjacent to the waters of the sea, the surrounding sea.
    Heritage of the Dapeng Peninsula in the 14th article, except in accordance with the national regulations on administration of city purple line into the purple line in the city planning management, cultural relics, plans the competent departments shall draw the conservation scope and building control areas, according to the management.
    15th planning departments should use satellite remote sensing images and other technology on dynamic monitoring of construction in Dapeng Peninsula, and dynamic monitoring of written report to the leadership team.
    Planning authorities in the monitoring process found in the illegal use of land, and suspected of illegal buildings, it shall transfer the relevant law enforcement departments investigated.
    16th forestry authorities shall strengthen the Dapeng Peninsula, forest protection and ecological restoration, of occupation of forestland and forest resource quality testing, Stern seeded deforestation, deforestation, illegal use of forest lands, and establishment of the Dapeng Peninsula forest fire early warning monitoring mechanisms and contingency plans.
    17th green Department of monitoring of the eco-environment in Dapeng Peninsula, to social publishing on a quarterly monitoring information of eco-environment in Dapeng Peninsula; development of eco-environment in Dapeng Peninsula quality improvement plan and to plan and supervise the implementation of total quantity control of pollutants, and environmental violations. 18th marine authorities, environmental protection departments every quarter to monitor the water quality of seawater in Dapeng Peninsula, and regular bulletins State of the marine environment.
    Marine Department Marine dangerous biological early warning monitoring system should be established.
    19th the water supplies Department should integration of Dapeng Peninsula water resources development and utilization, improve municipal sewer and sewage treatment facilities, and establish a scientific and rational management of water supply and drainage system, investigate and deal with violations of the damage of soil and water conservation, maintaining a good ecological environment.
    20th tourism authorities should establish Dapeng Peninsula tourist information release system, collect related information, publish and update tourism tourist information in a timely manner to the community.
    21st heritage departments should develop Dapeng Peninsula in the historical and cultural heritage protection, management and planning, establishment of cultural relic protection and management system, investigate and deal with violations of the destruction of cultural relics and historic sites. Chapter development and construction articles 22nd immediate plan annual implementation plans should be set in Dapeng Peninsula of Shenzhen City chapter, dovetailed with the relevant elements of the plan for national economic and social development.
    Dapeng Peninsula annual project plan, considered by the leading group through the rear according to stipulated procedures, and strict control of construction projects.
    23rd building control area in Dapeng Peninsula in the bidding, auction and listing of land, Planning Department in charge of planning and design elements to the leading group for consideration and adoption.
    24th according to partitioned and graded system of principles, the municipal development and reform authorities together with the municipal environmental protection Department and published in Dapeng Peninsula construction project industry-oriented directories, industry-oriented directory Supplemental directory of environmental protection of construction projects.
    Directory shall be considered by the leading group through the rear according to the prescribed procedure for approval.
    25th signed prior to the introduction of the land provided for in this contract but had not yet produced the construction project planning permit for construction project, planning authorities shall verify the compliance with these provisions.
    Does not comply with the provisions of the relevant requirements of the construction project, planning authorities can require construction projects at the same time meet the requirements of these provisions, or by the Department of land and land under law buybacks, such as land resumption, land replacement.
    Article 26th renovation and transformation of built area in Dapeng Peninsula according to law.
    27th Dapeng Peninsula, development of non-agricultural construction land in violation of city planning in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to investigate encouraging non-agricultural construction land in the Dapeng Peninsula's overall construction. Urban infrastructure or public service facilities occupy the land of others, by the Department of land and land under law buybacks, such as land resumption, land replacement.
    Relating to housing units, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    28th article has already to the villagers to designate the original homestead or non-agricultural construction land standards have been identified but have not yet been building residential, community, and Tong Jian by Longgang District people's government organizations.
    29th city and district development and reform, the financial authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of Division, funding for protection of Dapeng Peninsula infrastructure and public facilities construction and maintenance, ecology and heritage maintenance, original villagers modes in different places, the original village employment and training as well as for the Dapeng Peninsula protected and made outstanding contributions to the development of unit or individual awards.
    Article 30th ecological compensation for the Dapeng Peninsula in Dapeng Peninsula conservation and development of integrated compensation approach, enjoy eco-compensation of the original villagers have the responsibility and duty to protect the eco-environment in Dapeng Peninsula in support of Dapeng Peninsula in the protection and development.
    31st in Dapeng Peninsula in the production and operation of enterprises, indigenous villagers should be provided not less than 5% jobs in the company.
    Fourth legal liability article 32nd in violation of the provisions of article tenth, 11th and 12th without construction project planning permit or not according to construction project planning permit for construction, by the relevant law enforcement authorities shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.
    The 33rd article, violation of the provisions of the 13th article of, by the Marine Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China Sea area use management 42nd provisions of the Act.
    31st 34th in violation of these provisions, by the labor and Social Security Department of Shenzhen City, in accordance with the minimum standards for protection of life, does not provide positions calculated fines.
    35th article about competent sector and staff violation this provides, has following case one of of, by its superior administrative organ or monitored organ ordered corrected; plot serious of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel, law give disposition; suspected crime of, law transferred judicial organ processing: (a) unauthorized approval Dapeng Peninsula construction project or approved construction of; (ii) not law perform supervision duties or supervision poor, caused serious consequences of.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 36th Longgang District people's Government, the relevant competent authorities may, under the provisions of the municipal government, formulate measures for implementation.
                                                                                                                      The 37th of these provisions come into force on March 1, 2008.