Interim Measures For The Administrative Unit Of State-Owned Assets Management In Haikou City

Original Language Title: 海口市行政单位国有资产管理暂行办法

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(April 2, 2008 Haikou City Government 20th times Executive Conference considered through April 23, 2008 Haikou City Government makes 68th, announced since July 1, 2008 up purposes) first chapter General first article for specification and strengthening this city administrative units State-owned assets management, maintenance State-owned assets of security and full, promote assets reasonable configuration, improve assets using benefits, guarantees administrative units perform functions, according to administrative units State-owned assets management provisional approach and other about legal, and
    The provisions of laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to municipal party organs, people's Congress, CPPCC organs, administrative organs, judicial organs and procuratorial organs and the democratic parties (hereinafter referred to as administrative unit) of State-owned assets management. Article III administrative unit of State-owned assets in these measures refers to administrative units possess, use, legally recognized as State-owned, general term for various economic resources can be in monetary units. Including administrative units with financial capital formation assets, higher authority allocated to the administrative units of assets, administrative units in accordance with the national regulations of the income formation of assets, as well as donations and other legally recognized as State-owned assets.
    The form of fixed assets, current assets and intangible assets. Second chapter management institutions and the duties fourth article city financial administrative competent sector (following referred to city financial sector) is responsible for administrative units State-owned assets of integrated management work, its main duties is: (a) implementation national about State-owned assets management of legal, and regulations and policy; (ii) according to national State-owned assets management of about provides, developed administrative units State-owned assets management of regulations, and on implementation situation for supervision check; (three) is responsible for with about sector research developed administrative units State-owned assets configuration standard,
    Is responsible for assets configuration, and disposal and property changes matters of approval, is responsible for organization property defined, and property disputes mediation, and property registration, and assets statistics report, and assets assessment, and assets inventory, work; (four) is responsible for administrative units rental, and lending State-owned assets of approval and supervision management; (five) is responsible for administrative units State-owned assets returns of supervision, and management; (six) on administrative units and district financial sector of State-owned assets management work for supervision, and check and guide;
    (G) reporting to the level of Government and the superior financial departments on State-owned assets management. Fifth administrative units the unit possess, use of State-owned assets management.
    Its main duties is: (a) according to administrative units State-owned assets management of provides, responsibility version units State-owned assets management specific approach and organization implementation; (ii) is responsible for this units State-owned assets of account card management, and inventory registration, and statistics report and the daily supervision check, work; (three) is responsible for this units State-owned assets of acquisition, and acceptance, and maintenance and maintenance, daily management work; (four) is responsible for handle this units State-owned assets of configuration, and disposal, and rental, and lending, matters of approval procedures;
    (E) accept the guidance and oversight of Municipal Finance Department regularly reports the unit stock, their changes and the management of State-owned assets, income, and assets disposal income in full, promptly turned over to the city financial.
    Sixth Municipal Finance Department and administrative units should be clearly the institutions and personnel of State-owned assets management, strengthening the administrative unit of State-owned assets management.
    Chapter III, article seventh administrative units to use asset allocation and asset configuration, provided with standard assets should be carried out in accordance with the standard equipped with; no provision for standard assets, from practical needs, strict control, reasonable.
    Administrative units require configuration of assets, financial departments, can be solved through transfers, in principle approval to purchase; excessive administrative unit configuration, long idle or inefficient functioning of assets are responsible for co-ordinating relief. Eighth article acquisition has provides equipped with standard of assets, except national another has provides outside, should by following program approval: (a) administrative units audit this units assets stock, proposed intends acquisition assets of heading, and number, measuring funding lines, reported city financial sector approval, and by requirements submitted related material; (ii) city financial sector according to units assets status on administrative units proposed of assets acquisition project for approval; (three) by city financial sector approval agreed, units should will assets acquisition project included units annual sector budget,
    And be accompanied by approval documents and related materials, as a basis for approving departmental budgets.
    Nineth approved convening major conferences, organizing large-scale activities require the purchase of assets, by meeting or event organizer program submitted for approval in accordance with these measures.
    Tenth administrative unit to buy into the scope of government procurement of assets, it shall implement the Government procurement.
    11th administrative unit shall establish and improve asset purchase, acceptance, storage and use of management systems, asset management, for the possession or use of the State-owned assets shall be recognized in time, accounts, cards, physical match and inventory on a regular basis, so stock clear, preventing the loss of State-owned assets.
    12th administrative unit shall not in any form of possession or use of State-owned assets held for investment or economic entity; no guarantee of State-owned assets, except as otherwise provided by law. 13th administrative units will occupy, the use of State-owned assets of leasing, lending, shall be submitted to the municipal financial Department approved in more than 3 million Yuan worth of assets should be reported to the municipality for approval.
    Without approval, no leasing or lending.
    The State-owned assets of administrative units for rent, lend, ownership of property is not changed, still owned by the State; the formation of income, in accordance with the provisions of government non-tax income management under "two lines of income and expenditure" management.
    Fourth chapter assets disposal 14th administrative unit of State-owned asset disposal refers to the transfer of property right of State-owned assets of administrative units and verification, including various types of State-owned assets transfer, sale, replacement, loss and abandonment. 15th article assets disposal should by administrative units assets management sector with financial sector, and technology sector audit identification, proposed views, and by following approval permission submitted approval: (a) disposal value 80,000 yuan following single fixed assets or value 200,000 yuan following bulk assets of by units approval, has competent sector of must reported competent sector approval, and reported city financial sector record; (ii) disposal car, and vessels, and housing building, and land,
    And more than 3 million Yuan worth 80,000 yuan following a single asset or worth more than 200,000 yuan 3 million Yuan the following quantities of assets, approved by the Municipal Finance Department; (c) the disposal value of more than 3 million yuan of assets, the Municipal Finance Department reported to the municipality for approval. 16th administrative unit of State-owned assets should be open, fair and just.
    Disposal of vehicles, boats, houses, land, or the value of assets of more than 50,000 yuan, auction and bidding should be taken.
    17th administrative unit of State-owned asset disposal income and residual income from State-owned assets should be paid in full and timely, municipal finance.
    Article 18th Division, undo changes, mergers, restructuring and affiliation, should register their inventory of the possession or use of State-owned assets, inventory, and examined by the audit submitted to the Municipal Finance Department, disposal and asset transfer in time.
    19th Division jointly organized a major conference, organising events and temporary acquisition of State-owned assets by the organizers at the Conference, after the end of the activity in accordance with the regulations submitted for disposition.
    Fifth chapter valuation 20th administrative unit has one of the following shall entrust with the assessment of the qualification of asset appraisal institutions assessment: (a) administrative unit without original proof of the price of similar products made in more than 10,000 yuan worth of assets, (ii) State-owned asset auction, transfer, Exchange, (iii) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State assets assessment needs of others.
    21st administrative unit of State-owned asset valuation and recording system for the implementation of approved projects.
    (A) significant asset valuation approved by the municipal government projects and disposal in more than 3 million Yuan worth of assets valuation project, approved by the Municipal Finance Department, (ii) dispose of assets valued at 3 million yuan of assets assessment project, submitted to the municipal financial department. Sixth chapter property rights dispute with the property registration article 22nd administrative units, property disputes between administrative units and public institutions, the parties settled.
    No settlement, mediation by the Municipal Finance Department, reported that the municipal government ruling, mediation does not resolve. Article 23rd administrative units and non-administrative, property conflicts between institutions or individuals, proposed by the administrative unit dealing with comments submitted to the approval of the Municipal Finance Department, consultation with other parties.
    No settlement in accordance with the judicial process.
    24th administrative units shall establish asset registration files, the year-end asset inventories, statistics, and timely statistics report and analysis of text descriptions submitted to the city Finance Department.
    25th city in accordance with the needs of the financial sector, to the administrative unit of State-owned assets property rights registration and organization asset inventory.
    The seventh chapter legal liability article 26th administrative units and their staff in violation of the regulations, possession, use and disposal of State-owned assets without authorization, in accordance with the regulations of the financial illegal activities penalties and sanctions, treatment, disposition.
    27th of municipal finance departments and their staff in violation of the regulations, proceeds of disposition, management of State-owned assets, in accordance with the regulations of the financial illegal activities penalties and sanctions, treatment, disposition.
    28th the Municipal Finance Department, administrative unit and other acts in violation of relevant provisions of these measures, treatment according to the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the State.
    Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 29th civil service system management of municipal institutions and social groups of State-owned assets management in accordance with these rules. 30th district people's Government can refer to the implementation of these measures, or in accordance with the measures and provisions relating to state-owned asset management finance, administrative unit of State-owned assets management system in this area, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for the record.

    31st article this way called "above" does not contain this figure, called "the following" are included in this figure.
    32nd article this way come into force on July 1, 2008.
                                                33rd article this way is responsible for the interpretation of the specific application of the municipal finance sector.

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