Dalian Urban Low-Rental Housing Options

Original Language Title: 大连市城镇廉租住房保障办法

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(May 26, 2008, Dalian City people's Government, the 6th Executive meeting on May 26, 2008, 96th Dalian people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2008) first to improve the low-rent housing system, solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second Dalian within the administrative area of the housing difficulties of urban low-income families and low-rent housing and supervision, these measures shall apply.
    Housing difficulties of low-income families referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to the treatment of subsistence allowances for urban residents, or special relief treatment for low-income, the housing area below the Government standard family housing difficulties of low-income families.
    Third article Dalian property administrative competent sector is responsible for city low rent housing guarantees management work, and directly is responsible for Zhongshan district, and xigang district, and shahekou district, and ganjingzi district of low rent housing guarantees work; County (City), and Lushunkou District, and Jinzhou district property administrative competent sector and the Dalian Economic and technological development zone management committee, City Government sent institutions is responsible for this district or management range within of low rent housing guarantees work, specific work by housing guarantees institutions implementation.
    Home Affairs, finance, development and reform, the construction and planning departments and neighborhood offices, town Governments, according to their respective duties, responsible for work related to the low-rent housing.
    Fourth low-rent housing targets, measures into their national economic and social development plan and the housing construction plan, and announced to the public.
    Article fifth low-rent housing monetary subsidies and in-kind match such combination, mainly in the form of monetary subsidies.
    Qian paragraph by said currency subsidies is refers to by Government to town low-income housing difficult family issued rental housing subsidies, by its itself tenant housing of guarantees way; by said real distribution rent is refers to by Government to town low-income housing difficult family provides housing, and by provides charged rent, main oriented lone, and old, and disease, and residual, special difficult family and other needed rescue family of guarantees way.
    Article sixth of monetary subsidies, subsidies for the housing difficulties of urban low-income families in housing area per square metre and protection area multiplied by the difference between rental housing subsidy standards.
    Enjoy special assistance for low-income families in rental housing per square metre of housing subsidies for the enjoyment of urban minimum living guarantee standard family allowance of the treatment 70%.
    Article seventh physical rental distribution mode, with lease area for the housing difficulties of low-income families in housing area and protect the area of the difference between the standard and each family can lease a set of its family of low-rent housing.
    Assigned public rental housing rents in kind, the original housing for the families of private houses, for assigned public rental housing and the housing area per square metre difference multiplied by the distribution of rental; the original housing for the straight tube housing or owner-occupied dwellings, as worthy of housing per square metre area multiplied by the distribution of rental.
    Eighth low-income housing difficult standard, low-rent housing standard, rental subsidies per square metre or physical rental distribution standards by the municipal or County (City), Lushunkou District, Jinzhou district and the people's Government and the Dalian Economic and technological development zone management committee and other government agencies in accordance with social and economic development level, factors such as household income and housing shall be formulated and announced to the public.
    Nineth article low rent housing guarantees funds take variety channel financing, sources main including: (a) annual financial budget arrangements of low rent housing guarantees funds; (ii) extraction loan risk reserves and management costs zhihou of housing Provident Fund value-added returns of balance; (three) land transfer NET in the arrangements of low rent housing guarantees funds; (four) low rent housing rent income; (five) social donation and other channel financing of funds.
    Land proportion of net income for low-rent housing funds, shall not be less than 10%.
    According to the funding provisions of the first paragraph of this article should be segregated storage, earmarks, and accept the supervision of the financial sector.
    Article tenth in-kind matching sources of low-rent housing for rent includes: (a) the Government building, purchase of housing, (ii) vacated, rebuilding public housing, (iii) accepted social donation houses and (iv) other ways to raise houses.
    11th article raised low rent housing can enjoy following offers policy: (a) acquisition housing for low rent housing of, from received trading procedures fee; (ii) acquisition housing reform room, and economic applies housing (containing housing relief housing) for low rent housing of, from received land transfer gold or equivalent to land transfer gold price; (three) on new low rent housing, exemption City based facilities supporting fee, various administrative career sex charges and Government sex Fund, give corresponding of financial support, and by national about provides give corresponding of tax support.
    12th new low-rent housing construction area of control within 50 square meters, mainly in affordable housing, commercial construction in the community, may be appropriate to build.
    Affordable housing, commercial construction of low-rent housing in the community, should be planned, State-owned land allocation decisions or State-owned land use right grant contract clearly low-rent housing construction volume, layout, type, construction standards, as well as after the completion of the transfer or repurchase.
    In ordinary commercial community in the construction of low-rent housing should be clear in their area by specification for construction of public buildings and other construction area. 13th supply allocation the construction of low-rent housing.
    Land supply plans shall give priority to low-rent housing construction in lands and declare their annual land quota list separately.
    14th and low-rent housing to implement applications, auditing, publicity, admission, annual review system.
    15th the following families may apply for low-rent housing: (a) the city residency; (b) treatment of subsistence allowances for urban residents, or low income special relief treatment; (iii) family housing area per capita (including five years before the application date of trade or demolition of housing area) is less than the standard of Government housing difficulties of low-income families.
    Family housing area per capita, according to the same address recorded in register have legal support, maintenance or relations of all family members assessed families housing estate to determine.
    Section 16th for low-rent housing, and should provide the following materials: (a) the minimum living guarantee certificate or special assistance for low-income certificates; (b) documentation of family housing conditions; (c) the family member and co-owner, and (iv) housing protection agency provides other supporting evidence.
    Section 17th for low-rent housing, in accordance with the following procedures shall be followed: (a) the 16th article material, written applications to the domicile street or town government.
    (B) street or town government from the date of acceptance of the application within 30th preliminary review opinions, pinned up publicity, and to set out its preliminary comments and application materials be submitted along housing security agencies.
    (Three) housing guarantees institutions since received subdistrict offices or town Government submitted of material of day up 15th within proposed review views, meet provides conditions of, in applicants household where subdistrict offices or town government be publicity, applicants household and live to inconsistent of, also should in live to where subdistrict offices or township government publicity, publicity term for 15th; not meet provides conditions of, written notification applicants, and description reason.
    (D) the expiry of the publicity, publicity without objection or opposition is not established, housing security agencies to be registered, and notify the applicant in writing.
    (E) housing security agencies, availability of funds according to the work plan and, in accordance with the applicant's housing difficulties, application for registration order waiting subsidies and apply for a form of guarantee or with rent, and open to the public.
    (F) housing security agencies enjoy rental subsidy applicants with waiting in place of rental housing subsidies agreement signed, enjoy the real assigned public rental housing applicants signed the lease contract.
    Applicant for preliminary examination, audit, and queuing arrangement there are dissenting opinions, can appeal to the housing agency or real estate administrative departments.
    18th rental housing subsidy agreement signed should be explicitly leased housing subsidies of rental housing subsidies, stop and so on; housing rental contract shall be signed clear nature of housing, rent, lease, stop service rent and breach of content.
    Article 19th housing security agencies low-rent housing should be established according to family records, and take periodic visits, checks and other means, to grasp the housing difficulties of urban low-income families the population, income and housing changes the situation. 20th already recipients of rental housing subsidies or assigned public rental housing households, should be on an annual basis to the local subdistrict office or town Governments declare changes such as population, income and housing.
    Street or town government declarations should be verified, notice announcement and Declaration and verification of the results submitted to the housing agency.
    Housing agencies no longer meets the conditions for low-rent housing, rental housing subsidies stopped, or notify the lessee to return leased housing.
    21st single family of low-rent housing, the tenants of low-rent housing lent, sublet, or change of use.
    22nd single family of low-rent housing violates article 21st or any of the following acts shall be returned to the tenant housing: (a) without valid reason for more than six consecutive months in the housing tenants live, (ii) accumulated for more than six months without good reason of failing to pay rent.
    Lessee families returned home to low-rent housing, real estate administrative departments or by its delegate housing security agencies ordered to return; fails to return, in accordance with the contract, dealing with, inter alia, the revision of rent, refusing to rent adjustment, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules.
    Article 23rd all units and individuals have the right to impeach and accuse any acts in violation of these rules. Article 24th housing difficulties of urban low-income families to hide relevant information or provides false information to apply for low-rent housing, inadmissible, commissioned by real estate administrative departments or by its housing security agencies warn.

    25th article on to cheat, not due means, made subdistrict offices, and town government or housing guarantees institutions trial, and audit agreed views of, by property administrative competent sector or by its delegate housing guarantees institutions give warning; on has registration but yet get low rent housing guarantees of, canceled its registration; on has get low rent housing guarantees of, ordered its returned has received of rental housing subsidies, or exit real distribution rent of housing and by market pay rental during of rent.
    Article 26th real estate administrative departments and housing security agencies personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 27th straight tube housing low-income families to lease, can refer to the relevant provisions in these procedures, appropriate reduction of its area within the scope of the standard rent of housing security. 28th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2008.
                                October 8, 2001 issued by the people's Government of the town of Dalian, Dalian City regulation on low-rent housing (14th of the municipal government) abrogated.

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