Changchun Tourism Management

Original Language Title: 长春市旅游业管理办法

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(April 29, 2007, Changchun City people's Government, the 59th Executive meeting on June 15, 2007 Changchun Municipal People's Government promulgated as of July 15, 2007, 22nd), first for the protection and rational development and utilization of tourist resources, standardize the management and operation of tourism, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and tour operators, promote the development of tourism, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article tourism in these measures refers to tourism development and utilization value, and produce economic and social benefits of the natural landscape, cultural landscape, folk customs and modern achievements, and so on.
    Tourism in these measures refers to use of tourist resources and facilities, and soliciting and receiving tourists mainly to provide transport, sightseeing tours, lodging, dining, shopping, entertainment and information services, integrated industry.
    Tour operators in these measures refers exclusively or mainly engaged in tourism and business activities of legal persons, other organizations and individuals.
    Article these measures applicable within the administrative area of the city in tourism planning, development, operation, service, management and organizations and individuals engaged in tourism activities.
    Article fourth of County (City), the district people's Government shall, in accordance with the actual situation, reasonably and effectively increased investment to promote sustainable development of tourism and tourism development, tourism integrated coordination mechanism established to develop tourism in the economic development of the major principles and policies, coordinate and solve major problems in the development of tourism.
    Article fifth counties (cities), the district people's Government according to the needs of tourism development, establishment of a special fund for tourism development. Sixth city, County (City) and tourism administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as departments of Tourism Administration) responsible for the area's tourism management.
    City, County (City), the district people's Government departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a tourism management.
    Article seventh should improve self-regulation of the travel industry association, regulate competition, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the Association members.
    Eighth of municipal tourism administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, required by the urban planning and development of the national economy, tourism development planning, preparation of this city, in consultation with the provincial tourism administrative departments, after submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval and implementation.
    The County (City), the Administrative Department for tourism, tourism development, according to the plan, preparation of the regional tourism development plan, in consultation with the municipal tourism administrative departments, after reported to people's Governments at the approval and implement, and submitted to the municipal tourism administrative departments.
    Nineth tourist development plan by tourism administrative departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the program organization, approval.
    Major tourist scenic spot development construction plan shall be submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Tenth new construction, reconstruction or expansion of tourism projects should be scientifically demonstrated, in line with the tourism development plan, and approval formalities according to law and not building harmful to the physical and mental health of tourists and there are security implications of tourism projects.
    11th of municipal tourism administrative departments shall, in due course, in conjunction with relevant departments of tourism resources survey and evaluation, establishment of tourist resource files.
    12th tourism administrative departments should strengthen the construction of tourist information, establish and improve the tourism information network, improve the service function, at the airport, railway station, bus station, major hotel, major tourist attractions and the main business district, set public tourist information station and tourist information multi-media facilities, providing consulting services for tourists.
    13th to encourage tourism operators to develop snow, video, auto, exhibition, sculpture, historic places and rural tourism project, realize common development of tourism and related industries.
    Encourage units and individuals according to the characteristics of tourism resources and market demand of the city, developed with the features of this municipality tourism commodities.
    14th article of the corporate activities, State organs, institutions and social groups may be entrusted with arrangements, transportation, accommodation, dining, Conference and other matters.
    15th engages in the business of tourism, shall comply with the conditions stipulated by the State, legally registered, obtaining the business license.
    Business of a travel agency should receive a travel agency business license according to law. 16th travel agencies should use the contract specification text.
    Contract specification text should include the terms of the agreement, specifically advise, and travel itinerary into three parts. Travel contract shall specify visit schedules and routes, sightseeing and time, transport and standards, standards of accommodation, dining and, entertainment places and time, tour guide services, tour price, breach of contract and special conventions, and so on. Where arrangements for tourists, the location, frequency and duration should be clearly shopping.
    Arrangement of tourist project at his own expense, should be specified in the travel contract.
    Travel agencies should be paid to tourists before leaving the "travel of service quality evaluation form".
    Travel organization tourism shall apply for tourist travel accident insurance, and to ensure that the services provided meet tourists personal and property safety requirements; to matters that may endanger the personal and property safety of tourists, should make a true statement and explicit warnings to tourists and to take measures to prevent harm from occurring.
    17th of municipal or County (City), shuangyang district tourism administrative departments of travel agencies in this area established by the Department (sales) implementation of registration management system. Travel agents set up shop (sales) for the travel agency set up business agencies without independent legal personality, its scope is limited to providing advice, advocacy, and only with the establishment of the Sales Department (sales) contract business in the name of the travel agency.
    Sales Department (Sales Department) management by the establishment of the Sales Department (sales) travel agency liability.
    18th extended travel agency offices set up in the city to the municipal tourism administrative departments should record, accept the tourism administrative departments of supervision and management.
    Article 19th travel service quality guarantee system.
    Travel agencies shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions to the tourism administrative departments to pay quality deposit as compensation for travel agency services to tourists who caused economic losses.
    Quality deposit are to be paid by all travel agencies, no unit or individual shall misappropriate.
    20th travel agencies in need of temporary employment Guide, shall guide the management services agency hired registered tour guides and conclude a labor contract according to law, contract rights and obligations on both sides.
    Travel is not allowed without a tour guide permits personnel activities.
    21st travel agencies leased vehicles, ships, should be signed with the qualification of tourist passenger transport enterprise tourism transport contracts.
    Travel agency may not rent without licensed vehicles, passenger ships.
    22nd travel agencies for organizing tours and other travel or accommodation, catering, transport, tourism and other business operators business, shall enter into a contract, agreed rights and obligations on both sides.
    Travel agent providing travel services for tourists, according to State stipulations; increase in travel services will require the additional cost of, and shall agree on the prior consent of the tourists.
    Travel information to tourists on a tour of service must be reliable and shall not make false propaganda.
    Article 23rd tour activities shall be to the competent administrative Department for Tourism Organization tourist guide qualification exams.
    Tourist guides qualified the test certificate, and travel agents conclude a labor contract or after the tour management services registration, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Guide card tour business.
    24th tour guides tour activities, should consciously safeguard the national interest and national dignity, and must not harm the interests and national dignity.
    Tour guides when conducting guided tours, must comply with professional ethics, respect for the religious beliefs, customs and habits of tourists, according to explain. 25th article Guide personnel shall not has following behavior: (a) forged, and variable made, and sale and lent guide card; (ii) without travel agency delegate, privately contract or to other any way directly contract guide business, for guide activities; (three) to tourists selling items or purchase tourists of items, or to express or hinted of way to tourists asking for tip; (four) unauthorized increased or reduced tourism project; (five) unauthorized change reception plans; (six) unauthorized suspended guide activities; (seven) cheat, and
    Intimidate tourists, or complicity in deception, coercion and operator tourist consumption; (VIII) infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of tourists.
    Article 26th to meet national standards, industry standards and local standards and service quality grade tourist hotels, restaurants, services should be provided in accordance with the relevant standards.
    Tourist hotel, hotels cannot exceed the rating has been publicity without grading grading or not qualified, you may not use symbols and designations.
    27th scenic elaborates the quality grading, shall, in accordance with the classification and assessment standards for the planning and construction of, and should apply for grading quality of tourist attractions. 28th tour scenic spots are equipped with charging tourist attractions or tours, operators shall set up a single ticket, and the ticket, package tourists to buy.
    Forcibly sold tickets, tickets to tourists.
    Tourism operator shall, in accordance with national, provincial and municipal regulations, primary and middle school students, the elderly, disabled, military, entrance fee relief for a particular object.
    29th tour operators shall establish a safety management system, equipped with safety equipment and facilities commensurate with the scope and issues that can compromise personal and property safety of tourists, should make a true statement and clear warning to tourists to protect the personal and property safety of tourists. Tourism business operators shall establish contingency plans, travel safety and travel accidents, should immediately activate emergency response plans, and take emergency measures, and promptly reported to the tourism, public security and other relevant administrative departments.

    Article 30th tourism facilities within the premises, the equipment should have a product certificate, and with the quality and technical supervision authorities and other competent departments inspected after obtaining the registration certificate, may be put into operation.
    31st article should have a certain danger in the tourist areas or projects, take the necessary protective measures, and setting clear hint or warning signs.
    Article 32nd Internet business of tourism operators, shall provide true and reliable information about tourism services, and comply with the relevant provisions of tourism management.
    33rd travel agencies should be subjected to tourism administrative departments of the service quality of tourism safety, quotation, financial accounting, foreign exchange and other operations of the supervision and inspection.
    Tour operators should accept Administrative Department of tourism business guide and tourism administrative departments required to submit statistical reports, financial statements and related documents.
    Article 34th tourist has the right to travel activities, service projects, standards, price of truth; right to free choice of operators in the tourism industry, services, voluntary purchase tourism commodities, decide to accept or not accept the services outside the contract; the right to access to tourist services as contracted; laws, regulations, and other rights stipulated in the contract.
    35th infringement or the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and tour operators dispute can be solved through the following means: (a) consultations with operators in the tourism industry address, (ii) to the Association of tourist, industrial and commercial administrative departments or the consumer complaints, complaints, (c) arbitration organization for arbitration of the arbitration agreement and (iv) initiate litigation to the people's Court.
    36th tourism administrative departments should establish and improve complaint systems, establish and publicize the complaint call, received complaints from tourists. Tourism administrative departments received complaints from tourists and after examination is admissible, it should be addressed promptly investigate and notify the complainant.
    The complainant shall, upon receiving the written replies to the date of the notification in the 30th.
    Does not meet the conditions of the competent administrative Department for tourism, shall inform the complainant within the 7th was inadmissible, and state the reason in writing.
    37th tourism administrative departments should be in accordance with the tour operators in China and conduct of business and the business of conducting supervision and inspection, or Commission of tourism quality supervision institutions ' supervision and inspection.
    Inspection of law enforcement personnel when performing their duties of law enforcement and inspection should be carried out by two or more law enforcement personnel, and administrative law enforcement documents show, in accordance with legal procedures and civilized law enforcement.
    Law enforcement and inspection personnel shall keep commercial secrets for the units under inspection.
    Article 38th tourism administrative departments of quality status every six months to the public service announcements, and build tourism operators credit files available in the public domain.
    39th violates the provisions of the second paragraph of this article 15th, operated by tourism administrative departments ordered to stop illegal; illegal gains, illegal income shall be confiscated, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.
    40th article violates this article 16th paragraph Fourth, 22nd paragraph, the tourism administrative departments of rectification; has illegally obtained, confiscation of illegal income; it fails to and ordered closed from 15 days to 30 days, and a fine of 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan the following serious and can revoke the license for travel agency business.
    41st article violates article 25th of this approach (b) provides, by tourism administrative departments of correction below 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines has illegally obtained, and shall confiscate the illegal income.
    42nd article violates this article 25th (c) the provision, by tourism administrative departments of correction and 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; has illegally obtained, and shall confiscate the illegal income; warned travel agents until ordered to delegate the tour guides or business for rectifications.
    43rd article violates this article 25th (iv), (v), (vi) provision, the tourism administrative departments of correction, suspended the tour guide card 3-6 month.
    44th article violates this article 25th paragraph (g) provides, the tourism administrative departments of correction, of less than 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; has illegally obtained, and shall confiscate the illegal income; to delegate the tour guides warned travel agents until ordered to closed constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    45th article violates provisions of the first paragraph of this article 33rd, the tourism administrative departments of rectification and give a warning; it fails to and ordered closed for three days to 15 days and fines of between 3,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    Article 46th tourism administrative departments of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, according to law by his entity or his upper level organs penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                      47th article of the rules take effect on July 15, 2007.