Administrative Measures For The Aquatic Fingerlings In Hubei Province

Original Language Title: 湖北省水产苗种管理办法

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(April 28, 2008 Hubei Province Government Executive Conference considered through May 6, 2008 Hubei Province Government makes No. 315, announced since June 10, 2008 up purposes) first article to protection and reasonable using aquatic species quality resources, specification aquatic varieties breeding and seedlings species production, and business behavior, maintenance aquatic seedlings species producers, and operators and using who of lawful rights and interests of, promote aquatic aquaculture continued health development, according to People's Republic of China fisheries method and about legal, and regulations,
    Combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the province within the administrative area of exploitation and utilization of germplasm resources of aquaculture, aquatic breeding, aquatic seed production, management, import and export, supervision and management of activities, these measures shall apply.
    Aquatic fingerlings in these measures refers to aquatic breeding and aquaculture (cultivation) ornamental aquatic animals in production, scientific research and experiment and parents and juveniles, larvae, eggs, spores and their genetic breeding programs.
    Article management adhere to the principle of pay equal attention to the protection and development of aquatic fingerlings, biodiversity conservation, and actively develop the famous aquatic species. Fourth provincial fishery administrative departments of the province's aquatic germplasm and seed management of aquaculture.
    Within the fishery administration departments at or above the county level responsible for the administration of aquatic germplasm resources and aquatic fingerlings management, specific administrative law enforcement by its own fishery management agencies.
    Industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision, customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities, according to their respective duties and good management of aquatic fingerlings.
    Fifth people's Governments above the county level should according to the fishery germplasm resources and fishery development in our province to develop germplasm resources protection of fishery development planning, key waters in fish breeding ground, designate certain areas, be focused on the protection and implementation of temporal system during the breeding period.
    Sixth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the construction of fine varieties of aquatic systems, set up special funds to support aquatic primary, a fine building and replacement of seed breeding parents.
    Encourage units or individuals of good aquatic breeding, technology development and promotion.
    Article seventh fishery administrative departments should plan to organize research, teaching, cultivate new aquatic variety breeding and production units, establishing new aquatic variety breeding demonstration base, actively guide using the new aquatic variety, providing technical advice, develop and publish inappropriate in this area on a regular basis to promote the list of aquatic varieties.
    Article eighth fishery administrative departments should strengthen disease monitoring aquatic fingerlings, establishment of forecasting system, organizational and quarantine of aquatic fingerlings and aquatic fingerlings disease contingency plans, significant aquatic seedling disease reports in a timely manner and to inform the relevant departments should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, prevent the spread of diseases of aquatic seed and spread.
    Nineth provincial fishery administrative departments according to the development of aquaculture production needs and natural conditions and characteristics of germplasm resources and rational layout and construction of aquatic primary, Chong Chang.
    Tenth from the provinces to the introduction of new kinds of aquatic products, artificial hybridization breeding new individuals, must be approved by more than one breeding cycle trials, by the Ministry of agriculture fisheries original seed certification Committee examined an appropriate culture of our province, by fishery administrative departments of the province a notice before the promotion.
    Introduction of new fish species from abroad, artificial hybridization breeding new individuals through genetic engineering and breeding new individuals shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State. 11th for hybrid production aquatic fingerlings of parents must be homozygous groups. For aquaculture hybrids fertile shall not be used as a parent breed.
    Farming fertile aquatic hybrid individual through bio-engineering and other technical changes and genetic characteristics of individuals and their offspring, the sites must establish a strict isolation and escape-proof measures, ban put them in rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other natural waters. 12th aquatic seed production through a licensing system.
    Aquatic seedlings species production license by County above fisheries administrative competent sector grading implementation: (a) aquatic original species field, and seed field, by province fisheries administrative competent sector license; (ii) seedlings species field, by territorial management principles, by local county fisheries administrative competent sector proposed trial views, City State fisheries administrative competent sector license; (three) fisheries production who since Yu, and use of aquatic seedlings species not needed handle license.
    Aquatic seed production license uniformly printed by the provincial departments of fishery administration.
    Section 13th aquatic seed production units and individuals shall meet the following conditions: (a) the production area there is a permanent site, an area of not less than 4 hectares, in line with the farming requirements, obtain an aquaculture licence, good ecological environment, adequate water, water quality, freshwater aquaculture water quality standard of the pollution-free food, and a complete production facilities. (B) parents for reproduction quality in line with quality standards, have a clear source and record information, parental germplasm of quality shall conform to industry or provincial standards, there is industry and provincial quality standard, should develop appropriate business standards.
    Green, and grass, and silver, and Bighead carp, "four everyone fish", and mission head bream (Wuchang fish), and long Kiss (Editor Note: this word pinyin for Wei), and yellow sang fish, and spots fork tail (Editor Note: this word left for fish, right for back), breeding parent must from national, and provincial aquatic original, and seed field, or by province fisheries administrative competent sector approval, from Yangtze River, natural waters fishing of varieties.
    (C) the seed production of aquatic conditions and facilities should meet the requirements of aquatic seed operation for the production technology.
    (D) shall be equipped with 1-2 with the appropriate technical qualification certificate (certificate of title or professional credentials) fisheries professional and technical personnel.
    (V) aquatic original quality, seed farm parent must comply with the provisions of the provincial fishery administrative departments.
    14th in charge of fishery administration departments at or above the county level shall be in accordance with permission, from the date of acceptance of the application for review of the material submitted by the applicant within the 20th, and on-site assessment, in line with the conditions mentioned above, decision of aquatic seed production permit; shall not be issued, it shall inform in writing the reason. Article 15th aquatic seed production operator shall, in accordance with aquatic seed production license scope, type and so on.
    Need to change the scope, type, shall be filed with the licensing authority procedures.
    Aquatic seed production permits valid for a period of 3 years, needed the expiration and renewal of, should apply to the licensing authority before the expiry of 30th, apply for renewal.
    Prohibited to forge, alter, buy or lease aquatic seed production licenses. 16th aquatic seed production operators are required to strictly implement aquatic seed operation for the production technology, the establishment of technical information archive, for parents to introduce time, age, breed, retire, update, and so on should be recorded in detail.
    Original seed farm of parents or backup parent, seed supply, shall provide the user with the product quality guarantees, the supply of related technical information and establish a complete archive.
    17th fish seed producers and business operators should strictly implement the State and industry-related safety regulations, and setting up medication records and production records as required to ensure seed quality.
    Prohibition of the use of illicit drugs and other compounds as well as substandard feed.
    Article 18th aquatic seed production manager quality management system should be established, the aquatic fingerlings produced in accordance with the relevant standards for quality inspection, inspection before the sale. Aquatic seed production for which operators should sell aquatic fingerlings proof of quality.
    Prohibition of the production, management, poor aquatic fingerlings.
    Article 19th specializing in aquaculture seed sales of units and individuals, should run aquatic fingerlings with quality certificates. 20th aquatic fingerlings by the State provides for quarantine system.
    Obtain quarantine certificates before they can sell aquatic fingerlings, brought in from outside the province must hold a quarantine certificate aquatic fingerlings.
    Quarantine aquatic fingerlings by the fishery administration departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for implementation of aquatic seed quarantine specific measures prescribed by the provincial departments of fishery administration. 21st article import and export of aquatic seed units and individuals shall make application to the provincial fishery administrative departments, and provide the appropriate materials.
    Provincial fishery administrative departments shall from the date of filing in the 15th on import and export of aquatic seed declarations for examination and verification and approval directly by permission or reported to the Ministry of agriculture for approval. 22nd seed import dependency of aquaculture regulation.
    Import entity (individual) in imported aquatic fingerlings by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities after passing quarantine, it should be immediately reported to the provincial fishery administrative departments, by the provincial fishery administrative departments or commissioned by the provincial fishery administrative departments of import unit (individual) local fishery administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level has specific responsibility for supervision and inspection upon entry.
    Article 23rd aquatic fingerlings into rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural waters must strictly comply with the provisions relating to invasive species management. 24th is prohibited in aquatic habitat for seed breeding, mining, sand-dredging, blasting, discharge of sewage and other damage to the ecological environment of the activity.
    In the main production areas of aquatic fingerlings when diversion, measures should be taken to protect aquatic fingerlings. 25th fishery management agencies above the county level shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of seed production and management of aquatic, in dealing with aquatic seed production, business offences, the right to access, replication-related information such as production records, test results, enter aquatic seed production, make on-site inspections of business premises, the survey asked about aquatic seed production and management situation.
    Aquatic seed production and business operation entities and individuals shall cooperate, and may not refuse or impede law enforcement personnel performing official business according to law. Fishery management agencies above the county level have the right to seed quality of aquatic sampling, sampling shall not charge a fee.
    Sampling sampling samples shall be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    26th article violates these rules, unauthorized production and aquatic fingerlings, fishery management agencies above the county level shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of up to 30,000 yuan. 27th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, the fishery management agencies above the county level shall order rectification, and a fine of 30,000 yuan fines: the circumstances are serious, revocation of aquatic seed production permit: (a) the accredited extension from outside the province to introduce new fish species or artificial hybridization of new individuals;

    (Ii) for hybrid production commodity aquatic seedlings species of parent not pure Department groups, on can Yu of aquatic hybrids as parent breeding, or will can Yu of aquatic hybrid individual and through Bioengineering, technology change hereditary-like of individual and offspring put natural waters or caused escape of; (three) sold, and rental aquatic seedlings species production license of; (four) in aquatic seedlings species production process in the using prohibited drug and bait of; (five) production, and business fake, and bad aquatic seedlings species of.
    28th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, the fishery management agencies above the county level shall order rectification, and a fine of 10,000 yuan the following: (a) failure to establish aquaculture production, production of seed breeding medication records or not proof of quality aquatic fingerlings (ii) aquatic fingerlings of sales without quality certificates.
    29th article violates these rules, operating without quarantine certificates aquatic fingerlings, fishery management agencies above the county level shall order rectification of unsold fish fry up inspection according to law, the payment failed to pass the inspection, ordered operators to carry out innocuous treatment; not for treatment, be destroyed. 30th article fisheries administrative competent sector and fishery law enforcement personnel has following behavior one of of, by its where units or superior competent sector give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) violation provides approval or meet provides and refused to approval aquatic seedlings species production license of; (ii) issued false quarantine proved of; (three) violation provides charges of; (four) illegal intervention aquatic seedlings species production operators independent right or against operators interests of; (five) other negligence, and abuse, and
    Engages in behavior.
                                                                                    31st article this way come into force on June 10, 2008.

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