Xiamen Aquatic Product Wholesale Market Management Regulations (Amended In 2007)

Original Language Title: 厦门市水产品批发市场管理规定(2007年修正本)

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(October 28, 1996, Xiamen Municipal Government announced on December 29, 1997, the Xiamen City Government Decree 47th 69th, the Xiamen Municipal Government announced on April 16, 2002, of the decision on amendments to regulations published by the Xiamen City people's Government, the 101th on repealing, amending part of the Xiamen municipal government regulations decision of September 30, 2007 and released by the Xiamen City people's Government, the 127th of the Xiamen municipal people's Government on the abolition,
    Declared invalid, modify some of the decisions of the municipal regulations amended) first to strengthen the city's wholesale market of aquatic products management, prosperity of aquatic product wholesale market, safeguarding market order, promoting the city "vegetable basket" project of construction and development, in accordance with relevant State policies and regulations, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.
    Aquatic products in these rules in article, refers to the cultivation of marine, freshwater and tidal flats and marine, freshwater fishing fresh water animals and frozen products.
    Third municipal fishery administrative departments of Xiamen is Xiamen aquatic product wholesale market Administrative Department, responsible for the supervision and management of the city aquatic products wholesale markets.
    Fish market management organization in accordance with these provisions, Xiamen has specific responsibility for management of aquatic product wholesale market transactions.
    Business, health, public security, prices, technical supervision and other departments in accordance with national laws and regulations of provisions within the scope of their respective responsibilities in the management of aquatic product wholesale market.
    Fourth fish into should be in Takasaki City wholesale aquatic products wholesale markets, Pu in aquatic products wholesale markets and other municipal government designated in the fish market.
    Really necessary to ensure aquatic products fresh fish markets sell fishery products specified in the preceding paragraph, should apply to the municipal fish market regulatory bodies; after approval, shall be in the specified locations.
    V fish market management should be strengthened, for the parties to the transaction to provide barge dock, fill Web sites, business sites and suspended unloading handling equipment, to provide fishing vessels with water, ice, turbine and fishing, fishing gear and other facilities.
    Article Marketing Services Agency established by the fish market should offer its good services for aquatic products trading, published market information in a timely manner, and for transaction processing aquatic products purchasing, distribution, storage and transportation business.
    Government pricing article fees and the fish market.
    Eighth to encourage fisheries production to set up direct sales of fish products.
    Nineth to encourage foreign fishery workers to enter the city's sale of aquatic products.
    Fisheries producers to the city's sales of aquatic products in the field, with ice and water, electrical and other relevant safeguards by the city's fishery production standards equivalent to the fees.
    Tenth Development Fund for the establishment of fish production, support long-term sales of aquatic products in the city development of fishery production.
    In the 11th of the purchaser when purchasing seafood, fish market regulatory bodies, should be required to declare the purchase of fish varieties and quantities. 12th buyer purchasing fish, to the municipal fish market regulators should pay an Exchange fee.
    Transaction management fees shall not exceed a maximum amount of 2%.
    Pu in the takasaki aquatic products wholesale markets, aquatic products wholesale markets and other municipal government designated purchasing fish within a fish market, by installments; approved purchases outside the former fish market seafood, pay by the month. 13th both sides should pay taxes according to national regulation of aquatic products.
    City fish market management agencies commissioned by the tax Department, financial Department, responsible for levying taxes of aquatic products.
    14th the following items not sold in the fish market: (I) independent of the aquatic product trading other commodities; (b) toxic, noxious, rotten, water, deterioration of aquatic products and (iii) laws and regulations to prohibit the sale of products.
    15th aquatic product trading against shoddy, adulterated, it's doping, traded fishery products must comply with the hygiene requirements.
    Fish market of measuring instruments subject to metrological verification institution accreditation recognition.
    16th is strictly prohibited in the fish market in price gouging and other acts that disturb the market order, and dominate.
    17th a violation of this article fourth, sold in the fish market of aquatic products without authorization, shall be ordered to desist from the illegal act and sentenced to more than 300 yuan 1000 Yuan fine.
    18th article in violation of the provisions of 11th, 12th, and do not declare or do not declare the purchase of fish variety, quantity, amount, unpaid or underpaid transaction fees, and pay transaction fees and transaction management fee payable 1 time more than 5 times the following fines, fined maximum amount shall not exceed 30000 Yuan.
    19th in violation of the provisions of article 13th, of tax evasion and refusal, transferred to the tax department.
    20th in violation of the provisions of article 14th, 15th, 16th, respectively transfer of Administration for industry and commerce, technical supervision and administration departments, price administrative departments.
    21st article this article 17th, 18th of administrative punishment by the fishery administration departments.
    Fish market manager in violation of the provisions of article 22nd, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or by the competent authority, impose administrative sanctions; economic loss caused to a party, should pay for the damage constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 23rd article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.
                  Xiamen, Xiamen municipal people's Government promulgated on September 8, 1990, the provisional regulations on management of aquatic product trading market repealed simultaneously.