Administrative Measures For Financial Instruments In Jilin Province

Original Language Title: 吉林省财政票据管理办法

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(December 29, 2007 14th meeting of the people's Government of Jilin province to consider on January 30, 2008, 196th promulgated by the people's Government of Jilin province as of March 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to regulate the use and management of financial instruments, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    The second financial instrument mentioned in these measures refers to the supervision of the financial sector (India) and issued by the State administrative organs, public institutions, administrative functions on behalf of the Government by law societies and other organizations in accordance with the laws, regulations and relevant provisions of the national and provincial income and other financial activities of statutory source documents. Third financial instruments of supervision within the administrative area of the province (seal), purchase, use, storage, destruction, supervision and management, application of this approach.
    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations prevail.
    Fourth financial Department of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for the financial instrument management.
    Above the county level and financial bills related to the management of departments within their respective areas of responsibility in accordance with law and financial bills related to the management of work. Chapter using the fifth financial instruments including government non-tax income General notes notes, administrative fees, governmental funds Bill, confiscated notes notes, donation, general non-tax revenue payment book, social organization dues bills, medical bills, current bills and other financial instruments.
    Various financial notes respectively by following provides uses using: (a) State, and institutions, and generation line government functions of social groups and the other organization law made government non-tax income, and no related provides must using dedicated notes Shi, issued Government non-tax into General notes; (ii) administrative career sex charges practice received units charged administrative career sex charges Shi, issued administrative career sex charges notes; (three) levels Government and belongs sector levy Government sex Fund Shi, issued Government sex Fund Notes;
    (Four) administrative law enforcement units and judicial organ law confiscated property or seized property Shi, issued confiscated notes; (five) County above Government and sector, and public social groups and public non-profit institutions accept donation Shi, issued donation notes; (six) non-tax into practice received units levy, and paid government non-tax when, issued non-tax income general contributions book; (seven) social groups to members charged contributions Shi, issued social groups contributions notes;
    (Eight) Government held of non-profit sex medical institutions engaged in medical service made income Shi, issued medical notes; (nine) administrative institutions engaged in temporarily received temporarily pay, and generation received generation pay activities and internal between settlement business Shi, issued between settlement notes; (10) national and Province provides engaged in this article Qian nine items provides yiwai activities should issued other financial notes of, according to provides handle.
    Sixth financial instruments shall not be tax invoices or other instrument strings with each other may not be transferred, lent, on behalf of open. Article VII issued the financial instrument should be true, legible, complete projects, in the order ticket number, time of use and fill in the fiscal year, so all the time a carbon copy or print and affix its seal and the seal of the person in charge of finance.
    Fill in the wrong, and should be preserved with void seal.
    Chapter supervisor (India) article eighth province, the financial sector is responsible for financial instruments and financial instruments manufacture-model assessment and adjustment, announcements, as well as financial instruments of supervision (India).
    Nineth fiscal model includes nominal forms and non-forms of the notes in two parts: (a) nominal form part of the basic content for the Bills coding, projects and standards, quantity, amount of income, notes.
    (B) the coupon form part of the basic content for tickets, track number, pay people, invoice date, invoice and usage, invoiced unit and the responsible person.
    Tenth fiscal instrument General setting according to the following pattern: (a) the non-fixed financial instruments is set to triple, including retained by the invoice stub form for future reference; receipt of payment receipt portion; make bookkeeping accounting by invoice.
    (B) fixed financial instrument General settings for the second, stubs and receipts.
    11th printed centralized management of provincial financial departments financial instruments, each city (State), County (City) departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of the provincial financial Department of finance, and timely reporting of financial instruments annual subtotal printing plans within their respective administrative areas.
    12th provincial financial departments according to the relevant regulations of the State specifies financial bills printing enterprises, fiscal bills printing programme, was printed for the specified printing enterprise must be approved in accordance with the plan and request printed financial bills.
    13th financial bills printed upon termination of financial bills printing enterprises should and printed information related to financial instruments and items sent to the provincial Finance Department, or province, destroyed under the supervision of the financial sector.
    14th chapter prohibits executive producer of counterfeit financial instruments and financial instruments prohibiting printing on non-financial instruments financial instruments manufacture.
    Fourth chapter purchase 15th financial paper voucher purchase, time limits, surveying the old lead the new purchasing system.
    16th units using financial instruments should be in accordance with the financial reporting relationship by purchasing its financial sector to the financial sector.
    Purchase units of financial instrument should be independent accounting, financial accounting systems and improve corporate units.
    17th article first led purchased financial notes of units, should to sibling financial sector submitted People's Republic of China organization institutions code card, fill in financial notes led purchased card application table and submitted following provides of documents or file: (a) led purchased Government non-tax into General notes, should submitted State or province Government and financial sector, and price sector approved charged Government non-tax income of file and County above price sector issued of non-business sex charges charges license;
    (Ii) led purchased administrative career sex charges notes, should submitted State or province Government and financial sector, and price sector approved charged administrative career sex charges file and County above price sector issued of non-business sex charges charges license; (three) led purchased Government sex Fund Notes, should submitted State or Treasury approved charged Government sex Fund of file; (four) received confiscated notes, should submitted its has administrative punishment right of legal, and regulations, and regulations according to or its belongs to judicial organ of proved file; (Five) led purchased donation notes, should submitted its meet accept donation provides of related information; (six) led purchased non-tax income general contributions book, should submitted province of about provides file; (seven) led purchased social groups contributions notes, should submitted approved the social groups established of file, and home sector issued of social groups corporate registration certificate, and social groups articles and members Congress discussion through of contributions charged standard file; (eight) led purchased medical notes, should submitted health sector issued of non-profit sex medical institutions
    Medical practicing license pricing departments at and above the county level, and pay licenses issued by the non-operating charges and fees approved by the health sector and price Department files.
    18th financial instruments using the provided materials in line with State regulations, financial departments shall issue the certificate of financial bills and purchase in Jilin province.
    Article 19th financial instruments the use of units in accordance with the merger, Division, revocation, and the use of financial instruments project changes or cancellation should be in the 15th, to the financial Department of the Jilin province Finance Bill purchasing card change or cancellation procedures.
    Article 20th use unit renewal of financial instruments financial instruments, should be submitted to previous purchasing financial instruments used, after confirmation by the financial Department, before purchasing. 21st financial instruments issued by the financial Department of the people's Governments above the county level organization.
    Delegate issued by the relevant departments of the provincial government, which according to the provisions of these measures to the financial Department of the province issued purchasing organizations.
    22nd use unit found that financial instruments financial instruments missing pages, number of errors, damaged, the replacement should be issuing financial instruments financial sector.
    Article 23rd when issuing financial instruments financial sector by law may collect financial bills cost, should be in accordance with provincial pricing Department and the provincial financial institutions fees charged to purchase the financial instruments unit; financial instruments should be provided free, and requirements by the financial sector budget.
    24th management fee income financial instruments included in the budget, for use in the financial instruments of printing, warehousing, transport, repeal Bill loss and management expenditure, shall not be appropriated for its use. Fifth chapter keep 25th use unit should establish financial instruments financial instruments using the registration system. Setting financial instruments to manage account, designate a management of financial instruments.
    And submitted under these regulations to the financial sector financial instruments purchase, use, balances, custody and so on.
    26th safekeeping before hand-issued financial instruments, should be completed in accordance with the financial instruments cover the relevant content.
    Keep computer print a financial instrument should be by a fixed number of copies and the ticket stub are bound in the order and manual issued by making content requirements to cover financial instruments cover, fill in the content.
    27th finance sectors, financial instruments using units shall establish a special warehouse for financial instruments or counters, and comply with requirements such as anti-theft, fireproof, waterproof, decay.
    28th financial ticket stub for a period of five years, stub accumulate too much, agreed by the financial departments at or above the county level, you can shorten the retention period, but not less than two years.
    29th financial bills is lost, damaged, shall be found within 3rd day of submitted a written report to the financial sector, and published in the area above the media void. Sixth chapter 30th destruction without the use of financial instruments in accordance with the relevant provisions need to be set aside by the financial instruments unit responsible for the register, submit the financial Department organized after the destruction.

    31st financial save the ticket stub after the expiration, with unit to issue financial instruments financial instruments financial authority for the destruction, confirmed by the the Department, by its designated location in person supervised the destruction; problems in the confirmation process, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    32nd financial instruments or financial instruments stub after destruction, destroyed by the supervising personnel to fill out the financial instruments (stub) certify respectively financial sector and the financial instruments unit of the record.
    Seventh chapter monitor checking article 33rd financial Department of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with national and provincial requirements for financial instruments of supervision (print) business, distribution, purchase, supervise the collection, use, storage, inspection.
    Article 34th units under inspection shall provide information, reflect the situation to accept inspections and monitoring. Eighth chapter legal responsibility 35th article has following behavior one of of, by financial violations punishment disposition Ordinance of provides be punishment and disposition: (a) forged financial notes and financial notes producer chapter of; (ii) using from illegal way made of financial notes of; (three) not by national and Province provides printed financial notes of; (four) unauthorized lent, and transfer, and generation open, and sale, and destroyed, and altered financial notes of; (five) using financial notes charges of; (six) series with various financial notes of; (seven) financial
    Bill loss, damage is not in accordance with the regulations.
    36th financial Department of the people's Governments above the county level staff in the management of financial bills neglect, abuse, bribes, malpractice, by their work units, higher authorities or the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. Nineth chapter by-laws 37th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2008.
                                                        Original administrative fees bill management, Jilin province, Jilin province, and the fine management of forfeiture Bill repealed simultaneously.

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