Wuxi Li Hu Huishan Mountain Scenic Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 无锡市蠡湖惠山风景区管理办法

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(March 27, 2008 Wuxi Government 3rd times Executive on the considered through April 3, 2008 Wuxi Government makes 100th, announced since May 1, 2008 up purposes) first chapter General first article for strengthening lihu Lake huishan scenic of protection and management, maintenance lihu Lake huishan scenic of tour order and sightseeing environment, according to State landscape places district Ordinance, and Jiangsu Province Taihu lake water pollution control Ordinance, legal regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach.
    Article Li Hu huishan mountain scenic area in these measures (hereinafter referred to as scenic area) refers to the Li Hu, 18 Bay huishan area has been completed and the open landscape and regional and municipal people's Governments agreed to include other relevant areas of the scenic spot management.
    Article scenic area protection and management consistent with principles of conservation priorities and adheres to strict protection, unified management, rational development and sustainable utilization approach.
    Fourth, Wuxi Li Hu huishan mountain scenic spot Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Shi Li Guan Wei) is the permanent body of municipal administration bear the sights function, scenic exercise unified leadership, coordination and management.
    City construction, planning, municipal, irrigation, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, and urban management and other departments, binhu district people's Government in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with scenic area protection and management.
    Fifth article city Li tube Board perform following duties: (a) law on landscape places resources, and natural ecological environment implementation protection and management; (ii) established sound scenic management of the system, maintenance scenic of normal tour order, implementation security, protection scenic landscape, keep scenic equipment facilities intact, stop damaged scenic landscape and equipment facilities of behavior; (three) do scenic waters water monitoring, and adjustable water and dredging of coordination, and urged work; (four) on scenic range standard territories State tablet, established logo;
    (V) is responsible for the scenic resources, ecological environment, geographical and cultural research, excavation and conservation, establish a scientific management system (vi) to create conditions that facilitate leisure, excursions, and moderate development of natural and cultural landscape, tourism and water sports project; (VII) Municipal Government awarded or the exercise of any of the other terms.
    All units and individuals involved to a scenic area within the scenic resource protection and management activities and shall be subject to unified management, Li Guan Wei.
    Article sixth scenic area of monumental architecture, cultural relics, historic sites, gardens, cultural landscape and tree vegetation, flora and fauna, landscape, mountain rocks, springs and lakes, as well as natural scenery, should be strictly protected.
    Article citizens, legal persons or other organizations to protect scenic resources, obligations of the natural ecological environment and facilities, and to report, suppression of acts in violation of these measures.
    On scenic spots protection, development and management to make an important contribution, by Li, municipal or City Administration Committee for recognition and reward.
    Chapter II planning and construction of scenic spot of eighth plan shall be prepared in accordance with law and remained relatively stable; necessitates modification of scenic spot planning of urban construction, in accordance with the People's Republic of China urban and rural planning, implementation of the relevant provisions of the law.
    Nineth ecological environmental protection in scenic area planning shall be conducive to the scenic area, and to meet the needs of travel leisure.
    Scenic area planning shall be clear of the water function zoning, focusing on protected content, attractions such as capacity planning, tourism development, berths, and highlighting the protection of water.
    Tenth except in accordance with the planning and construction of landscape, leisure facilities and public infrastructure, scenic area within the strict restrictions on construction of other buildings (structures).
    11th article in scenic within engaged in landscape places district legal, and regulations ban range yiwai of construction activities, investment in 10 million Yuan above, accounted for to area in 5000 square meters above of construction project and in core scenic construction of project, should by province Taihu Lake landscape places district management institutions audit, in accordance with about legal regulations handle approval procedures; other construction project should by city Li tube Board audit Hou, in accordance with about legal regulations handle approval procedures.
    Scenic new construction, expansion, renovation of building (structure), and its volume, appearance, structure, height, color shall be coordinated with the surrounding landscape, not damage to scenic natural landscape and cultural landscape.
    Scenic services room volume, purpose, appearance, height, without changing the colors.
    12th in scenic areas within construction units engaged in construction, construction should be in accordance with the approved programmes and to take effective measures to protect the forest, geomorphology, vegetation, water bodies, must not cause pollution and damage; after completion of the construction projects shall be cleared in a timely manner, greening, restore the original appearance of the environment.
    13th without approval, prohibited from building built in scenic spot (structure).
    Absolutely necessary to make temporary construction,, Li Committee, shall be subject to review and approval formalities according to relevant laws and regulations.
    Temporary building (structure) and their facilities after the expiry of the approval, the construction unit should be removed in time and bring back the beauty scenic.
    14th chapter III protection and management of commercial exploitation and utilization of resources in scenic, should be for the protection of scenic resources, according to the scenic area protection, development, use and function requirements, balanced, giving full play to comprehensive benefits.
    Engaging in service activities in scenic areas, they shall pay a fee for paid use of scenic resources, special scenic area protection and management.
    15th article in scenic within engaged in following activities, should by city Li tube Board audit Hou, law reported about competent sector approved: (a) set, and posted commercial advertising, established units guide identifies; (ii) shooting movie, and Telefilm; (three) set through scenic of air, and water Shang tour route; (four) Science study, and collection specimens; (five) other involved scenic resources protection and using of activities.
    16th article in scenic within engaged in following activities, about administration sector in handle administrative approval procedures Shi, should sought city Li tube Board of views: (a) for performances and organization about activities; (ii) set commercial and service dot; (three) held large public and commercial, various activities; (four) cut, and transplant, and trim trees; (five) occupied, and mining road.
    Article 17th engaged in production and business activities in the scenic area, shall perform the obligation to protect the premises around the environment and health, and shall not violate the provisions of the discharge of sewage, shall not exceed the approved undertakings, scope.
    Fourth chapter, Li, watershed management section 18th with relevant functional departments of the CMC is responsible for the scenic area protection and management.
    19th article scenic waters within shall not engaged in following activities: (a) business sex farming; (ii) fishing, and fishing fish, aquatic animal and picked aquatic plants; (three) washing dirt real, cleaning motor vehicle car or washing residues toxic harmful real of container; (four) unauthorized swimming; (five) in waters or Bank slope free dumping or stacked garbage, and stool, and waste soil; (six) other effect and damage water environment of behavior. 20th strictly control the amount of scenic areas in the waters of business tourism ship.
    Business tourism ship management, Li, by the Committee, transportation and other sectors separately.
    Article 21st scenic spots, tourism and business in the waters carry out the admittance system,, Li, by the Committee according to the conditions of access, through open competition, and compensation for the use of established operators.
    Prohibition of the scenic waters of ships engaged in food and beverage activities.
    Prohibit non-commercial ships or in disguise, in the live work.
    22nd, Li Committee should define the different activity areas of the tourist ship, set up distinct signs and billboards, to stop various security risks.
    Fifth chapter within the 23rd scenic tour order the units and individuals should take care of the infrastructure, security and reception facilities, no destruction, illegal use or move.
    Article 24th scenic prohibits the following acts in violation of environmental regulations: (a) the spitting, soil, (ii) litter, dumping waste, (iii) suspension, dry goods and (iv) other acts that hinder environmental health.
    25th article scenic within ban following damage green of behavior: (a) unauthorized occupied green or change green uses; (ii) mining, and impairment or carved designated trees; (three) picked spent fruit; (four) in green within stacked debris, and dug pit take soil or leaning tree take shed; (five) trampling flower beds or closed of green, and lawn; (six) other damaged green or green facilities of behavior.
    26th article scenic within ban following damaged municipal public facilities and other public facilities of behavior: (a) building (frame) built real, and sculpture, public facilities Shang graffiti, and carved designated or unauthorized hanging, and posted advertisement; (ii) damaged waste box, and public booth, and street and other lighting facilities; (three) destroyed, and defaced signs, and spray water facilities, and announcement bar and Gallery; (four) damaged and unauthorized split moving culvert, and sluice, and bridge, and Bank, and Terminal, and railing, facilities; (five) other damaged public facilities of behavior.
    27th article scenic within ban following effect tour order of behavior: (a) unauthorized stacked items; (ii) no card set up stalls business or selling items; (three) anywhere lying lying, and street sleepers; (four) carrying dog into; (five) stray begging; (six) fortune, and divination, and burning paper money and the juggling performers, superstition and not health of activities; (seven) issued serious interference others of noise; (eight) other hinder unsightly or hamper others tour sightseeing of behavior. 28th scenic mountain range may not engage in the following activities: (a) quarries, quarrying and removal of Earth, (ii) land clearing, Tang and built tombs; (c) take, injure wildlife; (iv) smoking in forbidden areas, fire and (v) other detrimental to mountain forest, vegetation ecology and landscape activities.

    Vehicles entering the scenic spot of 29th article, should be in accordance with the provisions and the travel speed; vehicles, except for the following, and no other vehicles are not allowed to enter the forbidden zone: (a) special non-motor vehicles for persons with disabilities; (b) the ongoing special vehicles.
    Sixth chapter penalty provisions article 30th disobey article 13th paragraph, Li Guan Wei, by rectification, it fails to mend, may impose a fine of less than 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    31st disobey article 17th, beyond the scope of authorized establishments, operating from Li, tube rectification, and fined 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    Article 32nd disobey article 19th, unauthorized fishing, fishing in the scenic waters of fish and other aquatic animals, harvesting aquatic plants or allowed to swim, by Li, tube rectification, punishable with a penalty of 200 Yuan.
    Article 33rd in violation of the provisions of the third paragraph of the article 21st, Li, tube rectification and fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    34th article violates this article approaches 25th, arbitrarily picking flowers and fruit in the scenic area, trample the flower beds or closed green, lawn,, Li Guan Wei, by rectification, punishable with a penalty of 200 Yuan.
    35th article violation this approach 26th article subsection (three) items, and subsection (four) items provides of, by city Li tube Board ordered deadline corrected, can sentenced 200 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; violation this approach 27th article subsection (six) items provides of, by city Li tube Board ordered deadline corrected, can sentenced 1000 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; caused loss of, also should law bear compensation responsibility.
    36th article violates these rules, provisions of relevant laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.
    Violation of this regulation, relevant departments have been punished according to law, Li, Committee no longer punishment.
    37th State organs and their staff in the scenic area management activities in favoritism, abuse their powers, neglect their duties, by their work units or by the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 38th the specific scope and the adjustment of scenic areas, Li, after the Committee submitted to the municipal people's Government to the public. 39th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2008.
                              Municipal Government released on December 26, 2005 of the Wuxi lihu Lake scenic area management approach (the city 78th) repealed simultaneously.