Wuhan Rural Road Maintenance Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市农村公路养护管理办法

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(March 24, 2008 Wuhan municipal people's Government at the 29th Executive meeting on March 28, 2008, 185th promulgated by the people's Government of Wuhan municipality as of June 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the maintenance and management of rural highway, rural roads safe, according to the People's Republic of China Highway Act and the rural area of Hubei Province Highway regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to rural roads in the administrative area of the city of conservation and management.
    Rural roads in these measures, is in accordance with national technical standards for the construction of county roads, rural roads, village roads.
    Article city, rural road maintenance, traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision of management and guidance, specific work by their respective municipal road management agencies.
    Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone management committee the Management Committee, East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee and the district people's Government is the responsibility of the district rural road maintenance management, traffic Administrative Department and is a member of district Highway administrative departments are responsible for the implementation of rural road maintenance management.
    The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office in accordance with the provisions of the terms of reference, traffic in the district administrative authorities and highway authorities under the guidance of the Organization, responsible for the area in neixiang County Road and village road conservation management.
    Fourth rural road maintenance management should follow Government-led, graded responsibility, Lane, safeguard the principle of unimpeded.
    Fifth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to care for rural roads, right to report damage, damaged rural roads and rural road safety behaviour.
    Chapter II, article sixth of maintenance and management of rural road maintenance is divided into large, repair maintenance and routine maintenance (including repairs and maintenance).
    Article seventh rural road maintenance should be based on rural road maintenance categories and the actual technical condition of annual maintenance plan.
    Traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the preparation of the annual maintenance plan of the rural roads in the administrative area, maintenance, repair engineering plans submitted to the municipal traffic administration departments for approval, daily maintenance plan district people's Government (development zones, scenic area management Committee) for approval.
    Eighth County Road maintenance by local traffic administrative departments and highway administrative departments are responsible for organization and implementation.
    Road maintenance and road, repair works by the township (town) people, neighborhood offices responsible for implementation.
    Daily maintenance of the village road, the villagers ' Committee is responsible for organization and implementation.
    Nineth rural road maintenance is performed professional maintenance with mass conservation, conservation and seasonal year-round conservation methods, and gradually implemented mainly by professional maintenance.
    Rural roads, repair maintenance (repair works), shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions take the form of public bidding, merit selected maintenance units; conservation units maintenance contracts with the maintenance unit, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.
    Xiang road, along the village road maintenance by Township (town) people's Government, the neighborhood offices, village committees to take conservation of mass or other conservation organization, can also take individual (household) of contracts or any other means.
    Article tenth of rural road maintenance operations should be in accordance with State regulations technical specifications, procedures and contracts for maintenance work, the rural highway in good technical condition. 11th big, repair rural roads maintenance project, should carry out the engineering supervision and quality warranty system.
    Rural road defects liability periods of not less than 1 year.
    12th rural road maintenance unit maintenance work, should set the necessary traffic safety facilities and safety warning signs.
    When carrying out maintenance work of rural road maintenance personnel, wearing a safety sign should wear used vehicle operations, should set clear job on the vehicle signs, vehicles shall give way.
    13th rural roads should be in accordance with national standards and technical specifications for road traffic signs, markings, to set up the traffic lights and other traffic safety facilities, and regular maintenance.
    14th district (zone, scenic spot Management Committee) and township (town) people, neighborhood offices and villagers ' committees shall, in accordance with the Green Plan and who planted, who manages, who benefit from the principles of organizational units and individuals along the rural highway greening.
    Rural roads with trees are not allowed to cut down on the ground, is absolutely necessary to felling, in accordance with the People's Republic of China forestry law and relevant laws and regulations and approval procedures, and replant the update completes the task. 15th article District Government (zone, and scenic CMC), and Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices should strengthening rural highway of management, ban in rural highway and the highway with to range within engaged in following activities: (a) play Sun grain, and burning straw rod, and dumping garbage, and emissions dirt real, and planting crop; (ii) illegal dug sand, and quarrying, and take soil, and stacked items, and set obstacles, and dug ditch diversion; (three) damaged, and unauthorized mobile, and altered Highway logo or unauthorized set other logo; (four) legal, and
    Other acts prohibited by law. 16th over rural roads limit load standards of running vehicles are not allowed on a rural highway.
    Really necessary, must be reported to the approval of the district-level traffic Administrative Department, and require effective protection measures affect traffic safety should also be approved by the public security organs at the same level; carried not overrun the dissolution, shall specify the time, route, speed, and raised the clearly marked.
    Due to construction or other damaged rural roads, should be restored in accordance with the technical standards of highway or according to the actual cost of compensation (compensation) claims. Chapter conservation funding 17th levels of people's Governments should increase investment in rural road maintenance funds, guarantee the normal rural road maintenance work.
    Encourage the making of donations for rural road maintenance, have made outstanding contributions to, the municipal and district people's Government (development zones, scenic area management Committee) is to be commended.
    18th rural roads, repair maintenance project funded mainly by the national and provincial subsidies allocated constitute. According to the municipal financial department States, provinces allocated funds to arrange special funds on rural roads, repair maintenance fund be supplemented, and included in the annual budget.
    Municipal financial arrangements financial assistance plan, prepared by the municipal traffic administrative departments, municipal finance departments audited. 19th daily maintenance fund of rural highway tractors arranged by the municipal traffic administrative departments road maintenance and agricultural vehicles, buses and simple vehicle, motorcycle and other transportation fees and financial budget funds.
    District budget allocate funds in accordance with provincial and municipal traffic Administrative Department of the traffic fee arrangement money synchronization is in place. 20th provincial traffic administrative departments of overall arrangement of rural roads, repair maintenance funds, in accordance with the procedures established by provincial budget, unified allocated traffic administrative department or conservation management units.
    City and district governments (zone, scenic spot Management Committee) financial plans of rural road maintenance funds, included in the expenditure at the same level, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financial management of budgetary funds allocated. Article 21st strict management of rural road maintenance fund, special account, earmarked use of the public funds, an annual audit system, no unit or individual shall embezzle, retain.
    Unfinished maintenance projects as well as that year's maintenance funds of funds, can be carried forward to the next year.
    Fourth chapter conservation assessment 22nd rural road maintenance work in the Government performance management. Municipal traffic administrative departments and their management organs shall establish a rural road maintenance system, regularly check the district rural road maintenance work, assessment, and enhance the quality of rural road maintenance, capital, day-to-day management checks, appraisal, and guarantee smooth rural highways in good condition.
    Specific assessment methods by the municipal traffic administrative departments according to the Ministry's standard for quality inspection and assessment of highway maintenance set.
    23rd areas traffic administrative departments and highway administrative departments should strictly follow the conservation assessment of contract maintenance work on a regular basis, not according to the contract maintenance responsibilities, urging its rectification, until legally discharged maintenance contracts.
    24th article levels traffic administrative competent sector and highway management institutions should according to unified standard, and content complete, and structure reasonable, and data accurate, and upper and lower convergence of principles, established sound city, and district rural highway conservation management database, perfect rural highway conservation management information system, timely, and accurate to reflect rural highway technology grade, and road structure, and supporting facilities, and conservation input, and road quality, and road produced road right, information, for rural highway conservation management provides technology support and decision service.
    25th fifth chapter legal liability for breach of the rules, laws, regulations, rules and penalties from its provisions; rural highway damage caused, he shall bear civil liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 26th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, according to management permission, by city, and District Government (zone, and scenic CMC) and related management sector on responsibility units be informed criticism, ordered deadline rectification; plot serious of, on responsibility people law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) rural highway conservation funds not on time in place of; (ii) occupation, and misappropriated and interception rural highway conservation funds of; (three) rural highway conservation quality evaluation, and
    Assessment and acceptance are not qualified; (d) the use of coercive means in rural road maintenance management to units and individuals to raise money.
    27th national staff in rural road maintenance management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 28th problems in the application of these measures by the municipal traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the interpretation.

    29th these measures shall come into force on June 1, 2008.

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