Administrative Measures For Urban Rail Transit Construction

Original Language Title: 沈阳市城市轨道交通建设管理办法

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(December 20, 2007, Shenyang city people's Government Executive meeting of the 14th through May 19, 2008, Shenyang city people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2008, 2nd) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the city's urban rail transit construction and management, ensure a smooth construction of urban rail transit in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second urban rail transit construction projects in these measures refers to approved by the State, in the planning of urban rail transit in the City subway, urban rail public transport system.
    Article III planning of urban rail transit in these measures refers to rail transit network planning, route planning, land use planning and development plan.
    Fourth article of the regulation is applicable within the administrative area of the city of urban rail transit (hereinafter referred to as rail transportation), planning, investment, construction, and management-related activities, but except for intercity rail. Fifth rail service to society is a major public infrastructure.
    Rail transport should be included in this city national economic and social development, long-term planning and overall urban planning, according to the national infrastructure program implementation in phases.
    Sixth track traffic construction of unified planning, rational distribution, diversified investment, staging building, giving priority to the development of principles. Traffic-building organized by the Municipal Government to implement a seventh track.
    Municipal urban and rural construction Commission of urban rail transit construction Administrative Department, responsible for important matters in subway engineering construction supervision and management of City subway construction headquarters (hereinafter referred to as railway construction department) responsible for the implementation of rail transit construction.
    All districts and counties (cities) people's Governments and relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions, good management of railway construction.
    All units and individuals have an obligation to support and coordinate rail traffic construction and management. Eighth chapter planning management of urban rail transit planning by the municipal planning departments and rail transit construction Administrative Department in accordance with the overall urban planning and urban transportation planning organization, for approval by the municipal government.
    Its land-use planning, municipal planning departments are responsible for organization and implementation; network planning, route planning and construction program by the urban rail transit construction departments are responsible for organization and implementation. Nineth article track traffic construction set security reserves, by city planning sector is responsible for control, control range following: (a) has built engineering underground station and tunnel structure sideline sides the 30 meters within, not built engineering underground station and tunnel structure sideline sides the 50 meters within; (ii) ground station and high frame station and line track outside sideline the 30 meters within; (three) operation control center, and vehicles paragraph, and station room and substation, built (frame) built real with to line within; (four) independent set of access mouth, and
    Lateral ventilation kiosk line 10 meters range.
    Article tenth within the safe havens, non-rail transit construction projects should be approved by the City Planning Department, prior permission should ask the Department of rail transit construction administration and construction departments.
    Security in protected areas, implementation of approved non-rail transportation construction projects, rail transit construction administrative departments shall participate in the supervision and construction sectors.
    Chapter III 11th track traffic construction project management implementation project legal person system, system of tendering and bidding system, a supervision system and contract.
    12th track traffic construction sector is responsible for developing rail transit construction plan, via rail transit construction Administrative Department and financial Department of the development and Reform Commission, for examination and then reported to the municipality for approval.
    13th track traffic construction organization design, preparation of feasibility studies and so on, must be in accordance with national capital management procedures, and other related provisions of the Metro design codes, and shall seek the views of interested parties, full justification. 14th track traffic construction requires land, land administrative departments of the free transfers.
    Which belongs to the city of origin, after the Department of land administration for land disposal, for rail transit construction Department for land registry involved need to land in other ownership units, units for rail traffic in the construction sector and the original agreement, and upon approval by the Department of land administration, land disposal documents to apply for registration.
    Approved planning for rail transit construction, and shall not be arbitrarily changed; alteration, shall, in accordance with the statutory procedure for approval.
    15th track transport building encompasses communications, electricity, water supply, drainage, heating, gas, roads, transportation, underground engineering, water conservancy, environmental protection, geology, and meteorology, earthquake engineering, the departments concerned and the ownership of the pipeline unit to rail transit construction departments should provide these facilities to be moved to free data and relevant information.
    16th track traffic construction required the demolition of various buildings and structures shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, districts, county governments and related departments should cooperate.
    Pipeline transport construction to demolition of a 17th track, rail transit construction departments shall, together with the ownership of the pipeline unit to prepare the pipeline to move reforms and organize relevant unit implementation.
    Rail transportation to move the various pipelines and other urban facilities, moved its change fee in accordance with the fees charged for municipal engineering, borne by the rail transportation sector; non-rail transportation needs in new pipelines or municipal facilities or improve standards while increasing capacity, increase or exceed the standard part of the expense of the pipeline ownership units and facilities.
    18th track traffic construction sector organizations project tendering, shall be selected according to the relevant laws and regulations of the State merit contractors, municipal supervision Department should oversee its tender and bid activities according to law.
    19th track traffic construction organization design, construction and equipment purchase, installation, safety management and quality management shall, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, ensure the project quality and safety of construction, and accept the municipal work safety supervision and management departments and quality departments of supervision and inspection.
    20th track traffic construction sector organization construction, must be strictly enforced, industry technology criterion; national, industry technical standards are not yet clear, by the rail transportation sector organizations in the development of the urban rail transit engineering construction technology standard, executed after the city of quality and technical supervision Department.
    21st track traffic construction Department of traffic organization and civilized construction programmes, and shall, together with the scientific and rational planning, traffic management and other departments to develop and implement.
    22nd track traffic construction using underground space should be carried out according to relevant regulations of the State construction and management, and to take the necessary measures to prevent and reduce their ground around the loss of buildings, structures and impact, to ensure its security.
    After completion of the 23rd track traffic construction, relevant departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the municipal organization of acceptance.
    Fourth chapter money management article 24th rail transit construction funds, diversified investment, financing channels, encouraging domestic and foreign investment in rail traffic engineering construction enterprises and other organizations, the investors ' rights are protected by law.
    Rail transit construction 50% of the total capital investment for the project, with the rest using Bank loans and other solutions.
    25th track traffic construction departments prepare an annual capital plan should be based on its construction plans, construction plans, construction progress, after the approval of the municipal government, included in the annual budget.
    Article 26th rail transit construction funds, investments by the city, set up special funds and take them into account for the development of rail transit construction management and accounting, introduction of earmarking, and works progress stages makes; raised through other channels such as bank loans, by the railway construction sector directly managed and used in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    27th track traffic construction project approval, administrative fees, after review by the financial sector, reported that the municipal government approved to support.
    28th track traffic construction projects, nature of an urban construction should be included in the municipal urban construction plan, and by the practical need to arrange funding.
    29th track traffic construction and real estate development projects, such as the need to increase railway construction fund, borne by the project development unit.
    Article 30th rail transit construction plans and the use of funds, should be carried out according to law, and accept the supervision of municipal authorities.
    Fifth chapter legal responsibility 31st article violates this article Nineth, without approval, arbitrarily in rail transit construction planning construction of works within the protected by the municipal administrative departments be punished according to the relevant provisions of the planning and management of urban construction; losses caused shall bear liability.
    Article 32nd disobey article 15th, the departments concerned fails to provide an effective data loss by their ownership units bear the consequences of their loss.
    Article 33rd impede, siege, abuse, beating rail transit construction personnel to perform construction tasks, or to cause trouble hampered rail traffic construction looting and theft of rail transportation equipment, shall be legally punished by public security organs, constitute a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
                                                                                              Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 34th these measures as of June 1, 2008.