Shandong Province Offers Support Of Persons With Disabilities Regulations

Original Language Title: 山东省残疾人优惠扶持规定

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(February 18, 2008 2nd meeting consideration of the people's Government of Shandong province on March 20, 2008 order No. 202, promulgated by the people's Government of Shandong province as of May 1, 2008) first in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities, to promote equal participation in society of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities, the Shandong provincial implementation of People's Republic of China approaches, such as the law on the protection of persons with disabilities regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article of the People's Republic of China certificate for persons with disabilities persons with disabilities, registered permanent residence in the administrative area of the province, enjoy preferential treatment for these provisions; residence is not within the administrative region of this province, you can enjoy the second paragraph of this article sixth, seventh, eighth and 16th, 17th and 18th preferential treatment.
    The third leadership of the people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the cause of persons with disabilities, effective preferential measures for improving the survival and development of the environment, promoting the cause of persons with disabilities and the coordinated development of economy and society.
    Article at all levels of government agencies in charge of disabled persons, is responsible for organizing, coordinating, guide and supervise the relevant departments in preferential work of persons with disabilities.
    Competent administrative departments of people's Governments at above county level shall, within their respective areas of responsibility, well done according to law for persons with disabilities offers support related work.
    Disabled persons ' Federation at all levels responsible for the preferential requirements of persons with disabilities advocacy and implementation of supervision and inspection work. Article at all levels shall support rural disabled people who have the ability to work out of poverty into poverty alleviation and development plans, projects and funding arrangements to be priority.
    In small towns, relocation and offsite in the implementation of poverty alleviation projects, giving priority to poverty of persons with disabilities.
    Agriculture and finance departments at the county level to arrange financial aid funds to support the development of farming demonstration bases, aquaculture and poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development projects such as construction, the emphasis should be tilted to the working poor people with disabilities.
    Sixth article meets the conditions for compulsory education for students with disabilities, shall be exempted from fees, boarding fees, textbook fees, and living expenses grant among college students with disabilities.
    Of students with disabilities eligible for jiedu, Jie du fees waived, with the host cities for students with disabilities to enjoy equal treatment.
    Higher education institutions, adult education institutions should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial universities for disabled students, and relax the students with disabilities the evaluation standard of scholarship and study loan approval conditions. High schools, universities and adult education agencies shall, in accordance with national regulations on admission requirements provide students with disabilities with proper care.
    Candidates with disabilities and students with disabilities in school, could have got exemption sports.
    Above the county level, disability in disabled persons ' Federation, the hardship should be large, secondary students appropriate tuition, specific criteria by provinces, districts and municipal disabled persons ' Federation in conjunction with the departments concerned. Article seventh application for engaging in self-employment, and industrial and commercial administrative departments should give priority to issuing licenses.
    Operational difficulties for persons with disabilities free of charge individual fees, management fees, inspection fees, and the venue, stalls, stalls etc with ease.
    Eighth article disabled organization and personal engaged in following activities, tax sector should according to national about provides give corresponding of tax relief: (a) disabled organization directly imports for disabled dedicated items should paid of VAT; (ii) disabled personal provides should tax labor should paid of business tax; (three) disabled made wage salary proceeds, and production business proceeds, and contracting tenant business proceeds, and labor paid proceeds, and remuneration proceeds, and chartered right using fee proceeds should paid of personal income tax;
    (D) persons with disabilities used should comply with the relevant national standards for motorized wheelchairs for the disabled to pay travel tax; (v) welfare institutions for the handicapped to use property, land exempt from real estate tax, land-use tax and (vi) provide individuals with disabilities with processing and repair and installation services shall pay value added tax; (VII) other tax incentives established by the State. Nineth relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level and should be based on the actual situation, combined with the characteristics of persons with disabilities, determine a percentage of the public welfare jobs, and employment for persons with disabilities.
    Massage business service agencies shall give priority to blind massage person.
    Tenth administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall belong to the labour market and market employment of persons with disabilities should be set up specialised Windows, positive recommendations to the employer of persons with disabilities, and relief for unemployed persons with disabilities custody personnel and personnel costs employer in recording (external) shall not refuse to receive qualified persons with disabilities.
    11th people's Governments above the county level, such as education, labour and social security sector, as well as disabled persons ' Federation, should plan to carry out vocational training of persons with disabilities in the region. Is able to work of persons with disabilities should be involved in appropriate vocational skills training, training of qualified, disabled permit, training certificates and pay Bill to above the County Federation application for persons with disabilities vocational training subsidies, expenditure required by the disabled persons ' Federation reported that financial departments at or above the County review, from the employment security fund of disabled persons in Liechtenstein.
    Specific subsidy levels by provinces, districts and municipal disabled persons ' Federation in conjunction with the departments concerned.
    Within each disabled person can enjoy two vocational training subsidies. 12th article levels Government should will meet conditions of disabled into urban and rural social security system, guarantees its basic life, and take following guarantees measures: (a) rural disabled not bear "a thing a on the" funding raised Dr costs, life electricity, and water, and gas, costs should give reduced or from received offers; (ii) on no labor capacity, and no life source and cannot set maintenance, and raised, and dependency obligations people, or its statutory maintenance, and raised, and dependency obligations people for no maintenance, and raised, and dependency capacity of disabled,
    Belongs to town residents of, should arrangements into orphanage or give social relief; belongs to rural residents and meet rural five provides of, should arrangements into homes for, welfare institutions; (three) on meet enjoy rural Lo-conditions of rural disabled, in enjoy rural Lo-grants of based Shang, life still has difficult of, by local Government give appropriate rescue; (four) on in city life no with of stray begging disabled, social rescue institutions should rescue.
    Article 13th applied for individual practice, meet the requirements, issued by the health Administrative Department should give priority to medical practice license.
    14th to take part in the new rural cooperative medical care and medical insurance for urban residents, people with disabilities, there is difficulty in payment, personal contributions to medical aid, financial support by the County Government. Article 15th on medical disability, two-level comprehensive medical institutions and community health service institutions breaks. Experts registered fees waived more than two general hospitals and emergency registration fee, general outpatient clinic, emergency observation beds, air conditioning in room, heating fee; community health services free of charge to register, general outpatient clinic, outpatient visits fees.
    Reduced check treatment programs is determined by medical institutions, reduction ratio shall not be less than 20%. Article 16th with the People's Republic of China disabled permit free entry to parks into museums, memorial halls, science museums, galleries, exhibition halls, cultural centers (Palace) and public sports venues, charge entry fees will be implemented where more than half of the concessions.
    The blind, double lower limb disabilities, allowing 1 attendant free access to such public places.
    Park shall be equipped with a certain amount of free use of wheelchairs for persons with disabilities.
    Article 17th with the People's Republic of China permits persons with disabilities enjoy the following benefits: (a) books for the blind mailing free delivery, (ii) free public toilets, (iii) SMS costs by half to pay for the deaf; (d) physically disabled persons buy drive handicap vehicles, half charge registration fees, when in the public car park free of charge parking fees. 18th terminal of the airport, railway station, bus station, port terminal (car, boat) should be marked disabled seating, car (ship) I shall be indicated on a number of persons with disabilities.
    Persons with disabilities ride transport, priority tickets and priority ticket pit stop, and the machines (cars, boats), with free essential AIDS for granted.
    Disability of lower limbs and blind people a free ride on the bus (electric) cars, ferries and other transport in the city. When units for persons with disabilities housing 19th article, demolition units should be based on the principles of disabled people, in lots of places, on the floor to give proper care and attention.
    Interim Supplement issued demolition and relocation unit ceased subventions, to poor, poor disabled people given appropriate concessions.
    20th for 2 or more family members is disabled and 1 people who are blind or deaf people with families, free cable TV installation fee, half charge a viewing fee.
    Article 21st satisfy the conditions of persons with disabilities, giving priority to access to legal aid.
    Grassroots legal service institutions should give priority to providing services to persons with disabilities, and to halve the poverty of persons with disabilities free of charge or charge fees.
    Notary public notary matters shall give priority for persons with disabilities, and to satisfy the conditions of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the provisions of notarization fee relief.
    22nd preferential units for persons with disabilities (place), it should be in (place), operating room, pay appropriate location, such as at the entrance, setting preference disabled, voucher offers and free of clearly marked.
    23rd new construction, renovation or expansion of urban roads, large public buildings and residential areas, shall, in accordance with national and provincial regulations, accessible design and construction. Construction of barrier-free facilities, should work with the new construction, expansion, renovation and construction projects designed, built, and acceptance.
    Does not follow the national mandatory specifications for barrier-free design and construction projects, completion of construction administrative departments shall not handle formalities.
    Not in accordance with the provisions of the acceptance or unqualified acceptance of construction works shall not be put into use. Article 24th of the people's Governments above the county level should be raised from the issuance of welfare Lottery level retention in chest, handicap arrangements for a certain amount of public funds for the rehabilitation of the disabled, education, poverty alleviation and other projects.

    Construction of sports lottery nationwide physical fitness should take into account the special needs of persons with disabilities, and provide convenience and support for persons with disabilities to participate in physical fitness activities.
    25th people's Governments above the county level shall be aid for people with disabilities, hearing, vision rehabilitation projects included public Special Fund for the disabled from coverage. 26th disabled persons ' Federation at all levels should strengthen supervision and inspection of the application of preferential provisions for people with disabilities, for violation of this provision shall inform the relevant administrative departments make recommendations or opinions.
    Competent administrative departments shall organize a survey, make a decision according to law, and process the results will inform disabled persons ' federations at the same level.
    27th a violation of this provision, persons with disabilities should be given preference is not given by the relevant administrative department warning, rectification; fails to make corrections to the direct responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
    28th article violates this provision, fraud, fraud enjoy the preferential treatment of persons with disabilities, the disabled persons ' Federation in conjunction with the competent administrative authority shall order return or be ordered to correct.
    Article 29th disabled persons ' Federation and the relevant administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level staff in the disability benefits support work, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, by their work units or the competent authority shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                  30th article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2008.