Xi Administrative Measures For The Lightning Protection And Disaster Reduction

Original Language Title: 西安市防雷减灾管理办法

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(November 28, 2007 Xian City Government 28th times Executive Conference considered through January 8, 2008 Xian City Government makes 68th, announced since February 8, 2008 up purposes) first article to defense and reduce lightning disaster, specification anti-mine mitigation activities, protection national and people life property security, promote economic social development, according to People's Republic of China Meteorological method, and Shaanxi Province meteorological Ordinance and about legal regulations provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.
    Article in the lightning protection and disaster reduction activities in the administrative area of the city of organizations and individuals should abide by these measures.
    Thirdly, meteorological departments in higher level meteorological departments and under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, responsible for the city's lightning protection and disaster reduction management and specific organizations to implement new, Beilin, lianhu district, Yanta district, weiyang district, baqiao district, yanliang district mine mitigation work.
    Lintong district, zhangan district and municipal County meteorological departments, is responsible for organizing the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in their respective administrative areas.
    Safety production supervision, planning, construction, public security, administration of quality and technical supervision departments should do the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in accordance with their respective responsibilities.
    Article fourth mine disaster prevention, combining prevention with treatment guidelines.
    Fifth District and county people's Governments shall strengthen leadership of the lightning protection and disaster reduction work, lightning prediction and early warning technology and lightning protection technology research and promotion, improve the ability of lightning disaster prevention and response.
    The competent meteorological departments article sixth Observatory (station) is responsible for Lightning hazard monitoring, prediction, early warning operations, production and distribution within their respective administrative areas of lightning, lightning strike zone and hazard rating forecast and warning information.
    Seventh article following easy suffered lightning disaster of built (frame) built real, and facilities or places, should installation anti-mine device: (a) buildings anti-mine design specification delineation of a, and two or three class anti-mine built (frame) built real; (ii) flammable easy burst items and other dangerous chemicals of production and store places and sports, and tourism, and amusement, places; (three) posts and telecommunications communications, and power production, and traffic transport, and broadcast TV, and electronic information system, and financial securities, and medical health, and education, and heritage protection, social public service facilities;
    (D) in accordance with the relevant provisions of other places or facilities installed lightning protection devices.
    Article eighth engaged in mine detection, mine design, construction organizations, shall obtain the relevant qualification.
    Any qualification or qualification provided they engaged in mine detection and mine engineering design and construction. Nineth building (structures), other facilities or sites should be in accordance with the national lightning protection design standards and specifications for Lightning design.
    Need for comprehensive lightning protection design of building lightning risk assessment should be carried out prior to the design of the project. Tenth lightning protection device designed to implement audit systems.
    Lightning protection device for construction should be design drawings and related information submitted to the local weather authorities audit, audit fails, should be revised and submitted to the audit again.
    11th installed lightning protection devices shall be in accordance with approved lightning protection device designed for the construction and acceptance of lightning testing agencies testing. 12th lightning completed implementation of a verification system.
    Lightning protection device and achieved complete inspection reports after the completion, the construction unit shall apply for acceptance to the local weather authorities, certificate of acceptance does not, and shall not be put into use.
    Buildings (structures) lightning completion information of urban construction archives management. 13th lightning protection devices shall practise testing system on a regular basis. Flammable, explosive, hazardous chemical sites of lightning detection once every six months, other sites of lightning protection device test once a year.
    Lightning devices tested is not qualified, the reform should be carried out.
    Lightning protection device inspection body shall, in accordance with article 14th national lightning protection technology or industry specifications for testing and issue inspection reports, test data shall be true and accurate, and no missed test items, shall not issue a false inspection report.
    15th due to Thunder and lightning cause fire, explosion, loss of life and damage to property, the relevant units or individuals shall promptly report to the competent meteorological disasters, and to assist in the investigation, expert evaluation of lightning disaster.
    16th of the following acts in violation of these regulations, by the competent meteorological warning, rectification, confiscation; fails or if the circumstances are serious, punishable by up to 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; cause personal injury or property damage to others shall bear liability constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    (A) shall install mine but refuses to install, (ii) design of lightning protection device is not required for design review, (iii) acceptance of lightning protection devices not complying with the provisions of (iv) without qualification or exceed the qualification provisions, engaged in mine detection, mine design and construction.
    Article 17th of more than 20,000 yuan fine for party, parties have the right to request a hearing.
    18th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    19th mine staff in the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in the abuse, malpractice, negligence causing great losses, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Article 20th detection in these measures, is in the construction stage of completion cannot be detected after the lightning key parts of the test.
    Completed testing in these measures, refers to the acceptance stage of measurement of lightning protection device to make the final, and final test file.
                                                                                    21st article this way come into force on February 8, 2008.