Handan City Administrative Services Supervision And Administration

Original Language Title: 邯郸市行政服务监督管理办法

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(December 11, 2007, Handan people's Government at the 63rd Executive meeting on December 18, 2007 121th Handan people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article I-implementation of Government Affairs, regulating the activities of administrative services, security administration according to law, under the People's Republic of China on administrative licensing law and other relevant laws and regulations, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
    II administrative services mentioned in these measures refers to the people's Governments at all levels and their departments, agencies for the citizens, legal persons or other organizations in accordance with the law on administrative licenses, bidding, convenient services and other administrative activities.
    Article III administrative services within the administrative area of the city this way.
    Article people's Governments and their subordinate departments, agencies should implement open Government, ensure the people's right to know and right of supervision.
    Fifth Municipal administrative service center is a Department of the municipality, the Agency dealt with the administrative licenses, bidding, convenience services and other administrative services of the workplace, and settled matters and staff supervision.
    County and township-level people's Governments according to local conditions, establish the level of government administrative service center, relevant administrative departments, agencies for the citizens, legal persons and other organizations to provide administrative services, should be at the same level of Administrative Service Center for processing.
    Due to exceptional circumstances should not be assigned to administrative services centralized administrative services, approved by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, setting up administrative service center branch, and accept the guidance and supervision of the administrative service center.
    City, County (city, district) administrative service centers implement linkage mechanism.
    Sixth section provides administrative services shall adhere to legal, honest, open, standardized, efficient, convenient, and the principle of good faith. Seventh of municipal administrative service centres the following system: (a) the ward system.
    Assigned to a unit classified as a work area, a number of district service area. (B) the leadership shift system.
    Settled in the unit shall appoint a Chief Deputy (representative) settled in the center workspace. (C) settled in system of the administrative licensing work.
    Assigned units of the administrative licensing work must be formed into the center workspace. (D) the seal special system.
    Settled in the unit should be working in the administrative center, manage on behalf of the Special seal of administrative license service.
    Eighth entering service center unit, should ensure that settled matters, staff, led by shift is relatively stable, should not be replaced.
    Settled in the Centre of the unit, should be assigned to the staff assessment, promotion, Fund to be fully protected.
    Chapter responsibilities the people's Governments at the corresponding level, the Nineth decided to enter administrative services administrative services Center departments, agencies should be working in the administrative services Centre Department, staff.
    Smaller units of administrative services, approved by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, you can delegate administrative service centres integrated workspace-related applications, and within the time stipulated by the administrative organs. Tenth Article Administrative Service Center Management Committee is responsible for organization, and coordination, and guide, and supervision this level Government belongs sector, and institutions of administrative service work, perform following duties: (a) developed the regulations, and management approach and organization implementation; (ii) with about sector hengcha concentrated handle administrative service matters of do Guide; (three) on settled or exit administrative service center of requests for review and reported sibling Government decided; (four) on the sector, and institutions in administrative service center set work district proposed specific views , On settled of staff for daily management and assessment; (five) guarantees law revoked or stop implementation of administrative service matters in provides term within stop implementation; (six) coordination, and supervision concentrated handle of administrative service matters, and timely for informed; (seven) on subordinate administrative service center submitted this level service center accepted administrative service matters, coordination, and urged this level service center of related units limited settles; (eight) is responsible for tender bid, trading activities tangible market of supervision management; (nine) accepted citizens, and
    Legal persons and other organizations complain of administrative service center staff, (10) completed the other tasks assigned by the people's Governments at the corresponding level.
    11th article settled administrative service center of units should perform following obligations: (a) according to provides will this units of administrative service matters into administrative service center concentrated handle; (ii) developed this units concentrated handle administrative service matters of the regulations, and do process and organization implementation; (three) according to provides in administrative service center established work district, selected staff, by sent personnel should by Administrative Service Center Management Committee agreed; (four) in work district law public this units of administrative service matters;
    (Five) on only for form review of administrative service matters, should authorized this units set in administrative service center of work district spot handle; (six) needed do substantive review of administrative service matters, units other functions at (section) room should tie work district do site reconnaissance, and identification, and technology argument, work, and limited settles; (seven) on Administrative Service Center issued of administrative service matters supervising letter timely processing and regular reply; (eight) assist administrative service center processing party of advisory, and complaints;
    (I) completion of other tasks assigned by the administrative service of the Government.
    12th article administrative service center the work district of duties: (a) law handle this units into administrative service center of administrative service matters; (ii) on just form review of matters should spot settles, needed for real Shen Cha of matters, should in statutory term or commitment time within settles; (three) comply with administrative service center of management system, accept administrative service center of supervision coordination; (four) is responsible for administrative service center and this units of work convergence; (five) accept masses Advisory and implemented one-time told system.
    13th chapter III administrative services assigned to administrative services centralized administrative services, departments and agencies are not allowed in the other place to be.
    14th settled administrative services centralized administrative services and its guide, should be taken to the public in various ways.
    15th administrative service shall not charge any fee charged except in accordance with law.
    Charges in accordance with law, administrative service center service personnel not allowed to receive cash, you must follow the published items and standards of administrative service centres collect Bank window.
    Charges must be using printed paper.
    Administrative Service Center Management Committee should strengthen the supervision and management of administrative services costs associated with the collection.
    16th administrative service center when the Management Committee to audit the Guide units, should review its basis, application requirements, application materials, processing procedures, processing time, fees, contact information, and publicity.
    Settled in the guide of the unit the unit should be in a uniform format, applicants for free upon request.
    17th administrative services must use rich-text formatting, rich text should be provided free of charge to the applicants.
    Guide and a variety of formatted text should be published on the website of the unit, and allow free downloads, content changes, and should be updated in a timely manner.
    18th, an administrative authority shall, within the statutory time limit commitment to handle the needs of the time, its time for a maximum period.
    Need hearing according to law, tenders, auctions, testing, inspection, quarantine, and the time required for evaluation and expert review should be informed in the Guide. Article 19th administrative services of the application materials are complete and comply with the statutory format applications, administrative service center work area should be accepted on the spot, and certificate with the Executive administrative services to the applicant Special seal and indicate the accepted date of receiving notice.
    Processing time limit starts from the accepted date.
    Applications, not part of the mandate of the workspace, shall immediately make a decision inadmissible, and inform the applicant apply to the unit.
    Article 20th application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, the Administration Service Center of each work area shall at once inform all applicants need to supplement material on the spot and to inform the applicant of the one-time notice.
    Article 21st decided not to accept the certificate with this executive administrative services to the applicant should be special seal and date the book of inadmissibility decisions and indicate specific reasons.
    22nd only form of review of administrative services, applicants submitted application materials are complete and comply with the statutory requirements, and make grant decisions should be written on the spot. Need to conduct a substantive review of administrative services, the executive authorities should be completed during the term of commitment.
    Substantive review meets the legal conditions and standards, the administrative organ shall promptly to approve the decision in writing.
    23rd District Administrative Service Center work Department accepting information, decisions should be made public, people have the right to free access.
    24th administrative service center should be promoting the construction of e-Government through the dynamic regulation of the processing of administrative services, and online reporting, online, online decision working admissible.
    Administrative Service Center should make full use of the modern means of communication, information relating to administrative services will notify the applicants in a timely manner.
    25th Executive services the Executive is headed by multiple agencies, the executive authorities should be determined by the Administrative Services Center dealt with or lead management. Implementation of administrative services by two or more departments in accordance with law, by the Administrative Services Management Committee is responsible for coordinating and supervising the management of the Centre.
    The specific measures shall be formulated by the administrative services management board of the Centre.
    Supervision and administration of the fourth chapter 26th supervisory organs at all levels should be in the same level of administrative service centres and staff of the supervisory authorities, working within the scope of their statutory functions and the administrative center of district staff illegal implementation of administrative supervision. 27th administrative service centre in accordance with the needs of the Management Committee may be appointed supervisor of administrative services.

    28th Administrative Service Center Management Committee should develop a management assessment methods, to strengthen the staff of the workspace of the education, training, management, and assessment.
    Administrative Services Center staff excellent indicators of year-end assessment, by the personnel department and separate, do not account for selected indicators, should be increased.
    29th of municipal and county people's Governments shall establish and improve administrative services the fault responsibility investigation system.
    Administrative Committee shall establish a sound administrative service center complaints, mass appraisal, performance appraisal system, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.
    Article 30th units entered service centre staff appointed for less than one year and not being replaced.
    31st article this level shall be increased in the administrative service center staff living and working conditions.
    Articles 32nd to units and personnel administrative services of outstanding, award is given by the people's Governments at the corresponding level.
    33rd article administrative service center the work district where units and staff has following case one of of, by this level administrative service center management committee depending on plot weight, give education help, and informed criticism, ordered corrected illegal or improper administrative behavior, and by about sector law for processing: (a) no by requirements will administrative service matters and staff settled administrative service center of; (ii) authorized not full, makes work district cannot efficient perform duties of;
    (Three) in administrative service center accepted or handle administrative service application of while, and in other place accepted or handle application of; (four) not by provides in administrative service center Bank window charged related administrative career sex costs of; (five) in accepted or handle administrative service matters process in the bribes, and bribery or violations charges, and seek illegal interests of; (six) administrative service matters extended settles or in work in the fraud caused bad effect of; (seven) other violation administrative service center management provides of.
    Article 34th approved by the people's Governments at the corresponding level is not entering the centralized administrative services administrative services center, you must follow "a window to foreign" requirements of citizens, legal persons and other organizations providing administrative services, Executive services and accept the guidance and supervision of the Management Board of the Centre.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 35th financial departments at all levels should give protection to requirements for the administrative services centre.
    36th vertical Management Department of administrative services, should also be handled into the administrative services center.
    37th counties (cities, districts) and township (town) people's Governments and urban neighborhood offices in accordance with these measures, formulate appropriate management measures.
                                                                                                    38th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2008.