Provisions On Administration Of Tianjin City

Original Language Title: 天津市城市管理规定

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(March 27, 2008, Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 5th Executive meeting on April 25, 2008, Tianjin Municipal People's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2008, 2nd) Chapter I General provisions article to implement high starting point planning and high standard construction, efficient management of requirements, improve the level of public services, creating a clean and beautiful city, civilized and orderly, modern city, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article apply, Binhai New area was built in the center of the city, location, other district municipalities formed the town of city management.
    Article city administration in these rules refers to appearance city appearance and environmental sanitation, landscaping, urban facilities, street lighting, road traffic and other aspects of conservation and management.
    Fourth article strengthening city management should followed following principles: (a) insisted system innovation, formed management gravity Xia moved, and district mainly, and responsibilities clear, and pragmatic efficient of management system; (ii) insisted mechanism innovation, formed social participation, and market operation, and competition ordered, and Government regulatory of run mechanism; (three) insisted scientific management, formed technology led, and supervision in place, and perform duties, and running efficient of long-term management mechanism.
    Five Governments at all levels and their departments, news media and various units, should strengthen the publicity and public education on the management of the city, increasing citizen awareness, establish a good social morality, to create a good environment of city management.
    Sixth article any unit and individual have the right to enjoy a beautiful urban environment, for the maintenance of the city clean, the obligation to take care of public sanitation and public facility, violations of the provisions of this Act is liable for advice, criticism and accusation.
    Article people's Governments at all levels in the city's outstanding achievements in the management of units and individuals, recognition and rewards.
    Chapter II administrative standards and require the eighth appearance city appearance management should meet the following requirements: (a) within the scope of control without illegal construction, road management, selfless, open face, hanging up and graffiti-free.
    (B) install outdoor advertising and commercial plaques set in accordance with plans and specifications.
    (C) the walls of the building in accordance with the relevant provisions and norms.
    (D) urban sculpture, clocks should be kept intact and clean, functional.
    (E) meet the State and this municipality's appearance city appearance management standards and other requirements. Nineth article sanitation management should reached following requirements: (a) fast road, and trunk road, and various bridge (containing people line flyover), and focus area, and cigan road, and branch and neighborhoods within of alley Li Xiang, and buildings, and yonglu road NET, and sidewalk NET, and green NET, and tree points NET, and drainage mouth NET; no mess heap mess put, no white pollution, no garbage storage, garbage collection, and removal timely, no transport sprinkled leak.
    Among them, the expressway, trunk roads, overpasses and focus areas for up to 20 hours, dry roads, slip road and pedestrian bridge, river-crossing bridges for up to 16 hours, Li Xiang, the roads for more than 12 hours cleaning the cleaning job, cleaning the cleaning rate of 100%.
    (B) the fairgrounds branch city, managed to reach NET booth, ground NET, no garbage storage, no street vendors sell out of place, clean and tidy inside and outside of the market.
    (C) the river is free of garbage storage, weeds, water cleaning, no floats.
    (D) the public toilet facilities is complete, clean and tidy, no odor, dry, clean, free of dirt on the ground.
    (E) national and municipal sanitation management standards and other requirements.
    Article landscape management should meet the following requirements: (a) the green parks, green spaces and roads, and shrub plants grew normally, plant species richness, tree trim, no dead dead trees, no bare land, weed-free garbage, pest and disease-free.
    (B) the vacancy rate below 1% of street trees, newly planted street tree survival rate reaches above 95%, save 100%.
    (C) national, landscaping, and other management standards and requirements. 11th municipal facilities management should meet the following requirements: (a) the motor vehicle road pavement, no potholes, Lu Jing Pingshun, bump-free, smooth ride.
    Various underground professional utility manhole is complete, no missing and damaged. (B) the non-motor vehicle road pavement structure intact, no collapse, stones, curb stones, tree holes Shi Shun Zhi, surface clean, defect-free. Sidewalk tile without collapsing, defect-free, neat edges and smooth surface.
    Complete road signs, norm, straight, keep it clean. (C) bridge lanes, pothole-free bridge deck, bridge and no jumping phenomenon of expansion joints.
    Bridge railings to keep straight, linear and smooth, clean surface.
    (D) the bridge complete landscape lighting to maintain good and consistent light color, light poles surface clean.
    (E) timely source for the digging of drainage pipe to ensure smooth, complete covers intact, sewage runs risk-free. (F) the unobstructed drainage of river channels and drainage, gates in good condition, opening and close flexibly.
    River revetment full clean River culvert periodic dredging.
    (VII) landscape river water cycle, water level of river water quality, standard. (H) the drainage pump station equipment intact, stable operation, water level qualified.
    Guarantee 24 hour normal sewage discharge and waterlogging in flood season.
    (IX) national and the city's municipal facilities management standards and other requirements.
    12th road traffic management should meet the following requirements: (a) the installation of traffic signs in accordance with national standards, obviously, no shelter.
    (B) traffic marking clean, intact.
    (C) the traffic barrier, such as the type of isolation facilities, standardized specifications and designs, clean appearance.
    (D) departments should ensure that the traffic signal, traffic information display screen, traffic control systems and other traffic management facilities, electricity, protection for normal use.
    (E) to improve traffic management, information, integrated use of coordinated traffic signal control, traffic video, live traffic monitoring system, play an important role in guaranteeing the smooth road traffic safety.
    (F) road vehicles, pedestrians, to comply with traffic signals, obey orders, driving, stop order, fewer traffic violations.
    (VII) motor vehicles must be in the parking lot or road permit parking locations in the City Park, no arbitrary parking, blocking traffic; bike must be parked in order, tie up barrier-free facilities is not allowed.
    (VIII) meet the State and the city's road traffic management standards and other requirements.
    13th Street lighting management should meet the following requirements: (a) ensure that the lighting facilities in good condition, street lighting device is city's main roads, streets, street lighting and street lighting damage, broken light, street lamp lighting rate of 100%.
    (B) the same way street lighting poles, lamps, lighting, installation to be unified, tidy and coordination.
    (C) the various types of lighting should be no paint, no posting, the surrounding environment clean sanitation. (D) the lights must be in accordance with the plan set, coordination with the urban landscape, use of energy-saving, environmental protection, green light. Timely restoration of damaged facilities.
    Opening rate of 95%, good rate of 98%.
    (E) national and municipal management standards and other requirements for street lighting. Third chapter administration duties 14th article City City Environment Management Committee unified organization led, and coordination, and urged city management work, and perform following duties: (a) developed this city city management of regulations, and regulations and related policy; (ii) prepared city management professional planning, and work target and annual plans, by approved Hou organization implementation; (three) is responsible for on involved city management in the major matters of funds deployment; (four) on held important activities, and disposal emergency burst event, and across sector across area of matters and global of focus, and
    Coordination problems and decisions; (e) the municipal administrative departments and districts and urban management training, guidance, service, appraisal and supervision.
    15th article city about administration sector perform following city management duties: (a) according to city city management professional planning, developed this sector city management of planning, and management standard, and technology specification, and assessment approach,; (ii) on belongs units and the district for Business Guide and specific assessment; (three) according to legal, and regulations and Government regulations of about provides, implementation administrative approval, and management and punishment.
    16th article district, and County Government should perform following city management duties: (a) implementation territorial management responsibility, on this regional of city management work full is responsible for; (ii) according to city city management professional planning, prepared this area city management of planning, and work target and implementation plans; (three) Science version district the sector, and subdistrict offices and town Government of city management responsibility and organization implementation; (four) Organization, and coordination standing district units and sector implementation city management responsibility;
    (E) routine inspection, monitoring and assessment of urban management.
    17th article subdistrict offices, and town government perform following city management duties: (a) implementation area range within of city management target responsibility; (ii) on area within city environment, and sanitation, and green, and municipal, and save yards (at), implementation site supervision management; (three) Organization neighborhood mobilization residents masses and area units participation city management; (four) according to legal, and regulations and regulations of provides or accept delegate, on area within city management of illegal illegal behavior implementation punishment.
    Maintenance and management of the fourth chapter marketing article 18th sanitation, landscaping, maintenance and management of municipal and other industries, sectors and regional monopolies should be broken, introducing market mechanisms, to establish a unified, open up public service markets, and continuously improve the level of urban management. 19th environmental sanitation, landscaping, urban industry administrative departments should clean cleaning, garbage removal, green conservation maintenance jobs on the market, and according to a fair, open and impartial principles take open tender to determine conservation units and individuals, contracts entered into clear conservation standards, rights, obligations and liability for breach.

    Conservation units and individuals in violation the contract or does not meet conservation standards and requirements, the correction fails, terminate the conservation license.
    20th construction, reconstruction of sanitation, landscaping and other facilities are not handed over, the unit is responsible for repair and maintenance.
    Construction, reconstruction of roads, bridges, once opened, sanitation Department to start over the opening range of daily cleaning and cleaning, snow melt, rain clears, maintaining a clean road and bridge.
    Article 21st of city appearance Environment Management Committee together with the municipal finance, price annual on sanitation, landscaping, urban conservation quotas and standards approved.
    22nd of municipal and county-level financial increase sanitation, landscape conservation, municipal and other industries of capital investment, and expanded the coverage of public services, and with the increase in administrative tasks, maintenance standards and management tools updated to maintain reasonably stable growth, achieve full guarantees.
    The fifth chapter monitoring and evaluation article 23rd, making full use of modern information technology and high-tech, this means to improve urban management modernization. Building digital management platform for urban management at the municipal and district levels, urban management event of timely detection, control and quick disposal, improving management efficiency.
    Along with health departments at all levels of business collaboration and linkage mechanism.
    Article 24th of city appearance Environment Management Committee is responsible for developing a sound appraisal of urban management systems and management systems, and routine inspections, random spot checks, joint inspections, social supervision, on County and city management industry conservation and management assessment for day, month, quarter, year, and publicize the assessment results.
    25th article city and district city management integrated administrative law enforcement institutions should according to Tianjin City city management relative concentrated administrative punishment right provides (2007 City Government makes 111th,), active perform itself duties, and is responsible for on city city looks, and sanitation, and garden green, and municipal facilities, and street lighting, and road traffic, industry of management situation and delegate law enforcement of situation for supervision check, and will supervision check results report City City Environment Management Committee, into city management assessment index system. Article 26th city management staff failed to perform their duties in the management of the city, by personnel, monitor the sector be given an administrative sanction.
    For administrative misconduct constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                        Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 27th since the provisions take effect on June 1, 2008.