Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government On The Amendment Of The Town-Owned Land Use Rights Transfer And Transfer Of Some Government Regulations Such As Interim Measures Decision

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区人民政府关于修改《城镇国有土地使用权出让和转让暂行办法》等部分政府规章的决定

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(April 2, 2008 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 2nd consideration on April 10, 2008, people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 153th announced come into force on the date of promulgation) to conscientiously implement the State Council of the implementation outline for the holistic promotion of administration by law, maintain the uniformity of the legal system and Government decrees to better adapt to accelerating the construction of Government governed by law, the requirements of comprehensively promoting administration according to law, the autonomous region people's Government for decision on interim measures for the transfer of State-owned land and the town 5 the municipality regulations read as follows: interim measures for the transfer of State-owned land, towns and (February 19, 1995 the Government of the 49th promulgated on November 20, 1997, the municipality, the new deal [1997]97 amended) 1.25th is amended as: "assignment ahead of the expiry of the land resumption and termination for reasons such as land loss. Land should be returned within 15th land after land use permits, and the land-use right to cancel the registration.
    "2. the deletion of article 36th.
    Second, temporary security measures (January 23, 1997 the Government of the 68th promulgated on October 11, 2004 the municipality 125th amended) 1. deletion of article eighth and Nineth part (a), paragraph (g) of "no temporary residence fee" provision.
    Deleted article Nineth part (e) of the "receive temporary residence" requirement.
    2. delete article 28th part (c). Third, management of weather (July 13, 1998 the Government promulgated, 82nd), 1. the third paragraph of article is revised as follows: "foreign organizations or individuals figure activities in the territory of the autonomous region, approved by the competent Meteorological Department under the State Council together with the relevant departments in accordance with law. "2. article is revised as follows:" the requirements established figures working point shall be made to the operation (point) State (land), municipal (Administrative Office) figure written reports submitted by institutions, specifying the operation to be carried out by regional content, appropriate technologies and equipment, reported to the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure together with the flight controls and other departments concerned to determine. "Four, the implementation of certain provisions of the regulations on funeral (February 25, 1999 autonomous regional people's Government promulgated, 87th) 1. Article IX, paragraph (a) is amended as:" the construction of a funeral parlour, crematorium, civil administration departments at or above the county level, a proposal the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.
    "2. delete article 20th.
    3. deletion of article 24th (e). Five, the implementation of feed and feed additives management regulation approach (March 12, 2001 100th autonomous region people's Government promulgated on May 22, 2002 the municipality 104th amendment on June 29, 2004 the municipality the 122th amended) 1. fourth article is revised as follows: "establishment of feed and feed additives production enterprises shall make application to the State animal husbandry administration. Following a review in accordance with conditions specified in section Nineth of the Ordinance, before they can go through the registration formalities.
    "2. delete article sixth.
    3. the seventh is amended as: "feed and feed additive shall, in accordance with national standards, industry standards and local standards for production. No standard in the preceding paragraph, manufacturers should develop standard enterprise standard shall provide livestock administration and quality supervision and Management Department of the autonomous region. "4. the article is revised as follows:" feed and feed additives production enterprises should establish a sound raw material inspection, inspection records and product samples and observation system. Feed production and inspection records, product sample record for at least 1 year, product sampling time should be more than 2 months shelf life.
    "This decision as of the date of promulgation.
                    The town-owned land and transfer regulations for interim measures, such as 5 autonomous regional people's Government, under the provisions of this decision on the part of the text and order be revised accordingly and publish it again.