Handan Municipal Heating Regulation Implementing Rules

Original Language Title: 邯郸市城市供热条例实施细则

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(November 2, 2007, Handan people's Government consideration at the 61st Executive meeting on November 12, 2007, 120th release from Handan people's Government as of November 5, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article for cities with thermal management, promote the sustainable, healthy and orderly development of the urban heating, heating, Handan city, according to the city Ordinance, these rules are formulated.
    Article applies these rules within the administrative area of the city in city heat supply planning, management of the sector and the construction and operation of units and individuals, the use of urban heating.
    Article, urban heating sector is responsible for urban heat-supply management work within the administrative area of the city.
    Counties (cities), fengfeng mining district in the urban heating sector is responsible for the administration of urban heat-supply management.
    Plans, prices, environmental protection, quality and technical supervision, finance, real estate, home, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities to do urban heat-supply management.
    Fourth urban heating uphold the central heating, a variety of complementary approaches, optimizing the allocation of urban heating resources, encourage the development and use of geothermal, solar and other renewable and clean energy such as natural gas, methane gas heating.
    Chapter II planning and construction of the fifth urban heating special planning in urban planning under the guidance, strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of urban planning of district heating and the urban heat-supply planning provisions of the depth of content preparation.
    Urban heating special planning should be addressing, reasonable layout, arrangement.
    Article sixth heat cogeneration, should speed up the renovation of heating units in thermal power plant, configure the appropriate heating, reducing the heating coefficient, expanded heat capacity.
    Regional boiler room heating, boiler capacity shall not be less than 10 tons/hour, efficiency should not be less than 70%.
    The seventh use of urban centralized heat supply of residential and public buildings, shall, in accordance with individual metering of heating system, installing heat meters and thermostatic radiator valves of requirements for the design, construction and acceptance.
    Heat measurement and temperature control device cost of the new buildings included housing costs may not be charged separately to the user. Eighth existing public buildings and residential heating systems in accordance with metering, temperature-controlled gradual reform.
    Specific measures shall be formulated by the competent departments of city heating, municipal people's Government for approval.
    State Office building, shared with users and residential units in series, heat aging influence the effect of heating facilities heating system should be reformed. Nineth assume the construction of metering reform unit, responsible for the first heating operation after the completion of the warranty.
    During the warranty period, caused by the construction unit does not heat properly, heat led customers to demand relief as well as direct losses caused shall be borne by the construction unit. Article tenth city heating special planning requirements, heating unit in ensuring the quality of heat user heating cases, able to invest in the construction of heat supply pipeline and heating power station development to new users.
    New users should share the associated costs.
    Chapter heat and heat its 11th source units, heating units should be in accordance with the relevant regulations, standards and specifications, and for heat of the contract on time, continuity, high quality heating. 12th quality and technology supervision departments should annually before the start of heating operation a month from the heat source unit with heating units for accounting based thermal measuring instrument calibration, sealed.
    Check appraisal cost borne equally by both parties.
    During the heating operation, heat units or heating units such as the disagrees with the accuracy of the measuring instrument may apply for further verification, verify the identification of costs borne by the applicant.
    13th heat for thermal contract with the heating units should meet the following conditions: (a) not implemented heat rate of 80% per cent of household control, (ii) implementation of household control using heat rate is above 60%; (c) the new subscriber rate is above 50%. 14th article where requirements using city heating of new user and needed increased hot load of original user, should to city heating competent sector proposed written application; city heating competent sector according to city heating special planning, and heat capacity and the heating parameter, review agreed Hou, user party can for heating design and construction; completed acceptance qualified Hou, user to heating units provides following information, by heating units and user signed heating network contract: (a) with hot buildings of property, and building total plane figure, and building profile figure, and
    Thermal systems and other relevant documentation and documents; (b) courtyard pipeline and detailed as-built drawings of the heating system, (iii) heat building name, residence of households, by thermal parameters and specific requirements.
    15th heating units should be in accordance with the relevant national measurement standard in heating range detection on behalf of users, users should cooperate.
    16th heat source units, heating units shall establish and improve urban heating emergency safeguard mechanisms for early warning and to develop contingency plans to respond to emergencies, ensure the safe and stable heating. 17th heat users need to stop or resume the supply, during the period from April 15 to October 15, apply to the heating unit and the related formalities.
    Not any procedure stops heat users, as a normal heat heating period.
    When users change, it is timely to heating units for processing the change. Fourth chapter facilities management 18th heat source plant wall 1 meter to heat homes between valves for heating renovation and transformation, maintenance and conservation of the heating unit is responsible for, the costs included in the price of heating costs.
    Users to transfer heating heating units in the following ways: (a) heat user investment in new facilities, and acceptance of transfer together with the relevant information after the heating unit, (ii) by customers investing beyond the design life of existing heating facilities, depreciation and related information to be extracted together with the heating unit.
    19th fault when a repair is needed in the urban heating facilities, construction of heating units can advance and go through the relevant formalities.
    20th Administrative Department of planning when approving projects involving urban heating facilities, should seek the views of urban heat-supply departments in advance.
    Due to the impact of construction safety of urban heating facilities, the construction unit shall take security measures, by heating flat inspection approval before construction began.
    21st heating unit in heating a year ago for users of contracts signed for hot flush pressure test with heating facilities.
    22nd users shall not be any of the following acts: (a) without installing cooling facilities, (ii) installing hot water heat exchanger, (iii) in the indoor faucets installed on the heating pipes or radiators, (iv) unauthorized opening heat lock valve. Fifth chapter management principle of paying hot 23rd city heating.
    User before November 15 of each year to the heating unit should be paid at once the heating of the heating period. 24th heating period is divided into regular heating period (4 months) and non-conventional heating period (3 months).
    Conventional heating and heating costs on the normal price standards implementation; heating in normal non-conventional heating thermal price increase on the basis of a percentage of the heat loss coefficient of price, specific criteria approved by the price administrative departments of the people's Government of the city.
    25th heating charging area in accordance with the following provisions: (a) residential charges for heating an area of = x90%, other building heating charges area = area x height/3x90%.
    (B) and the adjacent layer permeability and heating facilities are not installed to the attic without heating charging area.
    26th article used heat table billing of according to following provides implementation: (a) billing standard is divided into basic hot fee and variable hot fee two part; (ii) basic hot fee according to hot user heating charges area hot price of 30-the 60% multiplied by heating charges area for calculation, specific standard by city government price administrative competent sector approved; (three) variable hot fee according to with heat price multiplied by hot user actual with heat for calculation; (four) basic hot fee and variable hot fee of and for hot user should make heating fee.
    27th article for heating units reasons caused heating period within reduced or stop heating of, heating end Hou a months within, heating units should will by caused of loss in has charged of heating fee in the deduction and returned to hot user; for heat units reasons caused heating period within reduced or stop heating of, by heating units compensation hot user loss, and in heating units payment heat units of hot fee medium amount deductions.
    28th article for following situation one of, hot user indoor heating temperature up not to provides standard of, heating units are not bear responsibility, hot user should full paid heating fee: (a) hot user internal heating system structure not reasonable, heating units proposed corrected views but not corrected of; (ii) hot user indoor decorative decoration effect thermal of; (three) unauthorized change housing structure and heating facilities of; (four) unauthorized expanded heating area, change heating way of; (five) for temporary fault, in 24 hours within recovery normal heating of. 29th heating relief in accordance with the following procedures apply: heat user heating indoor temperature is below 16 c, the heating unit temperature measurement applications in a timely manner; heating units should be sent within 24 hours after receipt of the application to the site to monitor temperature records must be signed by both parties; room temperature not up to standards, for hot parties shall clearly define responsibilities.
    The heat source unit or heating units are at fault, users fill in the application form for relief of heating costs, for use after the heat signed and sealed by force. 30th city people's Governments should establish special funds for urban heating subsidies, to enjoy minimum living guarantee and other winter heating subsidies for special hardship case families.
    Specific subsidy programme formulated by the finance and Administration Department, municipal people's Government for approval.
    Sixth chapter penalty is 31st article heat units or heating units violation this rules provides, has following behavior one of of, by city heating competent sector ordered stop violations, deadline corrected, and can give following punishment: (a) not developed emergency plans or not immediately organization repair timely recovery heating of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; (ii) heating units failed to timely returned hot user heating fee of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 30000 Yuan following fine.
    32nd construction unit failed to take safety measures on urban heating losses, in addition to compensation for losses, by heating the city authorities fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    The 33rd article 22nd could be in violation of this provision, by the Department of urban heating shall be ordered to desist from the illegal act, compensation for losses, and a fine of 100 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.
    34th refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty made on an administrative authority may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
                                                                                                            Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 35th these rules come into force on November 5, 2007.