Administrative Measures On Fire Safety In Public Gathering Places In Hunan Province (Revised 2008)

Original Language Title: 湖南省公众聚集场所消防安全管理办法(2008年修正本)

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(May 23, 2003 Hunan Province Government makes 170th, announced according to January 2, 2008 Hunan Province Government makes No. 219, on modified straddling Hunan province rural cooperation economic contracting contract management approach (pilot), 6 pieces regulations of decided 1th times amendment announced) first article to prevention and reduced public gathered places fire against, protection citizens personal, and public property and citizens property of security, maintenance public security, according to People's Republic of China fire method, and
    Administrative accountability for extraordinarily serious safety accidents under provisions of Hunan province, and the implementation of People's Republic of China approaches the fire control law and other relevant provisions, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated. Second article this approach by said public gathered places, is refers to on public open of has must scale of following places: (a) theaters, and video Office, and Ballroom, and Kara OK Office, and music cafes, and indoor recreation Hall, and has performances and show function of Auditorium, public entertainment; (ii) hotel, and hotel, and restaurant, and Guest House, public catering accommodation places; (three) bar, and Internet cafes, and oxygen's, and coffee housing, and beauty salon, and foot bathroom raised public leisure places; (four) sports venues, and bowling Museum, and billiards Museum, and fitness Museum, and
    Skating rink, and indoor shooting range, public sports movement fitness places; (five) financial, and insurance, and telecommunications, and post, foreign business places and Mall, and country market, and securities trading places, business places; (six) Museum, and Gallery, and library, and Gallery, and green Palace, and Palace, and Club, and masses Museum, engaged in science culture art activities of places; (seven) airport, and station, and Terminal, and parking, public; (eight) hospital, and nursing home and boarding of school, and kindergarten, and nursery;
    (I) fair, exhibitions, trade fairs, expositions, commodity fair, large rallies, Fireworks, Lantern Festival, temples and other places of mass activities; (j) other crowded public places.
    Third article this approach by refers to of must scale of public gathered places is refers to has following case one of of public gathered places: (a) area in 50 square meters above or rated number in 50 people above of indoor public gathered places; (ii) accounted for to area in 500 square meters above and rated number in 1000 people above of outdoor public gathered places; (three) set in underground building within of public gathered places.
    Laws, rules and regulations on public gathering places provided in scale, from its provisions.
    Fourth article of the provincial people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the public gathering places fire's leadership. People's Governments above the county-level public security fire control institutions are responsible for the supervision and administration of the fire control work in places of public gathering.
    Police station could be commissioned by the County and city public security fire control institutions in charge of public security fire control institutions within their jurisdiction on behalf of a public gathering places for fire safety supervision and management.
    Construction of the people's Governments above the county level, culture, health, sports, business, economic and trade, education, radio, film and television, travel and other relevant administrative department shall, within the scope of their respective duties on the fire safety management of public gathering places. Fifth public security fire control institutions to public gathering places fire safety regulatory grading system, superior public security fire control institutions for fire supervision and management work of public security fire control institutions at lower levels for guidance and supervision and inspection.
    Supervise may not be repeated.
    Sixth new construction, expansion, renovation, interior decoration of buildings and uses public gathering place for change projects, it shall be submitted to public security fire control institutions review and acceptance. Public gathering places and put into use, before opening and mass activities held before, he shall apply to the public security fire-fire safety checks.
    Among them, State in the province's large-scale activities, provincial governments and their subordinate departments to organize large-scale activities as well as activity across the city to the provincial public security fire control institutions to apply for fire protection.
    Fire inspection of the project referred to in the first paragraph of this article with fire protection within the meaning of the second paragraph of this article content is consistent, should apply for both.
    Public gathering places without fire safety inspection qualified public security fire control institutions shall not be opened, events or put into use, industrial and commercial administrative departments shall not apply for a business license.
    Article seventh public gathering places shall fulfill its fire safety management responsibility, the legal representative or principal responsible person is the fire safety at or responsible persons, and fire safety to the public gathering places full responsibility for, and shall step by step and post fire safety fire safety responsibility system accountability. Responsible for fire safety in public gathering places, according to the need to identify the place of the fire safety Manager.
    Fire safety fire safety manager owner, determine or change, 15th public security fire control institutions within the record. Article eighth of lease, contract or authorize the operation, management, ownership and operators should define their own fire safety responsibilities.
    Fire Lane, public fire safety evacuation facilities and other fire prevention facilities, centrally managed by the property unit or by a unit management.
    Public gathered field belongs overall rental, and contracting of, its business during of fire security work by operators is responsible for; is more than has property or more than rental using of, by property units or rental using units common determine a units is responsible for whole building building of fire management, business using who on business using range within of fire security is responsible for, and tie property units or its delegate unified management of units do related fire security work. Nineth public gathering places should be carried out through a variety of forms of regular fire safety publicity and education.
    New and enter the new position shall organize the fire safety training of employees.
    Public gathering places in the business during the event and posted the pictures should be taken and broadcast, closed-circuit television broadcasting activities within the site, including fire prevention, fire fighting, evacuation and other common sense.
    Clause tenth is a public gathering place for key units for fire safety fire service organizations should be established, identify fire management full-time or part-time staff, development of fire-fighting and evacuation plans at least once every six months and walkthrough, establishing fire prevention files, strictly in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire protection law and other relevant provisions of the fire safety duties. 11th article public gathered places should has following fire security conditions: (a) indoor decoration, and decorative according to national engineering building fire technology standard of provides needed using not burning, and difficult burning material of, must selection qualified of material; (ii) installation electrical equipment and electrical line meet national standards and fire security technology provides; (three) security export, and stairs and aisle of width meet national engineering building fire technology standard of provides; (four) security export, and
    Evacuation routes and stairs complying with luminous fire safety evacuation signs stipulated by the State; (v) set the alarm phone, equipped with fire extinguishers and other necessary fire equipment, facilities and necessary escape life-saving equipment (f) set the standard fire emergency lighting, emergency lighting battery shall not be less than 20 minutes.
    12th set public entertainment venues, public catering establishments, public recreation areas, public sports venues should abide by the following provisions: (a) the prohibition set in ancient architecture, museums, libraries and Archives building, (ii) adjacent warehouses or dangerous goods is prohibited place; (c) prohibited in residential remodeling. 13th public entertainment venues, public catering establishments and entertainment features in dining establishments, public recreation areas, public sports venues should not be set in the underground second floor and second floor. General settings in the fire resistance rating of not less than two-level first to third floors of the building's outer wall area.
    Set in buildings of other floors Shi should meet following provides: (a) set in underground a layer Shi, underground a layer ground and outdoor out entrance to ping of high poor shall not is greater than 10 meters; (ii) a a Office, and room of area shall not is greater than 200 square meters; (three) should in accordance with national engineering building fire technology standard of provides set anti-smoke, and row smoke facilities; (four) should set fire automatically alarm system and automatically spray water fire system; (five) is strictly prohibited using liquefied LPG.
    Has approved the setting within the three levels of fire resistance rating, shall conform to the technical standards for fire protection for country project specific requirements has approval of the four-layer and four-layer and basement level and a construction area of over 200 square meters Hall, room, the authorities concerned should take measures to be addressed within.
    Article 14th national engineering construction technical standards need to be set on fire automatic fire alarm system, an automatic fire extinguishing system, fire hydrant, fire facilities, equipment, and configure the escape of life-saving equipment, shall, in accordance with the provisions set up, configure, and should set the self-luminous fire alarm signs and fire-fighting equipment signs, manual control device.
    Public entertainment venues, public catering establishments, public recreation areas, public sports venues should configure necessary self-rescue breathing apparatus.
    In Kara OK Hall and its rooms, you should set up sound or Visual warning system.
    15th public gathering places should be based on the need to draw a fire, smoking areas, Fireworks ban, identifying fire safety spots, and the establishment of fire safety warning signs, directional signs, prohibition signs, strict management.
    16th section public gathering places in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State configuration of fire control facilities and equipment, fire safety flag is set, regular inspection and maintenance, ensure that the fire-fighting facilities, equipment and signs intact and valid.
    Public gathering places such as security doors and Windows accessories and a large billboard must comply with the relevant fire safety requirements, should not affect the evacuation and fire fighting and rescue. 17th article public gathered places shall not has following behavior: (a) in business, and activities Shi for electrical welding, and paint painted, construction, and maintenance job; (ii) in business, and activities Shi will security export locked, and blocked; (three) over rated number; (four) audience Office within set in horizontal aisle Zhijian of seat row number and longitudinal aisle Zhijian of single row seat number violation fire technology standard, evacuation aisle within set temporary seat, service facilities;

    (V) overload, mishandling private temporary electricity wires, (vi) production, storage, management of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. 18th article public leisure entertainment, and catering accommodation, and Sports Fitness, places and held large mass activities should comply with following provides: (a) ban using furnace, and coal stove, and charcoal furnace, and liquefied petroleum gas furnace, and electric warm device, and toaster, has caused fire hidden of apparatus heating, ban using candle, and lamp, fire lighting, ban to burning mosquito way drive mosquito; (ii) ban in business places of same fire partition within set employees hostel, or will business places as employees hostel using,
    Or stay in place of staff; (c) prohibits the use in public dining liquid or gas fuel for preparing hotpots; (d) prohibition of the filling, in a large scale mass activities sale, release flammable gases such as hydrogen filled balloon.
    Article 19th public gathering places for fire hazards should be eliminated in a timely manner. Prior to the fire hazard is not removed, should implement measures to ensure fire safety.
    Unable to ensure fire safety, may cause a fire or fire will endanger security, shall suspend the rectification.
    20th public gathering places in business activities shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the daily fire prevention patrol, fire prevention inspection staff shall promptly correct the violations, proper disposal of fire danger, cannot be disposed of on the spot shall immediately report, found in the earlier fire shall report immediately to the police and promptly saves.
    Public gathering places shall determine the person in daily business activities after the end of inspections of business premises, cleared personnel to eliminate remnants of fire, check the power supply, close the door, put down the fire curtain fireproofing facilities required duty, should make it clear someone on duty, officer on duty are not allowed out of the post.
    21st article in public gathered places within activities of personnel, should consciously obey management, and comply with following provides: (a) has nothing to do personnel shall not into public gathered places of room, and fire Office, expressly ban into of fire security focus parts; (ii) shall not violation ban smoking, and using fire or violation provides using electrical equipment; (three) shall not damaged, and mobile and unauthorized using fire facilities equipment, and equipment; (four) shall not illegal carry flammable easy burst dangerous items; (five) shall not violation provides discharge fireworks firecrackers.
    22nd no one found the public gathering place when there is a fire shall immediately report to police.
    When the fire broke out, and places of public gathering must organize and guide the evacuation, take part in organized fire fighting and rescue work. After the fire is extinguished, and public gathering places in accordance with the requirements of public security fire control institutions protect the scene of the fire, with public security fire control institutions for fire investigation.
    Actual fire situation without the consent of public security fire control institutions shall not be cleaning fire accident scene.
    23rd public gathering places in violation of the article 17th (a), (b), (c), (d) and article 18th, public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct late modification or correction after a repeat, public security fire control institutions can be fined 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    Public gathering places refused to follow public security fire control institutions to protect the fire scene or allowed to clean up the scene of the fire, can be punished by public security fire control institutions more than 1000 10000 Yuan fine.
    24th article police fire institutions in fire security supervision check process in the, found public gathered places has major fire hidden of, should ordered immediately excluded; in major fire hidden excluded Qian or excluded process in the cannot guarantee security of, should ordered temporarily discontinued, and closed, and stop using places or stop held activities; which on economic and social life effect larger of, by police fire institutions reported to the County above Government decided.
    Lower level public security fire control institutions found on public security fire control institutions there is fire hazard places not to take measures, after overseeing the still failed to perform their duties, levels on public security fire control institutions shall be investigated according to law.
    25th public gathering places without fire protection or fire safety inspection unqualified unauthorized use, open or hold mass activities without authorization, or public security fire control institutions found upon receipt of the report, shall be subject to seizure in accordance with law in time, suppress, and given administrative penalty according to law.
    And operating units of the circumstances prescribed in the preceding paragraph, public security fire control institutions shall refer the relevant Administrative Department revoked the administrative license, business license or cancel the star. 26th in violation of national engineering construction fire protection technical standards, public gathering places to use toxic gas produced by combustion of flammable combustible materials decoration, decoration, in public gathering places of evacuation routes and safety in the use of flammable, combustible materials, decoration, decoration, public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to dismantle.
    Fails to dismantle, by public security fire control institutions organizations torn, the costs borne by the violation.
    27th article violates these measures constitute a violation of the People's Republic of China Fire Services Act and the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance, Hunan province, and the implementation of People's Republic of China approaches the fire control law and other laws and regulations, and punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    28th article police fire institutions of staff violation this approach provides, abuse, and negligence, and engages in, has following behavior one of, to national and people interests caused loss, is not constitute crime of, on Chief head, and directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel, in accordance with State on King security accident administrative responsibility held of provides and Hunan province major security accident administrative responsibility held provides give administrative sanctions:
    (A) on not meet national construction fire technology standard of fire design, and construction through audit, and acceptance of; (ii) on should law audit, and acceptance of fire design, and construction, deliberately delay, not audit, and acceptance of; (three) found fire hidden not timely notification units or personal corrected of; (four) using positions for user specified fire products of sales units, and brand or specified building fire facilities construction units of; (five) other abuse, and negligence, and engages in of behavior.
    Article 29th not mentioned in these measures refers to the scale of the public gathering places and second eighth provided these measures of schools, kindergartens, nurseries and other places of fire safety management, Mission in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, rules, laws, rules and regulations did not provide, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                        30th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2003.