Hebei Province Sports Competition Management

Original Language Title: 河北省体育竞赛管理办法

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(December 11, 2007 92nd meeting consideration of Hebei province on December 18, 2007 2007 12th release of Hebei province as of January 1, 2008) first to strengthen the sports competition management, promote the development of sports, according to the People's Republic of China sports law and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative region of this province organized all kinds of games, individual sports as well as other community-oriented organization and management of competition, must comply with these measures.
    Bodies, enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations in the sports competition organized by the unit, within the system, this approach is not applicable.
    Government regulatory and industry self-discipline article sports combined classification taxonomies.
    Sports should follow an open, just, fair and conducive to people's health and the principles of sport development.
    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the sports competition management leadership, urged relevant government departments to perform their duties of supervision and management of the sports, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the competition.
    Fifth government administrative departments at and above the county level shall be responsible for the administrative area of sports management.
    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of sports-related.
    Sixth people's Government above the county level and their departments should encourage enterprises and individuals organizing sports contests, or with donations, sponsorships and other forms of support and take part in sports competitions.
    Seventh article application held sports of organization and personal (following referred to bid people), should has following conditions: (a) can independent bear civil responsibility; (ii) has and sports scale quite of organization institutions and management, and service personnel; (three) has sports race procedures and organization implementation programme; (four) has and sports scale phase adapted of funding; (five) has sports by needed of site, and facilities and equipment.
    Eighth national and international sports competitions, according to sports Administrative Department under the State Council's regulations and approval procedures.
    Nineth article held following sports, should reported province sports administrative sector approval: (a) across province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities of sports; (ii) has Hong Kong S.A.R., and Macau S.A.R., and Taiwan area of sports teams, and athletes participate in of sports; (three) dubbed "Hebei province", and "Hebei", and "province" or other synonymous name of sports; (four) across set district of city administrative of sports.
    Organized tenth district municipal or county level national sports competition of compulsory sports service standards should be reported to sports venue located municipal sports administration approval.
    11th organized by these measures stipulated in article Nineth and tenth outside the sport, shall be organized in districts of the city or county sports Administrative Department for approval.
    12th article bid people should in sports held of day of 60 recently, to approval sector submitted following material: (a) sports held applications; (ii) held who of identity proved or registration, and registered of proved; (three) sports race procedures, and organization implementation programme and burst event emergency plans; (four) sports venues all or management people agreed using sports site of proved; (five) facilities, and equipment of test, and detection qualified proved; (six) funding source proved and funding budget report. 13th sports examination and approval Department shall receive applicants to submit applications within 15th and all the materials, in accordance with the provisions of the present article seventh, to approve or not to approve the decision and notify the applicant in writing.
    15th cannot make a decision, approved by the heads of departments, you can extend the 10th and will inform applicants of the reasons for the extension.
    14th competition organiser shall be approved by the approval authority decides to hold sports competitions.
    Date and time, the competition to host the sports content, and the need to change venues, facilities and equipment required, and organizers ahead of 15th to the changes to the original examination and approval Department shall be applied for approval before they can change.
    Competition cancelled, sponsor of original examination and approval Department shall be notified ahead of 10th, and announced to the community.
    15th, the organizer may appoint in accordance with conditions specified in these measures organizations or individuals hosting sports competition, and signed an agreement under the law.
    Sponsor shall not be transferable right to host the competition.
    Compulsory sports in 16th national service standards or have special requirements for contestants body of sports competition, participants shall be subject to medical clearance and in personal accident insurance.
    17th competition the organizers are responsible for the security management.
    During sports contests, sponsors should have implemented safety measures, with sufficient security personnel to maintain order, and relative to take control and evacuation measures, ensuring that sport a safe, orderly manner.
    18th organized by sporting rules and organization and implementation plans to organize sports competitions and athletes competed for qualification.
    19th organizers should be selected in the sports authorities to perform registration, meet the requirements of grade referees sports referees.
    Referee referee project participating teams of athletes and other close relatives of the staff, or any of the other circumstances may affect the fairness of refereeing, not hiring.
    Organizers before the sports start, the referee should be professional ethics education and professional training. Article 20th participation sports coaches, players and referees shall comply with the relevant provisions of national sports and sportsmanship.
    No trickery, deception, doping or use the sport for gambling and other illegal activities.
    Article 21st after approval in accordance with law, the sports, party propaganda, sponsored, charge entry fees, issuing or selling tickets and other activities.
    Issued or the number of tickets sold must not exceed the security capacity of the stadium.
    22nd organised fund-raising income of sports, in addition to the approved expenditure budget to pay the necessary costs of sports funding, all donated by people.
    Article 23rd, the organizer shall be within 15th since the closing date of the competition, submission to competent departments in the sports competition summary, brochure, results and sports financial budget report.
    24th sports scene the audience should comply with the following provisions: (a) comply with relevant laws, regulations, rules and sports management system and social ethics, (ii) and consciously accept their owners related to staff security, site management, (iii) shall not affect the sports competition site, destruction of normal order and sanitation shall be without prejudice to public safety.
    25th sports Administrative Department staff have one of the following acts shall be given administrative sanctions: (a) is not in accordance with the law of sports examination and approval procedures, (ii) make things difficult for the parties in the sports competition management or obtaining illegal benefits, (iii) of sports competitions do not investigate and punish violations committed in, and (iv) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in. 26th article violates this article Nineth and tenth, 11th and 14th article, sport administrative departments at and above the county level shall be ordered to rectify and imposed illegal gains more than 1 time fined not more than three times, but no more than 20,000 yuan; no illegal proceeds, as well as the illegal gains cannot be calculated, punishable by fines of less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    Losses, shall be subject to compensation.
    27th article violates these measures set forth in article 15th, 21st, illegal proceeds by the sport administrative departments at and above the county level 1 time times fined not more than three times, but not more than 30,000 yuan; no illegal proceeds, as well as the illegal gains cannot be calculated, punishable by fines of less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
                                                                                                        28th article of the measures enter into force on January 1, 2008.