Interim Provisions On The Ban On Smoking In Public Places In Dalian (Revised 2008)

Original Language Title: 大连市公共场所禁止吸烟暂行规定(2008年修正本)

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(August 13, 1995, Dalian City people's Government after trapping [published in document 1995]71 on December 31, 1997 after trapping [1997]111 file of the Dalian City people's Government decision on Amendment 26 municipalities regulations amendments on March 31, 2008, the Dalian City people's Government to amend 14 decision of the municipal regulations of second amendment) article for the control of hazards of smoking to protect citizens ' health, protect the environment, prevent fires, provisions are formulated.
    Article city of Dalian to take the patriotic public health campaign Committee Department of the daily work of the competent organ of the smoking ban in public places.
    Counties (cities) and districts bear the patriotic public health campaign Commission departments responsible for the smoking ban in public places within the jurisdiction of the daily work of supervision and management.
    Education, business, sports, traffic, culture and urban development, public security departments and civil aviation, railways, seaports, and other units of this system or within the scope of management conduct oversight and management of the non-smoking in public places. Third article following places ban smoking: (a) theaters and Concert Hall of audience Office, and Club, and venue, and Auditorium, and video Office (room), and recreation Hall (room), and Internet cafes, and song (dance) Office, and music cafes (room); (ii) indoor stadium (field), and swimming pool of audience Office and game Office; (three) library of reading room, Museum, and Gallery and Gallery, of Show Office; (four) 200 square meters above of store, and Bookstore; (five) public transport of cabin, and cabin and car within and the station, and Terminal, and
    Civil Aviation stood waiting (ships, aircraft) Office, ticket office, (vi) health, medical unit waiting room, medical room, Ward, (VII) all kinds of school classrooms, corridors, such as indoor places, child care places in nurseries, (VIII) national laws and regulations to prohibit smoking in other public places. Fourth article ban smoking places of where units should perform following duties: (a) developed this units ban smoking of system and on violation this provides about terms who for supervision of corresponding measures; (ii) combined this units specific actual, do ban smoking of publicity education work; (three) in ban smoking of various places within set striking of ban smoking logo; (four) in ban smoking places within shall not set smoking apparatus and with tobacco advertising of logo or items; (five) where has conditions of ban smoking places,
    Ventilated smoking rooms for smokers (district), and a clearly marked.
    Fifth State organs, enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations, can be inside the Conference room, library, shop, restaurant and other collective activities, set to non-smoking places, and in the light of the requirements set, custom systems, supervision and management.
    Article sixth of educational, cultural, health and environmental protection departments and news media to regular smoking is harmful to the health of society.
    World no tobacco day on May 31 every year, in addition to stop selling cigarettes a day outside, where an organization with propaganda and advocacy tools, to actively promote tobacco control work.
    Industrial and commercial departments should strictly follow the People's Republic of China Law on advertising and on tobacco advertisements to strengthen supervision and regulation, investigate and deal with violations of tobacco advertising in public places.
    Seventh in a non-smoking place, passive smokers have the right to ask smokers to stop smoking, is entitled to request the Organization to fulfil the provisions of article fourth paragraph (c), (d), (e) responsibilities; right to enforcement units to the counties (cities), patriotic health campaign Committee to report its violations of the provisions of the Act.
    Article eighth unit or individual violates the present provisions, the following shall be punished as follows: (a) violations of the provisions of this article, smoking in non-smoking public places shall be ordered to correct, refuses, and fined 20 Yuan fine.
    (B) violations of the provisions of the fourth paragraph (a) or (b), given a warning and ordered to correct them.
    (C) violations of the provisions of the fourth paragraph (d), (e), impose a fine of 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan.
    (D) violations of the provisions of the sixth article on "world no tobacco day is" tobacco sales, and fined 1000 Yuan to 5,000 yuan fine. Nineth administrative penalties stipulated in violation of this article, be borne by sectors of the daily work of the patriotic health campaign Committee.
    Fined 20 Yuan fine, can make a decision of administrative penalty and fines on the spot.
                                                                                                Tenth article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 1995.