Qingdao Using The Implementation Measures For The Management Of Civil Air Defense Projects And Pay (Revised 2007)

Original Language Title: 青岛市平时使用人防工程管理和收费的实施办法(2007年修正本)

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(According to on November 27, 2007 Qingdao Government 33rd times Executive Conference considered through on December 29, 2007 Qingdao Government makes 195th, announced since on February 1, 2008 up purposes of Qingdao City Government on modified straddling Qingdao usually using civil defense engineering management and charges of implementation approach, 11 pieces Government regulations of decided Amendment) first article for full play I city civil defense engineering of combat readiness benefits, and social benefits and economic, promoted civil defense construction of development,
    According to the National Defense Commission and the Ministry of the interim provisions on the usual civil air defense engineering circular of the people's Government of Shandong province, and provincial people's Air Defense Committee on civil air defense construction in the economic development of the interim provisions on several issues, according to city situation, these measures are formulated.
    Second civil air defense projects among important command and communication center, and where a conditional use, normally full use of local conditions for economic construction and daily lives of the people.
    Third civil air defense engineering facilities and equipment are State property and using the principle of paid use, charging a user fee by the Defense Department. Fourth the usual civil air defense projects under unified leadership and management.
    All units using civil air defense projects, individuals and foreign investors (hereinafter referred to as b) should apply, approved by the Defense Department, and civil air defense projects management unit (hereinafter referred to as party a) after signing the contract, and shall not be used. Usually using civil defense engineering of approval: (a) using city civil defense engineering management units directly management of public civil defense engineering and city delegate district (City) civil defense engineering management units escrow of public civil defense engineering, by city civil defense do approval; (ii) using Street, and school, and organ, and enterprises management of public civil defense Engineering (including air defense basement), by where district (City) civil defense do approval; (three) units of civil defense engineering, by units himself arrangements using.
    Own when not in use, can be used by District (municipal) civil defence arrangements and approval. Article fifth civil air defense projects contract period, generally a sign of not more than two years. To continue use after the expiration to renew.
    Once the contract is signed, the two sides need to fully implement the obligations under the contract, no party shall unilaterally modify or rescind the contract. Sixth Party b shall be governed by rational use of civil air defence works under the contract without the approval of the Defense Department, without changing the structure, changes to equipment without the approval of relevant departments shall not store inflammable, explosive, pollution and toxic substances.
    When returned to the expiration of the contract, party a shall conduct inspection and acceptance, if damaged by the party liable. Article seventh usual civil air defense projects, unconditional obedience to military requirements.
    Once war broke out, when engineering or according to the unified plan, party b shall be returned within the time limit, and terminate the contract.
    Eighth article usually using civil defense engineering of charges range: (a) using civil defense engineering and equipment facilities set up industrial, and commercial, and services, and aquaculture, and warehouse industry and other has economic of career; (ii) using civil defense engineering laying communications line cable and other pipeline; (three) using civil defense engineering ventilation regulation temperatures; (four) using civil defense engineering of water points, and wells, and reservoir for water; (five) using civil defense engineering construction discharge of slag stone, by-product.
    Nineth civil air defense engineering standards, formulated by the municipal pricing administrative authorities in conjunction with the Civil Defense Department.
    Tenth civil air defense projects to set up old people and children, cultural activities and other unproductive social welfare may waive the fee.
    11th reform is self-financing civil air defense projects to do business, or to the Defense Department to develop key peacetime and raising funds for the project, in terms of price concessions.
    12th the civil air defense projects user fees charged for civil air defense sector, is the income from compensated use State-owned assets, financial accounts should be paid in full, the two lines of income and expenditure management, for use in civil air defense projects, business-building, be earmarked. 13th civil air defense departments at all levels to royalties received civil air defense projects, to strengthen management and strict adherence to fiscal discipline, so after the first use, it is forbidden to accept abuse. For city civil air defense project construction parts, civil air defense construction, to be included in the annual plan.
    Municipal civil defense Office to use to strengthen supervision and inspection.
    14th the departments concerned to use the work of civil air defense projects, according to the relevant regulations of the State support on taxes, water, electricity, finance, sourcing, licensing, supporting projects on the ground and access land and preferential policies.
    15th the usual civil air defense engineering related issues, according to the relevant State and provincial and municipal civil air defense management regulations. 16th in these measures implemented from the day of its promulgation.
    Relevant provisions are inconsistent with this approach in the past, by applying these measures.