Qiqihar Radio Management

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市无线电管理办法

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(December 18, 2007, Qiqihar city, the people's Government of the 6th Executive meeting on December 18, 2007, 4th, Qiqihar city people's Government promulgated as of January 18, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the radio management, maintaining the order of radio, the effective use of the radio frequency spectrum resource to protect radio business up and running, protect national interests and people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the People's Republic of China of the radio regulations, combined with the municipality
    And these measures are formulated.
    Article in which are set within the administrative area of the city, using radio (stations), the development, production, import radio transmitting equipment using radiation waves of non-radio equipment, as well as sales and maintenance of radio transmitting equipment shall comply with these measures.
    Radio management do not apply to the practices of the military system.
    Third article this approach by said radio (station), is refers to launches radio of radio equipment, including the band of radio communications Radio (station), and satellite earth station, and radio, and television (containing transposer station), and radar, and navigation, and telemetry, and remote control equipment,; by said has radiation radio of non-radio equipment, is refers to for industrial, and science, and traffic, and medical, aspects of can produced electromagnetic radiation of equipment.
    Fourth State of radio spectrum resources, follow the unified planning, rational development, centralized, hierarchical accountability, compensation for the use of the principles. Chapter II administrative agencies, radio, and duties of the fifth administrative departments are responsible for the radio management in the administrative area of the city.
    Counties (cities), radio regulatory agencies, relevant government departments where the radio management in the administrative area. City radio management institutions by province radio management institutions agreed, exercise following duties: (a) implementation national, and province about radio management of legal, and regulations, and regulations, and approach and policy; (ii) developed this city radio management of specific provides and approach; (three) by permission planning this city radio (station) of construction layout and frequency of using; (four) by permission approval radio (station) address, and set and using, refers to distribution radio (station) of frequency and callsign, issued
    People's Republic of China Radio License (following referred to radio license); (five) on national, and province approved of this city administrative within radio (station) station site and technology parameter for review verified and issued radio license; (six) on this city administrative within radio (station) for supervision check; (seven) and adjacent province, and city for frequency coordination work; (eight) is responsible for started, Qiqihar city, radio emergency plans, implementation radio control; (nine) Organization levy radio frequency resources occupied fee;
    (J) radio monitor and deal with matters relating to radio interference (11) investigation of radio management in violation of laws, rules and regulations (12) coordinate and deal with other matters in radio management. Sixth chapter of radio-frequency management assignment and frequency of use shall comply with the relevant national frequency regulations. Assigned frequency should be determined using the term.
    Need to continue to use the expiration of, shall, before the expiration of 30th to the assigned institution to re-apply for continued procedure. Approved by the assigned frequency, no units.
    Country when you modify a frequency allocation or the national interest needs to be adjusted, and radio management, agencies can be adjusted or in accordance with state back ahead.
    Article seventh without approval, all units and individuals are not allowed to use, change, transfer, lease, frequency.
    Occupation of frequencies from units and individuals shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State pay frequency occupation fee. Fourth chapter radio (station) of set and using eighth article set, and using radio (station), should to City radio management institutions proposed application, handle approval procedures, while provides following information: (a) intends set, and using radio (station) of units or personal of written application, its content should including set Taiwan of main purpose and reason, main uses, work way, location and geographic seat standard,; (ii) application of band and intends occupied of frequency number; (three) about sector of frequency using approved file (
    Refers to using the State radio regulatory authority commissioned Department assigned frequency radio (station)); (d) the provincial sports Commission approval document and the certificate of operation of radio Sports Association (set up amateur radio station).
    Nineth article set, and using radio (station), should has following conditions: (a) has legal purpose, and reasonable uses; (ii) radio equipment meet national technology standard; (three) has familiar radio management about provides and corresponding of business skills and the operation qualification of personnel; (four) radio network design reasonable, radio frequency effective using, radio (station) work environment security reliable, meet electromagnetic environment of related requirements; (five) has corresponding of management system and management measures;
    (Vi) not set up according to law, the use of the radio (station) cause harmful interference.
    Tenth, the base station settings should be consistent with the overall urban planning requirements, site layout reasonable, site sharing resources and manpower.
    Outdoor base station radiation shall conform to the national standards for environmental protection and approval by the Administrative Department of environmental protection environmental assessment compliance reports. 11th article City radio management institutions on agreed set, and using of radio (station), by following program handle procedures: (a) in 3 to 5 a days within issued frequency pre refers to distribution notification single; (ii) on intends set of radio (station) for electromagnetic environment test; (three) requirements set radio (station) of units and personal by pre refers to distribution of frequency for necessary of technology design or network design; (four) on intends set radio (station) information and test report for review, meet requirements of,
    Approval documents; (v) the acquisition of radio transmission equipment for testing according to state regulations; (vi) trial run from 30th to 90 days new radio stations (stations), before acceptance, candidates issued radio licenses, was officially put into use. 12th strictly limit building, Tower, mountain settings or use the radio (station).
    In high-rise buildings, towers, Alpine settings that you require or use the radio (station), high-rise buildings, towers, Alpine owner or holder should, radio authority, to apply 15 days in advance, subject to his approval and intends to set up, use the radio (station) to demonstrated and certified compatibility electromagnetic environment, to set up and use.
    Tall buildings, the Tower mentioned in this article refers to the height of 30 meters above the floor, Tower. In urban planning in the 13th set a fixed radio stations (stations), shall comply with the overall urban construction plan, comply with the relevant electromagnetic environment protection requirements.
    Built radio stations (stations), microwave links and radio monitoring facilities in need of protection, units established by approval of the competent departments of city planning administrative arrangements. 14th in this municipal district located outside the unit to carry radio stations used in this city, shall take the original location of the radio station Radio radio licenses issued by the authority, to this municipality radio regulatory agency for offsite use filing procedures.
    But State radio regulatory agencies approved for use across the province, except for networking functions. 15th radio (station) after it has been approved for use, should work in compliance with radio licenses approved projects.
    Because of work, changing items, radio management agencies should be to the city change, re-issuance of radio licences.
    Radio stations (stations) should be used according to the assigned call sign may not send and receive signal has nothing to do with the work; shall wilfully interfere with radio business.
    16th radio (station) revoked, deactivated, should be in accordance with the People's Republic of China of the relevant provisions of the radio regulations for applications.
    17th the purchase or use of public telephones, according to the relevant State regulations.
    Fifth chapter of radio transmitting equipment management 18th production, import, sale and maintenance of radio transmitting equipment, its relevant frequencies, frequency and power specifications shall comply with national regulations on radio management.
    19th the development of radio transmitting equipment shall be in conformity with the People's Republic of China of the relevant provisions of the radio regulations and radio regulatory approval by the city.
    20th production, import radio transmitting equipment, should hold a State radio regulatory agencies issued by the radio transmit equipment type approval certificate and approval code; import radio transmitting equipment should also be approved by the provincial radio management institution, made the radio equipment, review of documents and to the local electrical and mechanical equipment management for mechanical and electrical products imported after proof, the city customs clearance formalities. 21st sales and maintenance of radio transmitting equipment, radio by the city administration.
    Radio transmission equipment type approval by the State radio regulatory agencies and radio equipment type approval certificate will be issued after the sales.
    Maintenance of radio transmitting equipment shall not alter the approved specifications.
    22nd no unit or individual may illegally development, production, sale and use of radio jamming equipment, shielding the public communication and affect the normal radio communications business.
    Sixth chapter radiation non-radio management of radio waves article 23rd industrial, scientific and medical applications, electrified transport systems, high-voltage power line equipment, motor vehicles, information technology (ship) ignition devices and other radio wave radiation of electrical installations, shall conform to the national standards and regulations, and shall not cause harmful interference to radio services.
    24th radio wave radiation produced works on radio (station) to cause harmful interference, Sitings Sentinel should the Department of City Planning Administration in conjunction with the Radio Authority technology demonstration and coordinated implementation. The seventh chapter of radio monitoring and radio radio stations responsible for supervising the 25th article of the City set within the jurisdiction of this municipality radio station (station) signal monitoring.
    Its main duties is: (a) monitoring both set radio (station) launches whether by provides program and approved of project work; (ii) find radio interference and without approved using of radio (station); (three) determination radio equipment of main technology index; (four) detection industrial, and science, and medical application equipment, and information technology equipment and other electrical equipment, non-radio equipment of radio radiation; (five) test about radio parameter, for electromagnetic environment test, and analysis;
    (F) the contractor, other work assigned by the radio authority.
    26th article City radio management institutions according to about legal, and regulations, and regulations provides, on radio management of the work for supervision check, and can take following measures: (a) for site check, and Forensics; (ii) requirements was check units and personal provides about information and file; (three) asked party and witnesses, making asked record; (four) take necessary of technology means stop wrongful behavior; (five) close, and seized radio (station) or temporarily buckle radio launches equipment;
    (Vi) torn down cause harmful interference to radio and non-radio devices.
    Eighth chapter 27th penalties in violation of these rules by the municipal radio management institution in accordance with the People's Republic of China provisions of the radio regulations shall be punished.
    28th fines should be uniformly printed using financial instruments and related provisions for separating penalty paid Executive in this city. 29th party not satisfied with the administrative punishment law may apply for administrative reconsideration, or directly to a people's Court.
    If no application for administrative reconsideration or sue nor performs the decision on punishment, the Department may apply to the Court for enforcement of the decision.
    30th radio regulatory bodies for the purposes of personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, sanctions by their work units or by the competent Department constitutes a crime, and handed over to judicial organs for handling.
    Nineth chapter supplementary articles article 31st of this approach by the municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                          32nd article this way since January 18, 2008.